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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Relaxing, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 14 > Articles > Your Guide to the Battledome

Your Guide to the Battledome

by stormdragon6400

No matter if you are rich or poor, you can still be successful in battle. It all depends on what weapons you choose and your strategy.

--10,000 NP to 50,000 NP; 10 HP to 20 HP--

You may want to start with two Improved Lightning Beams (ILB). They cost about 1,000 NP each, and do 5 icons of damage, 2 light, 2 fire, and 1 physical. If you have DSL or cable connection, you should try your luck at the Battle Magic Shop. Sometimes it stocks 6 Grand Lightning Beams (GLB) there for about 600 NP. These are better than ILBís because they can do 2 physical instead of 1, and it can block up to 2 icons of dark. Try to get 2 of these if you can. If you donít have a fast computer, donít bother getting them since other people sell it for about 30,000.

Next, try getting Bottled Snows. There are Fire Snow, Radioactive Snow, and Dirty Snow. They all attack and defend 4 icons, but what differs is what type they do and defend. They are good for beginners, but they are so useful and cheap, that you might see experts using them. Iíd start off getting a Fire Snow since a lot of other people will be using ILBís and GLBís, and Fire Snow can partially block their damage.

Next, try getting a Slime Potion. It heals 10 HP during battle, but only can be used once per battle. Itís about a few thousand NP, so it is very affordable.

If you want to give this a shot, get two Brain Tree Splinters. They do 6 icons each: 2 fire, 2 dark, and 2 earth, but they can only be used once per battle. The good thing about these are that they do massive damage, but the price has went up lately to about 10,000 NP now.

Now thatís a set of 8 weapons, and you should learn some strategy on how to use them. First turn, use your 2 ILB with a fierce attack to do some damage. Take note on what weapons your opponents use and what type of damage they do. On the second turn, use the appropriate Bottled Snow to defend against it. When you are low on HP, and you know your opponent is going to use their best attack on you, surprise them with the Slime Potion. When your opponentís HP is low, you know he might heal. Try to let your opponent use his or her Slime Potion or Scorchstone so that they canít heal efficiently anymore, and if you are sure you can beat your opponent in one hit, use your splinters. The splinters should be used as a surprise comeback at the end.

--50,000 to 200,000 NP; 21 HP to 50 HP--

I suggest you get at least one GLB by now, even if you have to buy it at 30,000 NP. You are entering the big leagues now, and you need a reliable weapon. Also, wait around all day at the Space Defence Shop and get a Hypno Helmet for only about 10,000 NP. If you got a fast computer, try getting a Wand of the Air Faerie (WAF) at Battle Magic Shop and an appropriate Scorchstone (SS) at Defence Magic Shop. If you canít get all of these, get at least a Hypno Helmet (HH) and a Scorchstone for now. If you got everything at the restocks, you shouldnít spend over 100,000 NP. (Iím not sure how much the Scorchstones cost.) If you still have NP left, get some Faeries from the Magic Shop for cheap. (Make sure your pet is at the right level before giving the faeries to your pet.) I suggest you get Burrow, Drain Life, and Sink. Burrow and Sink are defensive abilities that block A LOT, but it takes up power like all other abilities. (I once blocked all damage from a WAF that was used on me by a pet with an ULTIMATE rating as strength. Itís one of the strongest pets in all Neopia, but I do not wish to say who it is.) So, Burrow and Sink are two abilities that will help you a lot. Drain Life does damage equal to about 11% of your opponentís current HP. So if your opponent has 100 HP, it should do approximately 11 damage and heal you 11 HP. It is very useful against opponents with a lot of HP. If you have NP that you donít care wasting, get Fiery Gaze and Diamond Dust. They donít freeze every time now, but it might come in handy when you need it!

--200,000 NP to 1 million NP; 50 HP to 80 HP--

In this stage, I suggest you to have the WAF, a GLB, a Hypno Helmet, a Purple or Rainbow SS, and a Hydro Hammer or a Snow flame. I prefer a Hydro Hammer over a Snow flame because it does up to 7 icons, but if you want a bit of defence, get a Snow Flame, even though it is way overpriced compared to a WAF itself, which is already overpriced at 200,000.

Now, since you have a decent amount of HP and can last a few hits, I will give you a little bit more of strategy. Do not attack at full power in the beginning. I know many people wonít agree with this, but I say this is the best way. You wonít do as much damage, but this makes your opponent underestimate you. (This is a risky way to fight because a experienced battler would know you arenít trying your best. This is another reason why not to tell someone what weapons you use, or at least donít tell them your best ones.) When it comes to the turn when you know you can kill your opponent in two turns, the first one with freezing, then freeze him. (For example, if you have 2 Battle Slices, and you know it will do 30 damage all together with a fierce attack or berserk, and you know you can do 15 Damage using a Wand of the Air Faerie, Hypno Helmet, and a Fierce Attack or Berserk, and your opponent has 45 HP or less left, freeze him.) You just have to hope that they wonít freeze you on that turn though. If they donít freeze you, he or she will be frozen, and you will finish the opponent off on the turn they are frozen. If they freeze you on the same turn, use a Scorchstone if you are low on HP. Donít attack your opponent at full power even though you know you can beat them this turn. They might just use a Scorchstone and heal back all the damage you did to them. Only if you are sure they canít heal efficiently, finish them off.

--Millionaires; over 80 HP--

This depends on how much of NP you have. (Iím not sure how much every of these item costs though) Well, you should choose these weapons:

Box of Clockwork Grundos: this makes 1 to 4 Clockwork Grundos. Each do 12 icons of one type of damage.

Rod of Nova / Supernova / Dark Nova: Donít be mistaken, these weapons take 2 turns to use. They create the items on the first turn, and then you can heal on the second turn. They are still useful because they attack, block, and heal.

Battle Slices: These do a lot of damage. They can do over 10 icons of earth and physical combined, but this varies. This is a totally offensive item.

Snowball Machine / Battledecks / Hat of the Muffin Man: They give you random snowballs, battlecards, and muffins, respectively. Remember that they are random so they donít guarantee good items.

--Popular Weapons Ratings--

Iíll rate these on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being extremely not recommended (the item is either weak or overpriced) and 5 being extremely recommended (the item is either good or worth itís price). I will also give the common abbreviation that people might use on chat boards, if I know it.

Grand Lightning Beam (GLB): 4
Improved Lightning Beam (ILB): 4.5
Wand of the Air Faerie (WAF): 4.5
Snow Flame (SF): 3.5
Battle Slices (slices): 5
Rod of Nova (RON): 3
Rod of Supernova (ROS): 4
Rod of Dark Nova (RODN): 3.5
Attack Fork (AF): 3
Hypno Helmet (HH): 4.9
Hydro Hammer (also HH): 3.5
Flotsam Star Blade (FSB): 4 (for Flotsams only)
Dual Expert Bow (DEB): 3 (way overpriced)
Ancient Manchu Bow (AMB): 2.5 (way overpriced)


You canít just win using good strategy and weapons. You also need to train hard!

The method I like most is to use the Lab Ray. It costs about 100k to get the whole set of maps now, but you can use it once a day. The lab does random things to your pets: increase and decrease strength, increase and decrease defence, increase and decrease movement, increase and decrease max HP, increase and decrease level, and change colour, species, and gender. (This is the only way to get Robot pets, in case you were wondering.) I recommend you create or adopt a new pet before attempting this because you donít want your painted, well trained pet that took you lots of NP and Codestones to lose stats and change colour! (One of my pets is currently training this way.)

A more expensive way to train is by training school since you have to buy Codestones, which usually cost above 3500 NP. When the level of your gets above 20, it needs 2 Codestones. Then it needs 3 Codestones when it is above level 60 and 4 Codestones when it is above level 80. That will probably cost you 14,000 NP when your pets go above 80. If you follow my advice for the training school, you can train your pets to stats over 200 without spending a lot! First, train your stats first: endurance, strength, and defence. Then raise your level to 50 and stop, and go back training the rest of your stats to 100. Donít train your level if it isnít necessary after level 50 because your pet will know berserk by then, and you can already teach it all the faerie abilities. Also, when you try to find Codestones on the shop wizard, put the max price to 3000. Then your Codestones will be cheaper. Sell the Codestones you get at 3000 for 3500, and that will make you 500 NP. Use Codestones that are less than 1000 NP to train. Believe me, you can get Codestones for 1 NP, if you keep searching.

If you are poor and weak and want to train fast, go for the academy. That place is good only for weak pets up to level 10. After that, you need 2 Dubloons instead of 1, and that probably will cost more than a Codestone. Train here only if your pet is low-leveled or if you can find cheap Dubloons off the wizard. Remember, the academy only train your pet up to level 40, and it takes more time than the training school.

Some strong pets are trained by Kitchen Quests. They say it is a cheap and good way to train. If you buy the items they ask off the main shops, it shouldnít cost you over 1000 NP, but it rarely gives you a stat raise. (Iíve tried this like 6 times, and it only gave me a raise in defence once! Other times it gave me keyrings or a few hundred NP while I spent thousands!!!)

The fastest and probably most expensive way to train is to train by Neggs. You just feed them to your pet and its stats go up. The best Negg out there is the Cool Negg, which costs hundreds of thousands of NP or 135 Negg points. Unless you can make that much NP or Negg points in one day, I do not recommend this method.

The shrine is a new way to train, but it doesnít always give you desired results. It doesnít always give you a stat raise, but there are certain times that are more likely to get a certain stat raise, but not guaranteed. (Iíve gotten a level raise exactly at every hour of the day about four out of five times.)

Random events is another way to train, but it happens not too often, and not reliable at all.

Now, this concludes my guide to the Battledome. If your have any questions, feel free to Neomail me.

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