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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Celebrating, Yr 25
The Neopian Times Week 30 > Continuing Series > The Cheating Cheat! Scoundrels: Part Two

The Cheating Cheat! Scoundrels: Part Two

by gzusgirl

Moustous skipped into the toy shop with his earnings from Cheat! in his hand. He waved to the shop keeper and examined the shelves.

"It's not here. Someone just bought it a few minutes ago," the shopkeeper said.


"But I knew you'd be back for another one, so I kept one back here behind the counter where no one can see it...." The shopkeeper pulled out the deck of cards. Moustous smiled and ran to the counter.

"Thanks! I tried to teach my sister, Gemofice, how to play Cheat!, but she couldn't seem to get passed the fact that you don't literally 'cut' the deck with a knife... We went through three decks of cards until she finally got the hint."

"Doesn't sound like she's too bright."

"She isn't. How much do I owe you?"

"Twenty five NP."

Moustous counted it out and put the money on the counter, then he took the cards and ran home.

"Gzusgirl! Gzusgirl! I got a new deck of cards! You wanna play?" he shouted as he ran into the kitchen.

Gzusgirl was cradling the crying Tomato Chia in her arms.

"Nicolna? Why are you crying?" Moustous was concerned.

"I was beaten AGAIN by that no good Shadow Usul."

"Again? Well, why don't you start out with the easier opponents?"

"Punchbag Bob takes too long to beat."

"No, like the Pant Devil for instance."

"I guess, but I'm also waiting for Gemofice to stop fiddling with the eye shadow and blush and come take me to the Healing Springs."

"Why is she putting on makeup?"

"She wants to look good for the Water Faerie for some odd reason...."

Moustous shrugged and then thought of something. He speedily said, all in one breath, "Gzusgirl? I just forgot I was going to go buy something at the grooming store. I'll be back in a few minutes, see ya! Bye!"

Moustous ran out the kitchen and down the hall, out the door.

"Moustous is quite a character isn't he, Nicolna?" Gzusgirl laughed.

"Uh-huh," she said between tears.

Moustous ran and ran. He loved to run. It was the 2nd closest thing to flying that you could get on the ground. He dashed into the grooming store and checked the shelves. He grabbed a green mirror and ran to the shopkeeper, "I'll give you six NP for this."



"Okay, you've got a deal," the shopkeeper said.

Moustous smiled at himself in the mirror and thanked the shopkeeper. He walked outside and ran to the bank. He went in and deposited the rest of his earnings from Cheat!. Then, as he was walking out the door, he saw Hog, Fernypoo, and Spectre going down the alley of the food shop and the bank.

Moustous wondered why they were going to the HDQ of FIN...


"WHAT?!?!?!? Okay, I want to know how come everyone knows where my HDQ are!!!!!" Spectre jumped up screaming.

"Spectre, you're going to have to calm down or we'll have to use your extra," the writer of the story (me) said.

"Extra! Ha! That little Kau dressed up in a Spectre suit doesn't even LOOK like me! Besides!!! She's a girl!"

"Calm down."

"Okay, fine! Just at the end of the story, you've gotta tell me why everyone knows this."

"Okay. Shush..."


Moustous crept around the corner of the bank, and saw them all lift of the bush and go down the steps. Moustous crept over there and followed them into the HDQ of FIN. He didn't dare go very far. He just hovered near the entrance.

Spectre went to the front of the big white room. He grabbed a microphone and said to all of the rough-looking pets at their computers (and to Hog and Fernypoo), "Today we begin planning for the punishment of a tiny Mutant Kacheek named Moustous!"

Moustous' eyes went wide and he hid himself behind the hand rail as best as he could.

"He has disgraced the reputation of the Cheat! champions!"

"AND THE REPUTATION OF BEAUTY!" Shouted Dr. Sloth, holding his pet Floud--er... Puppyblew, he came down the escalator. All of the pets rose from their seats and fell on their faces before the master of all evil in Neopia.

Moustous couldn't believe his eyes!

"Dr. Sloth! I suggest you take it from here."

"No, Spectre, I believe you were doing a fairly good job yourself. Get up, you!" He shouted to all the pets. They all jumped to their feet and sat down again.

"Okay. Every week Moustous returns. It takes him about a week to beat everyone and get to us. When he comes to play against us, you will all barge in and kidnap him. We'll bring him back here.... and you don't get to know the rest."

Everyone nodded, except Moustous. He jumped up and ran as fast as he could possibly go. He ran faster then he had ever ran in his whole entire life. He ran and ran. Tears flooded in his eyes. Why would anyone want to do this to him? He thought it was only a game!

His vision was so blurred he couldn't tell where he was going, but he didn't care. He ran and ran and OOOF!

He ran smack into a Green Eyrie.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I was just--"

"It's okay. Calm down. You look frightened. Why were you running?"

"Well, I came out of the bank and saw Spectre, Agent 00 Hog, and Princess Fernypoo going down into the HDQ of FIN."

"You mean the trap door under the plastic bush in the alley between the Bank and the Food Shop?"


"HOW COME EVERYONE KNOWS WHERE THE TOP SECRET HDQ IS?!?!?" Spectre shouts at everyone.

"Spectre, drop it!" the writer said, annoyed.


"Yes, and I overheard that Spectre is planning to kidnap me! I'm so scared they might have heard me spying on them and came after me."

"Well, there was no one following you. If they're going to kidnap you, though, it's not going to be without a fight. I don't like it when evil occurs. We're going to have to construct an army of our own and fight them off!"

"I only have my 3 sisters, my owner's brother's pets, and my friend, ToxicFirePower!"

"I'll bring the two Sayo's. Can the people you know fight?"

"Nicolna's working to be a Battledome champion."

"That'll be good. Meet me the Golden Dubloon at 3:00 PM tomorrow. Bring all the other pets."


Moustous dashed home. He took the Deck of Cards from the kitchen and his mirror. He put them in his room. He grabbed some post-it notes and put notes on all of his sister's doors. Then he Neomailed Fire and buddybud1442's pets. He then went back into his room, picked up the mirror and practice his straight face, and his "lying face".

To be continued...

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