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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 137 > Short Stories > Friends Through It All

Friends Through It All

by chia_lover01

Spring was in full bloom and the sun shone brightly on the brick Neopian home. Snow the plushie Bruce had a huge smile on her face as she got ready for the new day. Today was the day Snow's friend Kaijiki, the Faerie Kougra, was coming to visit. Snow was extra excited to see her Kougra friend because they haven't been able to see each other for two whole years. Kaijiki sadly moved those two years ago, and ever since then they have only been able to write letters to each other.

     Snow rushed down stairs without making her bed or cleaning her room. Her owner was already setting up welcome back decorations in the living room. Snow picked up a sparkly pink banner that read 'Welcome Back Kaijiki!' in big red letters. "Can I help?" Snow asked her owner with pleading eyes.

     "Oh, hi honey, I didn't see you standing there. Of course you can help, just be extra careful not to break anything," her owner said with a grin.

     Snow smiled back at her. She couldn't believe her friend would soon be there, sitting right in the living room she was standing in. She hurriedly picked the banner back up and started to hang it with a little of her owners help.

     Snow's owner snickered at her little Bruce, she could sense how excited she was and had never seen her so happy. "What are you both planning on doing while Kaijiki is here?"

     Snow paused for a second, she hadn't thought of anything yet. "I really don't know… Do you have any ideas?" Snow said hoping her owner had thought of something.

     Her owner winked at her in answer, "Actually, I have thought of a couple things that we can do while she is here. In fact, I have a surprise for both of you."

     Snow's eyebrows scrunched together in thought. She had no idea what her owner could possibly be planning. At that moment the doorbell chimed. Snow darted to the door and opened it with out a second thought. There standing in front of here was her dearest friend Kaijiki and her owner Umbreon. Snow and Kaijiki hugged for what seemed like forever. "I've missed you soooooo much, Kaijiki! Come on, let's go up to my room," Snow said. They both looked like they were about to burst with happiness.

     Both Snow's owner and Umbreon, Kaijiki's owner, shook there heads with big smiles on their faces. They both walked into the kitchen to prepare the surprise they had been planning for months.

     Upstairs, Snow and Kaijiki played with there Usuki dolls, oblivious to the plan there owners were concocting. "Snow, want to do something fun?"

     Snow thought for a second, "Um, yeah of course. What is it?"

     Kaijiki's eyes lit up with mischief. "Want to sneak out?! We can go on our own adventure. Our owners are so dumb, they probably wont even know were gone."

     Snow looked at her friend in shock, "NO WAY Kaijiki!! Are you nuts? I've run away before… and believe me it isn't fun. Plus our owners AREN'T DUMB! They will most definitely find out." Snow crossed her arms in silence. She couldn't believe her friend was thinking about running away, there was plenty of fun things to do right in her own home.

     "You're such a baby. I should have known you wouldn't do it. Gosh, I don't even know why I came here…"

     Snow couldn't believe how mean he was being. Kaijiki was supposed to be her best friend, and he was treating her so horribly. Snow's face went from a smile to anger, "I'M NOT A BABY! I like you, Kaijiki, I just don't want to get in trouble…"

     Kaijiki looked as if she was going to scream, "Fine we wont go… all I wanted to do was have some fun…"

     Snow looked at her friend sympathetically. Maybe she was being a baby, after all, it would just be for a little while.. "Okay… if it means so much to you…"

      Kaijiki grinned from ear to ear and ran up to hug her friend. "Thanks, Snow! I promise you wont regret it."

     As they quietly snuck down the stairs, they could hear their owners chatting in the kitchen. As Kaijiki slowly opened the door she whispered to Snow, "This is way too easy, hehehe."

     Once they were outside, Snow began to feel a pit in her stomach. She knew this wasn't right, but she didn't want to hurt her friend's feelings. As they walked farther and farther away from the little Neopian home, it seemed to get darker and darker. Finally, Snow felt she had to say something, "Kaijiki, this isn't much of an adventure. Plus, it's getting late… don't you think we should start heading back?"

     Kaijiki turned around to face Snow with a mad expression, "No way! We haven't even gone anywhere cool yet. I say we go into that spooky mansion down the road."

     As the words came out of Kaijiki's mouth, Snow felt a shiver down her spine. "But Kaijiki… that place is haunted. I've heard many stories of Neopets going in there and never returning. I don't think--"

     Kaijiki cut Snow off in mid sentence. "I know, I know, you don't think we should go," she said in an irritated, mocking voice. "Well, I want to go, so why don't you just go home? I'll just go by myself!"

     Kaijiki started to walk faster towards the haunted mansion as Snow stood there thinking. "I cant let you go by yourself, wait for me!"

     Snow caught up to Kaijiki as they approached the large iron doors of the mansion. Snow shivered with fear, she looked over at her friend, who looked as if not one stitch of fear was in her. But in reality, Kaijiki was extremely scared, she had to stay strong. "Come on, Snow, let's go in."

     They slowly walked side by side into the mansion. All the sudden, a howling sound was heard above their heads. Snow jumped, "What was that!!"

     This time Kaijiki appeared to be frightened. "I don't know… it… it… it probably was the wind howling, that's all. Come on, stop being such a baby, let's go upstairs."

      Snow shook her head, but reluctantly followed Kaijiki up the stairs. Once they reached the top, they heard a door creek open down the hall. Snow's teeth chattered and she couldn't control her fear any longer. Kaijiki looked over at his friend and realized he had made a big mistake by coming here. All the sudden, Kaijiki felt a hand on his shoulder. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

     He turned around and to his relief it was just his owner along side Snow's owner. Snow ran into her owner's arms shivering with fear. Kaijiki started to cry in fear of being in trouble. Kaijiki's owner shook his head at his Kougra, as Snow's owner started to give Snow a lecture. "Snow, what have I told you about running away?! Why would you possibly do it again? Well, I'm just happy Umbreon and I heard you guys leaving and followed you her, or else who knows what could have happened… let's get out of here."

     Snow and Kaijiki looked at each, then they took each others hand and walked back to the house behind their owner's the whole way back. Snow's owner seemed to not be as upset as they reached the Neopian home's door. "Now even though you both don't deserve a surprise after what you did, we both have a big surprise for you waiting inside. So close your eyes and we will lead you in."

      Both Snow and Kaijiki looked at each other with big grins, they both closed their eyes and waited for the surprise. Both owners guided the Neopets into the home. "Now keep them closed… okay, now open!"

     "SURPRISE!!!!!" There stood all of Snow and Kaijiki's greatest friends and a whole bunch of goodies.

      Both Neopets were in complete shock. They gave each other a big hug and promised each other never to do anything silly like that ever again. The rest of the day they played games, ate cake, and had the best day ever. After all the guests had left, Snow's owner disappeared into the kitchen once more. She came back out with two small boxes wrapped in sparkling purple and blue wrapping, with big curly bows on top. Snow and Kaijiki's eyes lit up with excitement. Snow's owner handed each Neopet a box and smiled. "Now open them at the same time."

      They both ripped open their boxes. To their surprise, laid in each box was a silver chain with a friendship heart attached. Snow noticed there was an engraving on the heart that read, "Snow and Kaijiki best friends forever." Snow and Kaijiki both ran up to their owners and gave them big hugs. As they each held their owners in their arms they looked at each other and winked. Even in the toughest of situations, they still would always be friends.

The End

Authors Note: Thank you to all the support I've received from all my Neofriends and all at the Neopolice guild. Also, big thanks to Umbreon_of_the_moon for letting me feature him and his pet Kaijiki in my story.


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