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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 6 > Short Stories > Magic Bowl of Soup

Magic Bowl of Soup

by koolkougraz

On the 25th of the Month of Swimming, Luciano and Lucy the Lupes were given a gift from the Faeries. The gift was a bundle a joy, a small baby Lupe. S.W. Lucien was born on the snow-covered hills of Terror Mountain. He was a cute blue Lupe, wearing an olive coloured jacket and resembling his great Lupe ancestors. For a baby, he was big and very strong. His parents were very proud but also very poor. They did not know how to take care of him. They were too young Lupes wishing on a miracle. Little did they know that the miracle would be the birth of their sun Lucien. After many hungry and sleepless nights Luciano and Lucy decided that they could not take care of their son. They were broke and had no way to feed baby Lucien.

"Lucy," spoke Luciano in a sad tone, "Where shall we leave Lucien?" With tears in her eyes, "I don't know Luciano. I am very scared. I want to keep him. He's our son."

"I know Lucy. I know. How about the pound?"

"No. Not the pound. No one will care for her like I do, Luciano."

"I know Lucy."

"We can just move from here. We can move to Neopia Central. We can find jobs there. I can clean people's NeoHomes and you can clean the local shops."

"They will never hire us."

"Luciano, don't give up hope. Let's do it for Lucien."

"OK Lucy. We're moving to Neopia Central."

The trip was long but they finally got there. It was on a warm day of Hiding, the sun was beginning to peak under the cloudy skies. The sunlight spread across the Neopian Marketplace everyone began to wake up. Luciano was preparing to go to the Neolodge and ask for a job as a maintenance Lupe. And Lucy was going to the Neopian Bazaar to look for a job as a clerk.

"What are we going to do with Lucien?"

"I don't know Lucy."

They walked down the path with Lucien. They reached an intersection and saw a small black building called the Soup Kitchen. They walked up to the door and out came a Faerie. It was the Soup Faerie they have heard about. She was giving out bowls of soup to other poor Neopians.

"Hi," she said approaching Lucy and Luciano.

"What is this place?" they asked questioningly.

"This is the Soup Kitchen where all Neopians come for food. It's only for the poor Neopians who cant afford food or luxuries. Where are you Lupes from?"

Luciano spoke, "We are from Terror Mountain. We have moved to Neopia Central to begin a new life. We want a better life for our baby Lucien."

The Soup Faerie reached over and pet his head. "He's adorable. What's his name?"

"Lucien is his name," said Lucy. "Can you take care of him for me, please?"

"Ummm. Ummm …" stuttered the Soup Faerie.

"Please Soup Faerie. He doesn't bother at all. I will be back in a couple of hours. I just want to get a job so I can educate him and take good care of him," Lucy begged.

"Lucy," scolded Luciano.

"Sure. I will," she said reaching for the baby Lupe.

"Thank you so much Soup Faerie. Thank you," said Lucy with tears in her eyes.

They both walked down the road as happy as can be. By this time, Lucien had awoken and he was looking around wondering why was he in this strange place. He began to cry. The Soup Faerie picked up Lucien and proceeded inside the Soup Kitchen. He was still crying because he didn't know her. He continued to cry as she walked to her bedroom. She gently laid Lucien on her bed and began talking to him.

"Hi little Lucien," she said, patting his head gently.

The baby Lupe stopped crying and looked up at the Soup Faerie. He smiled at her.

"Are you hungry Lucien?"

He looked at her with those huge hungry black eyes and smiled again.

"I'll be right back baby Lupe."

She disappeared into the kitchen. Meanwhile, the baby Lupe, still wrapped in his blanket, began to roll all over the bed, trying to escape out of the tight cotton cocoon. He began to bite and tear the blanket. As he was doing that, the Soup Faerie walks in and giggles as she sees the baby Lupe struggle. She goes over and sits next to him still giggling. Lucien stopped and smiled again.

"You want to get out of those blankets, don't you," she said playfully. She began to peel the remaining pieces of the blanket of the Lupe. She picks him up in her arms and out falls a silver medallion. "What is this?" she questions as she picks up this sparkling medallion. "SW Lucien." She took the medallion and laid it on her dresser.

"I have to remember to give that to your parents Lucien. Here's your food Lucien," she said, placing the warm bottle of Kau Kau Milk in his mouth. Minutes later he was finished his bottle of milk and started to yawn.

"Lucien needs a little nap," the Soup Faerie said placing him between two soft throw pillows.

She disappeared into the kitchen.

She became Lucien's official baby-sitter. Everyday, he would come to the Soup Faerie while his parents worked. He ate and slept and sometimes, when the Soup Kitchen wasn't busy, the Soup Faerie would take him to the money tree and to the playground to play with the other baby Neopians. He always had a good time with the Soup Faerie.

"Soup," called Lucien.

"I'm in here, Lucien," yelled the Soup Faerie.

When Lucien walked into her room, she saw the very sleepy Soup Faerie lying on the bed.

"What's wrong, Soup?" asked Lucien.

"I'm very tired. I'm going to … " and the Soup Faerie fell fast asleep.

"Soup!" he called but she didn't answer.

All of a sudden there was knocking at the Soup Kitchen door. Lucien carefully opened the door and asked, "Can I help you?"

"I'm hungry and poor … feed me."

Lucien began to panic. He didn't know what to do. He never watched Soup do her job

"Umm … umm … OK. I will help you," said Lucien hesitantly.

He walked over to the bowl of Soup and began to stir it with the spoon. It all seemed to come together. The soup was bubbling and smelled delicious. He added a couple of spices and stirred the bowl a little more. He grabbed a bowl … and filled it to the top.

"Now be careful there," he said to the Acara looking for food, "it's hot."

"OK," said the Acara. "Yum …This is really good."

At that time more people began to come in and all of them complimented Lucien on his great soup. It wasn't like any soup that was ever made in the Soup Kitchen. Although the Soup Faerie did fill the soup with tender love and care, Lucien added something very different. No one knew what it was. All of Neopia Central was talking about "the Lupe who makes soup."

The Soup Faerie was really impressed. Most of the poor people would rather travel to Tyrannia for some omelette. But this wasn't the case anymore. Poor people from all over were coming for the best taste in all Neopia.

The Soup Faerie was quite impressed and so was Lucien himself. Not only because the Soup Kitchen was becoming a more popular spot for the poor people. But other Neopians began to donate food, clothing, toys and other stuff to the Soup Kitchen. At the end of the day, when the rush was slowing down … the Soup Faerie was astonished to see all the donations and thousands of NP. She was very happy because she could better assist her poor Neopians. Lucien was just excited about helping. He got so happy one day, he decided to take his soup to the whole world.

And soon, he was known as SouperWorker the Soup Lupe. He became the most popular and loved Lupe of them all. Because his heart was giving and he had a love for everyone. He wasn't selfish and would always think about others. He started to have food drives, toy drives and more, just to help the poor. He was what Neopians needed.

One day, after a long journey from the Lost Desert, he decided to see how things were at the Soup Kitchen. When he got there, he was received with all the love he could ever have.

"Hi Soup."

"Hi Lucien," she said, going to embrace the Soup Lupe. "How are things going for you?"

"Pretty good. Just traveling and making soup," he said giggling.

"Oh man, do me a favour? Go to my room and get my spoon please."

As Lucien began to look for the spoon, he stumbled upon a medallion. The same medallion the Soup Faerie found in Lucien's blankets. It said: SW Lucien.

"Soup?" he called, "Soup!!"


"What is this?"

"Oh my, that was the medallion I found in your blanket years ago."

"What does it mean? It has my name on it."

After moments of silence, she looked up at Lucien and smiled.

"Lucien, you were destined to be what you are now. You were destined to be a saviour for the poor people in Neopia."

The End

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