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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 26 > New Series > Meerca Siblings: Part One

Meerca Siblings: Part One

by comedian872001

Hi. My name is Hoppalongg Jack, but you can call me Jack. Standing next to me is BounceAlongg Jake, my younger brother. He goes by Jake. We are the Meerca Siblings, Juppie Smugglers for hire. Yeah, I know what you're saying. "We're just copying Heermeedjet and Merouladen," but that's not true. Chuffer Bob, or Uncle Bob, as we like to call him, gave us the idea. He'd help us, but he's too lazy. Who knows, maybe the Meerca Brothers, our role models, will help us!

I look at the poster on the wall of my NeoHome. Uncle Ben, my guardian, is sitting in the living room, watching television. I hear a crash, then footsteps, then a holler. I immediately rush out of my room, leaving a Golden Juppie sitting on my bed. I was just ready to eat it. As soon as I get into the kitchen, there's a bunch of pieces of a pot everywhere. Jake is sitting in the middle of it all, his tail around his mouth.

"Jake! How could you? I can't believe you ate all the cookies!"

"Noph Ive didn't," his voice was muffled by the cookies in his mouth.

"Jake, stop lying. Your father left me to leave you in charge."

Jake is actually my half brother, we have the same father, but different mums. He is one of the lucky pets who still lives with his parents. I can't go back, because I was hired by NeoPets to go to a good home, to stop the overpopulation of wild NeoPets. My brother is still wild, literally.

"Sorry, Uncle Ben...."

"Hey, Uncle Ben, how about we clean up this mess and you can go back to the television."

"All right, consider it his punishment."

Uncle Ben was watching a television report for a contract he had with NeoQuest, to return the Lupe who was sent back in time. Something about a time machine. I don't even know what he's talking about anymore. He needed to watch the report because it was a video made by his boss, who is on vacation on Mystery Island.

"Jake, find a duster, while I get a cloth to wipe off your face."

Two minutes later, Jake pulls a purple and orange duster from around the corner. It's huge, the handle is so big he had to leave it behind the door frame, out of my sight. I'm too busy bouncing up and down, trying to turn on the sink, to look. He starts sweeping the pieces into a pile, then tries to reach the last piece, yanks on the duster, and I hear a loud yelp.

"Uh oh" Jake says.

"Jake, what'd you use for the duster?"


"Why you little!" Splitty, my sister-Lupe who is under the same contract as I am, jumped out from behind the door frame. Her tail was being held by Jake.

"Uh oh," Jake says, again.

Splitty growls, then pounces on Jake. She bats him around with her paw. I jump into get her away, but she knocks me away. I look through the hall. Uncle Ben's fast asleep, and he's a heavy sleeper. I try and help Jake some more, but once again, I get pounded away. Suddenly, a loud roar is heard, and a door flies open down the hall. Out steps Dinofols, the oldest member of our contract family. He is as tall as Uncle Ben. He comes pounding towards all of us.

"You woke me up!!!"

"Uh oh..."

"Well, YOU woke ME up!"

Another door flies open, and Monkili steps out. She's holding two Banana-Blasters, with three more on her belt, and a sixth on in her tail. Her red nose glows. She's an Xmas Mynci. She fires three bananas at Dinofols, which hit him all over. He falls down on top of Splitty. I run and hide under the table. The other three are knocked out almost, with Monkili dropping the banana peels and drawing out the other three. I look at the other three, and I see Jake waking up.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere Screechkins!" he screams, to his PetPet, a Meekins.

It comes running around the corner, from The guest bedroom. He says something to it in Meerca, but I don't need to translate it. Instantly, it runs over to Uncle Ben, right under Monkili's legs and jumps on Uncle Ben's lap. It screeches as loud as it can, but then gets blasted by a banana, yet it's too late. Uncle Ben wakes up.

"What is going on here?!?!"

I think we're in trouble.....

Uncle Ben started coming towards us, but he slipped on the banana peels. "MONKILIAN MYNCI!" Uh oh, he used her full name. She's in trouble now, but, unlike the rest of us, she walks over to Uncle Ben and picks him, then sets him on his feet.

"You're lucky that you have such great strength. Consider that your apology. Now, will someone tell me what's going on?"

He's holding Screechkins in his hands, who's hastily eating the banana-stuff stuck in his fur. All at once, everyone blurts something out.

Splitty: "It was Jake!"

Jake: "It was Monkili!"

Monkili: "It was Dinofols!"

Dinofols: "It was Splitty!"

"Hm... seems to me that you're all not saying the real culprit." He looks at me. "Tell me, Jack, what happened?"

"Jake got a duster, but it was really Splitty's tail. She attacked him and blah blah blah...."

"And you didn't check if it was a real duster?"

"Why should I have checked? I trust him."

"I see. Jake, why did you use her tail as a duster?"

"I couldn't find the real one."

"And you didn't ask?"

He looks down, "No....."

"Hmmm... Jake, Jack, you're grounded. The rest of you, go back to whatever you were doing."

Jake starts crying. I just get a little angry. "Come on, Jake, let's go to our room. We have to be grounded now...." We both run off into my room, since the guest room is all torn up from Screechkins looking for food.

"Jake, I have an excellent idea."


"Let's go stay with Uncle Bob for a while, until Uncle Ben cools down."

Chuffer Bob is our father's cousin, so we talk to him about a lot of stuff, over a game of "Cheat!" He is still a little mad at me for beating him in the official Cheat tournament. I was only 1 or 2 days old, and I had won the Cheat Champion Gold Trophy!


We went under my bed and pulled away the carpeting, revealing a portal on the floor. This is the same portal that Dinofols used when he fell into the Volcano. The portal had sent him there. Probably because the portal sends you where you want to be, and Dinofols always wanted to go to the Volcano. So, we hopped in, and thought of Chuffer Bob's house. It spouted us out at his door, and we both knocked on it with our tails, alternating who knocked. It was our call sign. The door opened, and there was Chuffer Bob, our uncle. He let us call him Chufffer Bob, because he didn't really mind it.

Bob: "Hi kids, come on in."

We walked in, and sat on his sofa.

Bob: "It's been a while since you came here. So, what happened this time?"

Me: "Jake wanted cookies, so he broke the cookie jar."

Bob: "Jake..."

Jake: "Sorry, Uncle Bob, it was an accident. I know what you said, 'When looking for food, try not to break anything,' and I didn't try to, I just dropped it when I picked it up to take it to my room."

Bob: "Jake! That's my boy! Eat all you can, I always say!"

Me: "Uncle Bob!"

Bob: "Erm, sorry Jack. Bad Jake."

Eventually we tell him the whole story, from the start until now. He keeps eating while we talk, when all of a sudden, he sits down on the remote control, and the television clicks on. The television lady says, "In other news, the Meerca Brothers Heermeedjet and Merouladen have just been caught. They had stolen a truckload of Juppies from the Juppie Smugglers, who have also been apprehended."

Jake: "Aw man! They were my favourite two super hero teams!"

Me: "Yeah... too bad this is just a movie not real, right, Uncle Bob?"

Bob: "Erm... yeah." He looks awkward. "Say, kids, how about you do something like your super heroes do, like... fight crime?"

Jake: "Yeah! We could be the Meerca... um...."

Me: "Meerca Siblings! Super Heroes for hire!"

Jake: "Yeah! Now let's smuggle Juppies from those evil people on Mystery Island!"

Me: "Yeah!!!"

To be continued...

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