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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 140 > Short Stories > Wonderland


by l3estest

Why can’t they just be quiet and let me enjoy the heaven of reading? x3Sunshinex3 thought as she leaned against the light yellow pillow of her Rubber Duck Cot. The baby Kau had a copy of Geometry Level 1 held onto her shiny hooves. Most people would be surprised to see a baby-painted Neopet reading such an advanced book, but it was no surprise for the l3estest family. Sunshine had always been known for her bookwormness and shyness. On her left was her blue Floud, Angel, in her usual petite, convenient travel-size bowl. The water inside was clean and clear. Sunshine cleansed it the night before. To her right was another pile of unread books. Sunshine’s goal that day was to finish each one at the end of the day. But how could she complete her task with such a deafening racket downstairs?

     Angel suddenly flew into the air as a loud bang was heard below giving Sunshine’s soft yellow room a small earthquake. This conversation soon followed:

     “OUCH!” Sunshine recognized the voice of her brother, x3Sunnyx3 the electric Kacheek. “Ouch! I think I broke my leg!!”

     “Oh no! That’s the third couch this week!!!” Les (l3estest) screamed. Sunshine listened attentively. Sunshine had a clear image of what happened. Sunny was in his usual hyper mode so he jumped up and down on the couches. Then an even stronger wave of manic swept over and Sunny became a maniac and split the couch in half.

     I’m tired of this! I’m tired of all this noise in the house! Sunshine had enough! She threw her quilted blanket and jumped out of the cot, leaving Angel gradually going back to her nap. Sunshine stomped across the hallway, her book still clutched in her hoof. The wooden flooring scraped beneath her polished feet. Her mind was filled with irritated thoughts as well as rage, which eventually took over.

     The others stared at Sunshine, who just appeared in the living room. Sunny stopped his complaint about the broken foot and stared. Cutiebabypup glared, his rainbow Gelert eye lids stretched to a point where it was about to snap. Even the typically snobby and vain __Melodyz__ the Faerie Ixi let go of her precious hair brush and gasped. If Les wasn’t weeping over her third couch, she would’ve joined the others in a gaping mania.

     Sunshine stood at the doorway, her eyes had flames in them (literally), her usual aqua skin tone turned bright red with fury, her teeth clenched so tight that her baby teeth almost popped out, and the copy of Geometry Level 1 was in her hoof so forcefully that she made a hole through the book cover.

     “Is that Adam?!?” Pup suddenly asked, breaking the silence. His dark brown eyes was still on Sunshine. “Is he going to hurt us?!?!” Pup ran over and hid behind Sunny as his eyes still glued onto the infuriated Kau.

     Melodyz shook her head. “Turning red is definitely a big fashion no-no… as is the fact that she might soon have no teeth…”

     “No, Mel. He’s not a girl!” Pup corrected.

     Sunny quickly nudged him. “Pup, be quiet! Do you really want another mad Neopet?”

     The two brothers gave Melodyz a sheepish smile, but to their astonishment (and relief), Melodyz didn’t hear them. In fact, she took a step backwards. Her eyes were filled with fear. The ordinarily shy, nice girl had turned into a monster! All that was in Melodyz’s head.

     Sunshine took a step forward. Her whole body was now totally red, perhaps turning a little brown. She took a deep breath then exploded. “YOU GUYS NEED TO BE QUIET!!! I’VE BEEN TRYING TO READ THE WHOLE MORNING AND YOU GUYS ARE JUST SOOOOOO LOUD! I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I REALLY WANNA GET SOME BOOKS READ TODAY! GOT IT??? SO I’LL JUST GO OUTSIDE FOR A LITTLE WHILE AND ESCAPE FROM THE TERRIBLE NOISE!” The baby Kau opened the front door warningly. The warm air outside only made it more obvious that it was the place where Sunshine could read peacefully, without any disturbances. Small breezes ruffled her fur as a wave of glee sent chills down her back. Sunshine knew that the outdoors was the only place to escape for an afternoon of serenity. “Well, I’ll see you guys whenever!”

     Les stepped forward but was too late. Her face stood an inch from the door as Sunshine shut the front door in her owner’s face. Of course, Sunshine wasn’t the type of Neopet whom would be disrespectful to her owner, so the slamming was on accident. Even so, Les wobbled unstably. “My most respectful Neopet had just slammed the door in MY face… what is Neopia becoming???”

* * *

Sunshine inhaled a pure, clean breath of freedom. It was so silent that it took Sunshine by surprise when a Beekadoodle chirped. She wandered around Neopia Central a little bit, hoping to find a comfortable place to relax her worn out ears. She walked west of Neopia Central and into a field of green, fresh grass. Her aqua eyes gaped at the rare view for more than three minutes. The place was so serene! So… beautiful! Sunshine had rarely seen such a marvelous landscape, it even beat the time where they went to the Mystery Island and saw the clear, blue ocean water.

     Sunshine looked across the grassland and found bulky oak tree. She skipped through the crisp grass. Sunshine settled herself on a large rock below the significant oak tree, eager to continue solving problems from Geometry Level 1. Although the rock was not very cushy nor supple, she still felt herself enjoying the rock more than the Kauvara Bean Bag in the living room of 353800 Neopia Avenue, Neopia Central. As the sun beamed down at the shady tree, the baby Kau gave a smile to herself. At last, I have found my wonderland...

* * *

Sunshine was not the only Neopian who showed up in the next few week. Sunshine was so excited about finding her secret meadow that she shared it with two other Neopians that she knew would not blab it or share it with any other unconscious Neopet. Her two secret keepers were Angel and Adeline, Angel's petpetpet Cooty. Every single day, the baby Kau brought along her two buddies, thinking of the mellow day that was ahead. She never worried about the pandemonium her siblings caused, nor the sonance that haunted her whenever she sat indoors at 353800 Neopia Avenue. Now there was a stupendous and exquisite landscape awaiting her everyday.

     And best of all, nobody knows about this place... at least, none yet.

* * *

"Oh my God!" An excited Faerie Ixi slammed the front door open, her blue eyes filled with glee. On her back was her Faerie Backpack which was now entirely stuffed with different varieties of cosmetics. Sunshine lifted her head from the extra credit homework she was working on. Pup stopped smashing his toy cars together and observed Melodyz with a blank look in his brown eyes. Sunny let go of the scissors that he was cutting up his homework with and glared at Melodyz, irritated. Les set down the latest issue of the Neopian Times. "You will NOT believe what I just saw in the shop ads!! I was there looking for new Usukis, right?"

     Everyone nodded.

     "Well, when I got there, there was this HUGE crowd of Neopets gathered around the first ad. Well, you all know that I want to know ALL the latest gossip because it's totally cool to know them so I started reading the board. It said that there's going to be a new park opening soon! It's really big and very, very resplendent!! They're setting up a swimming pool, tennis court, and a pond! Oh, and I heard there's even a huge oak tree that is very shady. It's going to open up soon, I can't wait!!!" Melodyz grinned, brainstorming herself tanning in one of the beach chairs. "Isn't this marvelous?"

     Sunshine almost gave a loud gasp when she heard the oak tree part. She was almost 100% certain that the future park is the one where she's been spending all her quiet time at. The peaceful landscape... her secret meadow... gorgeous grassland... wonderland...

     "Wait... are parks those things where you surf and built sand castles?? 'Cause I like those!!" the rainbow Gelert beamed enthusiastically, his mind on the time he built a sand castle with Sunny. "Those are lots of fun!! I like getting wet! I like surfing, playing beach ball, swimming, building sand castles, catching crabs, putting sand down my pants, strawberries..."

     Three Neopets and one human stared at Pup pathetically.

     Before they could say anything, Pup started his useless babbling again. "OH! I like getting wet! I like surfing, playing beach ball, swimming, building sand castles, catching crabs, putting sand down my pants, strawberries... um, did I mention that I like surfing, playing beach ball, swimming, building sand castles, catch---" Pup has always been known as the most dim-witted and forgetful pet in the family. Perhaps not only the l3estest family, maybe even Neopia!

     "Pup, parks are not places where you do things like that. Those are called beaches. Parks are where you have fun and play on swing sets, slides, and enjoy the outdoors," Les explained, amused.

     Sunshine couldn't hold it to herself any longer. She just HAD to tell her family about her tragedy.

     And so she did. She told every little detail of it.

     "... So... that's what happened... do you think I can get my discovery back?" Sunshine asked curiously.

     Les shook her head, frowning. "I doubt it... I mean, it's no use trying to go against these stubborn fools. They won't give your land back without proof... you can try it and we can help, but most likely the land is going to be theirs... so don't depend too much on that philosophy... or your going to be severely hurt..." Les stated.

     Sunshine shut the door before she heard the last part of Les' sentence, which perhaps is the most prominent detail. I'm definitely going to get my tree back... my secret meadow... my wonderland...

* * *

Sunshine's eyes were filled with tears, ready to burst any second. She had tried her best to get her land back. They didn't believe me... they just thought I was a little baby lying... but I wasn't!! I was being honest! She thought, crystal blue tears rolled down her aqua skin and dripping on the cement sidewalk. She felt ashamed. I couldn't even get one of my favorite things in the Neopia back!!! How am I ever going to achieve any goals? Why am I such a loser? Sunshine began to run. She wanted to get home and hide underneath the covers and never come out. A wave of frustration and anxiously swept over the baby Kau, resulting in even more depressed tears. It was cloudy that day, not one speck of sunshine. Perhaps the sun was also mortified because the usually strong-willed fighter had given up on hope.

     Sunshine dove under the light yellow blanket that matched her Rubber Duck Cot, holding onto her Christmas Uni Plushie. I will never come out...

     Knock, knock

     "Sunshine? Come out, we have a surprise for you!" Les shouted on the other side of the light yellow door. Les knocked a little more vigorously. "Sunshine, you'll really like this! I spent a lot of time looking for it!"

     The baby Kau knew that she had to come out. She has never let her owner down, never in her lifetime. Why should she break it now? The Kau nodded to herself, tears drying on her cheek. If I don't go, I'll let my owner down, and I can't do that. Sunshine flipped over the covers and jumped out of her cot. "I'M COMING!!"

* * *

Les lead Sunshine out to the yard area. The first yard was Sunny's and it was filled with junk and broken toys, just like his room. Melodyz's garden was much better, although the vain Ixi never had enough time to organize the garden properly, for she was too occupied everyday with her oh-so-exhausting grooming schedule. Pup's garden was... well, let's just say that it's as blank as his mind. Sunshine's garden was so much more organized, flowers, roses, daisies filled the air with a lovely fragrance. The treat wasn't just for the nose, the eye was up for quite a delicacy also. There were colors all around the garden.

     "OH MY GOODNESS!! I-Is that an o-oak tree s-seedling??" Sunshine gasped at what she saw. Although the tree looked fragile and young, Sunshine saw a bright future for the little guy. Not only is it going to be an amazing sight to see, in approximately a hundred years, this tree would be someone's quiet escape, someone's peaceful getaway, someone's secret meadow, someone's wonderland.

The End

Author's Note: I really hope people enjoy this story. I really enjoy fanmails or just comments and suggestions. I want to throw some thanks to 6_moonlight_6 (Jen) for, once again, doing an amazing job proofreading. I also want to say thanks to all the editors and artists, you guys make the NT great!

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