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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 17 > Short Stories > The Mystery at Ye Olde Ship Inn

The Mystery at Ye Olde Ship Inn

by Hoopy199

(with LOTS of help from her awesome NeoPet, Gooey7896)

In the story, I will call my pets by their nicknames, or without their numbers. If I call my pet Gooey of Goo, and your pets name is Gooey or Goo, please understand, it's a hassle trying to type those numbers every time!

Gooey7896 the green Zafara emptied her bags and looked around the room. It had a bed, a chest, a bureau and a small lamp on the bedside table. She arranged her things in her drawer and put her clothes away. Hoopy199, Gooey's owner, had put Gooey and her three sisters in Ye Olde Ship Inn for the night. Hoopy199 had adopted Gooey about a month earlier. Gooey still disliked the pound, she said it was like jail. But anyway, Hoopy199 had told her pets last night, so that morning the girls got up early and packed. Gooey had woken up to the sound of her sisters giggling. Kelly10021 the blue Korbat, and Emily10051 the green Acara shared a room. And, in Gooey's closet there was a brown leather flap. You could crawl through the flap. It was a secret passage to her sister's room. But Pip623 the green Tuskaninny didn't like that. She wanted her own private room. There is even a little corridor separating her room from theirs. Gooey packed her bags and went downstairs to find Hoopy199 reading The Neopian Times and eating cinnamon buns. Hoopy199 handed Gooey a cinnamon bun and went back to the paper. Fifteen minutes later, Pip emerged with her orange tuft of hair very messy. Pip was her sort-of-older sister. You see, as I said, Gooey was adopted so she was older in age, yet Pip was considered older. Em and Kel came downstairs, and in the middle of breakfast Kelly started choking on her cinnamon bun because she was laughing so hard.

Hoopy199 said, "OK, guys. That's enough. Don't hurt each other."

After shopping, receiving a Faerie Quest, and eating lunch, they were on their way to the Neolodge.

"Hello. Do you have a reservation?" the receptionist asked.

"Yes. Pip623," Hoopy199 said. The receptionist typed in, Pip623 on the computer.

"Yes. Miss Pip623 give your luggage to Marvin and go to room 806," the receptionist said. Pip said good-bye to Hoopy199 and rushed off.


She typed in Gooey7896 on the computer.

"Give your luggage to Dimitri, Miss. Gooey7896. Room 807... oh, you have a PetPet!" Gooey had been clutching Spot, her Warf, in her arms. "Well, we have a PetPet room. Take it down there, Dimitri," Gooey didn't like how she called Spot an "it". Dimitri led her down to a room where PetPets were locked in cages. Dimitri grabbed Spot and locked her in a cage. All the PetPets were whining for their owners. It reminded Gooey of the pound.

When Gooey came back, she said good-bye to Hoopy199 and left with Dimitri.


She typed in Emily10051 on the computer.

"Yes, Miss. Emily10051, give your luggage to Anneta. Room 808." Emily did as she was told. She was nervous. She had only been to the cheap hotel once when she was young, but she was with Hoopy199 then. And when they took Gooey to Hotel Opera as a surprise "100 day" present, she had been really scared she would do something wrong in front of all those fancy pets. She said good-bye to Hoopy199 and she was off.

"And last, but not least, Kelly10021."

She typed Kelly10021 into the computer and said, "Give your luggage to, uh... JANET!!!!! Janet, room 809!"

Janet ran into the room and smiled. The receptionist said, "Room 809, Janet."

"Right away, Miss," Janet said. Kelly wasn't the least bit nervous. She said good-bye to Hoopy199 and ran off.

Gooey went downstairs to the Burger Bar. She saw Pip623 gossiping with the Tuskaninny who runs The Slushie Shop. Ewww. Pip was disgusting.

Gooey ordered a cheeseburger and a medium Neocola. She was taking her last bites when Kel and Em walked in. "Yo, Go," Em said.

"Yo, Em. Yo Kel," Gooey said. She picked herself up and walked down to the Fitness Center. Usually, she went to the Grundo Gym. Once, she got some free asparagus. She had loved that! But anyway, Hoopy199 signed her up for the fitness center, so whatever. Then she went to the swimming pool. She saw Pip swimming with the Slushie Shop guy. Sigh! Pip pretended not to be related to Gooey. Sigh, again. After swimming, taking a shower and checking on Em and Kel, she curled up into bed and found Hoopy199 had popped a book into her bag. A Tale of Two Lupes. Gooey read the first 2 chapters, and then she turned off the light and fell asleep.



Gooey, nearly in tears, ran downstairs. In the room, Neopets ran in crying and in shock, "My poor little Poppy!"

"I can't believe it!"

"Thieves, Mommy? Thieves?!"

A blue Poogle told the NeoPets what she knew, which wasn't much. Finally, the doors burst open.

It was the detective.

A blue Techo with a coat on rushed in.

"I'm Detective Dan. Here's my card." He handed the Poogle his card. Then, he looked a sobbing Kacheek straight in the eye and said, "Where were you on the night of the 11th?" he said.

" my NeoHome sir," she replied.

"That's what they all say," he murmured.

This guy isn't gonna find the PetPets, Gooey thought. I'm gonna hafta do it myself!


Gooey ran out of Meeting Room #1. She followed tire tracks into an alley. She heard voices. She saw an old, wooden door. "This is too easy," she thought. But still, she opened the door. She saw a red Jetsam and a red Kyrii playing cards.

It's too simple! she thought again. Then she saw them. At least 200 PetPets were trapped in cages. She saw Spot. Spot saw her.

"AAIIIEE!!!" Spot squealed

No, Spot, no...! Gooey thought.

"HEY! Get 'er Toby!" the Jetsam grunted. Toby the Kyrii raced forward.

"AAIIIEE!!!" Spot squealed.

Gooey slammed the door shut and jumped onto the roof. The roof broke easily under her weight and she fell on Toby's head.

"Aaurgh! I have to do everything myself!" the Jetsam said. He charged at her, but Gooey jumped into the air (she can jump high!) so she ran into the door.

Gooey freed all the PetPets. She held Spot in her arms. The rest of them jumped through the hole in the roof and they ran back to the Neolodge. They were led into Meeting Room #1 by Gooey and there they were reunited with their owners.

Later that day...

"And today, a little green Zafara, by the name of Gooey7896 caught the top pets on the "Neopia's Most Wanted Pets" list. She led all the stolen PetPets back to their owners. Back to you Ann..."

Gooey was now at home. She was watching the Neo-News with Hoopy199. Hoopy199 had been very proud, and they went to Pizzaroo for dinner (where Gooey got free pizza!).

"Gooey, I'm proud of what you did," Hoopy199 said to Gooey. Spot, who was sleeping at Gooey's feet, sighed.

"Me too," Gooey said.

The End

Author's Note: This story reflects on my wonderful NeoPets. I adopted Gooey7896 from the pound. Whoever owned Gooey7896 first did a good job raising her. Adoption IS an option. Please adopt. Hoopy199

Gooey7896 really does have a Warf named Spot. She got it for her 100 day present. Make their 100th day their best day ever.

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