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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 9 > New Series > A Lupe Story: Part One

A Lupe Story: Part One

by MagnaAngemon13

His black head gleamed in the sun as he attacked the opposing Lupe. He dodged one of its attacks, turned around and attacked the other Lupes back, now left wide open. The fight was over almost as quick as it started.

"Good job Whyst!" Ben shouted, petting the Desert Lupes head. The Christmas Lupe got up slowly and dragged itself to its owner. "BlazeJet was way to easy!"

Whyst just nodded and smiled. The world of Neopia was a good place, filled with pets both good and evil. Whyst was here to stop them. As strong as he was, he could not compete with some of the other pets out there.

"Let's go home. I need to fix you up," Ben said, walking towards home. "He sure did some damage to you in that little amount of time."

Ben and Whyst arrived in front of a large, square, concrete building. The names Ben and Whyst were spray painted on the front. It wasn't much, but it was cheap.

"How come we don't go to my house?" asked Whyst.

"Because I keep all the medical stuff here," Ben replied looking down to Whyst with a 'I-can't-believe-you-didn't-know-that' kind of look. Whyst nodded and ran in, leaping onto a couch.

"Listen," said Ben while he was tending to Whysts wounds. "I heard there is a Shoyru out there that isn't very strong, but his knowledge in items exceeds all other pets. He wins by using the items to his advantage."

"So?" asked Whyst, licking a stain on the couch.

"Well I think we might take him on later? How about it?"

"YEAH! Let's go fight!" Whyst said and jumped up, healed and very excited.

"Not yet. Tomorrow," Ben replied, sitting Whyst back down on the couch. He then walked to the open kitchen and grabbed something to eat, throwing a chocolate Chia to Whyst. "Surprise."

"I'll beat that Shoyru," Whyst whispered before munching down on the chocolate Chia


"Hi, do you know where this Shoyru is?" Ben asked, holding up a picture of the Shoyru they wanted to fight. The person shook his head.

Ben and Whyst had gotten up early to ask around about the Shoyru because they didn't know where to find him, or his name for that matter.

"Ben, it's hopeless. We'll never find him," Whyst sighed, lying down under a tree. They had been asking around for hours and it was getting hot.

"Maybe your right..." Ben sighed.

"So you're just gonna give up like that?"

"Huh?" Ben and Whyst both turned around and leapt back in surprise. The Shoyru they had been looking for was standing right there! They relaxed a little.

"Not anymore!" yelled Ben as he got ready for battle. "Where's your owner?"

"Over there," said the Shoyru, pointing over his shoulder. A boy stood with his back to them, looking at the sky. A breeze came and ruffled his black hair, deep in thought.

"What's his name?" asked Whyst, looking at him.

"Craig. And my name is Redburr3."

"Hey Craig! Come over here! I challenge your Shoyru to a battle!" Ben shouted over the wind. Craig turned around, a smirk on his face. His blue-green eyes looking Ben in the face.

"Are you really that stupid?" he asked.

"His Shoyru is weak!" Whyst said, poking Ben. He pointed to the pets stats, displayed on a small device strapped around Ben's wrist.

"Ha! That's it? All right then let's battle!" Ben said and patted Whyst on the back as he walked into the middle of the area between Ben and Craig. The Shoyru flew in, landing about 2 feet away from Whyst. Ben looked at a device on his wrist which showed the stats of any NeoPet.

Uh-oh, Whyst, this might be tough," Ben shouted. On his watch was was Redburr's Battle Dome Stats:

Played : 76
Won : 46
Lost : 25
Drawn : 5
Score : 2949

"Let the battle....COMMENCE!" Craig yelled, throwing out his hand.


Whyst leapt high into the air after the Shoyru who was beginning to fly up. He grabbed the glass Shoyru's tail, but slid down it, falling to the ground. Whyst quickly got up just in time to see Redburr3 dive down and fiercely attack him. Before Whyst could recuperate he was attacked again by a Super Tiger Egg bought from the Ice Crystals shop in The Ice Caves. Whyst fell back and got up again, but was then attacked by Redburr Jr. the Puppyblew.

Whyst lay on the ground, breathing heavily. Ben looked at the device on his wrist, as did Craig.

"Oh no! Whyst! You're down to 25 HP!" Ben yelled. Craig checked Whysts stats and smiled.

"I would of expected better from a pet this strong. You know what he's lacking?" asked Craig.

"No, what?" Ben replied, interested.

"ITEMS!" Redburr3 slashed at Whyst and he let out a whine of pain. Whyst got up and bit down on Redburr3's leg, taking out a million degree sword and slashing at its wing. The Shoyru's wing ripped and the both fell to the ground. Whyst strapped on a Fire Rock Torso Shield. It was too later and he was attacked again by the Super Snow Tiger Egg and a Grand Lightning Beam. This combined attack was too much for the young Lupe and he collapsed.

"Ha, that was easy. Some fight that was!" Craig said, patting Redburr3 on the head.

"It's not . . . over. . . yet" Whyst breathed, getting up from his spot.

"What?!" Craig cried.

"Yes!" Ben yelled, checking his stats. Whyst had only 1 HP left. "Whyst! You can't do it! Run!"

"I can't! I have to take him down!" Whyst shouted back to Ben. He just sighed, knowing that he couldn't stop Whyst.

"Use your Million Degree Sword and Ultra Bubble Mean along with a Fierce Attack!" Ben ordered Whyst. Redburr3 had already gotten everything together and flew at Whyst. Whyst pulled out his Million Degree Sword and ran at the on coming Shoyru. In a flash they had passed each other.

"What did you use?" Whyst asked, not turning around.

"Shoyru inferno," Redburr3 replied. Whyst fell to the ground, beaten. Redburr3 turned around and looked at Whyst. "Sorry big fella, but you wanted to fight me." Ben ran to Whyst and picked him up. With one last glance at Craig he left running towards his house.


"My side hurts..." groaned Whyst, putting a paw to his side which was bandaged up. Redburr3 had slashed at his side when they'd passed each other while Whyst had swung his Million Degree Sword, took a swipe at Reburr3's arm and used Ultra Bubble Beam. It was 3 attacks to 1. Whyst should have won, but didn't.

"I don't get it," Ben said, realising Whyst was awake but not paying attention to him. "You have a stronger attack power, greater defence and faster speed. Not to mention you had more HP, plus the ability to heal."

"Drop it all right?" Whyst growled. "I don't feel like talking about it."

"This is your third loss. Neopia is getting stronger while you stay the same man," Ben said, scratching behind Whysts ear. Whyst pulled back as if he was afraid of Ben's touch. "The only reason I'm strong is because of a ray gun. But we're not doing that again so don't even think about it!" Whyst shouted, then jumped off the couch he was lying on ran up to the loft.

"Fine, be mad at me! I don't care!" Ben shouted back and pulled on an old jacket.

"Where are you going?" Whyst asked, trying to be tough but the concern leaked through his disguise.

"To the adoption center, where else?" Ben said, ignoring Whyst's concern and walking out of the room. Whyst whined and a tear fell from his cheek.

What is Ben thinking of doing? Will Whyst run away? With the Mutant Chia ever look good enough to go out in public?

To be continued...

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