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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 23 > Short Stories > The Snotty New Neighbour

The Snotty New Neighbour

by clumsy_17

This is a tale of great bravery, endurance, plushies, a wall made of jelly and a tough egg. This is a tale that will shine out in the history of Rainbow Lane for centuries to come! And as you can see, underneath the title it say written by Le... What?! My owner is not going to take credit for this brilliant story! It was written by me, Lexi, a white Blumaroo and devoted plushie collector. On with the story (which by the way, I wrote)....

It began as most great stories do, on a normal day. I was sitting on the couch, in my house on 109972 Rainbow Lane, watching television. My sister, Anah the purple Shoyru sat beside me. She was practicing for the Battledome, and punching the couch like crazy! It kept shaking the whole couch (and me) and I almost choked on popcorn, so my owner, Clumsy, made her stop.

Anyway, through all the shaking and choking, I didn't hear the moving van pull up next door. When I sat down to lunch, though, I was looking out the side window. I was looking at the house next door, which used to house a grouchy Neopian and his even grouchier Grarrl. I tried to stay away from that place, because who likes to hang around a grouchy Grarrl? Maybe someone who's been hit on the head one to many times. Anyway, I"m straying from my story. I was watching the house, when I saw people walking around carrying boxes and stuff! I jumped up from my chair and ran closer to the window to take a look. I couldn't see anyone anymore, so I looked at the van. It was big and white, and said "Tyrannian Moving V ns." I guess the "a" in "Vans" was missing. But that's not what I"m getting at. I saw some movers come out of the van, and they were carrying a Usuki playhouse! I know that boy NeoPets do not have Usuki playhouses, so that must mean a girl NeoPet was moving in! I was so excited. I think my sisters thought I was crazy, but they had their fill of friends. Poppy, the oldest, had her group of quite friends and their weird little book club. Snu was friends with almost everyone on the planet, and Anah didn't need a whole lot of friends. She had one and was completely satisfied with that. The one girl friend I had, her owner disowned her to the pound, and she got adopted by someone who lives in Faerie Land. I do have a friend, but he is a boy and that's not the same. But what was I moping about, the perfect chance for a new friend was right under my oversized Blumaroo nose! Well, actually, it was next door, but close enough.

Clumsy wouldn't let me over there until the cheap moving van drove away. She said that I would be running all around, trying to find a friend and trip one of the movers. She was probably right, but I just couldn't calm down. So I went to Poppy, the oldest of us. She's a striped Aisha, and is a very interesting person most of the time. But when you ask her what her opinion is on a subject, she will go on and on forever! So I decided the best way to get calmed down, was to get bored, so I went to Poppy. I asked her what her thoughts were on the whole idea of Lupes eating Chias. Well, did she ever get into a rant! I was practically asleep by the time she asked me "How would you like it if I came up and ate you?" Finally, Clumsy walked in and told me that the moving van was gone.

"That was a nice discussion, Lexi. I"m glad your getting into more serious subjects," Poppy said. I just nodded and ran out of the house.

I walked up to their door, and knocked. An owner answered. She looked nice enough, as she opened the door and smiled.

"You must want Kyra," she said. I just nodded my head, and watched as she walked inside. She called up the stairs and down flew a faerie Kyrii. "Kyra, It"ll take me about an hour to get your things unpacked. Play outside until then okay?" Kyra nodded as well, and opened the door, and stepped out.

"Hi Kyra," I said.

"Hi. Who are you?" she asked. I detected a very snobbish note in her voice, but maybe that was the way she talked when meeting new people. After all, the van was from Tyrannia. That must have been where they lived before, and introduction may be different there. So I just answered.

"I"m Lexi. I live next door." I pointed to my house. She looked at it with one eyebrow raised. "Do you want to come to my house for an hour? I have lots of stuff to do."

"Sure." The idea of lots of stuff seemed to appeal to her, so I led her into my house. I introduced her to my sisters as we met them. She seemed surprised when she saw Snu, who's a Cybunny and also painted faerie. "All of your sisters are painted?" she asked.

"Yup. It took Clumsy along time, but she knew we really wanted to. I wanted to be white from the beginning, but now I want to be split," I said. "Are all your brothers and sisters painted too?" I asked.

"I"m the only one," Kyra answered. I took her into my room, which I share with Snu. I opened my toy box

"These are my toys." I pointed to a shelf. "That's my plushie collection. My favourites are the yellow Blumaroo, because I used to be yellow, and the Brain Tree one. It's really cool here squeeze it." I handed her the Brain Tree plushie.

"Ew, no thanks. I"ll get green goo all over me." Kyra protested.

"Suit yourself," I said, as I gave the Brain Tree plushie a good squeeze. I wiped the goo off on the other side of Snu's pillow. "Don't tell," I advised Kyra.

"I won't," Kyra said, looking disgusted. I showed her my Usukis. I don't have a lot of Usukis. I"m more of a plushie fan. I asked her what she wanted to play with, and she just scoffed at my Usukis and said she'd rather not play. She said she'd just talk. I told her about my school. She said it was already arranged that she wouldn't be going to Neopian Old Public School. She was going to "Prucilla Flotsamis" Private School for Prim and Proper Young Ladies" or something like that. Talking to Kyra was almost more boring then having a discussion about politics with Poppy.

"Oh look! It's been over an hour. Lets go to my house, and I can show you what a real collection of plushies is." She flew out of my window and over to her house. I went the normal, non-flying way, and met up with her on her porch.

The second I walked into her room, I could tell she was spoiled. Not just pampered, or looked upon kindly. She didn't just have a generous owner, she was out right, 100 %, without a doubt spoiled. She showed me her plushie collection, which included ALL of the NeoQuest plushies. Her Usuki collection, equipped with a play house and a thousand or more accessories. It would have been fun to play in Kyra's bedroom, had she let me touch her things. She only showed them to me one by one, and told me about them.

"This is my Shadow Usul plushie. I so luckily got it from the Money Tree," Kyra said.

"How many Neopoints does you owner have?" I asked, surprised at hearing they went to the Brain Tree

"Over 40 thousand, I think," Kyra answered. When I asked her why her owner was visiting the money tree if she was so rich, Kyra just answered "Oh, my owner didn't get it for me. I got it myself, my owner doesn't even know I have it. If she ever found it, I"ll just say some boy at my old school gave it to me as a present." I was so glad when Clumsy came and got me.

"So did you like her?" Clumsy asked.

"No," I pouted.

"Why not?" Clumsy was surprised. I normally liked the people I met. I"m very good at finding the bright side of situations, even when it's only a dim light. But not this one. It was pitch black.

"Because she's a spoiled little priss that deserves to eat a grub." I scowled. I was not in a good mood. Her bragging, and telling me how she took from the Money Tree so selfishly made me very upset. My owner does not have a lot of Neopoints. But we always donate Neopoints and old toys to the Money Tree, especially around Christmas so the Neopians even less fortunate then us can have a Christmas. That's why my toy collection isn't as huge as dumb Kyra's was. I"m giving, and not spoiled rotten. I told Clumsy about the whole Money Tree thing, and Clumsy didn't blame me for not liking her.

School was the next day, and it turned out that the girl school that Kyra was going to was too full. So Kyra had to come to Neopian Old Public School. Half of me was glad because Kyra seemed pretty disappointed, but half of me wasn't because I had to put up with her. The teacher seated Kyra next to me, because I sat alone. I sat alone because I talked too much, but I was such I wasn't gonna be talking too much to Kyra.

"I thought you were going to that School for Prissy Pickle Heads or something," I mumbled.

"Prucilla Flotsamis" School for Prim and Proper Young Ladies," Kyra corrected. "It was too full, and I didn't want a crowded school. This school seems all right, except it's sorta old."

"That's because it's Neopian Old," I said. "It's part of Neopian Central's history. Of course, there is Neopian New Public School," I said hopefully.

"No. It's also very crowded," Kyra answered, and getting down to her work. The teacher warned me not to talk, and I got down to my work as well.

The next week went by, with nothing by Kyra in my face. She was the most annoying thing on the planet! She thought she was the greatest thing on the planet though and there was nothing I could do to change her mind. That was when the teacher partnered us up for an assignment.

"This is the assignment," Miss. Blubberbruce began. "I will give each of you, 10 Neopoints. I will also give you an item, that you need to find. It is normally priced at 15 to 20 Neopoints, and I want you to get it for 10 or under. This is a lesson on what life is like for your owners in Neopia. I need you to all buy a birthday card, for 10 or under. You"ll bring them here, and then the school will donate the cards to the Money Tree. If you have any change, I'd like that back, as it will go also to the Money Tree." It sounded like a fun assignment, until I was partnered with Kyra.

The next day was Saturday. It was sunny and nice, and I was planning to go swimming at the beach with my family, but Kyra came over proposing we did our project. Clumsy said " School before fun." She always said that. She seemed disappointed that I wasn't going to the beach, and so did I. A perfectly fun day I could have had, and now I was waiting it with Kyra. I waved good-bye to my family, and headed to the marketplace. Miss. Blubberbruce had giving me the 10 Neopoints and it jingled in my money purse. We walked straight to Gifts Galore. The Scorchio behind the counter smiled.

"Hello girls," he said. "One minute and I"ll be right with you." He walked into the back room. Kyra looked over everything, and found the card.

"Twenty five Neopoints?" I asked. "That's too much, we can't haggle that down to ten!"

"Don't worry," Kyra said. She grabbed the card off of the shelf, just as the Scorchio came back.

"How may I help you? Would you like to buy that card?" He asked.

"Y--" I began to say, but Kyra interrupted me.

"No. Just looking. I was wondering, if you had any Stunning Silver Rings?"

"Well, is there none on the shelf?" he asked. Kyra shook her head. "I"ll just be a minute then. " He walked into the back, and we could here him rummaging through boxes. Kyra grabbed the card, and put it in her purse. I gasped, and she gave me a stern look. She walked up to the counter. "I"m sorry, Mr. Scorchio, but we"re running out of time. If you find it, could you put it on layaway?" He came back and nodded. Kyra was so calm, like she had done this so many times before. I had a feeling that she had.

"I"ll need your name then," the Scorchio said.

"My name is Bella Blubberbruce," she said. He nodded. I couldn't believe it! Kyra had so obviously planned that out. She had used the name of our teacher, and stolen from Mr. Scorchio! "We"ll split the Neopoints I want 6 since I did all of the work. You can have three, and we"ll give 1 back to Miss. Blubberbruce so she"ll think we're great hagglers."

"No!" I said, stamping my foot. I was much to scared to tell Mr. Scorchio or anyone that Kyra had stolen. After all, they may think I had something to do with it, and get me in trouble too. But there was no way I was letting her keep some of Miss. Blubberbruce's money. I ran as fast as I could. Kyra flew behind me, but she wasn't quick enough. She couldn't stop me before I took the money and gave it to a pair of NeoPets, begging on the street. They were so happy, and Kyra was so mad! But I didn't care. I walked home, and left Kyra fuming.

This is when the story gets interesting. I didn't want to tell Clumsy or any of my sisters about what Kyra had done. I was still to afraid of getting in trouble. But the satisfaction I got from making Kyra mad was just too good. I became hungry for it, and wanted it again. So I called up the only person I could consider a friend, Legolas the Gelert. He came over, and I told him everything. When I was finished my story, he was pretty mad at Kyra too.

"So," I said. "I wanna get her back. I don't know how, but we gotta think up a great prank!" Legolas didn't much like the idea of a prank, but I wouldn't let him back out. "There are these twins in my class, that prank all the time. You know them, the Kacheeks?" Legolas nodded. "Well, one of their favourite pranks to do is throw rotten Neggs at the person's, whom they don't like, house!"

"That's called Negging, Lexi. It's not good," Legolas said.

"Oh, and stealing from poor Mr. Scorchio is?!" I cried. That seemed to stiffen his resolve.

I convinced Clumsy into letting Legolas sleep over. She agreed after a while, but said that I could not make a mess with the Brain Tree goo like last-time, or she'd throw the plushie right out. I agreed. That's one of my favourite plushies. So me and Legolas drank a lot of Neocola to keep us awake far past the time that Clumsy and everyone went to bed. "Lexi, I think I"m gonna fall asleep," Legolas said, in a shaky sort of voice. I felt the same way.

"I have an idea," I said sleepily. I walked to the kitchen. "Follow me." Legolas got up, and almost fell down but kept walking. I couldn't afford for us to be sleepy zombies while we were pulling this prank. I climbed on the counter, and opened the cupboards. There was a tin of Borovan mix. I didn't know how to make it, neither did Legolas, but eventually we figured it out. It was cold and lumpy and totally gross, but it had caffeine! Before we knew it, we were very awake, and very hyper. Nothing could stop us now. We crept upstairs. Legolas kept laughing, although nothing was funny. I think it was the Borovan. I got the cartoon of Neggs out from under my bed. Then I fed my Bowla, but that's not part of this story.

Then we crept outside. I gave Legolas my slingshot, and handed him an Negg. We hid in the shadows, all dressed in black. I had smeared black lipstick all over my face, and Legolas had done the same. We were one with the night. We shot the first Negg at their front door. It splattered yolk all over the door with a satisfying "crack." Then we crept to where Kyra's bedroom was.

"What is that wall made out of?" Legolas asked.

"SHHHH!" I whispered. "Jelly. She's been bragging about it forever," I said, talking about Kyra. Legolas took aim, and shot the Negg right next to Kyra's window. There was no satisfying "crack." There was silence, then a sort of "plop" and as the jelly wall sucked the Negg right in. "What?!" I yelled. Now it was Legolas turn to shush me. We shot another few, and the same thing happened. Then we heard Kyra's voice.

"What was that gloopy noise?" We ran back into my house, scared and tired. The Borovan had worn off. We washed off the black lipstick (which was a task in itself) and wen to bed.

"Oh my gosh," Clumsy said, as she looked out the window the next morning. We had obviously shot more Neggs then I remembered. The jelly wall was filled with them, and the yolk splatter on the door was huge. Kyra had to stick her hand in the jelly to get the Neggs out. I was happy! Kyra's owner was no where to be seen. Suddenly, I felt kind of bad. Kyra's owner had always been nice. But that bad feeling in the pit of my stomach went away as I saw Kyra shriek as she stuck her hand in the jelly. The day after that they had the jelly wall taken down, and a good old fashion brick one put in.

I was playing ball in the yard with Poppy the next day. I was happy to escape Snu. She had found out that I had used her lipstick. She accused me of drawing with it. It also turned out it was dark red, and not black. She was very mad. Poppy was talking about how prices were soaring in the marketplace. I didn't much care. I saw Kyra come out of her house. She had thrown one of her plushies out of the window. I heard some yelling, and then I just saw this Kiko plushie fly. I guess she had a fight with her owner, and kinda spazzed. Anyway, she was looking for it in the bush, when she pulled out a slingshot. On the handle in big letters it said "Lexi". I gasped. How could I have left it there?! Kyra gave me a very cold look, but didn't tell my owner, or hers. I think it was because of her fear of me telling someone she stole. But she knew I did it.

When the next morning came, I found my house covered in side walk chalk. Mean things had been written about each member of my family. That was going too far. I convinced Legolas to help me smear Brain Tree plushie goo all over her house, and all over her swings in her backyard. A few days after, I found a white Blumaroo plushie on my front yard with a bunch of pins in it. Like some sort of voodoo doll. I left it there, and that's when Clumsy found it. I think she got concerned.

"Lexi. I had guessed that you had something to do with the Negging of our neighbours house, especially after we found ours covered in side walk chalk. I don't care how much you hate Kyra, but you cannot vandalize like this. I found this on our lawn." She pulled out the Lexi voodoo doll. "This is a real sign of Kyra's feelings toward you. How do you know that the pins won't be in the real Lexi next time?"

"She's not going to put pins in me, mum," I said.

"No, but she can hurt you somehow. Why don't you write a letter of apology to her, and her owner? Maybe they will write one back. You might want to get Legolas over here to help you," she said, smiling. How do owners know all that stuff?! Anyway, I did call Legolas over, so he could sign his name on the end of the card. After all, he did help me. I put it in their mailbox. I saw Kyra look at it skeptically the next day. But she sent one back, saying she was sorry as well. But I knew that that didn't make up for her stealing, selfish ways. I wasn't just about to be friends with her.

The next week, I saw a moving van pull up next door. It was nicer then the last and said "Mystery Island Moving Vans." At least it had all the letters. I waved good-bye to them, but I was glad Kyra was leaving. I was happy with the friend I have.

There a few morals to this story. The first is don't steal. It's bad. The second is don't be a priss. It gets your NeoHome Negged. My owner is telling my right now that that's not a good moral but I don't care. The real moral I guess is that you should always try and be a good person, whether it be don't steal, be generous, or be a good friend. But the real reason I told this story to you, is because it rocked. You have to agree with me right? Right?... Right?!

The End

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