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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 139 > Continuing Series > All My Clichés: Part Two

All My Clichés: Part Two

by plushieowner

Star threw a massive tantrum again, smashing and throwing glasses at walls. Scatters of glass dropped to the champagne coloured carpet, her loathsome bitterness reflected off the pieces. She noticed in the fragments on the ground a Plushie Kougra staring back with a ‘what the heck are you doing?’ kind of look.

     Then she begun to vehemently pace around the room with the footsteps of Elephantes charging towards a bag of salted peanuts.

     ”HOW DARE HE?!?! HOW COULD HE?!? That rotten backstabbing tomato! My plans are ruined! I wanted to get rid of that blasted Faerie Scorchio (Heart or whatever her name is) once and for all so I could have Listad the Faerie Kacheek all to myself. “ She paused for breath and continued yelling at the top of her voice.

     “Bah humbug. He said he liked me. All lies!!!” dramatically Star placed her hand in a most unnatural pose next to her forehead.

     “Would you like some hot, soothing tea for your nerves?” Solli offered her a cup of hot peach tea on a cup and saucer. In fit of rage, Star grabbed and tossed her mother’s best fine china teapot from Solli’s silver plate. She chucked it across into the wall (major attitude problem this girl, don’t you think?).

     “Ms. Star, you must learn not to hold a grudge. She’s only Neopet, you know. Let the poor girl leave.” Sollicitudo started to lecture Star. Of course, she just ignored him and made a gesture with her hand suggesting he was a blabbermouth.

     “That’s easy for you to say when you are not the vengeful, melodramatic, over the top drama queen around here.”

     “You can act?! Pfft! That's a laugh.”

     “Why do I bother? Nobody appreciates my dramatics! Besides, most people wouldn’t know real artistic talent if it poked them in the tail. I should quit this soap opera and move on to new things. Haha! Wouldn’t it be funny if my character was written out!“

     As good as done, Star gets her wish. From this line onwards, Star is written out of the story. Just checking... yup she leaves this soap to pursue more interesting prospects. Good luck on the infomercials! You’ll, ahum... certainly need it.


Yummy the Acara is still in the hospital, flicking through pages of trashy, gossip magazines, trying to find something decent to read. He doesn’t need 101 hair removal tips to rip off his baby blue coloured fur.

     “Hair removal tips, how to bake low fat muffins, and an advice column where pathetic losers write in who can’t find a girlfriend. There’s nothing in these magazines to cater to the tastes of the superior intellect of the typical Male Acara.” He paused and sighed, thinking about why that was.

     “Sod this!” Yummy did his best Mynci Ninja impression and flicked the magazines for fun around the room.

     “Ouch!” he accidentally hit his brother Plushi0 as he was coming in (always in the wrong place at the wrong time that Usuki Usul). He made an announcement.

     “Thanks, the black eye doesn’t really go with my musketeer ensemble that is going on. Good news, your best friend has been found!”

     Afterwards, Chi, a perky rainbow Acara, promptly popped in. Her leg was bandaged up from a tragic Faerieland Racer incident, but why she wore high heels puzzled both guys.

     Her whole life was ruined when she hurt her leg. Her dreams in patchwork tatters. Yes, her dreams of making the cheer leading squad. No splits, backflips and short skirts for her, but her positive attitude and energy stayed with her.

     Her psychedelic coloured fur bounced beams of colour all over the place. She was happy as a waffer-thin faerie going to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

     “Where have had you been, sis?”

     “Long story, I’m like on the run from some person. They have it in for me real bad. Dunno what to do.”

     “We’ve got to get you out of this area. I’ll protect you and come with you” hastily Yummy grabbed his jacket from the end of his bed and threw a spare pair of pyjamas at his Usuki Usul brother.

     “Plushi0, would you be able to do a favour for me? Pretend you are me. Change into those clothes, sit under those sheets in my bed, put some dark glasses on, and nobody will realise that I’m gone.”

     “Can do, bro.” Willingly, like a sailor on duty, Plushi0 fulfilled his duty to help out.

     As both Acaras embarked for the exit, Plushi0 dressed in the disguise of Yummy. You never know on the off chance whether anyone might get a little suspicious about there not being some sort of lumps in Yummy’s bed.


“We’re safe here.” A puffed out Yummy and Chi dropped to the gravel in relief, some sharp, stabbing pains hurt in her leg.

     Luckily, the middle from nowhere was about a quick 5 km run from the hospital. For now, they were safe, without a thing in sight for what seems like miles. Tumbleweeds rolled by, and that was about it.

     Out of the blue, a slight rustle from a bush nearby sparked both their sensitive Acara hearing. A cute little petpet popped out of the bushes. It looked very wild and primitive, and both could not recognize what petpet it was.

     “Aw... isn’t it cute?” Yummy was very sensitive about liking cute things. His jaw dropped to the floor, and they both reached down to the petpet to pat it.

     “Yes, Yummy... it is biting my finger!” Chi flinched her finger back.

     “Relax, it is just playing.’

     This reminded them of all times they have had together. Such as the time when they had created a little Acara Neopet at the Create-a Pet Centre with the name ‘YummyandChi’. Providentially, it hadn’t been thought up before for a pet.

     It was a symbol of their friendship and unity. They released it to the pound shortly after it's creation. Who knows what metaphorical significance that is supposed to have; nobody knows (except the ghost script writers on this story).

     The young petpet started at breakneck speed to chase Chi and Yummy around in circles. Oh no! Both stared at the fall behind them.

     Playtime was over... right at the edge of a cliff. They were cornered and the cliff was becoming to quiver and tremble.

     “I’ll be fine, go on without me! Do not fret, there is a big stunt trampoline to land on at the bottom.” Chi slipped on one of her heels (just one of the many things girls have to do to sacrifice comfort for fashion). Dangling off the cliff, she squealed in fright.

     “Before you fall over this 10-m cliff face, there is something I want to ask you. Would you...” he pulled a box out of his pocket.

     “MAKE IT QUICK!” the Rainbow Acara gripped on as tight as she could.

     “As my trusted friend that I’ve known for many years...”

     “Come on, get on with it... This is the worst unhappiest day in my life..”

     “Will you do my tax returns?”

     “I’d have to think about iiittt..” The cliff collapsed. Yummy tried to catch her to no avail; he didn’t think this story would end this way.

     Male Acaras don’t cry. Male Acaras don’t cry. Male Acaras don’t cry. He repeated to himself; he was not going to get emotional. All of a sudden he cracked and broke down.



Yummy’s friend/flatmate moved slowly out of her bedroom with a cup of espresso. She wore a well worn shirt with a big smiley smile on it. Her messy, out of bed fur proved she was no morning person at all.

     “Do you have any leftover stir fry from last week?” she opened a can of Neocola and sculled it down as if nobody was watching you devour a whole pizza by yourself, then she let out the most rippling burp. “Urpppp...” Manners? Spanners used by men.

     “Why?” Yummy stepped over the pile of junk, papers, clothes and everything. At the same time he tried to make a clear pathway to the living room by kicking everything. The room was a Snorkle sty.

     Eventually, he managed to get to the place where his friend was.

     “Breakfast of course.”

     “You know, Chi. I had the most bizarre dream last night.”

     “Huh? Like what?” the befuddled Rainbow Acara scratched under her chin.

     “Don’t remember much. It was something about plate juggling Faellies." Yummy stared blankly into her eyes.

     “Me too! Just like something straight from a soap!” Scavenging ravenously, Chi pulled out of the kitchen pantry - a packet of instant noodles. Used some Quiggle Scissors to cut open the packet and took a whiff. As she looked through the kitchen pantry, she noticed most of the groceries were..

     Sniff, sniff. A foul smell crept slowly up her nose. Yuck.

     “Great! I think all of these packets of noodles have gone off,” she scanned for the expiration date. Straight in the bin they went.

     “Oh, no wonder!” a gasp escaped Yummy’s mouth.

     So what have we learned boys and girls? Moral to this story. (If you even call this a story). Don’t eat out of date noodles; if you do, it will cause you to have abnormal dreams (or nightmares in this case.)

The End.

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