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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 141 > Short Stories > The Past is Never Forgotten

The Past is Never Forgotten

by immortalmina

A pirate Aisha stood outside the Golden Doubloon. He longed to go in and have a grog, but there was something more important for him outside. The Aisha managed to go to the Golden Dubloon without his petpet Puppyblew. He didn’t even see Joeblues when he left.

     Methos5 spotted a shadow coming closer to him. He drew the sword that was around his waist. The shadow then became the shape of a mutant Grundo. “I hopped you’d show.” The voice had an eerie grumble to it.

     Methos5 suppressed a laugh, “I didn’t really have a choice in the matter, did I?” he spoke with his Adam and Donna-like accent. He then put away the sword.

     The Grundo smiled also. “He wants to see you. Very tricky, you becoming a pirate Aisha.”

     “So, the good doctor has finally found me. Well, we mustn’t keep him waiting.” The pirate Aisha followed the Grundo to a spaceship floating on the water. At least space travel doesn’t make me sick, Methos5 thought.

     It didn’t take the ship long to reach the Virtupets Space Station. The Grundo showed Methos5 to a room. “Go inside and wait,” he told the Aisha. Methos5 sat down. He then remembered the last time he was in the room...

     “We have been good friends for a very very long time haven’t we General Methos5?” Dr. Sloth told a mutant Grundo.

     “Yes, sir,” the Grundo said. He had a Donna and Adam-like accent. The mutant Grundo also had a sword around his waist.

     “Yes, you even helped me take over your home world. I think of my whole army you are the most ruthless, cunning and power-hungry. I see a lot of me in you. That is why I have picked you for a very important secret mission.”

     Methos5 saluted his master. “Anything you want Doctor. We shall destroy Neopia!”

     “I want you do become a blue un-mutated Grundo. Then you will be adopted by Immortalmina. She has a pet Aisha named Artemisluv. You must stop the Aisha from ever taking reign on Neopia’s Moon Kreludor. Is this mission understood?” Dr. Sloth explained.

     Methos5 saluted once more. “Yes sir! Your wish is my command!”

     “You are dismissed. I’m counting on you, General Methos5!”

     Methos5 was shocked back to the present when the door opened. A figure in a black cloak stepped inside. The green man then sat behind a desk.

     “It’s been a long time hasn’t it General Methos5?” Dr. Sloth said.

     Methos5 looked at the doctor with a cold stare. “Not long enough if you ask me.”

     “What?! How dare you talk to me like that! I own you!” yelled Dr. Sloth. Methos5 just grinned. He was no longer scared of his old master.

     “You do not own me any longer. I’m afraid Immortalmina does,” Methos5 shot back.

     “That may be true, but you are still one of my minions whether you like it or not. Now tell me, have you found a fault in Artemisluv? Did you stop her yet?”

     Methos5 frowned. From the moment that he met Artemisluv he had sworn not to go on with Dr. Sloth’s plan. He didn’t want to do anything that would hurt her or the others he had met. That is why he wanted to be transformed into an Aisha and then painted pirate. He wanted to be unrecognizable to Dr. Sloth.

     “It’s too late. The Guardians have already found her. It’s only a matter of time now,” Methos5 spat.

     This was not the answer Dr. Sloth hopped for. “You did not do your job. I should have known. Once you became an Aisha you became warped. Well, what if I change you back to your true form? That should do it!”

     “No!” Methos5 yelled and drew his sword. “You’ll have to force me!”

     Dr. Sloth began to laugh. “I knew there was still the General left in you. You still feel it, don’t you? The power? You may look like a pirate Aisha but deep down you are still a mutant Grundo! This will help you see.” Sloth bent down under his desk and pulled out a pirate Puppyblew. The Puppyblew was bound and gagged.

     “No, not Joeblues! How could you?” Methos5 face became hot. He loved that Puppyblew more than anything.

     “Meet me tonight outside the Golden Doubloon. Bring with you the soon-to-be-Moon-Goddess.”

     “If I don’t?” asked the Aisha through clenched teeth.

     Dr. Sloth began to laugh again. “I’ll make sure the Puppyblew awakens a hungry Turmaculus! Now go!”

     Methos5 left the room and was met by the same mutant Grundo. “Home, Sam.” Methos5 joked. The Grundo snorted and then took the Aisha back to Krawk Island.

     “Remember what your orders are. If they are not met you will have to find a new petpet!”

     “I understand. Unlike you I have brain cells.” The Grundo looked confused. He scratched his head and the took the spaceship back to the Station.

     Methos5 walked slowly home. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t hurt Artemisluv, but he didn’t want to hurt Joeblues either.

     Once in the Neohome he went straight to his room. Inside he found one of the Moon Goddess Guardians. It was Mordecia_ the brown Lenny. The Lenny had on a pair of Light Footed Lenny Boots, a Dazzling Steel Lenny Sword on his back and a gold crescent moon birthmark on his beak. Morry was reading books. After he had read one the book would disappear in puff of colored smoke. His petpet grey Cirrus Silver Lining was floating above him.

     “Good afternoon, Methos5,” Morry said once he noticed the pirate Aisha.

     Methos5 fell onto his bed. He didn’t even hear the Lenny. He was just so confused.

     “What’s going on? You’re not yourself,” Morry asked Methos5.

     “I’ve had a very bad day,” was all Methos5 could find to say. His mind was still trying to solve his dilemma.

     The door then flew open. “You left without one of us?” It was Zerendipity_ the Christmas Zafara. The Zafara had on a white leather uniform that looked like Koya the Korbat Huntress’. She also had on her back a quiver of Forest Arrows and a bow and a Rugged Zafara Short Sword on her side. She had a gold crescent moon birthmark on her right wing. On her shoulder sat her petpet Batterfly Karma.

     “Yes, I’m sorry, love,” he told her.

     Zerindipity frowned. “Remember what happened with Spike? You could have gotten hurt. We can protect you too!” Methos5 nodded yes. Zerendipity shook her head and left the room.

     “We will, you know,” Morry agreed.

     “Thanks, mate.” Methos5 got off the bed and left the room. He walked down the hall until he saw Chaney_Talbot. Chaney was a Halloween Lupe. He wore a black biker jacket and jeans that were too small and torn. The Lupe also had a Iron Lupe Sword on his side. He had a gold crescent moon scar on his left palm.

     “Can I speak to Artemisluv?” the Aisha asked Chaney who was standing in front of her door.

     “Of course!” the Lupe then moved out of the way.

     Methos5 entered the room to find a desert Aisha sitting on the floor. She had on a white toga and had a gold crescent moon on her forehead. In her lap was an Angelpuss.

     “If this is a bad time, I can come back.”

     “No, Lunaangel is just sleeping. I didn’t feel like moving her. What’s going on, Methos5? Did the Pink Lenny do something funny?”

     Methos5 sat on her bed. He felt the soft bedspread. A tear fell from his non-eye patched eye. Artemisluv saw this and got up from the floor. She sent Lunaangel flying. Artemisluv looked at him and then hugged him.

     “I forgive you. Don’t worry about it. We are all your friends. We will never let anything happen to you.” She spoke as if she knew what he was thinking. Methos5 felt very confused. How could she?

     “I don’t understand?” He managed to say.

     “The letter you got today through Neomail, I read it. Sorry. Anyway, whatever happens we will always be there for you just like you have always been there for us.” Artemisluv hugged him again and then kissed him on the cheek.

     “Now I know what to do. Thanks, love,” Methos5 told Artemisluv. She smiled.

     Methos5 left her room and found a spotted Aisha sitting in the living room with his petpet brown Snowbunny. “I have a favor to ask you Emerald__Weapon.” EW smiled.

     That night Methos5 approached the Golden Doubloon. He had with him a mutant Korbat named Spike_aka_bigbad. Spike had on a spiked collar and Korbat Tail Spike. He had a red scar over his left eyebrow and a red X scar on both sides of his right wing. The Korbat was eating a Poisonous Lollipop. Behind them was an Aisha in a white hooded cloak with gold trim.

     Dr. Sloth was waiting with the poor Puppyblew in his hands. He smiled knowing the hooded figure must have been Artemisluv.

     “I knew you would do what I ordered. I see you got one of my creations to help!” Dr. Sloth said.

     “Me? This was an accident mate,” Spike said in an accent much like Methos5's.

     The hooded figure began to walk closer to Sloth. Sloth smiled and let the Puppyblew go. The Puppyblew ran and jumped onto Methos5. Joeblues licked his face.

     Just then the hooded figure threw off the hood. Underneath was the spotted Aisha Emerald__Weapon. He had in his paws a familiar brown whip. Methos5 put down Joeblues and drew his sword. Around the corner came Zerendipity with her bow and arrows ready to fire and Morry with his sword drawn.

     Also came _A_J_Rimmer_ the brown Grundo. He was dressed in a white dress shirt that had a gold crescent moon on the upper left arm, brown tie with a gold crescent moon near the bottom, khaki pants and black combat boots. He had a white H on his forehead. He called himself a “holopet” due to his accident with a Rainbow Swirly Potion that made him unable to touch or be touched. Rimmer was with his petpet Diddler Holly. The Grundo had his hands in a karate like pose. He was shaking.

     Dr. Sloth just laughed at the sight of Rimmer. He recognized Rimmer and knew he wasn’t a threat.

     “I’m sorry, Dr. Sloth, but I’m not the same pet you used to know. I’ve changed. Not only on the outside, but the inside, as well. I will never let you hurt my friends!” shouted Methos5.

     “Good move, Methos5! That’s why you were my best General. Artemisluv and you have not seen the last of me!” With that, Sloth got into his spaceship and left.

     Back at the Neohome, Chaney was guarding the door with his petpet Droolik, Merton. Immortalmina and Artemisluv were watching the Pink Lenny out the window. He was dressed in full armor.

     “Why did you dress him like that, Chaney?” asked Immortalmina.

     “We didn’t, he dressed himself. He said it was getting dangerous around here,” the WereLupe explained. Artemisluv and Immortalmina shared a glance and then laughed.

The End

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