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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 139 > Articles > Questing Addiction

Questing Addiction

by _cherryblossom_40

FAERIELAND - Yes, we’ve heard about you. You, the once-millionaire Neopets user, who grew bored one day with your massive fortune, and so decided to take up a cheap, simple hobby-quests, hosted by the kind, fluttering faeries, who had helped rise you to power by handing over Basic Golden Nerkmids and Green Petpet Paintbrushes. Too bad you didn’t know that it would eat up your Neopoints faster then you could click, ‘Yes, I accept.’

Or, perhaps, you are an average, common Neopian, who occasionally did a quest when one of the various faeries asked you of it, and then watch your bank account quickly slip down to zero.

That’s where this article comes in.

If you are new to quests, an average quester, or a user that is totally addicted to fetching expensive items, then this article is for you. I’m not a quest mad person who buys heaps of items before they go out on a quest, just in case one of the gracious Faeries needs one of them.

No. But, luckily for you, I do know quite a few things about quests, and am here to give you a little bit of advice before you race off with a million Neopoints and come back with none, all purchases to going to the winged ones.

Here, we will go over the group of Uber Faeries who send you on quests, what the average thing is that you’ll get from them, if its worth the hassle of finding that much-needed item without the help of the Shop Wizard, and some random tips to improve your financial situation after you’ve purchased that rare item that your sender wants.

By the way, in this article at least, I will always refer to you (Yes, YOU! Not that pretty Illusen picture you keep staring at) as the quester, and the Faeries, the magic-ones, the fluttering princesses, the charming dinner-guests, the pretty visions, as the senders. Just telling you so you don’t get confused.

Who will send me on quests? The Faeries, of course. This is a special group of spell-weaving, delicate, intelligent Faeries that are at least ten times as big as their smaller relations that have been trapped in glass bottles. Their quests are normally very fair…with a few, exceptions, of course.

For example, once I got the questing call from a worried Earth Faerie. She claimed that she urgently needed a five-thousand-Neopoint-worth Strawberry Fondant Surprise, a brown chocolate-cake like thing with strawberry icing. And, to think, all I got in return were four pets groaning from bloated bellies…well, that wasn’t the best day I’ve ever had.

First, lets talk about the wonderful Faeries. Yes, they are beautiful, graceful, magical and delightfully charming, but sometimes their quests can be sort of…expensive. Not cheap. Whatever you wish to call it. But I’m not going to stop there. I’ll put, in bullet-point fashion, your complete guide to sender Faeries…

· The Fire Faerie. Yes, you’ll have to admit, she is hot. So hot that she keeps scorching her clothes! So, if you go off and grab her some trendy new garments, she will reward you with a stronger pet.

· The Light Faerie. She must really be addicted (not to quests, of course!), because she keeps asking for Trading Cards! Grab her her wanted collection items and she’ll happily raise your pets level.

· The Earth Faerie. This rotten, cheating…ahum. This kind, nature-loving Faerie will fill your pets stomachs until they burst, in exchanged for a valuable magic item.

· The Air Faerie. A graceful, swift being of the clouds, this Faerie wants to be more pretty…so, grab her some beauty products and off you go with a faster pet!

· The Dark Faerie. Who knows what she is testing on those innocent toys to bring her? But at least your pet’s health gets increased!

· The Water Faerie. What a smart fishy! (Ouch, Water Faerie-it was a joke, a joke, there's no need to whack me with those Wet Snowballs!) Anyway, as I was saying, this water-bound, slippery faerie is thirsty for knowledge and will raise your pets defence level for a price…Neopian books.

· The Faerie Queen. This breathtaking, purple loving Queen of Faerieland demands some of the most rare, expensive items. It is tough! But if you are up to the challenge, the rewards are bigger than you could ever have dreamed possible! Well, they are nice, anyway.

· The Space Faerie. Not many people know that the mysterious star-studded Faerie hands out quests, but its true! It is told that she has been asking for food or furniture, and in return will give pets-are you ready for it-four additional levels!

· The Fountain Faerie. The quests from this rainbow-loving faerie are extremely rare, but the reward is quite good! For giving her a random item, you will be granted unlimited access to her coveted Rainbow Pool!

Now that you have that bit understood, lets move on!

It’s quite all right. We understand. You’ve been wasting away on quests, your precious Neopoints slipping from your grasp, and now, you want them back. Well, guess what? This might not sound the best to you now, but it is the truth, the truth, and nothing but the truth-sometimes you need to take it easy.

What do I mean? This is very important. You cannot do every quest that the Faeries give you. It is quite unhealthy. Not for you in the real world, but instead, on Neopets. You can’t simply work away with your Neopoints on that statue of the Faeries respect. So, it is best to select an individual Faerie that you want to concentrate on. If your pets are faster then the speed of light, then why do a quest for the Air Faerie? And if, everyday, to take aside 100 NP to buy food for your already full pets, why bother the cost of an Earth Faerie quest? But, if you need levels, do the Faerie Queen and Space Faerie’s quests. Just use your head and you will save thousands.

Now…what your faerie friends will possibly ask you for…

As you already know, the Fire Faerie wants new clothes, the Light Faerie is in need of Trading Cards, the Earth Faerie requests magic items, the Air Faerie desires beauty products, the Dark Faerie needs toys, the Water Faerie reads those books, the Faerie Queen will name anything that will break your bank, the Space Faerie wants food and furniture, and the Fountain Faerie will ask you for whatever pops into her head. But what you don’t know is what exactly they will ask you for. After all, ‘food’ does cover some ten thousand items. Unfortunately, there are no limits to what the supposedly ‘merciful’ Faeries will ask of you.

Generally, the Faeries will start you off easy, requesting Cloud Wocky books, Sun Hats and Blue Aisha Plushies, just like Illusen or Jhudora, before introducing you to the big league. And when I say big league, I mean hundreds of thousands of Neopoints.

Are you up to it? I mean, really up to it? Here is a quick one question quiz to find out…

The Faerie Queen is begging you for a Basic Golden Nerkmid. You know how much these Nerkmids are worth-nearly 80 000 Neopoints-but you only have 30 000 in the bank. Would you…

a) Refuse the quest. You’re not risking 80 000 Neopoints that could buy you two white paintbrushes for your pets.

b) You play games for 4 hours every day, trying for the highest scores possible that will bring you more NP. Finally, you get the 80 000, buy the Nerkmid, and happily hand it over, receiving items of an average value.

c) You casually ask around for a Nerkmid, but then ignore the Faerie Queens request. You’ll get round to it later.

So, what did you get? If you answered a) then maybe you should only do a few beginners quests, for many faeries. If you answered b) then you are definitely ready for Faerie stardom! Just remember to save, save, save. And, for those with a score of c), well, my only advice to you is that you stop begging and begin working for your keep.

Now, in case you have yet to notice, those who scored b) and c) may need some financial assistance. Not to worry, I have still a little Faerie Quest knowledge in this head of mine.

Now, earning Neopoints are easy enough. Games such as Usuki Frenzy, Meerca Chase, Ultimate Bullseye and the ever-popular Hassee Bounce will bring you Neopoints galore. Technically, the harder you play, the more you get.

Saving your Neopoints is also important. Sign with the National Neopian, which is the only bank in Neopia anyway, by filling in some small details, like where your NeoHome, should you have one, is situated. And then, put all your daily games income in there, collecting your interest like a good little saver every day. (This may not seem worthwhile at the time but in the long run, it will pay for that rainy-day Petpet supplies shopping spree.) Now, saving every Neopoint can get a little boring. So, here is the loophole…

When I said income, I added games income. Whatever Neopoints you earn from Tombola, Coltzan's Shrine, or the Fruit Machine, is for you to spend as you like. But if you do happen to win the 1 000 000 jackpot at Coltzan's Shrine, I do recommend putting it in your bank. But beware! It is also important to keep some NP in your shop till. From a tale of personal experience, here's why…

I was playing Cheat!, a game that I was new to and had never played in my Neopian life. I glared across at Capara the Kyrii, before coldly accusing her of cheating. Waiting for the page to load, I tapped my fingers tiredly on the keyboard. Then…

The page was loaded, and I scrolled down. Yes! Another 8 Neopoints for me, the Cheat master! I performed a silent cheer for myself. Suddenly, though, something caught my eye. Oh…a random event. I showed the Bank Manager Skeith holding up a bulging bag of Neopoints. Maybe he was clearing out and wanted to give me something! I read what had happened, and my mouth dropped.

The Bank Manager wasn’t giving me anything. In fact, he was telling me that everything in my bank account was gone, due to a bank ‘glitch’. All 250 000 Neopoints. My life savings, all gone. I was devastated beyond belief. And I had been saving for a Darigan Paint Brush, too…

But then I perked up. A glitch, he said. A glitch. Every day I checked the News page, hoping that the ‘glitch’ really was a glitch and that everything would be alright. Nothing was announced. I was shattered like a Faerie bubble that had just be popped.

At the time, my shop wasn’t even existent. I made all my Neopoints from games, games, and more games. But, slowly and surely, I brought my account to 100 000. Never since that day has it been at its original peak. It just goes to show you, though…the National Neopian isn’t as sturdy as it looks. I’m sure not even a masked green Usul could’ve sunk so many hopes.

Well, there is your article on Faerie Questing. I hope that you learnt a thing or two from it, and that in the future, you will think a little before tapping that tempting ‘Yes, I accept’ button.

This is Faeried-out reporter _cherryblossom_40, signing off.

Authors note: If you want to contact me about anything, please do not hesitate. Oh, and if you have the spare Neopoints to give me a gift, a Ultranova Lamp would do just fine. Thankyou!

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