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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 30th day of Hunting, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 14 > Articles > All About Air Faeries

All About Air Faeries

by roguegirl_37

Finally translated for the first time, this fancy hardcover edition of one of Neopia's most treasured book, All About Air Faeries has arrived. The fourth of a series of all the faerie books, this is sure to be a must have for all households.

Foreword from the author C. Chesterpot

I hope you enjoy this fourth volume from Faerie Books Inc. This is sure to teach even more than you ever knew about the Air Faeries. This is sure to absorb and delight all types of readers of all ages. Once the winner of the Red Juppie book award, and another time the winner of the Golden Apple award, it has been at the top of the bestseller list for 3 consecutive weeks. It is guaranteed to bring out the Air Faerie lover in you! It has also been voted by The Neopian Times as "An awesome book! It will have your imagination soaring above the clouds!"

Of course, being another one of the most expensive and sought for books on the market, Faerie Books Inc. was anxious to have me translate yet another one of the faerie series. (Jeez, authors nowadays don't get a lot of vacation around here do they?) After numerous requests and also being rather curious myself, I set off to discover the secrets and legends surrounding the lovely Air Faerie. I even managed to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground, quite a challenge though it was! I hope you treasure this book for many years to come.

Chapter 1:Where They Live

The Uber Air faerie likes to supervise all that goes on below here. That is why you will find that her home is far above Faerieland, so far in fact that very few can make it up those dazzling heights to see her. She loves to hang around Faerieland, what could be better? It's a city floating on air! It just can't get better than that for the heights loving faerie! When she does come down from Faerieland, she likes to hang around in huge trees or climb high mountains. If you're more the adventurous type enough to scale mountains, or climb trees you may find her and she may gladly give you a quest.

Just like their bigger version, the little air faeries love to hide in trees, tall buildings and attics as well as in the vast mountains surrounding the different lands of Neopia. They are often attracted by the sweet smells coming from perfumes and will sometimes come quite close to an unsuspecting pet or owner to investigate the strange scent. So ladies, don't be alarmed if you see a little blur of blue whizzing about your head, it's only a little curious faerie admiring your sweet scent.

Chapter 2:The Likes and Dislikes of an Air Faerie

The lovely Air Faerie does not dislike many things at least out of reason. She loves to see pretty, happy pets that are well taken care of. She hates to see pets abused or looking unhealthy. She likes to see swift pets and enjoys visiting the Poogle Races. If you get her some beauty products she'll make your pets delightfully fast on their feet (Future track champion in the making here). She certainly loves beauty products and goes through so many of them she is always sending people on quests to find her the latest shade or shampoo from Neopia.

She likes Buzzes, Eyries, Pteris, Shoyrus and Unis especially. They are all gifted with wings and amazing creatures, one and all. She loves all pets that can fly or dream of flying and loves to come to their aid. She also likes all pets painted cloud or stars as well as those who can fly. Any of these types of pets are said to be under her protection.

She also has a soft spot for young pets who are lost or confused. More than a few young pets have found their way home, almost miraculously, telling stories of a voice in the wind who directed them home.

Chapter 3: Character

Headstrong and stubborn describes this faerie very well. If she doesn't want to do something or listen to reason she won't, and you can't convince her of otherwise! Sometimes the only way to get her to listen to reason is to make her believe it would destroy her image. The Air Faerie is a dignified and a proud faerie. She has the respect of most of Neopia's population and would never let anyone see her disgrace herself or do something silly in public. She gets along pretty good with most of the other faeries though there are a few squabbles now and then between her and the Fire Faerie where neither will give in to the argument being two hotheads and too strong willed to back down. Of course it's even worse for the other faeries when the two join forces, they won't give in to the other faeries wise suggestions and with one another to back each other they won't let up till they get a least partially of what they want. Hence, some of the strange, unusual and sometimes completely useless things you see around Neopia.

She does not get mad too often. Though it may seem that at times that any little thing could set her off into one of her rages. It doesn't take long for the sky to darken with black rain clouds and thunder fill the sky when she's angry. Ever since the Wheel of Excitement has opened though the thunder and lightning has greatly reduced, since anytime she feels quite angry she'll visit the Wheel of Excitement to see who is spinning and hex the wheel to land on the lightning sign so that she may vent out her anger without hurting more than a few pets.

The little faeries are much the same. They are stubborn and hardheaded. If you happen to get on their bad they won't hesitate to give you a small shock of lightening. So watch out!

Chapter 4: History

The Air Faerie is not very well known in ancient Neopian history. She was not recognized until after some of the other faeries had become quite well known by many tribes. She was recognized and honored by the flying tribes, or those with wings.

She was considered as the first female inspirational figure to the early cavepets. Female cavepets would look up to her and admired her. Female cavepets were at first the only ones to lay offerings out for her and small little air faeries were caught and given to young brides by the grooms as a wedding day present.

She was worshipped for her abilities to control the weather and those praying for good weather or seasons were sure give her many sacrifices of value, such as gold and jewels.

During the medieval ages, she was a source of inspiration for the poets of the time and one of the most famous poems by William Shakespeare is dedicated to this pretty faerie untitled, "Triumphant Queen of Skies"

Chapter 5: Flying Skills

The Uber Air Faerie is said to be also one of the fastest faeries around, though with them all so fast who can really tell who is the fastest of them all? The Air Faerie possesses many different flying skills. Her attacks are fast and furious. Not attacks you'd stick around twice for! (If you survived the first attacks, that is! Which is quite rare, my advice don't try your luck!).

Her first is one of her most popular and devastating attacks. The Terrible Twister is one of her best attacks and if you can stand your ground to this attack you'd certainly be the first to do so! The Uber Air Faerie starts by facing her opponent and giving off the meanest face possible. Most opponents become quite distracted by this evil face from so pretty a faerie and don't even notice the attack coming at them from their left... Cause while the Air Faerie is making scary faces she's conjuring up a mighty powerful tornado off to the side. Then the Air Faerie carefully flies out of harm's way. From high in the air she directs the tornado on a deadly course, straight at her opponent. This tornado is so strong it destroys everything on it's path and easily sends the opponent flying, all battered to land somewhere very very far away!

If that move doesn't stop you she's got another trick to pull out of thin air! The Fog Fiasco is her next one and just as tricky! First she sends in a very low and thick fog to surround her opponent. The opponent can see nothing around him, most of the time the fog is so thick the opponent can't see his paw, or hand, sticking out in front of him! Then the Air Faerie sends in the four powerful winds of the world to do her damage. Using her powers she uses the powerful winds to knock the unfortunate opponent off his feet, or paws. The cold North wind stings their uncovered body parts with a cold whiplash and sometimes even leaves them with frostbite. If the opponent can still take more after that attack she sends in the dry South wind to chap their lips and send sand in their eyes and noses causing much pain. Finally she sends in her last two winds the East and the West to finish the job. Each coming at a different direction, they slam into the opponent knocking him senseless and then carrying him off to some remote spot, again very far away.

So unless your in the mood for a quick but painful way to get somewhere I'd suggest you'd stay away.

Chapter 6: Inventions

This Faerie does not have too many things invented by her or in her name but all the same her inventions make her equal to the other faeries in every way. She is said to be the one who invented the Cloud paint brush and the paint brush of the Stars, her paint brushes are quite beautiful and still hold a high value in today's market. (If she's gotta choose a paint brush, she's gonna choose it with style!) She did not invent the Faerie paint brush though I'm sure she's come up with the idea more than once. But that is for another tale and I'd better get on with the present subject!

This stylish faerie is also the one who is said to help Neoglow design and market new cool shades and products at Uni's Beauty Saloon. Brighten your pet's day with the newest lipstick or blush for the upcoming school year!

She has also invented the Air Faerie Quest game. A thrilling adventure type game fun for all ages. Give it a go next time you have a chance!

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