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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Hiding, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 148 > Short Stories > The Silk Sisters

The Silk Sisters

by saneeya1000

“More mail, your majesty,” Princess Luna’s butler came in dumping another 7-10 guild invites on Luna’s bed.

     “More of them? Sheesh, I had no idea telling one person at a party that I wanted to join a guild would lead to 50 invites!” Luna said shuffling through the envelopes.

     “Well, everybody wants a princess in their guild. After all, you receive invites from only the most elite guilds,” her butler said, walking out of the room.

     Luna sighed, and looked at the names of the guilds: Royal Neopians, Elite Leaders of Neopia, Patrons to the Arts of Neopia. Luna threw all the letters into the trash, she was sick of getting invites from private guilds that only wanted the rich and powerful in their guilds. She wanted a guild with more variety, with people from all levels of society.

     “Do you mind if I dust your room now, your majesty?” a small Kacheek in a maid’s uniform walked in holding a duster.

     “Of course not, Rita. Are you going somewhere this evening?” Luna said sitting up and patting her Cybunny hair, which was now sticking out everywhere.

     “Well yes, to a guild meeting,” Rita started dusting the cupboard.

     “Oh you're in a guild? What’s it about?”

     “Well it’s a new guild called ‘The Silk Sisters’. It’s a group of us who used to work in a silk factory a long time ago that got shut down, and so to keep the friendship between us lasting forever, me and one of my good friends decided to make a guild.”

     “Oh that’s nice, do you mind if I could go with you today, and see it?” Luna asked eagerly.

     “Oh sure! You don’t necessarily have had to been in the old Silk Factory to join the guild, and we really need more members,” Rita said happily as she dusted the lampshades.

     “Cool, I’ve been looking for a guild. I keep getting invites from all these snooty types of guilds,” Luna said surveying the piles of invites lying in her trashcan.

     “Well, my guild’s not quite what you are used to,” Rita said blushing slightly.

     “What do you mean?”

     “Well, it’s just that... well, never mind. I’ll see you in the evening then,” Rita left the room.


Later that evening, Rita and Luna set off in a carriage to the guild, which happened to be in the Endless Plains. They passed rows of guilds, big ones, small ones, crowded ones, and so on. Finally Rita stopped the carriage outside a huge guild that was colored in gold paint.

     “Wow, this is amazing,” Luna stared in awe at the guild.

     “Well that isn’t my guild,” Rita said blushing, “it’s down this street. I stopped the carriage because the road’s too narrow, we’ll have to walk down.”

     They walked down the road, and Luna noticed that every few steps they took, the guilds would get smaller and less grand, and the road would get less unpaved. Soon they were trudging along a dusty pathway, with guilds that seemed nothing more than yard shacks.

     “Well here we are,” Rita stopped in front of a guild.

     “Oh, how nice,” Luna lied; to call it a guild seemed like calling a castle a hen house.

     There it stood with a wooden sign dangling on one nail, which read “The Silk Sisters”. The guild seemed like it would fall to the ground any moment, it was made of wood planks crudely put together. And someone had tried very hard to make it look more desirable by putting a small patch of flowers in the front, which were dying. And to top it all off, the guild was painted an ugly shade of lime.

     “Eh, we don’t have the Neopoints right now to add much to it,” Rita said blushing noticing Luna’s expression. “We’re collecting donations but we only have ten members.”

     “Yes, well, let’s go in,” Luna said reaching for the door.

     “Oh no!” Rita dashed in front of her quickly, “It’s not a real door, just a wall with a door painted on it with a knob attached, we use it for aesthetic appeal and well because we can’t afford a door at the moment. We use this hole we carved out in the back to get in.”

     “I see,” Luna said slowly. They couldn’t even afford a door?

They went around the back, where indeed there was a small hole carved out and a cloth put behind it as a cover. Luna had to crouch to fit it, and got her first look at the inside. The inside was not much better than the outside, except there wasn’t an old dirt path, or a fake door to make it look so pathetic. It still was painted lime on the inside, had a single room with a few chairs, and a blackboard in the front.

     “Hi, Rita! Brought a friend along,” a smiling, orange Gelert walked up to them holding out her paw.

     “Hello Trina! This is Princess Luna, from the castle where I work. She’s looking for a guild to join, so I invited her to come to one of our meetings,” Rita turned to Luna. “This is Trina, the leader of the guild.”

     “Hello,” Luna shook hands with Trina.

     “Hello! Never expected a princess to come to our guild, but you know as they, it’s a small world!” Trina said ecstatically.

     “Yes, it is!” Luna said giving a fake smile.

     “Well, let’s begin!” Trina walked up to the front by the chalkboard, where there stood a small podium, and banged a gavel a few times.

     Immediately all the members sat down in creaky, wooden chairs. Trina took role call, and started scribbling some things on the chalkboard. And then they began discussing ideas to earn Neopoints, and new improvements that could be made with the Neopoints such as getting a real door, repainting the walls, and helping out the community. The meeting ended in an hour with milk and cookies for everyone.

     “Well, what do you think, your highness?” Rita asked eagerly. “I know it doesn’t seem such on the outside, and well I know it doesn’t seem much on the inside either, but after you come to a meeting or two, you see it isn’t so bad.”

     “Yeah, you’re right,” Luna said putting on her coat. Did she really want to join this guild? It was the last place where’d you expect a princess to be, but it really needed members, and after all it wasn’t only full of rich people. Not only that, Luna could help with Neopoints problems, “Sure I’ll join.”

     “That’s wonderful!” Trina walked up and shook Luna’s hand. “Next meeting’s in a week, same time, same place!”


The next morning, mush to Luna’s disappointment, she found out she would have to go shopping with a few of the other princesses from the neighboring royal families. It was somewhat of a social interaction between other royal families, in order to maintain healthy relationships between each other. Luna hated going, all the other princesses talked about was Neopoints, and what to do with their Neopoints. And of course they bragged about all the expensive items they had, and how big their houses were.

     Luna was bored to death sitting in the carriage, listening to the four other girls gossiping about rumors that were totally fake, and talking about what they were going to buy at the stores. It was even more boring at the stores, where the other girls spent a couple hours just “browsing around”. What seemed like ages, they went on their way home.

     “So Luna, I heard you’re looking for a guild, right?” Nilany, a purple Yurble, asked on the carriage heading home.

     “Um, well actually…” Luna began.

     “You should join the Royal Neopians, they have wonderful member benefits!” exclaimed Tara, a pink Ixi.

     “Or you can join mine,” Nilany said giving a smirk.

     “Since when do you have your own guild?” Tara asked quizzically.

     “Daddy said he’d give one for my birthday, and you all know my birthday’s coming up in one month. Already a couple hundred people have told me, they’d love to join my guild,” Nilany answered proudly. “Here, I’ll show you the location.”

     Nilany yelled something to the driver, and the carriage made a quick turn to the left, and stopped.

     “Well the road’s too narrow for the carriage to go down there, but you can see it from here. It’s the only space left here for a guild,” Nilany pointed at a patch of land a coupe yards away.

     “Nilany, that’s too small for guild! Besides look at the other guild nearby, they look like outhouses!” Tara exclaimed.

     “I know, I know, daddy plans to buy out the neighboring guilds, so there can be more space. The first to go, has to that ugly green shack,” Nilany pointed out the window.

     Could it be? Luna leaned forward to get a better look, and sure enough an orange Gelert walked out of the “green shack”. Nilany was going to buy out the Silk Sisters!

     “When are you going to buy it out? Why this place, surely there must be other areas to build a guild?” Luna asked eagerly.

     “Sheesh, what’s with you?” Nilany raised an eyebrow. “Daddy plans on building my guild next week. And this is the closest area; I don’t want a guild miles and miles away. I wonder why you care so much, just a bunch of shacks. You’re not a member of one of them, are you?”

     “Of course not!” Luna said, she didn’t want to admit the guild she belonged to in a carriage full of snobs, “It’s just that, what if one of the people didn’t want to sell their guild to your dad.”

     “Well daddy knows some people who sell the land to Neopets who want to build a guild, and I’m sure one of those people would be able to force those who don’t want to cooperate, to cooperate,” Nilany said giving a malicious smile.


“I can’t believe it!” Trina said sobbing after Luna broke the news to her later that evening.

     “I worked so hard to set up a guild, mind you, it’s no easy business. And now they’re going to wreck it down for some girl’s playhouse!” Trina blew her nose rather loudly in a tissue. “I wanted a place without special requirements for someone to join, without prejudice or discrimination, a place where everybody could get along with each other, and this it what happens!”

     “Well, who knows? Maybe they won’t build a guild, and maybe you won’t be forced to be evicted out of the guild,” Luna said giving a gentle pat on the back.

     Things didn’t improve. Trina soon got a letter, which said she would have to sell the guild, or be forced out. And soon enough an emergency meeting was called.

     “What can we do?” Rita asked the guild members, as someone knocked on the fake door outside.

     “Oh no, it’s the people who want to buy us out!” Trina said peering out a window. “It’s that little bratty girl who they want to build the guild for, the land lords who want to force me out if I don’t sell the guild. He must be the king’s friend, I guess.”

     Luna peered out the window too, and saw Nilany, her father, King Malone, and the landlords and the “friend” who turned out to be Luna’s dad, King Vermin.

     “That’s my dad,” Luna said in awe as she pointed to her father.

     “Then you might be able to help us!” Trina said excitedly.

     “I hope so.”

     All the members clambered outside the back door, and went up to the front. Where many gasps followed as the visitors saw Luna.

     “This is your guild?” Nilany asked in awe.

     “Yes, it is!” Luna said, she was too angry to act embarrassed now. “How can you tear down this guild! The land has been bought fair and square, and if they don’t want to sell it, well then that’s too bad! I can’t believe how you can do this!”

     Luna gave the landlords ugly faces. How could they let Malone do this? They sold the land to Trina, and to Trina it belongs. Who cares if they’ve been long time friends with Malone?

     “Now Luna, calm down,” Vermin pleaded with his daughter. “No need to get all worked up about, we, um, didn’t know that you were in this guild.”

     “So if I wasn’t, you’d still tear down this guild!” Luna was about to explode, “I can’t believe the ways the rich and powerful take! That’s why I didn’t join those upper-class guilds! I wanted a place where everybody from all classes could be together, and I find that one guild, only to have it torn down by the upper-class!”

     “Calm down, Luna!” Vermin yelled. “We are not going to tear it down.”

     “We’re not?!” Nilany said shooting a glance at her father.

     “What do you mean Vermin?” Malone said raising an eyebrow at his friend.

     “We’re not,” Vermin whispered. “Luna’s right, we can’t force someone out of their land when it’s rightfully theirs. Let’s just let it be.”

     “Oh fine, we’ll won't tear it down,” Malone said tiredly.

     “What! But I want my guild!” Nilany roared.

     “Well, then you’ll just have to use the empty land then,” Luna smirked.

     “Forget it!” Nilany stomped to the carriage. “You just wait, Luna, I’ll tell everyone the guild you’re in!”

     “Go ahead,” Luna said smiling.


Well Nilany, stuck to her word, and told everyone the “shack of a guild” Luna was in. But instead of everyone making fun of Luna, as Nilany had hoped for, everyone became curious and joined The Silk Sisters. And many of them liked it, and stayed, and donated. With all the donations, the guild was able to add another floor, repaint the walls, buy new furniture, and more important of all, buy a real door.

The End

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