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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 139 > Short Stories > Four Pets and a Neopian Times Submission

Four Pets and a Neopian Times Submission

by precious_katuch14

The sun shone brightly on Neopia Central. Folks were hustling and bustling about, restocking, earning some cash, or picking up food for their pets. Some were seen lugging heavy trophies over to their Neohomes, or clutching a codestone or two. It was truly a very busy day for everyone…especially a Neopian Times writer.

     “Hang on…that’s not how it’s spelled! Glitter, where is my dictionary? Angel, have you been playing with my Light Faerie Eraser? Sweet, please hand me a sharpened pencil! I have to submit this story by the end of the day!” A flustered, frustrated and frantic girl scribbled away on an Angelic Notebook, pausing every now and then to peek at a pile of papers on her desk or to find something she needed for writing.

     “Kat, Apollo hid the sharpener,” called Sweet. The striped Kacheek ran into Kat’s room holding the sharpened pencil in one paw and his blue Angelpuss in the other. After hurried thanks, his owner grabbed the pencil and continued scrawling like the wind.

     “What’s wrong with her?’ asked Fluffy (a white Aisha) reading a book while dawdling toward the other three pets.

     Glitter grabbed Fluffy before she could bump into a wall. “Kat’s making a story for the Neopian Times again, and she’s totally under time pressure.” The Faerie Acara grabbed the book out of the white Aisha’s paws. “So this is the dictionary! Sorry, but our owner really needs it right now.”

     Fluffy shrugged. “Well, there were more books where that came from,” she muttered to herself as she went out the door.

     “Kat, here’s the eraser you wanted,” a voice piped up from the bottom of the table. A blue Zafara showed up, clutching the eraser. “You knocked it over when you reached for another paper.”

     “Thanks, Angel,” mumbled their owner, taking the eraser from him and frantically erasing away. Then she started writing again, copying something from a sheet of paper.

     Angel, Sweet and Glitter gazed at their owner with interest. “I’ve never seen Kat this hardworking before,” said Sweet. “And I’m supposed to be the eldest and the one who knows her the most.”

     “Many Neopian Times readers are asking her to write more stories,” said Fluffy, coming back with another thick book. “They liked what she has been writing lately, even if she writes more rarely than other authors. Remember all those messages and that mail we got yesterday? They’ve been clamoring for another story, and Kat’s been short on ideas lately. She wrote every single idea, suggestion and datum that she could think of, every last piece that could please the readers, and scribbled them all onto so many pieces of paper.”

     “Thanks a lot, genius,” said Glitter. “At least we know what’s in those papers. We’ve already known about those messages from fans already. Poor Kat. I wish we could help her.”

     The other pets all nodded and agreed. But when they decided to approach their owner and ask if they could help, Kat finally jumped up and looked at her watch. “I’m late! I’m late for a multiplayer game! If I win this, we get more money! Speaking of Neopoints, I’ve got to earn more Neopoints!”

     Kat grabbed a backpack, and gave each of her pets a nice big hug. “Take care, everyone…I’m off to find some food for us, and maybe take a stab at the Faerie Crossword! I’ll be back before you can say ‘short story’.”

     And with that, she ran off. A sheet of paper fluttered to the ground in her wake. Before anyone could pick it up, their owner peeked in the room again.

     “Look, you can do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t break any rules or regulations. Don’t go out of the house, and help yourselves to the leftover jelly. But whatever you do, do NOT touch what I’m writing. I’ve worked hard on it, and I think it’s just about done. I can’t submit it now because Snowflake is still out of her office! I’ll just come back for it later. See you!”

     All four pets just stared at their owner as she streaked toward the front door.

     “Wow, she runs really fast,” said Angel in awe.

     “I’m hungry. What kind of jelly can we eat right now? I hope it isn’t lemon…I hate lemon jelly,” Fluffy suddenly began.

     “It’s lime, no doubt,” answered Glitter. She picked off a piece with her paws, and while still hovering in the air, the Faerie Acara began to eat.

     The blue Zafara tried to reach her. “I want some! I’m hungry too!” But Glitter just flew high, out of his reach.

     “I think I’ll just eat later,” muttered Fluffy as she went off to find another book.

     “My Lost Desert Dagger needs polishing, and I need to check if I have enough stone Kacheek heads for the Kacheek pebble lobber,” added Sweet.

     “Oh well, more for us, Angel,” said Glitter, her mouth full of jelly.


About eight minutes and thirty-two seconds later, an empty plate with stray jelly crumbs lay on the table. Glitter was tired of playing with her Usukis, Fluffy had finished the last chapter of her new book about faeries, Sweet had battled another bunch of Giant Spyders, and Angel was already done throwing a ball for his Anubis to fetch.

     “I’m bored,” groaned Angel the blue Zafara, picking up his Anubis and petting it.

     “I’m tired,” sighed Sweety the striped Kacheek, wiping off some Spyder fur off his trusty Oaken Kacheek Sword.

     “Let’s do something else,” added Glitter the Faerie Acara, putting down her dolls.

     “Oh yeah? Like what?” answered Fluffy the white Aisha, as she watched her book vanish in a puff of blue smoke.

     Glitter scratched her head. “Let’s chase each other all over the Neohome!” she cried.

     Sweet disagreed. “We could break something, and Kat will throw a fit if we do,” he explained. “Let’s do something to help her instead, so that when she comes home, she’ll be surprised that we did a nice thing to her!”

     “Why not help her make her story even better?” said Fluffy and Angel together.

     Glitter and Sweet grinned and nodded. “Come on,” said Sweet, “when she gets another trophy for the Neopian Times, she’ll be really happy. And we’ll be happy too, because we did something good.”


“Okay, so what now?” asked Angel, picking up Kat’s notebook. The four Neopets had gotten some chairs and were now seated around their owner’s desk.

     “We rewrite the boring parts, of course!” said Fluffy. “Then we write the final story on some other paper so it would look nice and neat.”

     “But what do we add?” cried Glitter. Her pencil was now poised on her own notepad.

     “We add action! Adventure!”



     “No violent stuff!”

     “HOLD IT!” yelled the Faerie Acara. “I can’t write everything at once! And besides, my penmanship is a Neopian disaster.”

     Fluffy snatched the pencil and notepad from Glitter. “I’ll write it. OK, I want to add some adventure, so let’s erase this part about Jhudora and Illusen arguing…that’s old news anyhow.” She scribbled a strikethrough on that part.

     “And let’s take out this boring part about the Rainbow Pool,” sighed Sweet. The striped Kacheek grabbed an eraser and began erasing. “I want a little battle here… with a brave young Kacheek defending his friends from the evil Dr. Sloth…”

     Angel squeezed himself between Sweet and Glitter. “I want some funny stuff! Comedies are cool!”

     “Who says so?” demanded Glitter. “But what the heck, comedy sounds fun to me!”

     Fluffy’s paw began flying across the sheet of paper, taking down everything Angel, Sweet and Glitter said, plus some ideas of her own.

     “Make that Zafara a blue one! Like me!”

     “Put my name in it! I want to be famous!”

     “No one will want to read about your fictitious beauty contest victory, Glitter. Let’s erase it and put Jeran in the story instead!”

     “But we’re not writing about the Battle for Meridell!”

     “You guys! We have to make it fast! Let’s be serious!” interrupted Fluffy.


“What do you think?” asked Fluffy. She had finally copied the edited story onto another clean sheet of paper, and her paws were getting tired.

     The other three pets crowded around the white Aisha and began browsing through the story at different rates.

     “Wow! I didn’t know we were good writers!” answered Angel.

     Glitter glanced out the window. “Everyone, let’s get out of here! Kat’s coming home, and she’s running. Fast!”

     The four Neopets pushed their chairs out and quickly laid the final paper on top of Kat’s notebook. And just as their owner opened the front door, every pet was seated casually on the table, as if nothing had happened.

     “Wow, you actually didn’t move from this table? Well, I’ve got news—I’m going to submit my story right now, and Illusen was kind enough to give me more cash…I’ll be stopping over by the bank and after that, submitting my masterpiece!” Kat dashed over to her room, grabbing the paper. Then she was out the door again.


“Look guys, the Times is out!” squealed Kat one morning, clutching the newspaper.

     “Oh, joy,” muttered Angel, picking at his bacon omelette.

     Fluffy kicked him under the table and whispered, “Kat may be about to read our story, silly!”

     All of a sudden a knock on the door made Kat drop the paper on the table and dash over to it. A package was on the doorstep, and their owner quickly went through the wrapping.

     “Oh, boy! Another Neopian Times trophy!” she screamed. “All right! I did it! I did it! Time to read my award-winning piece!”

     Everyone at the table held their breaths as Kat began leafing through the Short Story section, searching for her story.


“That’s funny,” she mused to herself. “I don’t remember this part, or this part, and I most certainly didn’t put this in my story!” Kat looked up at her pets, which were suddenly wolfing down their food.

     Just as they were finished and about to leave the table, their owner abruptly stood up. “Explain this,” she said seriously, throwing the Times in front of them all.

     Angel, Fluffy, Glitter and Sweet all launched into explanation.

     “We wanted to do something good—“

     “Not ruin the story! Honest!”

     “So we edited it a bit—“

     “We thought it would be great—“

     “We’re sorry—we were bored and couldn’t do anything—“

     “That’s where it all began… when we were bored!”

     Kat scratched her head and looked at the four pets, all looking ashamed. Then she burst into laughter.

     “Oh, you guys,” she sighed. “I wasn’t going to punish you for breaking the rules, I was going to congratulate you for breaking the rules!”

     “Huh?” was the reply.

     “Well, remember when I told you not to touch my story? It turns out that it was me who broke the rules! I wouldn’t let you express yourselves and evaluate the story… and when you did pour out all your feelings while editing my piece, you actually made it better!” she answered. “Next time I write a story, I’ll let you guys help!”

     The four pets grinned at each other. All except Glitter, who picked up the Times and began reading herself.

     “Hey! No one put me in the story!”

The End

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