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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Hiding, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 149 > Continuing Series > The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas II: Part Five

The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas II: Part Five

by nindail

The Escape From Faerieland

NEOPIA, FAERIELAND, FAERIE CITY, FAERIE MILITARY BASE, HALLWAYS TO DOCKING STATION #52, 7:15 AM- Higola sped through the hallways, with the alarm still screeching, but shouting out new words. “INTRUDERS HEADING TO DOCKING STATION #52!!! ALERT!!! CLOSE ALL BULKHEAD DOORS TO DOCKING STATION #52!!! ALERT!!!” Xelqued was right behind Higola, and behind him was the rest of the crew of the fallen Nova Blight. They could all hear the grinding of gears, as doors would begin to slowly close behind them or sometimes under them. The hallways were truly huge, about 40 ft by 40ft. The large hallways were designed to move large cargo, but they had Bulkhead doors if in case of a breach.

      Right at that time, almost every door was beginning to get ready to start to slowly grind its way up to the top, trapping anything between them. But already Higola could see off in the distance a small door in the distance with the words, “Docking Station #52 Service Entrance”. She continued running, as did the rest of the crew. But the Faeries were prepared, as several Security Turrets burst out of the ceiling and began firing at the Aishas. Not being one to just flee, Xelqued knew the weak points in a Faerie Turret, and whipped out his Ray Gun. Even while running, Xelqued had a sharp shooting aim. He fired a bolt of energy onto the turret’s base and hit the wire that controls the detonation sequence (You never know when someone might be on the turret, ripping it apart). Without a control to determine whether to detonate or not, the turret’s weak AI chose the former, and sent enough shrapnel to every turret to mess up their aim.

      The turrets weren’t a threat to the Aishas anymore. The Bulkhead doors were now. Xelqued always had a plan, fortunately. He aimed his ray gun at a light on the ceiling and fired. The light happened to have mirror reflections on the inside of it. The beam of energy bounced off of the light and into a thin little slit beside a closing bulkhead door. There was a rumble in the ground, a very loud screech of metal, and the bulkhead door stopped. Xelqued did the same with 5 other Bulkhead doors, and then the crew was safe.

      The bulkhead door closed behind Xelqued and his crew. They were right in front of the Service Door. Xelqued walked up to the door and creaked it open. The doors to the dock were closed. The dock was full of boxes, hundreds of them. Some Air Faeries were flying around them, checking them. Up at the top of the dock was a control box with Earth Faeries inside them. The box was shielded with glass, but the box wasn’t the threat. The threat was that two fire faeries sat at opposite ends of the dock near the door. They were mounted on turrets, the same ones that shot Xelqued down when he entered Faerieland.

      Xelqued looked over the layout of the garage. OBVIOUSLY the Earth Faeries were controlling the door, so that’s a priority. But the Fire Faeries would blast Xelqued to bits the second they saw him. It took Xelqued a few seconds before he snapped his fingers and began whispering his plan to the crew.

      The two Fire Faeries sat at the controls to their turrets, both bored. The Earth Faeries were tapping at the controls, making sure that everything was all right, while the Air Faeries continued to fly around, checking boxes. The dock was quiet… Until several boxes exploded, throwing flames onto other boxes. The Air Faeries were stunned by the blast, while the Fire Faeries regained their interest and pointed their turrets at the area of the explosion. There was a thick cloud of smoke covering up the explosion area, and a raging fire to match. Out of nowhere, several blasts of light flashed around the room. One Fire Faerie was hit by a blast of energy and was knocked out of her turrets and dropped to the floor. The other Fire Faerie missed getting hit, but her turret took the damage, and quite a lot of it, firing sparks and twirling until the Fire Faerie was flung right out. The glass that covered the Earth Faeries shattered.

      Going on the defensive side, the Earth Faeries pulled leaves from their pockets and threw them at the cloud of smoke. But those were no ordinary leaves… They were Earth Faerie Leaves! They sliced the smoke cloud, but they couldn’t tell if they hit something. Milliseconds later, Xelqued jumped out of the cloud, jumped off two flaming boxes and grabbed the broken glass to the control box. Not exactly the most pleasant feeling, but Xelqued was nearly impervious to pain. He pulled himself to the control box, pulled out his Ray Gun, fired several times, and scared the Earth Faeries to fly out. He hopped into the seat and pulled out Norbekk’s Scrambler. He aimed it at the controls, fired the scrambler ray, and watched as sparks flew around the tight room. After a few seconds of scrambling, the door began to open. As soon as it started to creak open, Xelqued shut off the ray and hopped out of the control box. The door continued to open and the Aishas rushed into the center of the room. Off in the distance, the T-Shape of an Alien Aisha transport was beginning to get closer.

      But there was a new problem arising. The door that led to the dock was closed and locked, but now a band of Faeries had joined up at the door and were now trying to bring it down to deliver some Faerie justice onto the Aishas. The loud banging and shouting out threats were covered up by the sound of the fire and the crackling of electrical equipment spitting out sparks. Xelqued fired a blast from his ray gun onto a pile of flaming boxes beside the door, which toppled them over. As soon as Xelqued fired, the roaring engines of the Alien Aisha Transport covered up the sound of everything else in the room.

[ALIEN AISHA TRANSPORT- This transport is a basic in Alien Aisha Flight Technology. It can fly like a Frigate, but cannot jump into Hyperspace. It has a weak defense (The metal that it’s made of) and little offensive power (A small turret located on the front of the ship, below the cockpit). The transport is shaped like a T, with the Cockpit being at the tip of the |. Both sides have hatches that go from the cockpit down to the intersection, and across it as well. When opened, they reveal 30 seats, 15 on both sides. The use is pretty obvious: Transport troops long distances that they could not reach or could not reach in an allocated time.]

      The hatches on the side opened as the huge figure hovered down to a few meters off the metal floor. The crew quickly jumped into the seats, while Xelqued slowly walked to the ship, watching the door. Sure enough, the door and boxes all exploded and a crowd of faeries rushed the room. Xelqued sprinted for the transport while the turret on the transport began firing at the faeries. The transport bought Xelqued enough time to jump on the hatch and scream “GO!!!” The transport began to back out from the dock, continuing to fire at the Faeries. As soon as they cleared the dock area, Xelqued jumped into his seat and the hatches closed. Stealthily, the Transport flew off into the morning sky.

GARLAK IV, NIRZIP, GOVERNMENT BUILDING, 56TH FLOOR, 1:35PM- Xelqued sat in the exact same dark room. He was extremely nervous as the Minister of Information and Reconnaissance looked over a stack of papers on his desk and made noises that indicated displeasure. After a few minutes of grunts, he put the papers on his desk and shoved them aside.

      “Let me get this straight Xelqued… Your ship was halfway on its course when you were attacked by an Unidentified Object. You couldn’t escape, so you abandoned ship and used the ship itself as a bomb while you dropped onto Neopia. You then broke into a Faerie Outpost and stole a transport. You flew to Faerieland, and were shot down. You stole Faerie Weaponry, rushed through a kilometer of Faerie Territory, hijacked Faerie Com Outpost, contacted a nearby Aisha outpost, had them send over a transport, destroyed the Com Outpost, destroyed a dock and escaped. Am I right?”

      “Yes sir,” Xelqued replied meekly.

      The minister looked at Xelqued for a good minute and laughed heartily.

      “Xelqued, you never cease to amaze me. Yes, the mission was a failure. But you caused more damage than you did with your last campaign. I’m not sure why I’m saying this but… Good Job!” The Minister extended his hand and Xelqued grabbed it. They shared a handshake and the minister sat back in his chair.

      “Excellent. Now, go up to Floor 79. Give the secretary there this note. Talk to the Admiral. He’ll brief you.” The minister scribbled down a note and handed it to Xelqued.

      Xelqued walked out of the office, into the elevator. He got to the 79th floor, and walked in. He handed the secretary there the note. The secretary sent Xelqued to the Admiral’s office with the note. When Xelqued handed the Admiral the note, the Admiral laughed.

      “So, it’s time… come here, Xelqued…” The Admiral brought Xelqued to the center of his office. The admiral pressed a few buttons on his desk, which shot out a hologram into the center of the office. The hologram showed Xelqued the plans for the next mission. As soon as the hologram was done briefing Xelqued, the Admiral looked at Xelqued, and Xelqued looked back. They both shared a good laugh… But not a Haha laugh… More of a “MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” laugh.

      Not quite “The End”…

Author’s Note: Yes, I’ve been a lazy bum for the past20 or something weeks. But never fear, I’ll be back… With the next part of the series! Don’t fear, I’ve still got 3 more series to type out… Give e a year… Ermm… That’s the part where you laugh… LAUGH!

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