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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 137 > Short Stories > It's the Eyes...

It's the Eyes...

by christinetran

A cold wind blew by, rippling through the soft, pink fur of a Cybunny. She flapped her decorated faerie wings once before she resumed her walking. The sky was draped in the gray form of clouds, hinting at the coming of rain. She pulled her cloak tighter as another chilling wind whistled past her.

    In her left paw, she held a bag of Neopoints, and her grip was strong upon this bag. She knew that within this parcel were the items which would help ease her solitude; it would bring more joy in her lonely life, and it would give her a loving friend. Tightening her grip, the Faerie Cybunny quickened her pace along the streets of Neopia Central, which were empty of all Neopians except herself, but this did not bring any doubting thoughts into her mind, for her head was already filled with loving thoughts of what was to become her new friends. Taking in a deep breath, the Faerie Cybunny hugged the bag of Neopoints even closer to her body as these friendly thoughts entered her mind.

    Shivers rippled through her body as another cold wind passed, and she pulled the cloak even tighter about her shoulders. She glanced to her left, staring into the windows of warm, heated shops filled with hot cups of borovan and luscious baskets of bread that steamed, but she fought the ever growing pain in her stomach and lumbered on. It took her nearly forever to make all the required Neopoints that she would exchange for her friend, and she wasn't about to go off and spend it on gourmet meals that would ease her hunger ache.

    The Faerie Cybunny glanced upwards at the cloud inhabited sky before she threw down her eyes once more. Above her, the skies were too dark and saddening to gaze at, and she did not want to accompany this day with thoughts of bleakness melancholy. She rounded a bend and turned into a dark road bordered with tall, looming trees that blocked out the mortifying sky. This, however, did not ease her tension. Instead, it made the stress within her mind mount even higher.

    "Almost there, Kat, just keep walking... we're almost there," the Faerie Cybunny whispered to herself as she finally caught a glimpse of the pink facade before her. As she came closer, she smelled the familiar scent of newly baked Snowbunny loaves, and her mouth watered as the smell drifted into her nostrils. The moment she was within seeing distance of this certain shop, she caught glimpses of white, blue, green, and pink Snowbunnies through the windows that were wonderfully decorated with many Snowbunny stamps and TCG's. She pulled the bag of Neopoints closer to her heart and began to run towards this heart-warming building.

    "Hello, m'dear," a raspy voice whispered, causing Kat to stop dead in her tracks. She looked at the origin of the voice, and saw a hunched-over green Zafara standing at the doorway of a dreary looking shop. She was only a few feet away from her destination, but Kat did not want to be rude to this elderly looking Neopian, so she decided to reply.

    "Hello back to you, miss," Kat said uncertainly as her eyes drifted over this certain character. The green Zafara was draped in suspicious, black clothing, and her face was veiled by the darkness within her hood. Two gleaming eyes loomed out of one of the folds in her cloak, and Kat caught a glimpse of pink fur as she squinted at this mysterious, immobile object.

    "Please, call me Ena, m'dear, and what may your name be?" Ena whispered back at Kat in a sickeningly sweet voice.

    "My... my name's Kat, Miss Ena," Kat said back and took a step backwards; she felt incredibly uncomfortable in this Zafara's presence. Her eyes, however, were still upon the hidden object upon Ena's paws, and it seemed as if Ena noticed her stare, for she withdrew the pink object from the folds of her clothes and presented it to Kat.

    "What is it?" Kat asked as she stared at the revealed creature. It was quite small, and pink, with a tuft of fur as a tail. It's hands and feet were incredibly minute, and it had an enormously large nose. A pair of teeth glinted at Kat as it turned it's head and stared at her.

    "Tis, m'dearest Kat, a Meepit..." Ena whispered and took a step closer to Kat. "It's a special little petpet, this here Meepit."

    "Why is it special?" Kat asked Ena, but her eyes were still glued upon the Meepit's unnatural stare.

    "Take a little guess, my darling," Ena said back with a snicker. "I'll tell you when you've guessed correctly."

    Kat nodded in response, but her eyes unmovingly held the Meepit's gaze. She tried to desperately think about what was special about this certain petpet, but not a thought entered her mind. Instead, all she could think about were the Meepit's eyes. They just stared at her, and stared, and stared, and stared... it didn't flinch, it didn't blink, all it did was just gaze into Kat's rigid eyes.

    "Is it... the teeth?" Kat said, her eyes still planted upon the Meepit. "Is it the teeth?"

    "No, m'dear, tis not the teeth which makes the Meepit special..." Ena said with a chuckle. "Keep on guessing, deary."

    "It's... it's got to be the ears, right, Ena?" Kat chuckled nervously as another cold wind drifted by. Her eyes flinched at the sudden invasion of air, but the Meepit held his gaze.

    "Not the ears, not the ears," Ena said. "Continue guessing, it's quite fun."

    "Is it... is it the tail?" Kat chattered back as her eyes started to tear up. The strain upon them was unbearable, but Kat refused to blink. "It has to be the tail..."

    "I'm sorry, my lovely Kat, but it isn't the tail..." Ena spookily said back. "Would you like to give in, or would you like to make just one more ickle guess?"

    "One more guess... please..." Kat whispered as she felt her eyes start to flicker and flutter. Tears continued to stream down her face, but she refused to blink. The Meepit continued to stare as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

    "Okay, Kat, guess away," Ena said with a laugh. "Guess away, guess away..."

    "It's the eyes..." Kat said in a triumphant voice and finally broke her staring contest with the Meepit. "It's the eyes... it has to be the eyes..."

    At these words, Ena gave out a sickening laugh as she tilted her head back and declared her joy to the depressing world. "Close, my dear... very close, but not exactly close enough..."

    "What is so special about the Meepits!" Kat cried and hastily took up the folds of Ena's clothing, pulling the green Zafara until their eyes were centimeters apart. "Tell me..." she said shakily. Although she knew that this certain act was quite rude, for some odd reason, her head was just exploding with the suspense... she needed to know this reason...

    A smile drifted upon Ena's lips, and she quickly pulled herself away from Kat's wavering hold. "I will tell you... my dear," she whispered at Kat, her eyes twinkling with the burning secret, "but... there is a price..."

    "Name it," Kat said determinedly, and another sickening smile drifted upon Ena's face...


The skies overhead were filled with the deepest clouds which echoed it's declaration of sadness to the world, and gusts of dark winds bore down from the world and attacked the inhabitants of Neopia with it's biting cold. Along a certain street of Neopia Central, a Blue Blumaroo hopped along, his heart bursting with zest and satisfaction untainted by the dull world. His eyes were filled with mirth and happiness, and in his hands he clutched a bag of Neopoints. Ahead of him loomed the face of a shop which seemed to be filled with warmth, for within the windows glowed the heat of it's interior as it teased at the dreary day outside. The moment the Blumaroo caught sight of this shop's facade, he gave a cry of joy and started to hop faster towards it, his mind filled with loving images of the Pirate Snowbunny which he claimed just months before this current day.

    "Excuse, my dear," a sweet voice echoed into the mind of the Blumaroo, instantaneously stopping him in his tracks.

    The Blumaroo withdrew his gaze from the shop ahead and turned towards the voice. He saw what seemed to be a Cybunny draped in the thickest veils of the deepest cloth, it's face hidden by the hood of it's clothing while it's clear, dark eyes gleamed up at him. He cleared his throat at this unusual sight, but quickly regained his composure. "Hi there, miss!" he said back in a cheerful tone.

    "Please, please just call me Kat," the Cybunny said in a nauseatingly sugared voice as she withdrew a little pink petpet out of the folds of her cloak. "Do you know what's so special about this Meepit?" she asked...

The End

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