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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 147 > Short Stories > A Visit From a Villain

A Visit From a Villain

by blubblub317

"I'm so bored, I think I'm gonna' scream!" Flowrey moaned while gazing at the showery outdoors from the living room window.

    "Oh, come on Flowrey!" her brother, Dane, exclaimed. "There's lot of fun stuff we can do inside!"

    The rainbow Acara made a grimace and cocked her head towards Dane. The Christmas Lupe was lying down on the white carpet whilst studying the ceiling intently for no apparent reason.

    "Like what?!" Flowrey sneered.

    Dane merely shrugged and retorted, "You can clean your room."

    "ARGH!" the Acara whined with her irritation swiftly building up. "You are so annoying!"

    Flowrey stomped out of the living room and stepped into the kitchen with a stomach rumbling for food. "I can't wait until Luna gets back," Flowery muttered under her breath as she rummaged around the refrigerator, searching for something tasteful to eat.

    She found an Apple, a Cheese Sandwich, some Orange Juice, and many more dull foods of that sort. Flowrey heaved a sigh, shut the refrigerator door, and dragged herself to her upstairs bedroom. She paced in her muddled room and slammed the door behind her. The Acara's room was truly chaotic with toys taking up every inch of space, and foods releasing a rotten odour from underneath the dirty bed.

    "I'm certainly not desperate enough to clean my room," Flowrey spoke to herself lazily.

    The Acara leaped onto her cozy bed and stuck her paw in the tangled sheets where she caught hold of a hardcover book. She lugged her paw out and came to face-to-face with a book that read "A Lupe's Tale".

    "Eh, guess it's worth a read."

    Flowery flipped the book open and commenced reading the opening page of the lengthy tale. Her room was noiseless; something that Flowrey did not get to take pleasure in on a daily basis. With two siblings and an owner running around the house, it was a gift just to have one family member speaking at full volume.

    Flowery's family was a typical and average-sized one that lived in the suburbs of Bracknell Road. Her younger brother, Dane, was a pet who you could describe as an intellect. He was the brightest pet who currently attended his school, and was a Gelert who could reply to nearly any question that his siblings and "so-called" friends asked. Despite the fact that he was bright, there was always that infuriating side of him that got on everybody's nerves.

    Another member of the family was Flowrey's owner, Fantasia, who was a kind and gentle human that possessed incredible beauty. An amazingly helpful and generous owner she was and this was why her family loved her so greatly.

    And last but not least was Luna, Flowrey's older sister who was simply the best sibling anyone could possess. She was heaps of fun to be around with, and you could always be sure to have an interesting conversation with her. In addition, the yellow Ixi contained a very special talent, and this talent was making other people and pets laugh. And when I mean laugh, I mean laughing hysterically! Any form of joke would send Flowrey and her family sprawling to the ground and clutching their sides in pain from all the laughter.

    Flowrey had just ended chapter three of "A Lupe's Tale" when she perceived the thud of the front door being unlocked and opened.

    "Luna!" Flowrey whispered excitedly.

    The rainbow Acara leaped off her bed and briskly strode out of her disordered room. She was darting downstairs when she, in addition, perceived the melodic voice of her owner greeting Luna.

    "Hey Luna! Who's your fr-?"

    However, Fantasia stopped midway through her sentence. Without warning, a shrill gasp escaped from her lips.

    "Fantasia?!" Flowrey exclaimed with fright beginning to take over her sentiments. "What's going on?"

    Finally, Flowrey landed on the first floor and hastily rushed to the front door. When she arrived, the Acara caught sight of Luna stationed at the entrance with a large figure standing behind her. Alongside Flowrey was Fantasia, whose mouth was wide open with a look of shock glued onto her striking features.

    "Fantasia," Luna said cheerfully. "This is my friend, Dr. Sloth!"

    Flowrey instantaneously froze when she heard those last two, frightening words.

    The grand figure stepped forward and bowed towards the alarmed adolescent. Fantasia, however, did not respond to the comment or the bow. She simply stood there, resembling a statuette.

    Flowrey was in a state of shock herself. The thought of Dr. Sloth actually standing in her very own home was too much information to handle all at once.

    "What a pleasure it is to be invited here!" Dr. Sloth cackled with a smirk spreading across his light-green face.

    "Well, aren't you going to say hello?" Luna hissed through her clenched teeth.

    At last, Fantasia began to budge her lips.

    "H-h-h-hello," she stammered anxiously.

    Luna rolled her eyes baby blue eyes and tilted her heads towards Sloth. "Come on, let's go to my room! I have some really cool stuff I want to show you!"

    "Splendid!" Sloth exclaimed, letting out an extra vigorous hoot.

    The two "friends" scurried towards the staircase and dashed upstairs. The bang of Luna's door slamming could be perceived throughout the residence.

    Fantasia and Flowrey slowly, but surely, exchanged petrified looks.

     "How in White Weewoo is Dr. Sloth a friend of Luna's?" Fantasia whispered in an almost inaudible tone.

    "I d-don't k-know," Flowrey stuttered with her ears perked up and her eyes shifting cautiously.

    "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" an irritable voice suddenly shouted from behind the two. Flowrey jerked her head to her left and caught sight of Dane standing at the kitchen entrance with a puzzled look on his face.

    "Luna…invited…Dr. Sloth…in…our…home," Fantasia hissed, bit by bit.

    'WHAT?!" Dane bellowed with his eyes growing wide and his lips transforming into a smile. Fantasia had no time to respond to Dane's rapid query for the Gelert was already scurrying upstairs to Luna's room.

    With Dane having left, the two girls were now standing alone at the front entrance, worried sick in the pit of their stomachs.

    "What are we going to do?" Flowrey inquired uneasily.

    "I-I g-guess Sloth c-an stay with us for supper," Fantasia responded fretfully, still petrified by the terrifying thought.

    Flowrey gasped, horrified by the unexpected remark. There was no way that one the most evil creatures in the entire universe of Neopia would be eating supper in her home!

    "MOM! YOU CAN"T!" Flowrey cried, trying to make her face fill with pout so that her owner would listen.

    "I don't know what else to do!" her owner exclaimed worriedly.

    Flowrey groaned in despair and clumsily plopped herself down on a white sofa that was stationed in the living room. The day had turned out to be less boring then she had expected.


"Supper's ready!" Fantasia finally proclaimed in the kitchen.

    "Great," Flowrey mumbled. She pulled herself up from the sofa and unhurriedly hauled herself to the kitchen where the aroma of pizza was drifting throughout the warm air.

    When Flowrey entered the brightly lit kitchen, she was incredibly surprised to find Fantasia dressed up in her extremely "elegant" clothing. The kitchen looked quite elegant as well, with every item being placed in the proper location and the floor and counters looking spotless. This was truly a sight that Flowrey had never, in her life, witnessed before.

    "What's going on, Fantasia?" Flowrey questioned cautiously, at the same time studying the kitchen, attempting to figure out what else was unusual.

    "Nothing honey," Fantasia swiftly responded, a large awkward smile spreading across her features.

    Flowrey slowly stepped away from her Fantasia; frightened by her abnormal behaviour, and slid into her chair. A glass plate filled with an enormous pizza was presented at the middle of the table.

    "What smells so good?" a content voice suddenly inquired from the outside of the kitchen.

    Oh no! Flowrey told herself, it's Sloth!

    And sure enough, there he was, with his big white teeth glimmering in the luminosity. Clinging onto him were an enthusiastic Dane and Luna.

    "Come in, come in!" Fantasia exclaimed cheerfully. Anybody in his or her right mind could tell that Fantasia was faking it. However, it seemed as though Sloth didn't and instead, he giggled and sat himself down on the chair across from Flowrey.

    "Well, well, well. Who is this little gal?" Dr. Sloth inquired as he gazed at Flowrey with a mischievous look in his eyes.

    "Oh," Fantasia began, "this my second youngest pet! Her name is Flowrey."

    "Flowrey," Dr. Sloth said slowly. "My, my, what a beautiful name."

     "I know! I always thought it was beautiful as well!" Fantasia stated, at the same time giggling hysterically.

    Dane sunk his head into his fuzzy paws with his cheeks turning into a very dark, red shade. Flowrey could tell that he was utterly mortified by Fantasia's silly comments.

    "Why don't we start eating?!" Flowrey suddenly exclaimed, cutting off Fantasia's chuckling.

    "Of course!" Fantasia said with the old, fake smile still plastered onto her face. She slid into her chair, which was located alongside Flowrey's, and cocked her head to the glass plate where the pizza was. Make that, where the pizza used to be!

    "WHERE DID THE PIZZA GO?!" Dane inquired noisily.

    "Oh, I'm sorry!" Dr. Sloth abruptly exclaimed. "I didn't know you guys wanted some!"

    The four immediately jerked their heads to wear Dr. Sloth was sitting. To their surprise, his olive-shaded face was entirely covered in sticky cheese with slices of spicy pepperoni scattered across his cheeks and nose.

    Fantasia and Flowrey gasped in unison while Dane and Luna burst into laughter. Luna idly dropped to the ground and clutched her sides as she continued laughing at full volume.

    "Oh!" she began, "that's the funniest thing I've ever seen anyone do!"

    Tears of laughter started gliding down her cheeks and the noisy laughter continued on.

    "Luna! Snap out of it!" Fantasia abruptly hissed.

    Luna's laughter came to a halt and the Ixi tilted her head towards Fantasia. The tears had completely streaked her face, and her hazel eyes were now puffed up.

    "I'm sorry mom!" Luna exclaimed with a bit of giggling still soaring out of her maw. "I just can't believe Sloth did that!"

    Dr. Sloth looked a bit taken aback from all the commotion he had stirred. He suddenly proclaimed, "I'm sorry but I've never had to share anything with anyone! So when you presented me with the incredibly delicious pizza, I thought it was simply meant for me!"

    Fantasia grinned widely. Oh, that's all right." She gently reassured Slothy.

    Luna, once again, rolled her eyes and then said, "Well now that we have no food, what are we going to do?"

    Fantasia paused for a moment, awkwardly scratching the top of her head whilst pondering on any amusing activities that the five could do.

    "I KNOW!" Dr. Sloth unexpectedly said, "Let's do the cha-cha!"

    "Are you kidding me?" Flowrey yelled, her irritation speedily piling up.

    Yet, it seemed as though Flowrey's remark had traveled through one of Sloth's ear and out the other.

    He flew up from his chair and began dancing in his black and leather trench coat. Dane and Luna hopped up too and grabbed Sloth and each other's hips.

    "CHA-CHA-CHA-CHA-CHA-CHAAA!!" the trio exclaimed contentedly while doing their comical dance.

    "Oh! I want to join too!" Fantasia said stridently.

    She flew up from he chair as well and joined the trio in their ridiculous act.

    "Eurgh!" Flowrey whined. "I can't believe this is happening!"

    Having taken all that she could, the Acara stood up from her chair and briskly strode out of the kitchen with an extremely angered face and steam sweltering out of her ears.

    At long last, Flowrey was within her cozy room, secure from all the wacky antics that were occurring on the first floor. The Acara plopped down her bed and hastily opened "A Lupe's Tale" where she resumed her quiet reading. Yet, two seconds later, Flowrey perceived the noise of a loud CRUNCH and Sloth crying out noisy remarks.

    "Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry! I thought your table was sturdy enough to hold my weight! I'm terribly sorry!"

    "ARGH!!!!!" Flowrey bellowed with her rage reaching up at a boiling point. The Acara seized her feather-stuffed pillow and squeezed it over her enraged face. She began screeching at the top of her voice and lashing out on her bed as hard she could.


Three hours had gradually passed and Flowrey had relieved herself from all the stress and anger that had been welling up in the pit of her stomach. It was nighttime, and all the stars were glistening in the shadow-like sky. Not a single whisper could be heard in the soundless residence. Having become tremendously exhausted by all the day's wild events, Flowrey let out a long sigh and drifted off into a deep, dark slumber.


Daylight had now overtaken the darkness and the blaring sun was languidly hanging high in the sapphire sky. The chirps of Pawkeets were what awoke Flowrey that morning and to her, it felt like she had just awoken from a soft and gentle cloud. She felt fresh and relieved, as if nothing could ruin this day.

    At last, the rainbow Acara stood up from her bed and dragged herself out of her bedroom, not bothering to comb her badly dishevelled fur. She continued walking till she arrived at the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, she immediately caught sight of a table that was lying on the ground with its legs splintered into tiny pieces. The memories of the prior day immediately began flooding Flowrey's mind.

    Flowrey softly gasped and whispered, "Sloth."

    The Acara then perceived the soft thud of footsteps approaching her. She jerked her head to her right and gasped once more, yet this time louder. Her family was standing there, saddened expressions all plastered onto their once happy faces.

    Luna stepped forward and flung out her arms with tears welling up in her eyes. "I'm so sorry, Flowrey!" she cried.

    The Ixi wrapped her arms around her baby sister and gave her a long and tight squeeze.

    Flowrey was a bit taken aback by all the sudden sadness she was being enclosed in. Never had she thought that her family would be in tears for what they did yesterday.

    "I promise, I'll never do that again," Luna whispered, wiping her damp cheeks with one of her paws.

    Flowrey smiled and let go of Luna. "It's all right," she said. "I forgive you."

    Luna let out a yelp of joy and beamed. "I'm still sorry," she quickly added.

    Flowrey rolled her eyes and said, "Yes Luna, I can perfectly see that."

    Luna finally stepped back and allowed Dane do his apologies. The Lupe, however, peered down at the ground and mumbled, "Sorry 'sis. I won't do it again."

    Flowrey grinned. She could tell that Fantasia owner had forced Dane to apologise. "It's all right," she replied, permitting to Dane to hastily step back.

    It was now Fantasia's turn. Fantasia advanced towards Flowrey and grabbed in her a lengthy and warm hug. The cuddle made Flowrey feel as if she had the greatest family ever.

    "Sorry for acting so…uncanny and idiotic," Fantasia whispered in Flowrey's left ear.

    "It's all right," Flowrey whispered back.

    At long last, all the apologies had been made and peace was now settled in the family. Flowrey suddenly realized that her stomach was badly grumbling for food.

    "Oooh, I'm hungry!" Flowrey proclaimed, wrapping her arms around her furry tummy.

    Fantasia grinned and said, "I think I'm going to make some hearty pancakes today."

    "WOOHOO!" Dane cheered. He began gliding across the polished kitchen flooring with his tiptoes, wildly flinging his arms around. He resembled as a outrageous comical ballerina.

    Flowrey rolled her eyes at the hilarious sight and whispered to herself, "This is definitely the weirdest family in the entire universe of Neopia. Yet, I still love them… and I always will."

The End

Author's Note: Thanks for reading my story about Flowey and her family and the wacky antics they go through. I'll be writing more stories about the family so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. If you have any comments regarding the story, I'd love to be informed so feel free to send me a Neomail! Until next time!

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