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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 25 > Articles > NeoPetrology - Part Two: What Does Your Pet Say About You?

NeoPetrology - Part Two: What Does Your Pet Say About You?

by kelandra

After my last article, "NeoPetrology" was published in The Neopian Times, I received a flood of Neomails from people asking me to provide NeoPetrology readings for their pets. Because of the amount of pets on NeoPets, and the fact that I didn't want to write an article longer than a Meerca tail, I only analysed a select few of the pets. But because of popular demand, and out of fairness to all the pets and their owners out there, I have decided to do two follow-up articles (including this one) where I will analyse what the rest of the pets say about the owners who choose them. Through NeoPetrology you can determine, sometimes with uncanny accuracy, a great deal about yourself, just by looking at the pets you own.*

The pet that everyone in Neopia seems to be talking about lately is the highly elusive Krawk. With the cost of Krawk PetPets skyrocketing, only a select few of the richest Neopians can own one of these dragon-like pets. Mischievous, fun loving, and probably spoiled-rotten by their owners (who wouldn't spoil a pet so expensive to get?), Krawks are the latest status symbol in Neopia. A Krawk owner is likely to be someone who is very ambitious and a high-achiever on NeoPets, and in real life. Aside from mountains of NP, they probably have an impressive trophy cabinet, and a massive Neopian shop. Krawk owners are the entrepreneurs of Neopia, and the people most "average" Neopians strive to be like. Because when you come right down to it, who wouldn't like millions of NP, a huge shop, tons of items and pets with more hit points than you can count?

Are you one of the few people who owns a Moehog? Although they may not be a popular pet, I'm sure a few of us remember when you had to reserve a Moehog before they were released as pets. They had a brief spurt of popularity then, but once they were offered to everyone like the other pets; cuter, cooler pets soon overwhelmed them. But there are still those of us out there who see the Moehog's bashful toothy grin and teardrop tusk and decide it's the pet for us. People who own Moehogs are the type to see beauty where someone else sees silliness or goofiness. Moehog owners are probably nonconformists, and always follow their hearts, no matter what the majority thinks.

The only pet more scorned than the Moehog, is the poor skinny-legged Lenny. Lenny owners are the rarest of all in Neopia, so it stands to reason that there must be something about Lenny owners that differs from other NeoPet owners. Lennys are very intelligent NeoPets, but they are quite frail looking, and not as cute and cuddly as other NeoPets. Lenny owners are likely to value intelligence over all other qualities, and probably treat their pets with the utmost respect and consideration.

There are three pets in Neopia that I think of as "The Cuddly Cuties," these are the Cybunny, Kacheek and Poogle. One look at any of these three pets and you just wish they were real so that you could grab them in your arms and squeeze them. Cybunnies and Poogles are limited edition pets, so their owners probably lavish copious amounts of love and attention on their pets. Although Kacheeks are not limited edition pets, the fact that they are the second most popular pet in Neopia goes to show just how well loved they are. "Cuddly Cutie" owners are probably very loving and affectionate people, who buy their pets all the toys they could need.

Does a little Jubjub make it's home with you? Jubjubs are notoriously shy, quiet little creatures, and their owners probably have similar personality traits. People who own Jubjubs probably enjoy keeping to themselves for the most part, and like to spend time daydreaming. In spite of being very introverted, Jubjub owners are probably very sweet and giving and like to help out the few NeoFriends that they have.

The Zafara is one of the oddest creatures in Neopia. With the feet of a hare, the tail of a dragon, the ears of a dog, and the body of a rabbit, the Zafara is like no other NeoPet. Zafaras are well known for being the lucky pets of Neopia, and Zafara owners are probably fond of taking chances, and living life to the fullest. With a Zafara by your side, you're not likely to be a person who worries about much.

Is your favourite pet a Usul? Usuls are some of the friendliest, most outgoing NeoPets in Neopia. Although tiny in stature, they are big in character and demand an owner who is just as talkative and full of energy. If you own a Usul, you're likely to be the life of the party, someone who makes friends with everyone and is always happy to share and have a good time.

Did you manage to get your hands on a fierce Jetsam? With their sharp teeth, and glaring eyes, Jetsams are certainly not for everyone. Although very independent pets, Jetsams become completely devoted to an owner who treats them well. People who own Jetsams are not likely to have a large group of friends, but are probably very devoted to the few that they have. A Jetsam owner is probably someone who likes a challenge, and doesn't think friendship should come cheap.

Have you adopted one of the slave pets from the Grundo Space Station? Grundos were enslaved by Dr. Sloth and treated very badly. Someone who adopts a Grundo has a very kind and giving heart, and is not afraid to sacrifice in order to help someone else. Although Grundos may slobber and make funny noises, they can be wonderful pets to the person who is kind enough to welcome them into their home.

Are you the proud owner of a chubby Bruce? These pets have been much improved since they were moustached and wore tuxedoes, and have become one of Neopia's most fun-loving pets. As all Bruce owners know, Bruces love getting up in front of a crowd and dancing the night away. Someone who owns a Bruce is probably a very open-minded and uninhibited person, who's not afraid to go out and have fun. They probably love nothing more than getting out and doing whatever they love the most, regardless of what others think.

Each NeoPet is special in its own different way, and so are the people who own them. It's this diversity of pets along with their owners that makes Neopia the fun and cool place that it is for everyone. Please look for my next and final article on NeoPetrology for readings on the remaining NeoPets.

*The author STILL accepts no responsibility for incorrect or misleading NeoPetrology Readings. It's just for fun, and I'm still no Miss Cleo. ;)

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