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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Hiding, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 148 > New Series > Maraquan Madness: Part One

Maraquan Madness: Part One

by sirussblack

This was also written by neo_star_queen and christinetran

On March 21st I (sirussblack) presented an idea to the Neopian Times Writers Forum. A select few replied and it started from there. We developed our plot and chose our characters. After a month or so, a few people dropped out saying they either didn’t have enough time or didn’t understand the concept. Then, about a month later, I had finished my story and so had two others. It was about twenty days past the deadline and a few people still hadn’t finished they’re stories. Unfortunately, we didn’t have that big of an amount of time as I wanted to get this story out. So, I had to just put up the three completed stories we had then. Now, let me explain how this works. Each writer wrote about the story in their own characters’ point of view. This is what we got. Each character will have one piece of their story each part. You can read it either just with one character, read two of the characters, or read all three. It’s up to you. If you want to read your favorite authors, you can choose from which you want. The part of Asiris was written by sirussblack. The part of Druinnan was written by neo_star_queen. The part of the Sea Slug was written by christinetran. Now, I’d just like to say I hope you enjoy this story. There was a lot of work put into this by many people!


Rays of sunlight shone beautifully onto the crisp crystal blue waves, some which lapped gently upon the island shores, and some which crashed with foamy white splashes. It was a beautiful day. But Druinnan saw none of this. For he lived deep in the dullest, darkest depths of the deepest bottom of Maraqua.

     The Maraquan Krawk drifted along almost eerily, his scrawny shoulders hunched and his back arched, with his tail drooping downwards. He was muttering to himself, his small blood-shot eyes flickering this way and that, taking in the familiar atmosphere of Maraqua. Dark green strands of seaweed stood in clusters along the dark, brownish sand, looking as if they'd strangle anyone who came too close. This was Druinnans favourite little spot in the tiny Maraquan village. As he was the Tribe leaders messenger though, he was always expected to go back to the bright, chaotic spot to give a report on what was happening in Maraqua. Nothing happened in Maraqua. Ever. But that was just the way that the gloomy Krawk liked it, and although most of the Tribe considered their little village to be peaceful, he, Druinnan, found this little unlit spot to be his true place of peace.

     And today was, as usual, just another regular day. Druinnan was about to settle himself among the seaweed to sulk for a few hours, when he spotted a disturbance in the water. He paused, but shrugged it off when he saw that it was just a little boat floating along the surface of the water. The Krawk hid himself behind a large boulder that was practically rooted to the mucky sand. The boat was probably filled with 'Landers', Neopets who lived above the ocean on the ground. Every time the Landers saw Druinnan, they would gawk and point at him as if his head was 5 times too big; Druinnan hated that.

     Suddenly, a huge shadow passed over him. Druinnans eyes widened when he saw that the monster of the ocean, the Sea Slug, was swimming slowly towards the boat. Druinnan watched with alert eyes as the Sea Slug approached the little raft. Apparently the passengers on the boat hadn't noticed the beast yet, as the boat was still floating along at the same relaxed pace, and Druinnan couldn't hear any screams. The Krawk hung back. Why should he help these Landers? They never helped him. He observed neutrally, almost calmly, as the Slug thrashed its giant tail against the side of the boat. The little dinghy had no chance. It swayed for a moment, before tipping over and dumping it's passengers into the icy cold ocean.

     Druinnan watched closely as 3 pets tumbled into the water. One sank like a rock, waving its arms pointlessly through the water as it dropped to the sand. Druinnan tensed when he saw the other 2 floating easily in the water, and-- no, it couldn't be? they appeared to be breathing, although not a single one was a pet that could usually breathe underwater. He stared, transfixed, as the pet nearest to him, a purple Uni, began to glow a bright green colour. After a second, the other pet began to glow green too. Druinnan inhaled sharply, then narrowed his eyes so much that he was practically squinting, and swam quickly through the water back to his village.

Sea Slug

Yellow eyes gleamed from underneath a dark cavern of the seas. Red pupils flickered back and forth as it's mind slowly started to awake and as it became aware of the disturbance, which lulled him out of his deep sleep. All was dark inside the cavern, and the only visible things were the unblinking eyes of the dweller within. Suddenly, a beam of light flickered into the cavern and forced the eyes to succumb to an unexpected flinch. It was the second time that this beam of light has disturbed the sleeper of the caverns, also known as the dreaded Sea Slug of the deep. With a yawn, the Sea Slug writhed to and fro as it started to wriggle it's slimy, green body out of the small cavern. He batted his eyes quickly as the rock scratched against his skin as he tried to get out of the cavern, but with a deep grunt he gave one last push and escaped his dark, sleeping corners.

     With deep set eyes, the Sea Slug glanced upwards and saw the cause of his disturbance. Flowing upon the upper waves of the sea was a boat which rocked to and fro as the sea pushed it this way and that way. A stream of light seemed to emanate off this strange boat, and it was this certain beam that forced the Sea Slug out of his deep slumber. He hated light with a passion, and the ruins of Maraqua were a perfect place where he was able to escape the thing which he loathed. Fallen boulders and ruined walls created the impenetrable caverns and sleeping areas that the Sea Slug rejoiced in, but this boat...this disturbance...ruined his once peaceful, dark life. With a flick of his slimy tail, he slowly started to approach the boat.


Asiris was not your normal Draik. He was a Maraquan Draik that ran a small tribe of Maraquan people near the center of the ruins. A little while after Maraqua was destroyed, he came with a large group of pets that still wanted to live near their ruined city. Asiris was elected leader and he had been ruling for over a year now. The people seemed happy, so he was. They had a steady supply of food, though they rationed it greatly and rarely went up to land for food. Their diet consisted for fruits, breads, and small bunches of meat.

     The government wasn't exactly established. They had basic rules set up, but not many. There was the food rationing rule that consisted of telling the people that they could only have a certain amount of food a day. Then, besides that, they're were the typical rules you'd find in your everyday community. There were three government officials who worked for only the community. There was the leader, which was Asiris, who judged trials, passed laws, and called special meetings with the people. There was the messenger, Druinnan, who told the leader important messages that needed to be known. Then, there was the helper who helped the leader with important decisions and collected taxes and other assorted things. The helper would also tell of anything suspicious going on around the town.

     The establishment that the community was built on was the flattest in all the ruins. After months of hard work, the people were able to build a small building that housed all criminals; a City Hall made out of granite, an assortment of eateries, and apartments that the townspeople shared. The buildings never seemed to fall down as if they were held into the roots of dirt and mud by a force that wouldn't let go.

     The view was spectacular. Most townspeople could see the sparking sunlight shine through the almost transparent water and gleam upon the community, making it look like as if it was on fire. Everyone could see the statue of a faerie in the distance. No one could miss it. The stone monument was almost near the top of the water.

     Still, in this peaceful city, there were dangers. Or danger, as Asiris would put it. The townspeople were no threat, but there was an ancient beast that was very threatening. Most called it the Sea Slug. It was a large creature, resembling a Slorg but with a large shell on it's back. Sometimes, townsfolk swore that they saw it come over the town, shadowing it in a grayish light. A lot of the time, people saw it in the distance, swimming around gracefully. Still, no matter what everyone knew the power that this creature held. Though it had never attacked the town, the townsfolk knew that it could and it would destroy everything. Legends were told about this sea slug, poems were passed down from generation to generation, and plays were acted in front of live audiences.

     One fine day, when Asiris was sitting at his wooden desk, sorting through piles of papers and petitions, he heard a knock on his door. "Come in," he said in his clear voice.

     The door opened and a Maraquan Krawk came in with what looked like an irritated look on his face. He was hunched over and looked as if he was floating in mid-air. He was depressed, but he was a good messenger. "Sir, I have seen five landers near the village. They're a possible threat," he said, looking at the Draik with saddened eyes.

     Asiris rolled his eyes. "Landers? A threat? I highly doubt that any lander could me trouble for us. Go, I have important business to do." Even though Druinnan was an excellent messenger, Asiris thought he always took things too seriously. If there was an interesting speck in the water, he'd tell him and say it may be poison. Still, Asiris liked this caution because in case something small really was wrong, then he could deal with it properly.

     Druinnan opened the door again and strutted off, slamming it behind him. Asiris could hear his footsteps echoing down the hall. The Draik sighed, shaking his head. He hated it when Druinnan stormed off. It made him feel horrible inside. He dropped his pen and reclined in his chair, making the metal legs squeak. The Draik put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, reading to go into a deep sleep.

To be continued…

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