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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 140 > Articles > Which is Which?

Which is Which?

by romavnus

TRADING POST - I’ve been on Neopets for quite some time now. I do the normal routine that most Neopians do on Neopets; Visit Tombola, get some items from the Snowager, train my Neopet, buy items, and all that other good stuff! But over the past few weeks as I have been hanging out at the Trading Post, I noticed some people claiming that some items were the price-of or had the attack-of similar items of a similar name. I would like to clear up the controversy in this article for the Neopian Times.

Golden Ivy Leaves VS. Earth Faerie Leaves

Okay, the first duo is the Golden Ivy Leaves and the Earth Faerie Leaves. First of all, Golden Ivy Leaves are about two million Neopoints less than Earth Faerie Leaves. They cost about 800 NP, at most, and are not even a Battledome item. They are just an expensive food to feed your pet when it is hungry and don’t serve any real purpose in Neopia. The Earth Faerie Leaves, on the other hand, are among the most expensive objects to be found, as they are a Hidden Tower item. The leaves are also weapons for use in the Battledome and are very valuable.

For some reason, some users on the trading post and message boards are putting up Golden Ivy Leaves in a trade and saying, “HEY! It’s a Hidden Tower item!!! I want 11.5 MILLION for this EXPENSIVE, RARE ITEM!!!” Wow… well… everyone, this is simply not true. Do not believe those out there saying that Golden Ivy Leaves are more expensive and valuable than Earth Faerie Leaves. Keep this in mind if this item comes up at the trading post.

Wand of the Moon VS. Moon Staff

The next pair of items under some confusion is the Wand of the Moon and the Moon Staff. Both look very similar, are Battledome weapons, are in similar supply, and do about the same number of icons of damage. The only difference is the prices. The Wand of the Moon costs about 500 thousand Neopoints But, the Moon Staff is far less. In fact, it usually can be found for less than 10 thousand Neopoints

The real issue with these items is that it’s mostly about confusion for the users who are putting them up for trade. As I stated above, they are very similar in many visual ways and if the person doesn’t read what it really is, he or she could mistake it for the alternate. So, they are usually not to blame, almost all of the time, but should check to make sure they are the item they think they are before they put them in a trade.

Raw Potato VS. Battle Potato

I have seen these two items come up many times as the semi-identical leaves. The Raw Potato is a food item that can be bought in Meridell or through the Shop Wizard. It costs around 80 NP and doesn’t do much more than feeding your pet. Now then, the Battle Potato is far more expensive and useful than the later item. It does 7 icons of earth damage with the possibility of doing an addition 5 earth icons. This amazing weapon does come with great cost, and that is the reason it is included in this article. The Battle Potato currently goes for around 700,000 NP at the Trading Post.

The Raw Potato can be all right if you want to feed your pet for a small price but don’t take the image of these items for granted. They look almost identical except that they are facing a different direction. Since the text of the item comes up before the picture, you should be able to pick out which is which.

Rubber Duck VS. Battle Duck

A new item roaming around Neopets is the Rubber Duck. It is a toy that can be found at the Toy Shop (Obviously), on the Shop Wizard, and at the Trading Post. It costs between 300 and 500 NP on the Wiz and can only increase your pet’s mood but other than that it is pretty much useless and only takes up room in your inventory. The Battle Duck, on the other hand, is a Battledome item that does a good amount of damage with a fair, but hefty, price. It does 5 water icons and 1 physical icon of damage, with a possibility of an additional 2 physical icons. The price is around 150,000 NP, so, as you can see, there is a big difference in the price range.

Wouldn’t it be bad if you paid 150k for an item that you found out was only about 400 Neopoints in cost? I thought so. :) Anywhoo, the items are both yellow but the Rubber Duck has a bit of shadow underneath it that can be a good distinction between the two. Like the potatoes (and all similar looking items for that matter), read the name of the item before making a final deal between you and the person on the other side of the Internet.

Fruity Usul Acorns VS. Faerie Acorns

Both of these items have been around for quite sometime and are different in more ways than one. First of all, the Fruity Usul Acorns are a food that can be found in the Food Shop, the Shop Wizard, and the Trading Post. They go for about 1,000 NP on the Wiz and can feed your pet with the fruity taste of Usul acorns. This may sound appealing to your pets, but it does not do any good to your financial needs. i.e., if you get tricked into paying for the Fruity Usul Acorns for an extremely unfair price, it will probably be very hard to recover and the trickster would have gotten the better of you. The Faerie Acorns, which is the second half of the trickster’s trickery, is a retired item that can go for well over 8 million NP To clarify, that’s more than 8, with 6 zeroes after it or 8,000,000 Neopoints They are a Battledome item that has a 25% chance of doing 24 to 38 icons of earth and physical damage. But, when combined with a Little Timmy’s Slingshot, it becomes the infamous Faerie Acorn Slingshot. This does a maximum of more than 50 icons of damage. Hehe! WHOOPS, strayed off there. Anyway, back to the comparison!

Although the Fruity Usul Acorns and the Faerie Acorns look similar, they can be visually distinguished in two ways. First, the Fruity Usul Acorns have a green top whereas the other does not. Also, there are more acorns shown in the image of the Faerie Acorns. But, as always, read the name before looking at the picture just to make sure!

Well, Neopians, that is all I have to say, for now! To sum up, remember these things about distinguishing which items are which. Don’t take what you see for granted, research items before buying them, and read the names of the item before you attempt to buy it. This goes to people trying to buy items and people who are attempting to sell items. Don’t forget to play the game safely and fairly! I sure hope this helped and good luck to you all! :)

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