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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 138 > Articles > Neopians are Neopians

Neopians are Neopians

by animals2606

NEOPIA CENTRAL - Have you ever sat there at your computer, gazing and endlessly wondering how you “think” you can’t be as good as those extraordinary Neopians? You know whom I mean, the ones with millions of trophies, those who have all of the Secret Chat Avatars, them with the brilliantly painted pets who are all at incredibly high levels, and have won about one hundred beauty contests? Or the ones that are just so talented at HTML, and have wonderful guilds with over a thousand members, with links and all that you can do is get the one member and just a normal layout? Yes? Well, I cannot blame you, seeing as I do that myself, and even if you have a couple of trophies, you can’t help feeling incredibly jealous over all of these Neopians, feeling you cannot ever be as good and superb as they are?

Well, you can be, and it is easy! How is it easy, you may ask? And I reply, because Neopians are Neopians! Big or small, trophies or no trophies, avatars or no avatars! What would the world be like if everyone was equal, and everyone as good as each other! There would be no such thing as a challenge, and challenge is good because it helps you learn and improve for things! Everybody is different and we all set our own targets – you don’t live up to somebody else’s ever! It doesn’t matter if you’re not fantastic at games and can only get a low score, it doesn’t matter that you haven’t got all the avatars, and it certainly doesn’t matter on how rich you are and if you do not have the latest up to date painted pets, or if you are a brilliant HTML expert and can’t make a guild as good as others! If you really want to achieve something, you can and it just takes these few tips to help you!

1: It is worth reading the HTML help page that Neopets provide for you! Don’t go into the confusing sections immediately, just take your time and learn as every part faces you, that’s how I’ve learnt HTML, and now I teach my school teacher! It really helps, and even make a small private guild just to practice with it! Pretty soon, you will be able to type it out with your eyes closed!

2: Have you ever heard that saying, “practice makes perfect.” Well, it makes a lot of sense, and you should try it, because it is correct! With a lot of practice, you will become an experienced player at some games. You don’t need to get a high score, but if you want to, then just keep on going! There is always a possibility you will succeed and you’ll feel good about yourself!

3: “If at first you do not succeed, then try, try again!” This is another well-known saying, and again a correct one! Just because you fail the once, it does not allow to give up and never ever play that game again! Sure it gets frustrating, but after you have achieved what you want, then you can say, “I’m NEVER playing that game again!” You are most probably going to have to try a few things again in life, but if you just give up, what will you get out of it?

4: People think that they must spend, spend, spend on Neopets! Maybe you are a shopaholic and must buy thousands of items a day, but you can stop this! It may be tempting to buy codestones and dubloons, and all of the other expensive training items, but after playing a few games, which is an excellent way to get Neopoints, why not spend a quarter of that you earn, and put the rest in your bank, or even a half! Just ignore what you have in the bank, except to collect your daily interest and save it up. At the end of the month, you’ll probably have enough to buy one hundred baby paintbrushes, or even one will do, and it is all because you have saved. I know this is Neopets and you can’t say money doesn’t grow on trees, because it does at the money tree, but you should earn for yourself, and that is something Neopets just doesn’t do for you! Don’t expect it to suddenly give you all the Neopoints you have ever wanted! Play a few games! Also, take advantage of what Neopets kindly offers you, go to the Tombola for a few extra Neopoints – you may not always win but there is a good chance, and go to Coltzan's Shrine, which awards your pets with levels!

5: Explore a bit for the avatars, somewhere along the way you’ll probably pick up a few! If you are struggling for an avatar, why not ask a kind Neopian to give you some help, I am sure they will offer you some advice on how to get them! It is worth going to the Avatars chat, and seeing what you can find there. Many Neopians often ask for help, or have avatar discussions, and they are usually up to date on how to get them. (Well, all but the Lenny Avatar!)

This advice is sure to help you out, it helped me out. Do not ever cheat in a game or get someone to do something for you, because it will not be YOU who is achieving it and you will be dishonest! To Neopians that are good in games, do not treat somebody differently as if they are not as good as you, and if they ask for help, why not give them some. I am sure it will make them feel much better and not as low. Just remember everyone, do not trick yourself into thinking you are worthless because everybody is different and you live up to your own targets, not somebody else’s! It is you who decides the rules for how you are, and you don’t have to be fantastic at everything to be a good person! Thanks for reading!

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