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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Hiding, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 149 > Articles > Game Guide: Tyrannian Mini Golf

Game Guide: Tyrannian Mini Golf

by neospud2004

TYRANNIA - Mini golf is a bit more complicated than hitting the ball as hard as you can and crossing your fingers. A bit more complicated? I meant a lot more complicated. That fact is magnified in this action game. It takes a lot of patience, but this game is quite rewarding.

This game has been around since the...14th of May this year. About two months have passed, and many changes have been made since then, making the game more interactive. These changes have given Tyrannian Mini Golf the feel that the Neopian Adventure Generator gives.

Game Description:

Mini Golf takes on a whole new meaning in the hazardous, prehistoric land of Tyrannia. Choose from three different characters, and three different types of golf ball, and try and complete all 9 holes in the least number of putts.

To play, first choose a character. Some hit the balls farther than others, so experiment and find out which one suits you best. Next, choose a ball, each ball has a different weight. Use your mouse to control the angle and power for your shot (the bigger the oval the farther the ball will travel).

Remember to avoid the lava and sand pits, they will slow your ball down. Try and finish each hole in par or less to earn more points!


World: Tyrannia

NP/Score ratio: 200 NP per 100 points scored

Difficulty: Hard

Rules: You cannot go over 10 strokes in any hole.

Max score: 900 points


Game Page - Leads you to the main page where you enter the game.

Hole Editor - Create your own hole!

Minigolf Spotlight - View the Hole of the Week.

Submit Level - Submit your own hole and see if it gets to be the Hole of the Week.

In-game Menu:

Play game - Do the front or back 9 holes, or do all 18 holes.

Instructions - Basically the last two paragraphs of the game description.

Hole of the week - Play the Hole of the Week. There aren't any restrictions to character or ball.

Load User Hole - Know someone who has a hole? Or want to play your own? Type in their username after clicking this.


Cautious Chomby - Takes his time

Precise Putter - Best player on the course

Hard Hitter - Sometimes hits the ball too hard

Dung Ball - A good beginner ball

Wooden Ball - A little more challenging

Stone Ball - For experts only!

18 hole guide:

My guide is best with Precise Putter and the Wooden Ball.

Hole 1 - Easy - Par 2

Aim for the rock on the other wall. Don't use full power in case you don't get hole-in-one. But don't use too little power either.

Hole 2 - Squared - Par 2

Aim for your outer wall at the corners at full power. If the angle is right you will land near the hole, if not hole-in-one.

Hole 3 - Nice - Par 2

Go into the first tar pit. Then go at full power toward the downward ramp. You'll be pretty close. The second tar pit helps.

Hole 4 - Crazy - Par 3

Just really hope that your good with directions. No particular guide.

Hole 5 - Tricky - Par 3

Go into the lava pit ahead. Then make an angle at the outer wall. You'll be in a pretty good spot, most likely. Especially in lava or a tar pit.

Hole 6 - Deceiving - Par 3

Neither hole leads to the one with the tar pit. It's easy pickings.

Hole 7 - Wicked - Par 4

Go up the hill and go into the rightmost hole. I suggest avoiding the fans.

Hole 8 - Headache - Par 5

The fan up ahead will certainly give you a headache. Before that, use angles to make your way through quickly. That is your only worry.

Hole 9 - Impossible? - Par 5

After making through the first two areas, which are pretty easy. The leftmost lava area has a hole which you can faintly see. That leads to the real hole.

Hole 10 - Narrow - Par 2

Try hitting the wall of the block on the opposite side. That will get you nearer to the hole.

Hole 11 - Volcanicious - Par 2

Aim as near as you can towards the corner above the volcano without hitting the lava. That will bring you near the hole.

Hole 12 - Mean - Par 2

Make an angle toward the ramp at full power. After getting into the fake hole, there is pretty much only one stroke to go.

Hole 13 - Decisions - Par 3

For each pair of holes ahead, they have the same exit, so don't worry. They all lead to the real hole's area.

Hole 14 - Windy - Par 4

Angles are definitely your friend. The fans are not, since they can throw the ball back quite a ways.

Hole 15 - Skipper - Par 4

Make an angle up the ramp so you don't end up in the tar pit. The lava is okay, it will help you straighten up for the hole's alley.

Hole 16 - Heavy - Par 4

The two holes lead to the same square area. The rest is just angles.

Hole 17 - Tedious - Par 4

There are no fake holes here. Just lots of angles that are required to get to the hole quickly enough.

Hole 18 - Finale - Par 6

There are two fake holes and tons of angles to be used. This takes a lot of skill. Good luck!


Yeah, Tyrannian Mini Golf is a very complicated and hard game. I have only noted one combination of characters and balls. The others you can experiment yourself. There has been pretty much only one change, but it was a big change. With a level editor, if ads for holes on the NeoBoards haven't started yet, they will. I hope you will have fun.

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