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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 8 > Short Stories > Al's Mum

Al's Mum

by Al_the_chia

The pyramid stood tall in the hot, dry desert sun. Not a soul was in sight as the Expedition team arrived. It consisted of a variety of brave, rugged-looking Kougras in explorer's outfits. One of them scratched his head under his hat.

"Wow, that thing sure is big!"

"I'm surprised they never found it before!"

"To think, the lost tomb of King TootinLupin right here, in the middle of nowhere!" The trio admired the colossal monument for a second more. "Well, let's hop to it!" They grabbed their tools and entered the building. The brave Kougras looked around the dark empty hallway. "All right everyone, torches on!" Two torches lit up.

"Hey, what about Bosco's torch?"

"We gave you one! What happened to it?"

Bosco blinked. "Erm, I sorta lost it..."

"You incompetent ninny! How could you lose a torch?"

"I dunno... I set it down a while earlier, and when I came back, it was gone."

"Oh my! Maybe someone stole it!"

"That would be terrible!"

"Yes, we should call the police."

"I hope they'll be able to find it."

The rough Kougras shuffled out of the pyramid again, searching for a pay phone Just as they disappeared over the hill, a blue jeep stopped in front of the pyramid. Inside, a familiar blue Chia stared at it through sunglasses.

"Hey! What's this?" He looked at his map, which was in Ancient Sakhmetian. "Hm... Let's see..." He was holding it upside down. "Aha! This should be the Sakhmetian Institute of Lupe Pharaohs!"

Al smiled. "We made it Fluffy!" Fluffy sat in the back seat, wearing a pair of sunglasses he had found. The sun glinted off of them as Fluffy hissed. "Say, maybe you've got family around here," Al said, jumping out of the jeep and folding the map up again. Fluffy jumped out as well. Al noticed Fluffy's glasses. "Fluffy, where did you get those stupid things?" Al adjusted his own reflective sun glasses as they entered the cavernous pyramid.

Al wandered into the empty corridors. "Hey, where's the convention?" Al asked. His question echoed deep into the corridors of the tomb...

And right into the ear of King TootinLupin. He was sitting by his oversized coffin, drinking a cup of coffee, when he heard Al's voice. "Eh?" He practically tripped over his wrappings in surprise. "Finally!! You wait five thousand years and THEN the tomb robbers come! I thought I'd never get a chance to curse anyone!" TootinLupin adjusted his golden headdress, tightened his wrappings, and hopped into his coffin. "Now all I have to do is wait!" he chuckled. "Now, should I attack him with the Spell of the Underworld, The Demon of Darkest Night, or the Rubber Ducky Curse...

Al stumbled through the corridors, blinking blindly. "Sure is dark in here... I guess it's a power outage..." Al brought out his Flashlight. The light revealed a large door right in front of them. "Hm..." Al read the inscription above:

The wrath of the evil king TootinLupin rests here
And really really bad stuff will happen if you open it.
So beware the squeak of the Rubber Duck,
And always remember, friends don't let friends break into tombs.

With love,

Anonymous Inscriber

Al blinked. "Hm. Must be the Lupe Pharaoh section." Fluffy stared at the inscription, worried. "Well, let's hop in!" Al threw open the door, skipping into the chamber, and slamming the door behind him. And locking Fluffy out.

Al blinked. "Hello?" The chamber was seemingly empty, other than a large coffin on the floor. Al peered at it. "Hmm..." Suddenly, his flashlight went out. "AIEEEEEE!!!" Something bumped into him, knocking off his glasses. "Piffle!! I can't see!!" He wandered around blindly, until... CRUNCH! "Oh piffle..." That crunch was unmistakably Al's new sunglasses. "Ah well..." Al reached into his lab coat, pulling out his old pair, putting them onto his face. Suddenly, an eerie dim light started up from nowhere. The coffin began to shake and shudder. Al put on his glasses and blinked. "What?" The coffin suddenly flew open, and out came King TootinLupin the First in all of his terrifying glory. His eyes glowed red as he levitated in the air.

"Who dare... ahem...WHO DARES ENTER MY CHAMBER?!?!" Al gasped, staring at the King. "Ooooo!! Great special effects! They've been renovating this section since I've been here last!" TootinLupin looked confused. He scratched his head as Al stared at him expectantly. "Okay, let's try this again... WHO DARE RAIDS MY TOMB?!?!"

Al walked over, inspecting Tootin's wrappings. "Wow, these are so realistic! Just like a real Lupe King would be wrapped!" He reached out to touch it, but got his hand slapped.


Al smiled. "This should be good!"

Tootin got angry, forgetting about his mystical voice. "DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M SAYING?!? I'm going to curse you!!"

Al yawned. "Come on! What next? There has to be more in this place than this stupid actor."

The Lupe king blinked. "What's an actor?"

Al shook his head. "Aw, Piffle to this. I'm leaving." Al opened the door and left, slamming it behind him. The Lupe king was left sitting there, feeling stupid. "Well gee..." Suddenly, he realised that his only chance to use a curse was leaving. He bellowed, throwing open the door and chasing after Al. "MORTAL!! PREPARE TO FACE MY WRATH!!"

Fluffy was scratching urgently at the door when it flew open. "All right Fluffy, let's go," Al said, walking off down the corridor. Fluffy was flattened against the wall, the door had smashed in his face. He cursed Al in a hiss under his breath. He turned around to see what was in the tomb, then screeched and fled. The Lupe King was chasing after them. Fluffy was slithering in a panic, but Al simply kept up a jog.

"Oh, I'm so terrified," He said blandly. He ran through the corridors of the massive tomb, the Lupe King pursuing. Suddenly, he paused.


"Geeze!! Can't you say anything other than that Foolish Mortal junk?" Al was looking pretty annoyed. Tootin stuttered.

"Erm... Okay! NOW I SHALL RELEASE THE CURSE OF THR RUBBER DUCKY!!" Al smiled, suddenly interested.

"This was supposed to be the greatest curse in the Lupe Dynasty!! Let's see it!! Let's see it!" Fluffy slapped his tail onto his face in annoyance.


Suddenly, a large amount of squeaks came from an empty corridor. They echoed throughout the entire tomb. Al and Fluffy turned around. "Oh Piffle..." Thousands on Thousands of rubber duckies were bouncing down the hallway, heading straight for Al and Fluffy.


Al reached into his backpack. Fluffy gazed wide eyed at the oncoming onslaught.

Tootin laughed. "You'll be needing no notebook when the Duckies hit you!!"

Fluffy took action. He grabbed Al's leg with his mouth and sped off down the other corridor, the Rubber Duckies following, bouncing and squeaking angrily.

"Fluffy!! Wait!! I need to interview that Lupe King!! OW!!" Fluffy bit his owner sharply, glaring at him.

"All right! All right!" Al grumbled.

Tootin and his Duckies pursued Al throughout the entire pyramid. They fled down corridors, up and down stairs, and through doors, until they finally saw the exit. But the door was closing!! Fluffy sped forward as fast as he could, the door closing fast, the Duckies and Tootin squeaking close behind. Fluffy jumped for it... The door shut, Fluffy and Al still smashing against it. Fluffy paused, stunned.

"We're trapped!!" Al cried. But Fluffy was much more observant than he looked. He looked at the door, and pushed it open. He ran out and shut it behind him. The duckies smashed against the door, squeaking in agony. Tootin blinked, seeing the flaw in his plan. He snapped his fingers. "I knew I should have installed a lock!"

The rugged team of Kougras were returning up the hill.

"To think, it was sitting in your pack the whole time!"

"How stupid of me! I could have sworn I left it there!"

"Well, what are we waiting for? We have a tomb to explore!"

Suddenly, a blue jeep sped past them, nearly running into them.

"Hey, what's wrong with that Chia?"

"I don't know, you'd think they saw a ghost."

"Uh, guys?"

"What is it now?"

"Yeah, what happened?"

They all paused. An army of rubber duckies suddenly came up the hill.

"Gentlemen, I believe you know what to do in a situation like this..."

"Right." They all fled, screaming, back up the hill.

Al put the petal to the metal on his blue jeep. "Piffle piffle piffle piffle..." He kept on screaming. Fluffy looked in the rear view mirror, seeing the Kougras behind the jeep. He hissed at Al urgently. "What is it Fluffy?" Fluffy looked into the mirror again. He saw the rubber duckies hot on the Kougras' tail. Suddenly, they caught up... SQUEAK!!

"AIEEEEEEE!!!" Fluffy shut his eyes to block out the terrible sight as the ducks hit the Kougras. Al gasped. "They're gaining on us!!" Fluffy covered his eyes with his tail. Indeed they were. But suddenly, Fluffy got an idea. He reached into the glove compartment, pulling out an inflatable swimming pool. He blew it up by pulling a cord, filled it with the massive cooler of water that Al had brought, then threw it behind him. The rubber duckies stopped dead in their tracks. They squeaked in delight as they jumped into the pool, splashing water all over the place.

"Fluffy!! You did it!!" Al cried. They sped off, cheering. "Fluffy! You're the best pet I've ever had!" Al said, staring at his pal. But Fluffy was staring straight ahead. He saw Coltzan's Shrine up ahead, but Al never did... SMASH! The front of the jeep was crushed as Al and Fluffy flew out. He landed in the sand, and Fluffy landed next to him. Suddenly, Coltzan's spirit appeared. And he didn't look very happy...

What followed afterward is too unpleasant to mention here. But let's just say Al and Fluffy are all wrapped up for now. And let's just say they're in a tomb. And let's just say they are really really unhappy. And let's just say they won't get out for a long, long time.

The End

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