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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 15 > Short Stories > I Will Always Love You

I Will Always Love You

by hawaiiusa2000

Louria was watching TV contentedly with her Doglefox, Angel. One of her favourite TV videos, The Chetrix, was on the tube and she was eating popcorn. All of a sudden a scream came from inside the kitchen where her owner, Jenny was reading the Neopian Times and so, naturally, Louria ran in. "Mum? What's wrong?"

Jenny sat there with a smile on her face. "They changed the look of the Gelerts! Ohh... Louria they are so cute! Come see!"

Louria frowned and walked over to where Jenny was sitting and stared at the paper where, on the front cover, sat a Gelert. They weren't as skinny and their eyes weren't as small...they were bigger. Louria shook her head, amazed and shocked. "Y-You aren't going" Jenny sensed what Lour was thinking and sighed. "You don't want another sibling do you Louria?" Louria felt her mouth go dry and she gulped. "I...I have to go finish my homework." With that she darted off to her room.

The next day at school everyone had heard the news. A few complained that their owners wanted to get ANOTHER pet and Louria bit her lip and all of a sudden bumped into Tev and Koura.

"Oh...hey guys. Umm...have you heard the news?" The two nodded glumly. "I'm afraid my Mum will get ANOTHER pet," Tev said miserably. "Two is already enough for me!" Koura nodded. "Nat doesn't want a Gelert... but what if?" Lour nodded and the three walked to their lockers in silence.

When Louria got home from school that day Jenny was sitting at the kitchen table tapping a few keys on her laptop. Louria dropped her backpack at the front door and bounded into the kitchen. "What are you doing mum?" Jenny turned around and tried to close her laptop but Louria was too quick for her. On the screen she saw different numbers. NP, how much it would cost to get... "ANOTHER PET?!" Louria screamed and stared at Jenny opened mouthed, lower lip quivering. "I thought you loved me! I thought you only loved me!" With that she turned and ran to her room and slammed the door angrily.

At dinner time Louria dried her tears, brushed her lilac fur and made sure her wings looked normal and not crumpled. Then she walked calmly into the kitchen and sat down at the table.

"What's for dinner?"

Jenny placed a Cheeseburger and Potato Wedges on a plate, then grabbed a can of Blueberry Achyfi and placed it in front of Louria.

"Lour... I know you don't quite approve of this sibling thing..."

Louria frowned. "Of course I don't! You'll probally end up loving this more than me!" Jenny sighed and sat down across from Louria.

"I won't... I promise. I'll care for you just the same Louria... I'll have no less love for you."

Louria gulped and took a bite out of the cheeseburger. After dinner Jenny and Louria cleaned the dishes together. After watching the NeoPet News Louria had made her decision. "Mum? I...I want you to get another pet... Maybe a little sister? A little sister Gelert?" Jenny smiled and hugged Louria.

"Of course. Thank you so much Lour!"

Louria blushed.

"It'll be cool to have a little sister."

Jenny nodded. "Tomorow we'll go get your sister."


The next morning Louria awoke feeling wonderful. The weather wasn't as good as her spirits, there was a slight drizzle in the air, and it was a bit cold but it couldn't dampen her mood. Jenny served Fluffy Faerie Pancakes with orange juice. Soon they were getting their coats, and walking out the door. They made their way through Neopia Central, then the Bazzar and into Pet Central. The Adoption Centre and Create-A-Pet were sitting side by side. "Are we trying the Adoption Centre first mum?" Jenny gathered Louria in her arms with a smile. "Of course silly! I'd rather give a pet a second chance... you know that!" Louria grinned and they made their way into the Adoption Centre.

Louria shivered as she saw Dr_Death then relaxed, seeing how nice the Pound actually was. There was nothing cruel about it. The waiting room was comfortably furnished with a sofa, three chairs and a table where a few magizines lay.

"Hello. How may I help you?" the Uni asked politely.

"Do you have any young female Gelerts in right now?"

The Uni tapped a few letters in on her computer, pushed enter and looked up with a smile on her face.

"Yes, we have three. LadyLilly a blue Gelert, 29497 a red Gelert and IDONTKNOW a green Gelert." Jenny and Louria winced at the last two names and Louria thought to herself, How could anyone name a pet those names? Jenny nodded. "May I see LadyLilly please?"

The Uni nodded and lead them to the back of the cages where a young blue Gelert pounced playfully on a blue Gelert plushie. The Uni smiled. "I'll leave you three alone. Call me if you need me." With that she left and they were left alone.

Jenny knelt down beside the cage as Louria jumped out of her arms to peer at Lady. The Gelert pressed her nose against the cage to see Jenny and Louria better.

"Hello," Jenny spoke softly.

"What's your name little one?" Lady barked playfully.

"Lady... LadyLilly..." Jenny stroked her head.

"That's a pretty name. I'm sure you're interested in being adopted...aren't you?"

Lady nodded and jumped around in her cage playfully. Jenny smiled and opened the cage resulting in Lady bounding out and pouncing on Louria. Jenny went to the counter to pay for Lady while the sisters began to talk.

"You're pretty Louria. How'd you get like that?"

Louria laughed. "It's a long story, I'll tell you later."

Louria led the way to the PetPet Shop and grinned as she watched LadyLilly's eyes widen.

"A PetPet? Already?"

Louria and Jenny nodded and Louria pulled a list of all the PetPet's out of the backpack and handed it to Lilly. "Pick one... I have a pet... her name is Angel... she's a Doglefox." Louria smiles and Lady immediately found one that she liked.

"Th-That one... the," she read the words carefully.

"BaBaa!" Louria hugged Lilly and they ran ahead to the Shop Wizard. When they arrived they were panting. "A... A BaBaa please!" The Shop Wizard looked through his large, dusty books and finally found the cheapest one. He pointed Jenny towards a store down the street and they hurried towards it.

After Jenny had paid the 12,000 NP for the BaBaa Lady announced her pet's name.

"Teddy... he's so fuzzy, it's a perfect name for him!" She hugged Teddy close and the three hurried home.

After eating a dinner of Sushi Rolls, Meaty Pot Pies and a can of Apple Neocola it was time for bed. Angel and Teddy were sound asleep and the sisters went into their room. Immediately, Lady jumped into Louria's bed and snuggled under the covers. Louria was about to protest and then saw Jenny's look. She climbed under the covers of Lady's bed and closed her eyes, gritting her teeth. "It's just something I'll have to live with for a while... I'll just have to get used to it." Then she heard Lady's peaceful breathing and knew... she knew they had done the right thing.

The End

Author's Note: I was going to do two articles/stories about this one story but I decided it was better if they went together:) At the moment, I don't know what Gelert has won, but when I made the description I made sure it was a general description and covered all the new Gelerts (except for 3 of course, it's not gonna win! Hehe). I hope you enjoyed this story! I enjoy getting your comments through Neomail!

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