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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 11 > Short Stories > Al's Plushie

Al's Plushie

by Al_the_Chia

Al the Chia blinked through his owlish glasses, staring at the package he had just received. It was wrapped in brown paper, and had a pretty floral card attached to it. It was currently sitting on the table along with the other mail.

"Now who sent this?" Al wondered. He put a paw on his glasses as he read the loopy, neat letters printed onto the card. "From the Society of Chia Despisers, with love." He blinked again, adjusting his glasses. He grinned, shaking the box. "Hm... Must be some kind of offer."

He ripped the paper open opened the top of the box, and then gasped. "AHH!! It's it a cute little Meerca Plushie!!" Al took it out, holding it up. It was an adorable green one, with a cute, hand-stitched smile and bright, button eyes. It had a cord on it's back. Al smiled.

"Aww..." He pulled the cord.

"Hello, I want to be your friend," it said, in a disgustingly cute little speeded voice.

"Aww..." Al gushed. "I wonder if Fluffy will like it. Fluffy! Could you come here?"

He set it down on the table, gushing even more. Fluffy entered, listening to his latest Blue Kacheek Group CD on his headphones. The slithery PetPet looked at the Plushie on the table warily. It stared straight ahead with blank eyes, smiling a cute little smile. Suddenly, Fluffy hissed in surprise. Did it just look at him? He hissed, glaring at the doll.

"Oh Fluffy, leave that poor Plushie alone!" Al snarled. "If you set one paw on it, I'll chop off your tail!"

Fluffy whimpered, recoiling. Al nodded, slamming the door to his lab. Fluffy stared at the little Plushie again. It looked adorable. But with the moonlight shining on it, it seemed a little... too cute. Fluffy hopped onto the table, behind the Plushie.

"Hiss..." He pulled the cord with his mouth, watching it pull back.

"Hello, I want to be your friend," it said in the cute voice.

Fluffy smiled a little, his tongue flickering out. He pulled it again. "Stop pulling my cord, rat breath." Fluffy's smile fell immediately. He looked at it again, a little more carefully. Carefully, he pulled it again. "Hey, fathead, can't you hear? I told you not to pull my cord again!" Fluffy jumped. The Plushie was standing up! It turned its head around to glare at Fluffy, its stitched smile still mockingly directed at him. Its button eyes glowed red, as it's voice changed to one of pure evil (but still adorable). "I guess you can't hear very well." It whipped out a mallet, keeping its cute little smile at Fluffy. Fluffy recoiled in horror, backing away. The Plushie lifted the mallet, it's glaring smile and red eyes fixed onto Fluffy's mortified form. "HERE, LET ME REFRESH YOUR HEARING!!" It brought down the mallet. WHOCK! Fluffy dodged swiftly as the Plushie pounded a hole into the table. Fluffy's eyes widened as the Plushie raised its hammer again...

Al threw open the door, holding a strange potion. "What was that?" Fluffy shivered on the edge of the table, his hood retracted. The table had a huge hole in it. But the Plushie was in the same space, smiling as sickeningly cute as it was before. And the mallet was stuffed into Fluffy's mouth. "Fluffy!! I'm ashamed of you!!" Al scolded. Fluffy blinked in surprise as his owner lectured him. "You'd better be sorry! This table was expensive! No PetPet treats for a week!" Al huffed, and slammed the lab door again, gone.

Fluffy hissed dejectedly. He glared at the Plushie, still wielding the mallet. "Why hello friend!!" It giggled in it's cutesy vocal. "Now why did you do that to Al's table?" The Plushie started to get up, shaking his finger. "It's a shame you got punished. Very very sad indeed. I bet Al doesn't like YOU anymore!" The Plushie giggled maniacally. "But I still like you Fluffy!" It hissed menacingly, its eyes flashing red. Fluffy glared at the Plushie through clenched teeth. "Well, what do you say we play again, Fluffy?" Fluffy raised the mallet, but too late. The Plushie jumped off, landing on the refrigerator. "Ah ah ah, I wouldn't do that if I were you..." The Plushie seemed to sneer. It started to rock the refrigerator. "HA HA HA HA!!" It cackled.

Al's Fridge, centre for his favourite food, the Chia pops, began to topple. Fluffy fled to the Fridge, pushing against it, and putting it straight. "Aww... you're spoiling the fun!" It giggled, jumping off the fridge and landing in the cupboard. "I know!! Let's play CATCH!!" Fluffy gasped as it started to toss dishes from the cupboard. He caught them all expertly, ending up balancing them all on his nose. "Oooo!! Good!! You caught them all!! Now catch THIS!!" A huge pot smashed Fluffy flat, along with all the dishes, creating a loud clatter.

Al threw the door open. "FLUFFY!!" He stormed in. The Plushie was once again on the table, innocent looking as ever. "PIFFLE PIFFLE PIFFLE!!! DARN IT FLUFFY!! NO MORE TREATS FOR TWO WEEKS!" SLAM!

Fluffy pulled himself out from the wreckage of dishes, whimpering. "Hee hee hee, dearest PetPet, now Al's REALLY mad at you." Fluffy glared, his hood turning bright purple. "I think it's time we finished you and your pathetic owner off for good." The Plushie seemed to smile even broader. Fluffy gasped. The Plushie was glowing! It's smile seemed to get bigger and bigger... IT WAS GROWING! Fluffy screeched in absolute horror as the Plushie's head hit the roof, breaking through it...

Al suddenly heard a crash. "Oh no, not again..." He put down his potion and sped upstairs, throwing open the door. "Fluffy, I thought I to... AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

The Plushie stared down at Al, grinning evilly. It bent down, picking up the petrified Chia. "Aww, aren't you cute? I wonder what this button does..." He squished Al like a Kiko Plushie. Al's mouth flew open and he squeaked, just like a squeeze toy. The Meerca cackled, squeaking Al over and over again. Fluffy was on the floor, gazing in a stupor as his owner squeaked in dismay. But then, Fluffy suddenly realised something. He smiled. "What? What are you doing now, you little nuisance?" The Plushie glared. Fluffy kept on smiling. Suddenly, the ground began to rumble. "What's going on?" The Plushie got nervous, as the rumbling grew louder. Suddenly, every Plushie collector in Neopia burst over the hill.




They all scrambled and fought as they neared Al's ruined NeoHome. The Plushie blinked. Its voice returned to the high-pitched squeak as it uttered its last words. "BUT I'M MADE OF SYNTHETIC FAAAAABRIIIIIIIIC!!!"

Al woke up a while later. "Eh? What's going on?" Fluffy nodded to a large pile of stuffing on the floor. "Oh, was that another booby trapped item from the Society of Chia Despisers? Sorry, I didn't realise..." Fluffy nodded again. Al blinked, watching him dive into the rubble. He pulled out his headphones, putting on his Yes Boy Ice Cream CD and hissing to the music. Al sighed in wonder. "Thanks Fluffy."

The End

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