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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 147 > Articles > Stop Begging.... is it Need or Greed?

Stop Begging.... is it Need or Greed?

by industrikitty

NEOBOARDS - As I'm sure, most Neopians visit the boards from time to time. Either for tips, hints, or more recently, to BEG. Sometimes, it's for a bit of this or some of that. Lately, it's been for items some of us would need a mortgage on our Neohome for.

Is it really a question of need, or greed?

The number of topics is alarming. The message behind it even worse. It seems that even the streets of Neopia are not safe from those who like to profit from other's work. It's not like the Money Tree isn't available, and there's plenty of help for the new Neopians. This goes a little too far.

How many times have you seen "CAN I HAVE A PAINT BRUSH?" or other expensive item requested? I know myself, I sit a boggle for a minute thinking of my hard-earned NP floating out into the hands of a stranger. I think of the food, toys and other goodies my demanding pets would go without. Not to mention the hours logged on Freaky Factory alone! I've been know to drop a basket of goodies here or there, and even share good fortune with others. But I have to draw the line somewhere.

Perhaps I should get to the point.

It seems that people can no longer just take part in the wonderful games and activities provided by Neopia to make their money. The art and thrill of EARNING seems to pass the folks by in their rush on the wave of greed. Can they no longer take the five minutes out of their day to play a few games and entertain their pets? It's not as if they are asking for food, toys, or even items to help their pets. It's pure greed. A Faerie Queen Doll, Tiki Amour, and even one million Neopoints.

There's no shortage of way to earn your NP. With games of skill, luck, and chance widely available, a poor Neopian just shouldn't happen. We're lucky that we live in a place where we can be rewarded FOR HAVING FUN! I mean, where else do they pay YOU to play miniature golf? I think my Neopets would run away if we never played THAT game again. And I've passed many of hours enjoying the games that Neopets have to offer.

Also, there's plenty of reselling and trading to be had. There's just really no excuse why anyone can't earn their keep. When my pets aren't sneaking off with it, I've made plenty of NP on chocolate alone. It doesn't cost much to open a shop, and there's plenty of items to be found just exploring, or playing Dice-A-Roo. You may not make the large NP at one time, but 10 NP here and 50 NP there can really add up!

Is it too much to ask that people stop begging? I can see why this may be controversial, but there's a limit where generosity ends and just plain begging begins. While there are plenty of new Neopians out there who need a guiding hand (and probably a few starter items to boot), they seem to be swallowed up by this new trend of Gimme Gimmes washing up. I'm sure a lot of us don't mind helping out those in need, but it sometimes seems that our generosity is being taken advantage of.

We really need to take a moment and be thankful that we reside in such a wonderful place, with a team of Staff so willing to keep us entertained, safe, and happy. With all this wealth out there, it's almost unimaginable how there could be circumstances preventing every Neopian from enjoying it. And remember, if it were so easy to be rich, where would the fun in obtaining it be?

And when you really think you just CAN'T get anywhere, there's the Soup Kitchen to help you when you can't afford food. Also, the Money Tree is a great place to pick up a few NP or items that you may need, and it's run on the generosity of other Neopians. You could even try the Wishing Well, or the Meridell rubbish dump!

So there's those people who might say, "But what if I really NEED it?". Take a moment to examine what you're asking. Would you go up to a complete stranger and ask them for something of that value? Or better yet, would your Neopian day cease to exist without it? Chances are, it wouldn't. In my own experience, I've found it simple to make about 15,000 NP in about an hour just playing games. 15,000 NP goes a long way. Sure, it won't buy you a Baby Paint Brush, but it will give you a good start.

There's plenty of guilds, boards, and even outside guidance to help Neopians on their quest for ultimate riches. Some generous Neopians have gone so far as to provide step-by-step instructions! It's really become a matter of putting forth the effort. And as a long time resident of Neopia, I find it hard to believe that we can no longer work for ourselves. I've even gone as far to wonder, with all the scamming and begging, if the Neopets team is starting to think we're too lazy. Or we don't appreciate Neopia.

The World of Neopia reflects the world that we live in. Nothing is ever truly free. We don't pay to spend time in Neopia, they pay us. In the wonderful currency of Neopoints. With NP practically being THROWN at you, there's really no excuse not to jump up and catch them. With a little dedication, and a few clicks, you too can be on your way to riches. Play a game with your pet. You'd be surprised at how quickly just having a little fun can pay off.

So, the next time you think, "Maybe I could just ask...", please remember us hardworking Neopians that can hold our heads up high, knowing we EARNED it. And also, think about the poor Neopian asking for an apple, or maybe a Quiggle when they're on hard times. You don't want to squash their request just for a measly paint brush, do you?

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