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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 30 > Articles > Descriptive Descriptions

Descriptive Descriptions

by booster_bunny

Lately, whenever I look up a pet, I notice that it doesn't have a description, or if it does, it's not a very creative one. I personally redo my pets' descriptions all the time and I think that it's a wonderful way for other users to get to know you and your pets. If you'd like to write up a unique description, make sure you read this!

First of all, you need to know where to type in the description. Of course I didn't forget this. There's many Newbies who I'm sure would love to get others to know their pets. (If you're already an experienced player, skip the following instructions and just go to the pet description area, then start reading the paragraph below.) Now, Login, then go to "Pet Central," (very top link on the yellow side bar,) and after that click on the "Quick Ref" button at the top of the Pet Central Page. It should take you to a page where your pets are shown. If you look at the top of the page, go down three paragraphs until you reach a sentence which says, "To add a description to your NeoPet, click here." Click the link. It should transfer you to where you want to be. The page should have a piccy of your pet, and an empty text box to the right of it. Click in the text box. Now, here are the actual writing instructions. Read the following paragraphs, then when you have a good idea of what you want to write, start it!

Okay, now you have to get an idea of what you want your pet's description to say. Point of View (I'll call it POV) is essential here. Is it going to be first person POV, where the pet is actually talking about him/herself, or third person POV, where you are the one talking about him/her? Maybe you'll want to use some imagery, where instead of anyone explaining anything, you can create a setting, where the pet who is participating in some activity is described in detail. I've seen that many people who often use the role playing boards prefer the imagery technique.

Now that you've decided on you're point of view, you need to decided on your pet's personality. This influences the description no matter what POV you're going to use. Deciding on the personality of the pet is completely up to you, but it might be a good idea to compare the NeoPet's characteristics in order to find one. For instance, take the colouring of the pet. This might affect their temperament. A red NeoPet might have a quick temper or be very energetic. A faerie pet might be a shy daydreamer. On the other hand, your pet's species also affects their persona. A Chia or a Kacheek would be very cheerful while a Pteri or Krawk might be quite mischievous. Now, you don't always have to play by the rules. You can always tweak a detail here, or change something there. Who says that a Lupe has to be brave and strong? Make yours sweet and gentle if you want! That's what makes NeoPets so fun. You can test the limits of your imagination here, so be creative!

There's more to it. You can't just list the pet's personality and it's past. That will only take up about two sentences. You need to get even more tuned with your pet. What does it do in its spare time? A shy Chomby might read or draw, while an outgoing Scorchio might shop and go to rock concerts in Tyrannia. Come up with hobbies and tastes for your pet.

So, if you've decided on your pet's temperament, hobbies and the POV of the paragraph, you can spice things up. Make something that's fictional. Add a unique destiny or past to your pet. Maybe your Acara is the long lost descendant of a great Maraquan king, making her a princess. Maybe that little Elephante you adopted is actually a secret minion working for Jhudora the Dark Faerie. Perhaps that Blumaroo of yours was abducted by the Alien Aishas years ago? Do you see what I mean? Make your pet different, make it special! Make people who read the description say, "WOW!"

Hyper text mark up language. That's a big, long term for what we know as HTML. NeoPets offers a wonderful little course for you to learn the coding, and once you do, you can REALLY make your description look very pretty! I won't complicate the article with all sorts of coding tags, but here are some ideas. Change the font size and colour on the description. It makes the whole thing look quite professional. Also, add some small pictures, or maybe organise the info into a table.

Here's what you DON'T do. Don't add a background! It doubles the page's loading time, which will make many visitors turn away. Same thing with music and very large graphics. Though HTML seems excellent, keep in mind that it has disadvantages too. Since the description length can't exceed 600 characters, don't waste too many of them on unnecessary HTML tags.

Now, you have probably decided on most of the description's details, so get writing! Make sure to come up with a catchy opening sentence that will get readers interested. Come up with your own unique style, and stick to it. Depending on the POV, you should have a certain method for the describing. For instance, if you're using imagery, it's perfectly all right to say something like: "A very stunning Gelert padded by on stealthy, muscular paws." Now, take that same statement in a first person POV, and it will sound more like: "I'm a very stunning Gelert with stealthy, muscular paws." See what's wrong? Your Gelert is officially bragging. You don't want your pet to sound like it's boasting, so if you're writing first person POV, try to use humble adjectives. The other two POVs are safe for more flattering adjectives though. Another thing is to not get lost in the writing. Don't skip from your darling Nimmo's optimistic personality straight to the fact that he's a genius who invented a time machine, oh, and that he plays with Fuzzles in the same time. Incorporate details into one another. Use some transition. It sounds much better if you say, "My Nimmo, though a genius, is strangely optimistic, and enjoys playing around with things, such as Fuzzles. One time, he played around so much he invented a time machine!" Now, doesn't that sound much better? It's more smooth and pleasant.

Last thing. Use common sense. Make sure to check for spelling and grammatical errors, and don't use any rude or vulgar words. Don't write about controversial topics which would hurt other people either. Just thing, and you'll be fine.

All right, hopefully I've given enough information for you to start an astounding description for your beloved pet. I'm really curious to see if anyone can come up with something especially creative, so get writing!!!

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