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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 139 > Continuing Series > The Curse of the Citadel: Part Six

The Curse of the Citadel: Part Six

by jinjolover

"The Aisha in there," Bel started to explain, as he ran and put his armour back on at the same time, "she's not what she looks like. She's really more like an evil witch, and what all the hypnotized innocent people in there; they're seeing nothing but a vision, which motions put them under into a spell. Lord Kass probably sent her to keep the king from helping his kingdom, Meridell. Without him, your force is pretty weakened. So I'd suggest doing something-fast." Jeran stared around the market they were running through. It barely looked recognizable with such lack of crowd; all of the citizens were hiding in their NeoHomes, cowering from whatever was happening.

     "So," said Jeran, with an angry face because of the current situation, "what kept you from going under? Can she not put fellow Draconians under? Or do you know how to fight it?"

     "Something about these glasses Mya made for me," he claimed, "they have some sort of magic to them. I slipped them off for a moment, and she almost had me under, but I held on just long enough to slip them back on again, and I no longer saw that mysterious Aisha of beauty, but a hideous Draconian Aisha casting a spell.

     "I think the weaker the mind, the easier it is for her to put them under."

     "Well," said Jeran, with a sudden smile, "good."

     "What?" Bel looked confuse.

     "Then Lisha should be fine," said Jeran, staring at the Castle approaching rapidly. "That girl's got the mind of ten normal Aisha's-which is a lot to say. She'll get out of the situation."

     "Let's hope so," he replied, "Here comes the castle. I suppose we should split up. You go guide your men. I'll try and keep the Draconians as busy as long as possible. Some of them might even be happy to see me once again. You got that?"

     "Sounds good to me," said Jeran, running towards the front of the Castle, while Bel ran to the fields behind the market.


"Now, troops," said Vex, with 20, tough-looking Draconians, all-suited up, "If we don't find that weasel, Bel, before Captain Kalam does, I'm as good as a dead Mynci, and you few might as well be, too. We take this village first. This is along where he was last spotted falling from the Citadel, so search every house, everywhere. And I want decent proof of his death. Show me his blood, anything. He who finds him, I can and WILL grant much wealth too. So, what are you Slorgs waiting for? Go on! Fetch him!" They rushed off, two per house at a time.


"That's strange…" said Bel, confused. He stared far and wide around the fields and the hills, but nothing came to sight but the Pick-Your-Own Farm. "Is-Is it all… Just in our heads?" He then stared at his new home village. "No, not something this horrible."

     There, he saw a force of Draconians, raiding his new home village. He glared, and looked like he was burning up in rage.

     "Hold on," he cried, "MYA! I'm coming!!!" He ran off over the endless hills as fast as possible, but only approached slowly.


"Do you see them?" asked Jeran, standing by a green Lupe holding a small telescope next to his eye.

     "There's a few in the village," he said. "And that's a big danger to nearby citizens. There is also an army slowly approaching the market place. They're too big for us to handle, but we'll at least need to get the innocent people out of the way."

     "Well," said Jeran, turning to the farther part of the roof of the castle, "Since the king is out, I'll give the orders for now. And the first thing we need to do is get the villagers out of the main village. The market place should be safe for a good matter of time."

     "Yes sir."


"Joel!" Bel chased after a Draconian Uni, who didn't turn his head in time to see the angry Draik charging at him with his sword all out.

     "BEL?" He gawked in amazement at the living Draconian. "What are YOU doing here? ALIVE?"

"Better question:" started off Bel, as he held his sword to the Uni's back, "What is the DRACONIAN ARMY doing here?"

     "Well," he replied, starting to look worried, and a little sad, "they're here in some idea that they're defending themselves from these people. But I-I'm here to kill you!" Because Joel was a former acquaintance of Bel's, he let him up, because he believed Joel wouldn't be willing to actually fight him.

     "Fly away," said Bel, glaring, "Fly away now. Back to the Citadel, and tell that jerk Lord Kass to stay away from my land."

     "Your land? But you're…"

     "GO. Now."

     "Well," said Joel, backing up and starting to glare at him, "I'm sorry, old buddy, but I really just can't do that. You see, Master Vex has promised quite the riches to your proven death, and I just found my little chance for wealth…"

     "You mean…" Bel was crazy with anger, "you would actually put a friendship in the way just for wealth?"

     "Of course I would." Joel backed up, then charged. He had his jagged horn pointing in front, aiming right at Bel. But just as Joel came near him, Bel hopped out of the way then onto him. "GET OFF ME, YOU BEAST!" Just then, Joel let out a loud nay.

     In moments of time, before Bel had a chance to even step off the crazy Uni, he was surrounded by several of Draconian warriors, all aiming arrows at Bel. Fearing being hit, Joel stayed still as well.

     "Ah, haha…" There was a high-pitched laugh, but the laugher was not to be seen.

     There is only one with that awful voice… thought Bel.

     "Come out," called Bel, "You little vermin." Vex came out between two of the archers, dressed in armours, and fidgeting with his sword.

     "You might not want to be the one to speak," said Vex, still smiling and unhurt from Bel's comments, "Not in this position, at least. You've gotten in my way for the last time, you big mistake." Vex stared at his men, and waved his arms. "Put your arrows down. I'd like the pleasure of assuring his death."

     "But why?" asked Bel, "Why are you doing this?"

     "Because," said Vex, "I'm doing this for myself. I do this, I get freedom.

     "How can you get freedom from that?" Bel looked confused.

     "It's all part of one big plan-WHICH, you're not part of, so you will not be hearing."

     "Well," said Bel, smiling, "I have two things I can tell you-"

     "What?" he asked, in a rush to defeat Bel.

     "Killing me can't possibly give you freedom from the curse, and--" He paused as Vex glared. "Freedom from the curse is only for the good-hearted." Bel jumped off the fat Uni's back, into the air behind Vex and his men. The front row brought there bows back, and released that arrows aimed directly at Bel, who swiftly grabbed a barrel for a water which was able to slow them to a stop as the tiny holes caused water to leak across the dusty village street. The whole village had momentarily turned into a shallow pond of mud. He then hid behind the wall of a large NeoHome, where they continued attempts of breaking through the wall from a distance until they ran out of arrows.

     Joel then charged at Bel with insane anger. With a single kick in the forehead, Joel had fallen to the floor, unconscious. Two more came, and he jumped into the air, and slammed their heads together.

     "Oooh," said Vex, sarcastically, "Looks like little Bel learnt a move or two!"

     "Want some?" asked Bel, confidently, "Come and get some." Bel had a big smile.

     "Troops," called Vex, more then ready to kill, "CHARGE!!!" He waited for a few moments, than started repeating himself, not bothering to give his troops a stare. "All at once, now!" His face turned blue. "Tr-troops?"

     "I think you've gone loco," said Bel, with a huge smile, "Vex. Either you're calling me, "Troops," or you're talking to yourself." Vexes jaw dropped, as he turned around to see nothing but a missing army.

     "PLEASE!" Vex instantly went into beg-mode. "PLEASE HAVE MERCY, BEL!" Bel laughed.

     "Hardly," said Bel, laughing and approaching Vex. "You're dead meat, my friend." Bel picked up the cowering little wimp by is long, skinny, bony and curled tail, once again. "Wanna feel pain?"

     "FINE!" screamed Vex. "I'll tell you the WHOLE story!"

     "Better not." Bel looked around, not noticing every time he shifted, he slammed Vexes head on the ground.

     "Who said that?!" Bel recognized the voice, but he did not want to tell himself who it was.

     "You know." Bel looked down the street behind him, and there, holding his sword, and proudly wearing his advanced armour, all alone, was Kalam. Bel panicked. Kalam had grown to be 5 times swift as Bel, and 10 times as strong. He could most likely dispose of Bel with utmost ease anytime he chose to.

     "Kalam…" They both paused.

     "SIR!" screamed the evil Mynci, breaking the silence. "You're HERE? SAVE ME! PLEASE!!!"

     "Bel," said Kalam, calmly, and still, "drop the rat." Bel's hand slowly went numb with fear, and Vex dropped upside-down, onto the ground, head first. He crawled away snickering at Bel's loss.

     "Shut up, Vex," said Kalam, with anger at the rascal. "I'm not done with you yet. You've got it MUCH worse then you could ever imagine." Vex slipped through the alleyway silently.

     "You're here to kill me," asked Bel, "aren't you?" Bel started quivering with fear.

     "Oh," Kalam said, smiling, "of course not. I couldn't get away with that, you're just too smart! Not a thing I could possibly do…" Bel started feeling more confident of himself, and started to think he actually had dominance over Kalam. "No way, no way possible. I simply fluked up at the Citadel that one day…"

     "So," said Bel, smiling proudly as if it was all over, "You know this means I'll have to send you to Lord Kass to call this off, too, right?" Kalam laughed at Bel's assurance with himself.

     "Ahahaha," he laughed, "Sorry, buddy, just can't do that." Bel got in a cautious crouching position, and his smile faded away.

     "What do you mean?" Bel then noticed Kalam had something he was holding behind his back. Perhaps a secret weapon? Bel shook at the very thought.

     "I have…" He paused then laughed again. "Deliveries, to make." Bel brought up the courage to throw the words out.

     "WHAT ARE YOU HIDING BEHIND YOUR BACK?!" Bel drew his sword, and pointed it at Kalam. But just then, the worse possible thing Bel could think of happened.

     "I believe you know this young one," he said, snickering maniacally. Bel was hit with so much shock, he almost started crying. His sword dropped to the ground, and made a loud banging noise.

     There, in Kalam's hideous hands, was Mya, screaming and crying under a cloths where he hands, feet and mouth were tied up in.


     "B-b-but…" Bel struggled with his words. "If you think you could kill me so easily, why don't you kill me here, and right now?

     "I learned you could be used for something after all." Kalam smiled at his final vengeance. "I saw you have that awful hero, Jeran's, trust. Now, it is required of you to fetch the Sunblade for me, as well. With it, I can overcome Lord Kass, then rule the Citadel, Meridell, and who knows WHAT more!" He smiled.

     "You have a couple of hours. I suggest you hurry." As Kalam flew off, Bel dropped to the floor, and wept.

     And a Knight wept.

To be continued…

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