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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 137 > Articles > NeoHTML Explained

NeoHTML Explained

by grape_luvver

NEOBOARDS - If you read the Neopian Times (and I'll give some good odds that you do!), you will have most likely come across an article to help you gain the avatar of your dreams! But after attaining this avatar, some will realize that there is still something the others on the boards have that you lack. It's fancy! It's flashy! It's Neo! It's... NeoHTML!!!

This guide is meant for those who start out with nothing. Zip. Nada. Just a plain black font with no siggy. If you meet these requirements, this is the article for you!

1. The Basics

The NeoHTML language is actually quite simple. The key is in what I will call "tags." They are comprised of these symbols here: [ ].

Now, in order to use these properly, there must be code in between the symbols, and the text which you want the code to modify following. After the text, you will use an ending tag : [/]

In order to use it to modify your entire message body, go to "Boards," then to "Chat Preferences." Where it tells you to (in the first text box), enter all your tags, any text you might want to include in each post, and the word "NeoHTML", then end the tags. Simple.

This is probably way over your head, but you must remember it in order for the next parts to make sense to you. Once you see the following uses, you should grow to understand it more. If you wish for more clarification, go to the Neopets HTML Guide. Note that this does not explain NeoHTML, but the real thing, which is actually more advanced and will help immensely in your comprehension of NeoHTML

2. Bold, Italics, and Underline

These are the three most basic NeoHTML tags you can get, as they feature only simple, easy to remember letters. Other simple ones are superscript, subscript, and center, but being not as frequently used, those will be explained in a later section.

The tag for bold is [b], the tag for italics is [i], and the code for underline is [u]. Here's how to use them:

For bold:

[b]TEXT[/b] (Appears as TEXT)

For italics:

[i]TEXT[/i] (Appears as TEXT)

For underlining:

[u]TEXT[/u] (Appears as TEXT)

Keep in mind that you can mix and match any tags, as long as the text is contained within the tags, like such: [i][b]TEXT[/b][/i]. Notice that [i][/i][b]TEXT[/b] will show up as only bold, because "TEXT " comes after the ending of the italics tag. That's it for Bold, Italics, and Underlining, lets move on to the next section:

3. Text Positioning Tags

These are the next simplest tags. They use the exact same principle as the bold, italic, and the like, but rather than changing how the text appears, they change where. The superscript tag is [sup], (You must end this tag, as well as all others -- I will not show the endings here, but they must be included in your NeoHTML for it to work...!), which will position your text in a raised position above the line. Subscript, for which the tag is [sub], does the opposite, while center (this has the most self-explanatory tag yet-- [center]!!) will position your text in the middle of your post.

4. Font Changes

The tag to modify your font is [font c=COLOR f=FACE s=SIZE], replacing each all-caps word with a fitting color, font style, or number. The size can be defined as any number from 1 to 7, with the size gradually increasing with the higher numbers. If, in face, you need to enter a font with a space, (I.E Comic Sans), write it as ComicSans or comicsans. The same goes for colors, dark blue would be expressed as darkblue.

If you want to leave a part of your font as default, do not enter a change for that part at all. [font c=purple s=4] will simply leave the font face as arial. The defaults for font are as follows: Color - Black; Size - 2; Face - Arial.

If your font tag is [font c=blue f=veranda s=7], or anything like that, then you need to end it with just [/font]. This is because the tag is [font], and the other things only modify that tag. The same goes for our following subject:

5. Glow and Shadow

Glow and shadow work very similarly to font, with the glow or shadow tag followed by certain modifications. There are two significant modifications to this tag, c(color) and s(size). Experts will say that there is also a "w" modification, but it does nothing. Size does not effect your overall font size, but the size of the effect (glow or shadow). Color modifies the color of that glow or shadow. The glow defaults are:

c=orange s=2

And the shadow defaults are:

c=black s=2

The tags for glow and shadow are [glow] and [shadow]. If you enter no modifications whatsoever, it will make the default modifications and add them on. To make the glow "dance," you must insert, inside that particular glow, one of the animated emotions. (*lol*, *cry*, *cough*, *complain*, *violin*, *clap*, *unsure*)

6. Putting Together Your NeoHTML and Siggy

Keep in mind that two or more tags can be used on the same text, as long as they do not contradict each other as [sup] and [sub] do. To make the NeoHTML take effect upon all your text, you must insert the word "NeoHTML" where your text would go in the appropriate section. This word MUST be included. To modify your siggy, do it in the appropriate area for siggy changes, and do NOT enter the word "NeoHTML" YOUR TAGS MUST BE ENDED FOR THEM TO TAKE EFFECT!! However, you can skip ending the tags from your "NeoHTML" section until the siggy, IE:

Your NeoHTML:


Your Siggy

(my siggy)[/b].

Keep in mind that those tags will also take effect on the dotted line that separates your siggy from your main message body.

One final comment: To add a break in your siggy or neoHMTL, you must use the following tag: [br]. This tag should actually NOT be ended. It must be used as enter does not work in the type of text box in which you must type your NeoHTML

Now, I have taught what I have to teach, and you should be able to whip up fonts and siggys which will leave others gazing. This is grape_luvver, signing off.

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