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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 11 > Short Stories > The Shadow Usul's Defeat

The Shadow Usul's Defeat

by stefferret

"And that round goes, once again, to the Shadow Usul!" the Lupe announcer founded his fist onto the table and turned to the Blumaroo sitting next to him. Two Chias were carrying a very beaten yellow Scorchio out of the arena. "For once, I would," the Lupe said, "like to see SOMEONE beat that little menace out there."

The Blumaroo nodded, straightened his tie, and began calling off the name for the next match into the microphone. The audience cheered as a strong-looking red Skeith walked into the arena, his head held high. He wasn't afraid.

The Shadow Usul smirked. Size didn't matter to her one bit, he'd beaten Skeiths before...many many times before. He grinned and whipped his tail around her, turning to look her opponent straight in the eyes. The Skeith gulped, but didn't show the audience his fear. The Shadow Usul could feel it, however.

A checkered Kyrii referee stood between the fighters and called out what he called before every match, "Fair fight, no tail biting, two weapons per turn! I wish the both of you luck!" He blew his whistle and left the arena. The Shadow Usul let another grin at her opponent before vanishing.

The Skeith was amazed, he'd already lost sight of the Usul and the match had barely started. The huge red beast whipped around, trying to see where his shadowed challenger had disappeared to. Left, right, she was nowhere to be found.

The Skeith screamed in pain as he felt a burning sensation across his back. He'd been hit, HARD! He whipped around again only for the Usul to bonk him in the face with a stone snowball. The Skeith paused a moment, realised what had just happened, and collapsed to the ground, shaking the arena. Another victory for the Shadow Usul, who looked about casually as if it were no big deal, leaning against her fire sword.

The audience seemed rather displeased, booing and screeching at the smirking Usul. She didn't seem to mind.

"Another one to the Shadow Usul," the Lupe said into the mic with a depressed sigh. He turned to his Blumaroo coworker. "These matches seem to get less and less interesting, don't they?"

The Blumaroo nodded again, turning to the paper to see who would be challenging the undefeated Usul next. He blinked, pausing, looking at the name on the list. "Does this say what I think it says?" the Blumaroo asked the Lupe

The Lupe adjusted his glasses and looked at the paper, surprised. "Well, that's strange, isn't it? Maybe it's a typo. Call it out and see who appears."

"And our next challenger," the Blumaroo said, yelling at the mic as he had every time, "is Macy, hailing from Mystery Island!"

The Shadow Usul paused. "Macy?" he mumbled to herself. "Couldn't possibly...a girl?"

A very petite, cute Usul stepped into the arena. She seemed to be having trouble carrying her equipment, lugging a Bag of Infinite Neggs behind her and trying to hold her million degree sword. Her ruff was rainbow coloured, just like the bow that was wrapped around the base of her tail. She smiled and waved at the stunned audience.

The referee looked over at Macy with an amused glance, then had to look back as the Shadow Usul was jamming him in the shoulder.

"I'm not going to fight her!" the Shadow Usul insisted.

"Why not?" the ref asked.

"Well, she's a little girl, for one," the Shadow Usul grumbled under her breath. Then louder, she spoke, "She can't even carry in that Bag of Infinite Neggs! How could she ever fight me?"

"Hey, I don't set up the challenges," the Kyrii said, holding up his hands. He walked over to Macy, who was still struggling across the arena. "You need help with that?" he asked her.

"No, thank you," Macy said with a smile. She pulled her stuff into the little white box that had been drawn on the ground, where she would stand to hear the rules of the match, and where she would start the fight. The ref shook his head but smiled at her and walked to the middle of the arena.

"Fair fight, no tail biting, two weapons per turn! I wish the both of you luck!" he yelled again, followed by a whistle blow. The Shadow Usul looked, wide-eyed, at her challenger, wondering why the ref had let this match start. How could she fight a GIRL? And it was rather obvious she wasn't that strong...who would let a challenge like this happen? She'd have to speak with the--"Umph!"

The Shadow Usul's train of thought seemed to derail as her stomach was met with the blowing force of a jelly muffin. It bounced off of her and Macy found herself holding it again, smiling.

"You need to pay a bit more attention," she said, but not in a mean way. She chucked the muffin across the arena again and it knocked the Shadow Usul over, she hadn't been expecting it. She heard the cheers of the audience and quickly readjusted her footing, getting up from the ground and grabbing her sword.

"What a wimpy way to start a match!" she heard someone yell across the arena. Macy smiled sweetly.

"I didn't think so," she said, opening the Bag of Infinite Neggs Instead of Neggs, though, the bag seemed to be filled with all sorts of equipment, mostly muffins. The Shadow Usul gaped. Macy saw the look on her face and said simply, "Don't worry, I didn't exceed the limit!" She plopped the jelly muffin, which had returned to her a second time, into the bag. She picked up her million degree sword as she saw the Shadow Usul reach for her fire sword.

"Stupid girl," the Shadow Usul exclaimed, swinging the fire sword at her. "How dare you think you could ever beat me!" A clang of metal and fire was heard as Macy met her swing with hers, sending sparks of fire around the arena and setting it ablaze.

"That wasn't very nice," Macy said plainly, hopping over the Shadow Usul's head, their swords clanging once again in the air.

"Yes, well, you fight me and you shouldn't expect nice," the Shadow Usul said just as plainly.

"Maybe you should change that," Macy replied, swinging the sword over her head and landing it directly between the Shadow Usul's ears. She gulped, then quickly did her vanishing act again.

"You don't even give out your real name," Macy said, walking over to the other side of the arena to put her sword down and pull something from her bag. She held the water muffin over her head and was met with a splash of cold water as the Shadow Usul's sword sliced through the muffin, extinguishing the fire.

"What? I--" the Shadow Usul looked at her sword and growled. "How--"

Macy smiled at her again, shaking the water from her ears. The Shadow Usul simply growled, retreating to her side of the arena to pull out another weapon.

"I am undefeated!" she yelled, pulling out her cement mixer. She pressed a button and it fired a stone snowball across the arena. Macy dodged it without effort.

"So what IS your real name, anyway?" she asked, looking through her bag.

The Shadow Usul only let out a fiercer growl, firing another stone snowball. Macy again dodged it, almost casually. She pulled a simple battle muffin from her bag, and walked softly over to the cement mixer, dodging the barrage of stone snowballs that was put upon her as she did.

"Arrrrrrgh!" the Shadow Usul screamed as Macy jumped and dashed and bounced towards her, holding the big fat battle muffin in her paws as if it was a plush toy. She smiled and hopped one last stone snowball before wedging the muffin into the cement mixer.

There was a gasp from the audience as the cement mixer coughed and sputtered. Macy hopped back to her bag and held up a big metal shield. The cement mixer choked, forming stone snow balls but having no place to put them. The Shadow Usul's eyes grew wide as she watched her machine and suddenly realised she was in a very bad place to be at that moment.


The entire arena shook as the cement mixer exploded, sending globs of wet cement and heavy stone snowballs through the air. The stone snowballs crashed through the walls of the arena as the audience ran screaming from their seats, trying to find a safe place to be. Walls crashed to the ground and when the haze and smoke cleared, Macy stood behind her shield, calm and cool.

"Are you okay?" she asked to the Shadow Usul

She didn't say anything. Macy looked over her shield and then dropped it entirely, staring at the mess before her. Cement covered everything, and was drying quickly. In front of her stood a pile of cement in the shape of a Usul, her eyes still visible through the muck, huge and unblinking.

"Are you okay?" Macy repeated, stepping carefully over the cement as it dried into the ground. She tapped the Shadow Usul's nose. "Hello?"

"Mmrrrpphghh," the rock choked.

The Lupe announcer got up from under the table he was sitting at and examined the stone cast microphone. He tapped it with his paw and the speakers in the arena buzzed and squeaked, causing any audience members left to groan and cover their ears. The Lupe grabbed at his glasses, which had broken in half in the shuffle, and turned to the Blumaroo He then turned back to the mic and in a very quiet voice said, "And that round goes to Macy, the rainbow Usul"

There was a long pause before the audience burst into cheers and applause that shook the stadium even more than the exploding cement mixer. Macy looked up and smiled, then went back to tapping at the Shadow Usul. The cement was slowly falling off.

"Mmrrrpph," the rock continued. Macy tapped again. Finally the Shadow Usul's face could be seen, and she looked at Macy, not sure what to say.

"Good fight," the rainbow Usul said with a smile, holding out her paw. Then she realised that the Shadow Usul couldn't shake it because she was covered in hardened cement. She bit her lip and put her paw back by her side.

The Shadow Usul nodded, looking at Macy. She's very tough, she thought to herself. The two Chias with the stretcher were waddling up to the Usuls, looking a bit confused at the whole situation. They struggled to put the Shadow Usul on the stretcher--she was a LOT heavier covered in stone!

"Good fight, Shadow Usul," Macy said again.

"My name's Tammy," the Shadow Usul said with a weak smile as the Chias finally got her on the stretcher and started to carry her off.

"Good fight, Tammy," Macy called to her as they left the arena. She smiled to herself and gathered up her things, pulling them out of the arena and back home to Mystery Island.

The End

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