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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 20 > Continuing Series > How We Were Trapped: A Tale of Escape - Part Two

How We Were Trapped: A Tale of Escape - Part Two

by frogman123us


"Blast it!" shouted the pirate captain. "I just lost my new slaves to this scalawag! I knew I never should have betted them on my pair of threes!"

So we were traded. Our new "owners" were even meaner than the old ones. We were given very little food, hardly any water, and were worked even harder than before. We couldn't take much more of this! So, we all sat down and had a conversation on what to do after the evening work was done.

"What are we going to do?" Rexosaur2000 said in alarm. "We have to get away from them!"

"I know, Rex, I know. I have been trying to figure out a plan of escape for some time now. I just can't come up with any ideas," Frogman123us said in despair.

"Hey! I got an idea! Listen to this," Tiger_Cub_123 said.

He explained his plan, whispering very low so only we could hear him. It sounded like a pretty good plan. But there was no way to execute it without asking for the help of the pirates themselves! So we trashed the idea and kept thinking. Unfortunately, we just couldn't come up with an idea that would work. So we stayed in the service of the pirates for months. Each day we were getting weaker and weaker. By the end of the fourth month, we were practically dead. Our "owner" was getting pretty fed up with us. He was thinking of getting rid of us when one of his followers suggested that he give us a week's rest and some decent food. If he did that, we would regain our strength and he wouldn't need to waste money on new slaves. Luckily for us, he liked the idea and executed it. This gave us plenty of time to talk it over and come up with a new plan.


"So, what are we going to do?" asked Wolfer3786. "We have a week to come up with something."

"Well," Frogman123us began, "let's think about the facts. We know that our yacht was most likely sold back on Krawk Island. We know that we have no way of contacting anyone off the ship. We know that the pirates will shoot to kill if we try to escape. We know that we're in no shape to try to escape. The situation seems pretty hopeless."

"Dad?" Rexosaur2000 said shyly.

"Yes?" asked Frogman123us.

"I have been toying with an idea of escape for a long time now, but…" Rexosaur2000 began to say.

"But what?" we all asked.

"But I still need to put some last minute thought to it. When my plan is complete in theory I'll tell it to you," Rexosaur2000 replied.

"Just hurry up with your thoughts, Rex" was the reply.


"I finished my plan! Here it is…" Rexosaur2000 declared.

Rex started to tell us the plan. We would wait for the pirates to go to sleep. We would then go out on deck and sabotage the ship. We would rip the sails, break the steering wheel, and toss all of the food and water overboard except for the food and water we were going to save for ourselves. Then, we would lock all of the pirates in their rooms. Finally, we would lower a dingy into the water and row off.

"That's a great idea, Rex!" exclaimed Frogman123us. "I can't believe none of the rest of us thought of that."

That night we waited until we were sure all of the pirates had gone to sleep. Finally we executed our plan.

"Okay. This is how we're going to handle this," Frogman123us said. "Rex, you go take care of the wheel. Wolfy, you dump all of the food and water overboard; be careful to save enough for us to take with us. Sharky, you go take care of the doors to the pirates' rooms. Tiger, you stay here. You are the youngest; I want you to be safe. I'm going to go and rip up their sails. I'll be back soon."

"Okay, Dad! Please hurry!" Tiger_Cub_123 said with slight alarm.

The plan worked beautifully. We all regrouped about 15 minutes later. We dropped the anchor and plotted the coordinates for a later return with the authorities. We also took a sword that we found on deck just to be safe. Then, we loaded the dingy and lowered ourselves over the side in it. We rowed away in silence.


"Dad," we all whined. "When are we going to reach land?"

Frogman123us said what is that in the distance and when we turned we saw it. Not only was it land, it was Mystery Island. Tiger_Cub_123 purred with joy at the sight of it. After all, it was his original home. Frogman123us rowed even faster. We finally docked and ran to the Mystery Island police station. No sooner had we told our tale then we were on a police boat, speeding toward the coordinates at which we left the ship.

"How much longer, officer?" asked Frogman123us.

"About 15 minutes, sir," was the officer's reply. "You five must have been through some time."

This was a different officer, so he didn't know our story.

"Yes, we were," we all said.

And then we reached the spot where the pirate ship was. Or at least should have been. It was gone.

"But…how?" stammered Rexosaur2000.

"It doesn't really matter, Rex," Frogman123us said. "We're all safe and that's what counts. What do you say? Who wants to go home?"

The End

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