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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Relaxing, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 14 > Continuing Series > Doomsday Rider: Part Three

Doomsday Rider: Part Three

by yugo149

Last time, Rider managed to beat Armos into submission, and defeat, however, something has been rumbling Neopia. What could it be?

"Oh hurry up," a mysterious voice said.

Could that be who I think it is? I hope not! Because if it is, we're all doomed, Rider, you've got to find this out...

I was watching the sunset from the back of our NeoHome when a rumble shook the entire planet! Shortly afterward, Anubis_III called from Krawk Island, which was where he was spending a short vacation.

"Rider, did you feel that?" Anubis asked.

"Anubis, I sure did. I think Armos survived," I whispered over the phone.

"Who's Armos?" Anubis asked.

"Never mind. I have to go, Anubis," I told him.

"Okay, see you later Rider," he said, just before he hung up the phone.

"Man, there's no way Armos could have survived," I said to myself.


"Armos, where is this Shoyru that beat you?" a mysterious voice asked.

"Scorpio, he lives in Neopia Central," Armos said.

"Oh. Armos, how strong is this Shoyru?" Scorpio asked.

"Very," replied Armos. "I'm going to make sure he doesn't survive this time!"

"Tical!" Scorpio shouted.

"Yes, Scorpio?" Tical asked.

"I want you to do a Neopia-wide search for the Jadestone."

"Yes, Scorpio," Tical said, and went to the search panel. "Scorpio, the Jadestone's at 71867 Winding Wood Drive, Neopia Central."

"Very well, then. Release a Mecha Scarab, and send it there," Scorpio said.

"Yes, Scorpio," Orbiknaught and Tical said in unison. They went to work on a Mecha Scarab.


I was sitting on the back porch with Chao and Evanda, looking at the clouds. Chao was the first to hear a clanking, kind of like a cyborg walking. We all looked in the distance, and saw a cyborg that had two huge, sharp fangs coming out of it's head. As it got closer, we tensed up and prepared for a fight, but when it got to the point where we could spit on it, we saw a green blur shoot between us and the cyborg.

"What was that?!" Chao asked. We looked back at the cyborg, and it's head fell off, and the rest of it's body collapsed. "Man, I hope whatever just shot by is on our side."

A green Shoyru carrying a Million Degree Sword walked up to us. "You three really have to be careful around Mecha Scarabs," he said.

"That was a Mecha Scarab?!" I asked. I'd heard of them, but never thought I'd see one.

"Yup. My name is Chaos_III. But people usually call me Chaos," he said. What are your names?"

"I'm Doomsday_Rider, this is Chao, and this is Evanda," I told Chaos.

"Very nice to meet you all," Chaos said, bowing.

"Uh, yeah," Chao said. "Listen, Chaos, have you ever heard of Armos?"

"Armos is who I've been chasing for a while now." Chaos said, sheathing his Million Degree Sword.

"Okay Chaos, did you know that Armos was defeated by Rider?" Chao asked.

"No, I didn't. Besides, no mortal weapon can destroy Armos." Chaos said. "However, this Million Degree Sword was blessed by the Jadestone, and so it's an immortal weapon."

"I have the Jadestone now!" I said.

"You do?! That means you are the one who can defeat Armos and his army with this sword," Chaos said as he handed the sword to me. I glared at the horizon, and spotted another Mecha Scarab.

"Get down!" I shouted, and when the Mecha Scarab was in range, I sliced it right across it's central body unit, and it exploded. I glared at the sword in amazement. I could destroy almost anything with it! "This sword is unbreakable, isn't it Chaos?" I asked, sheathing it.

"Yes it is Doomsday_Rider," Chaos replied.

"Chaos, just call me Rider," I said.

"Uh-huh," He replied.


"Armos, we're almost out of material for Mecha Scarabs, can't you make them any stronger?" Scorpio asked.

"Scorpio, calm down, I know more about these than you do," Armos replied, sending the last Mecha Scarab. "Besides, if that Shoyru can beat all the Mecha Scarabs, why don't we send the Boss Scarab for him to fight?"

"Armos, you really have outdone yourself despite being turned into an all-out machine," Scorpio said.

"Thanks, err...I think." Armos said. "Boss Scarab, it's time to wake up." A giant mechanical scarab opened one eye, and immediately began gnawing away on the cage. Once it had broken through, it starting stomping it's way to Neopia Central.


"There's too many of them!" Chao shouted as I sliced a Mecha Scarab clean in half.

"Not anymore there isn't!" I shouted back to him, slicing another Mecha Scarab in half. Moments later, I sliced and diced the last Mecha Scarab, and sheathed the Sword.

"Do you guys feel that?" Chaos asked, as a HUGE Mecha Scarab arose on the horizon. "It's the Boss Scarab!" Everybody but me retreated, I just took out my sword and tried to slice the cyborgs leg in half, it didn't even leave a mark. The thing just roared at me, I flew up, which Beast had taught me to do. Apparently, Beast was hiding on my NeoHome

"Rider, cut off it's head!" Beast yelled.

"Okay!" I shouted back, and swung at the Boss Scarabs neck, direct hit, and it exploded into tiny slivers of steel. I flew back down to the ground and re-sheathed my sword. Things were getting way too out of hand. Evanda, Chao, and Chaos were impressed at the way I handled the sword, even I was surprised at the way I handled it. I had never before held a sword as powerful as this one.

"Doomsday_Rider, how are you able to handle that sword so easily?" Chaos asked.

"I don't know, Chaos," I said. "I don't know..."


"AH! He beat the Boss Scarab!" Scorpio shouted. "I underestimated him! Heh. Well, come on, Armos, we're setting up the end game."

"Master Scorpio, are you sure you want to set it up so early?" Tical asked.

"Tical, this is simply strategy. Orbiknaught, is the arena reforged yet?" Scorpio asked.

"Yes, master Scorpio," Orbiknaught replied.


Later that day, me, Chaos, Chao, Evanda, and Boomdogg were watching the television, when Armos came on. I jumped up and got really tense.

"What's Armos doing on TV?" I asked.

"Maybe if you'd sit down and watch, we'd find out." Boomdogg said. I quietly sat down.

"If you think you have enough power to save Neopia, then show up at the end game, in the Lost Desert, in front of the monument where Dr. Sloth first attacked, and so now, I bid you, farewell, and if you show up at the end game, you'd better be at your max, because you'll be in for a wild ride!" After Armos finished his announcement, the screen went blank.

"You guys, it looks like it's back to the monument," I said.


When we arrived at the arena, the tournament had already begun, and we saw Anubis there, waiting for his shot in the ring.

"Hey guys, Rider, I didn't expect to see you here," Anubis said.

"KO!" the referee said as the same cocky Eyrie from before flew out of the ring, blood flowing from his mouth. "Challenger number 19, please step up."

"That's me." Anubis said, as he stepped up to the ring. "I'll see you guys after the fight."

When Anubis got to the ring, he immediately shape-shifted into a scarab, and burrowed into a ninja Nimmo that was a minion of Scorpio's. Immediately, you could see a lump moving toward the Nimmo's heart. And then, the Nimmo fell over unconscious.

"KO!" The referee said. "Next army fighter, please step up." Orbiknaught stepped up, and Anubis scurried out of the Nimmo, and returned to his Lupe form.

"You won't win this fight, Anubis." Orbiknaught said.

"Orbiknaught, don't get too cocky," Anubis replied, slightly grinning. He started to grow a spike out of his forehead. He had begun the transformation to his real body. Orbiknaught charged at him, but he did a fancy series of 7 backflips towards the back of the ring, while still transforming. "Orbiknaught, I know you can do better than that," Anubis said, finally finishing his mutation with over 15 spikes coming out of his fur. "Now, Orbiknaught, you've sealed your fate!" Anubis charged at Orbiknaught, but Anubis was considerably slower, and Orbiknaught jumped out of the way.

"Say good-bye, Anubis," Orbiknaught said, and then kicked him out of the ring. "Heh heh. Some Double Alpha Shape-shifter." Anubis suddenly slipped back into his standard form.

"KO!" the referee called. "Will challenger number 57 please step up."

I stepped up to the ring, and began my fight with Orbiknaught. I cut his chest with my Million Degree Sword, and he immediately collapsed.

"KO!" the referee called. "Will Armos please step up." Mecha Armos stepped up, and we began our fight. Needless to say, Armos was stronger, faster, and had much better defence than before. It took 17 slashes from my sword to simply leave a dent in Armos. Things were not looking good...

To be continued...

Next time on Doomsday Rider, our hero continues his fight with Armos, and in the process, makes a new unlikely ally. And although Scorpio is much more elite than Armos could ever hope to be, he may get his just deserts as well, but Rider has to first beat Armos...

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