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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 10 > Continuing Series > A Lupe Story: Part Two

A Lupe Story: Part Two

by MagnaAngemon13

"I can't believe Whyst," Ben mumbled to himself, looking at all the NeoPets at the Pound. "He's never acted like this before."

Looking through one of the cages he saw a Lupe hanging around at the back. He was a blue-purple colour like most of the average Lupes in Neopia.

"Hey, what's your name?" Ben asked, trying to get the Lupes attention.

"Luper_02446. You can call me just plain Luper if you want, I don't care," he said, staring Ben straight in the eyes. Ben hesitated, wondering if he should really adopt this Lupe. He was level two, so he shrugged and opened Luper's cage. The only problem was he wouldn't come out.

"Are all the Lupes mad at me today?!" shouted Ben, looking up as if expecting to find an answer. A Pteri chirped, "Yes!"

"Awww, c'mon why are you mad Luper?" Ben asked, moving his hand towards him. Luper growled and Ben instantly pulled it away.

"My last owner left me here. I don't want another or else the same thing will happen," he replied.

"Well I'm adopting you!" Ben yelled and grabbed Luper, pulling him out. "I want him!" Ben said triumphantly, putting Luper on the counter in front of a Uni.

"Are you sure?" The Uni asked. "He tends to be very mean."

"Yes, I'm sure," Ben replied. He was handed a form to fill out and was soon on his way back from the pound. On his way home, Ben stopped at a few stores.


"Here you go!" said Ben, dumping a few items onto the ground in front of Whyst.

"Are these...?" asked Whyst amazed.

"Yup. New items. Some nice Witches said if I got them some ingredients they would give me something, and I got a Pumpkin slice!"

Pumpkin Slices were highly valued for some strange reason, so Ben had sold it for some badly needed money.

"I also got you another present," Ben said and whistled. Whyst was jumping up and down when Luper entered, his fur shining with a brilliance that did not come with a desert Lupe. Without saying a word, Whyst ran outside and away, leaving behind some old equipment.

"Shouldn't you go after him?" asked Luper, with a hint of 'I-know-best' tone in his voice. Ben shook his head and walked through the door.

"You can have all that extra stuff on the floor!" He yelled and then was gone, running along one of the roads. Luper grinned evilly and took the equipment as well as the 25,000 NP Ben had left on the table.


Ben stopped at one familiar house. It's main hall was made of cardboard, it's room on the left being made of Jelly and the room on the right made of Chocolate. It was Whyst's NeoHome all right.

"Whyst! I know your there!" Ben said, letting himself in. He heard a sob coming from the room on the right. He stepped off the cardboard and onto the Chocolate. There was Whyst, lying on his Dung Bed, crying.

"Whyst, c'mon. Why are you upset?"

"Let's see, I just lost another battle, you got a new pet and above all you wanted me to go to the secret lab again!"

"Whyst, Whyst, Whyst. You're bound to lose a battle now and then. Your just upset because of the difference in stats. You would have won Whyst, but Redburr3 just had better items. That's why I went shopping. I also got Luper because, well, you need another friend, and so does Luper. Give him a chance will ya?"

Whyst just sighed, then got up and stretched. "All right all right, but you have to do one more thing for me."

"What?" asked Ben.

"I want a PetPet. A Tyrannian one!" Whyst said and smiled. Ben rolled his eyes and started walking to the door. Whyst followed.

"I mean it Ben. C'mon get me one. Ben? Are you listening? BEN!!"


"Hey Luper, we're back!" Ben shouted, only to hear his echo.

Whyst's ears perked up, then he ran to the other side of the room barking.

"Luper! He just jumped out the window!" he said, looking out. Ben joined him in time to see Luper running across a back alley behind their house. Both Ben and Whyst leapt out the window and started running after him.

"I'm going to get away, and be rich!" Luper mumbled to himself.

"Ben! He stole your money!" huffed Whyst, hearing Luper. This gave Ben a new burst of energy. He had worked hard for his money and wasn't going to let some NeoPet take it away!

"Split up!" said Ben. He continued after Luper while Whyst turned left. "I've got you now!"

Ben leaped. Whyst leaped too, appearing in front of Luper. Luper ducked and Ben and Whyst crashed into each other.

"Quick!" yelled Whyst and he got up and chased Luper. Ben slowly got up and did the same. This time Whyst pounced on Luper. Ben caught up and put a collar around Luper, attaching a leash to it.

"Until you can earn my trust you're staying on this," Ben said, looking Luper straight in the eyes. "Now give me back my NP."

Luper reluctantly obeyed. All he wanted was to run away before his feelings were hurt like so many other times.

As they returned home, Ben fed the two Lupes. His phone rang, so he went to pick it up.

"I want a rematch," said the voice.

"Who is this?" Ben asked angrily.

"You know who I am. I want to fight again. Same place. Same time." The phone went dead.

"Who was that?" Whyst asked.

"We're having a rematch," said Ben.

"With who?" Whyst and Luper asked.


Why did Craig want a rematch? What is wrong with Luper? How come Luper doesn't wear any pants? Find out in A Lupe Story: Part Three!

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