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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 11 > Continuing Series > A Lupe Story: Part Three

A Lupe Story: Part Three

by MagnaAngemon13

"Well well well, you showed up," said a voice from the shadows of a tree.

"Yeah, and I'm ready," said Ben, the wind blowing again, making his hair whip his face gently.

"I wouldn't be too sure," Craig said, stepping out from the shadows.

Redburr3 was standing right behind him.


"C'mon Whyst, you need to gain back all your strength for the fight," Ben said, stuffing spoonful after spoonful of food into Whyst's mouth. Luper was hanging around on the couch.

"So let me get this straight," Luper said from the couch. "Redburr3 beat Whyst, even though his stats are lower? Well I've heard street talk about Reburr3."

"Yeah?" asked Ben, suddenly interested. He stopped feeding Whyst.

Whyst collapsed on the ground and said, "I think I'm going to be sick."

"Well it's rumoured that he would do anything for a good piece of chocolate. But I'm talking about some fancy french gourmet stuff."

"Really?" Ben wondered. "Will you go get me some while I keep feeding Whyst?"

At this Whyst's face turned green and he ran to the bathroom.

"All right," Luper replied and took the money from Ben. "Hmm, that should be enough all right."

"Let's hope so," Ben said, putting some Neopoints back in his pocket.


"I've heard some street talk about you Redburr3," said Whyst as he stood looking at him. There was a constant and violent wind, a sign that a storm was approaching.

"Yeah like what?" asked Redburr3, beginning to sweat even though it was a little cold outside.

"I'll tell you later," he replied, then leapt for Redburr3. The Shoyru put up it's guard just in time to block the attack, which was then followed immediately after by another and another. Whyst took out a Super Snow Tiger Egg.

"I have one of those!" shouted Redburr3 over the wind and check to see if it was stolen. It wasn't. Whyst blasted Redburr3.

"That's not fair!" yelled Redburr3 as he rolled towards Craig.

"What the?! Redburr3! Get back in there!" Craig said, pushing Redburr3 back towards Whyst.

"I did some research on you Redburr3," Whyst said calmly. "I know every one of your moves now."

"Yeah right!" Redburr3 said and ran towards Whyst. Whyst ran too.

They passed each other and stopped.

"And what was that?" Redburr3 asked.

"My ice sword," Whyst replied. They both turned around.

"You haven't won yet!" Redburr3 said and he pulled out his Super Snow Tiger Egg. Whyst did the same. Redburr3 also took out a grand lightning beam, while Whyst took out his beam.

They both fired at the same time. Both attacks hit each other, canceling each other out and exploding. Whyst and Redburr3 were blown back, a huge crater between them. An even more violent wind blew from the attacks.

"You...won..." said Redburr3 from the ground, He was lying there, all HP gone.

"Don't be too sure," replied Whyst. His black mask has been cracked and he lay there too.

"I'm surprised...even against someone like you, I am turned out to be a tie," breathed Redburr3.

"Me too," said Whyst and laughed a little, but not much for it hurt.

Ben picked Whyst up slowly, as did Craig with Redburr3.

"You're forgetting something," said a voice from a nearby tree.

"Luper?" asked Whyst without opening his eyes. Luper nodded, looking at Redburr3 and Craig. "I know you have the items to revive him. It's my turn now."

"You're even weaker than Whyst! But if you wish," said Craig, giving Redburr3 a potion. Slowly he got up and shook himself off.

"I'm ready Luper!" Redburr3 shouted. "It's time to finish this!"

"Finish? Wait, you mean you know each other?!" asked Ben, surprised.

"I can't believe this!" shouted Craig. Redburr3 put out a hand to silence him. It was time to fight.

Redburr3 used Shoyru Dive and knocked Luper back. He shook his head but was hit again with a Shoyru inferno.

"Luper! You're getting yourself destroyed!" said Whyst who had revived a little.

Luper said nothing. He got up from the ground and slashed at the oncoming Shoyru, but with it's momentum Redburr3 kept going and hit Luper. He was knocked into Ben and Whyst.

"Luper! Your over exerting yourself! Just give up!" Pleaded Ben. It was no use, nothing could get through to him.

"," Breathed Whyst. Luper obeyed, keeping an eye on Redburr3. Whyst handed over his items to Luper. Without a word, he turned away from Whyst, but had a smile on his face. He was completely healed thanks to Whyst's heal ability. He took out a Super Snow Tiger Egg and blasted Redburr3 out of the sky where he was performing a Shoyru Dive.

Redburr3 spiraled down towards Luper, hatred in his eyes.

"I'm going to get you!" he yelled. Luper didn't even have time to put up his defenses. He was blown back by the shear force of the tremendous power. Redburr3 was angry. He wanted to beat Luper but found he couldn't so he let it all go. Again and again Luper was attacked by numerous Shoyru Dives and Shoyru inferno's.

Luper lay at Whyst's feet. He was beaten. But before victory could be declared, Whyst put his paw on Luper and smiled.

"It's time to show him the power of the Lupe," Whyst said as their bodies glowed. Luper and Whyst had merged into one NeoPet, their power combined and hp almost doubled.

What will Redburr3 do? How did Whyst and Luper perform this amazing task? Why hasn't Whyst thrown up yet? Find out in the exciting conclusion A Lupe Story: Part Four.

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