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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 32 > Continuing Series > The Warrior: Part Three

The Warrior: Part Three

by yellowyoshi749

Jade watched the corsairs for at least half an hour. Beside her was some fruit that was untouched. There's something familiar about that sun coloured Shoyru, she thought. It almost looks like...

"Starwin!" Jade yelled, "Starwin's down there!"

"He is?" Arwen scampered over "Where?"

"You see that sun coloured Shoyru? That's him!"

Jade ran to the pack she had put the sling and river pebbles in, and bow and arrows. She grabbed the sling and tossed it to Arwen, who caught it.

"What's this for?" Arwen asked.

"I'm going down there. Maybe I can save Starwin," Jade replied as she buckled her sword and scabbard to her back. She had a brand new blue tunic on that blended with the sea and her fir wouldn't give her away too easily. Before Arwen could object she was gone.


Everyone was on board the ship. Thrice smiled, they were ready to sail off.

"Hoist anchor matey!" he called.

The anchor was hoisted and they set sail. Thrice looked around, "Any sign of that Shoyru, Flapear?"

"No captain," Flapear replied, turning to look on the left side of the ship, "Wait! Here it comes!"


Jade had taken to the air just before the ship had set sail. She was much more noticeable but if she hadn't decided to fly she probably would have missed the ship. The ship drew closer and closer.

Focusing her magic, Jade curled into a tight ball and fell straight down, right above the prow. As she came hurtling down shards of ice came with her. Everybody on deck hit the floor. Jade landed on the deck and smiled. Running by them she went to the other side of the ship. The slaves were located there. In Captain Trice's hurry to get the ship sailed they hadn't been put below deck to row.

Starwin was in front of the group. She ran towards him.

"Starwin! It's me, Jade!" she called.

"Jade," Starwin said. He stopped in mid-sentence, "there's a corsair behind you!"

"Jade whipped around and saw the corsair. He was a ragged jetsam, with brass earrings. He had a long scimitar. Jade growled and unsheathed her sword. She went at him without so much as a whimper. When their swords clashed together Jade's force knocked the jetsam flat and he began to whimper.

"Don't worry, I wont hurt you. Just let these slaves..." Jade said when she heard the sound of feet. She turned around and saw almost the entire crew of corsairs advancing on her. Jade cursed, they had recovered faster than she thought. They advanced on her, she knew there were to many. Jade didn't run, instead she jumped into the fray.


Jade stood on a long plank, above the water. The corsair captain poked her with a sword. She smiled, Jade wasn't tied up, let freely, but corsairs the corsairs all had weapons out. She even had her sword still. The captain poked her in the back and Jade jumped into the sea.

When she broke the surface she said, "I'll be back, and next time you wont get away!"

Before she left, Jade set fire to the hull. After that she swam for shore.


She was in a very bad mood. The only thing she could think of was when she had reached the shore...

"Jade!" Arwen had yelled.

She had walked up the shore until she was completely out of the water.

"So, how'd it go?" Arwen had asked.

Her temper had gotten the better, "Horrible, just horrible! Not only did they get me, I let them! They're still sailing, where? Who knows!"...

They hadn't said anything since. She was in a red now, she felt it showed her mood.

They had found a place to stay. A cave was in the cliff and it wasn't high up. They had left their stuff inside. Currently Jade was seated a bit higher than the cave. She looked at the moonless night. I will find that ship, she thought, and when I do I'll sink it and leave the corsairs to rebuild it, without slaves!

She was lost in thought when the sound of paws beside her was heard. Without turning her head, she said, "Hello Sharn. What are you doing here?"

He looked at her for a moment, "I saw you on the ship. You put up a gallant fight."

Jade sighed. She didn't think so. Gently she walked down from the cliff. She walked up to Arwen who was poking the burning logs on the fire with a stick. She looked up.

"What are we going to do about the ship?" She asked.

"We're going to follow it," Jade replied.


The next day the trio set off. Jade had given Sharn the bow and arrows because he had said when they found the ship he was going to board it with her. Hesitantly Jade had agreed, though she didn't want to put his life on the line.


They traveled through forest and endless plains. Water and food were scarce on the plains but abundant in the forests. Eventually they came to a small town. Jade went to a supplies shop while the others went to find a place to stay.

"Hi, I'd like few things," she said as she pointed the items out and the Nimmo got them.

"That'll be five hundred Neopoints please," the Nimmo said.

Jade gave her the money and threw everything into a backpack. She walked out of the store and saw pets crowding around Sharn and Arwen. She pushed through the crowd, right into the centre.

"What's going on her?" she asked.

"All I did was ask if anybody knew where the sea was," Sharn answered.

Jade looked around, she couldn't see any gaps. Suddenly a Scorchio pushed through and asked, "Why do seek the sea?"

"We seek it," Jade replied, "because a corsair fleet, Seaqueen was her name, I think..." The crowd gasped.

"My name is Sheapa," the Scorchio said, "Why do you seek Captain Thrice's ship?"

"He's... he's taken my friend and I need to stop him."

Sheapa nodded, "The sea is south of here, or just go past that building down there," She pointed straight ahead.

"Thanks, but do you know where they're headed for?"

"Krawk Island. It's about half a days flight from here."

"Thanks again!" Jade said as the crowd parted and the trio went south.


No sooner had they reached the sea could they see the faint outlines of Krawk Island.

"It looks so close," Arwen said.

"Yes, but it's going to be half before we make it there. I think it's best we leave tonight so that we're not as noticeable," Jade answered.

"OK, then what's the plan when we get there?" Sharn asked.

"OK here's the plan..."

They discussed the plan as it began to turn dark.


All the corsairs were sleeping, even Thrice. Even the galley slaves were asleep, all accept Starwin. He looked out at the sea, and the night with the stars shining bright in the moonless sky. His thoughts were a jumbled mess.

Where are we? What's happened to Jade? What will happen to us?

He looked around the dark area. They were right below the deck. There were twelve benches going down one side, and twelve on the other. It took two pets to row one oar, meaning that there was a total of forty-eight slaves. At each bench to the left or right side there were small circular windows. These windows weren't big enough for the pets to fit their bodies through. They were chained to the oars.

Starwin looked down at his manacles. He could see raw skin, where fur used to be. He took in a breath of air and frowned, it tasted and smelled like salt. In fact, the whole ship reeked of it. He sighed and closed his eyes.

To be continued...

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