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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 136 > Articles > Ways to Spice Up Your Pet Page

Ways to Spice Up Your Pet Page

by snowgirl5006

PET PAGE - Do you want to win more trophies for your cabinet? Have you tried making a site that just didn't seem right or wasn't winning any awards? Do you just want to make a nice pet page for your Neopets? Well listen up, because I've compiled some major points together on how to create the perfect site for your Neopet.


If you are just starting off your pet page with little, or no, site building experience I suggest taking a quick look through the first few pages of the Neopets html guide located under the help section on the sidebar before reading this article.


STEP 1~Getting Started
To get started, think about what qualities that make up your pet. These can be special things like any markings, personalities, likes and dislikes. Basically everything that makes your pet different than others. They don't need any different outward appearance to set them apart from the crowd. Just any silly quirks or personality will do like being obsessed with ice cream, or they love living in sand castles. Make sure you write everything down somewhere so you don't forget anything while making your pet's site. All of this is very crucial to a pet page because it's the foundation of everything your neopet is.

STEP 2~Sections
The next step is to divide these qualities into different sections you can make on your site. You can add the usual sections: "likes/dislikes", "About Me", "Battledome Status", and "Friends and Family", but be sure to add other sections as well. If you don't, your site will just be like everyone else's whether or not you have the best drawings in the world or a fabulous writer. Some other sections to make your pet's site more unique is maybe a section devoted completely to pie or something else they like. Another might be a "Favorite Quotes" section. There's lots of fun to these kind of sections.

STEP 3~Pictures
One thing that a site MUST have an abundance of is pictures. To me, you can never have too many pictures. Most people (including me) don't like reading a whole lot without some eye candy in between words. Some places where you should, and is a complete MUST, to have pictures is

A.) your background/blog
B.) when writing long paragraphs for a certain section
C.) When it's an art section (duh)
D.) when talking about another neopet or person

The background is one of the many important things about a great site. Having a background could help describe a little of your pet's personality, moods, or how it acts. For example, if your pet is really cute and loves to play with plushies and is really nice I'd suggest a warm, light color or maybe a background with tons of plushies in it. If they like a certain place in Neopia (lets say Mystery Island) you can try looking for backgrounds of beaches, palm trees, anything tropical or just colors that seem tropical together. Colors can say many things when used together. If your pet is kind of dark in mood, evil, mean, or sad; try using some reds, blacks, or some dark blues. You don't necessarily have to use these colors, but I don't suggest using a light lavender under white if their personality isn't quite happy-go-lucky.

These rules also apply if you're making a blog. What is a blog you ask? Well, it's basically just a fancy way to make a table where you can have your site on a section of a picture. Examples would be making a picture of your pet laying on top of a huge cloud and then having the scrolling words inside the cloud. You don't always need a background behind your blog. I've seen some awesome sites were they have a blog and no background behind it, but make sure that the white background helps bring out the picture in the blog more. I like blogs because you can make up pictures for it instead of just having a plain table color (although that doesn't look bad for some sites). Making a blog is a little more difficult to create. Fortunately, there are some pre-made blogs out there you can choose from. If you want to be original and make your own, I suggest finding a friend or a person that knows how and asking them. If you're struggling on what you should make for your blog background go to your shop and click on shop blogs. That should help give you some ideas :D.

Back to the long paragraphs. There's almost no way that you're going to be able to avoid writing long paragraphs. It's the main way to talk about your pet. If you only want to use the page for writing about your pet's life then, by all means, go ahead. Everyone loves to hear a good story now and then. Just be sure to add some pictures in now and then to give a break between all those paragraphs. Good pictures for these kinds of sites would be a scene that takes place in that paragraph or maybe a picture of a character you're describing in it. This helps to keep the reader from getting lost for those more visual-understanding people. This also applies if you're making different sections. If you creating an likes/dislikes section, you should always have a picture of the item you are describing, whether you drew it or it comes straight off the Neopets site (just make sure it's no one else's artwork without getting permission from them first). If it's an "About Me" section, I'd suggest putting a snazzy picture of your pet somewhere in the paragraph.

Art sections are basically for all those people out there that love to draw and want to show off their work. You don't really have to do much to this section other than putting your drawings in it. If you want to do more than just that, organize it more by shrinking all your pictures to about 50x50 or 100x100 and then have a link to the original picture (due to a new rule with Neopets, you can't have an actual link going out to any sites that aren't from Neopets. To fix this, you can type alt="http// for a better view" within the brackets. This will show the viewers where to go when they put their mouse over the pic.) or try making all your drawings the same size when you're creating them. This saves a lot more space on your site and it looks neat. If you have a "Fan art" section, make sure you say who made the picture.

ALWAYS ALWAYS have a picture or drawing when describing someone. Most people usually don't want to spend the time looking up the Neopet's names just to see what they look like. This is also a chance to bring out your creative side! Make sure you describe the neopet on personality, how you know him/her, possibly how you met him/her, and maybe any quirks that they might possess. If you absolutely hate drawing, you can always get the Neopet's picture from their lookup or have their name linking to their pet lookup.

All these things I believe are important to have pictures, but they're not the only places. Other spots are maybe adding a picture next to the section title, or designing the section title itself as a picture and then putting that on before the section. Again, you don't have to make all the pictures on the page yourself. You can always use pictures form the Neopets site, or ask someone to draw a certain picture for your site.


...ehm! Not to scare you or anything. ^^'....I just don't want anything bad happening to your account just because you wanted to create a pet page. Anyway... on to the next step!

STEP 4~Personalizing Your Site
The typing style in which you write the page in helps bring out your pets personality. Here are some typing styles that I've seen across a few pages. Most people who have baby Neopets type in what I like to call "baby language" where the neopet is talking but the spelling is changed a little to sound like a three year old talking. I find this okay sometimes, but make sure that it's still readable. I've found some pretty nice pet pages where the baby pet was talking, but it took me five minutes at a time to figure out what the pet was saying. Just leave it to the usual "switching the L with W" and other stuff. No need to change the whole word ; ). Another method is "Ye Olde English" talk. Some people like This kind of stuff (me included :D) where they make the whole site Medieval-ish; even their writing. I find this is pretty cool and unique, but I don't suggest using more uncommon words other than ye, thy, thou and other usual words. Most people know what "ye" or "thy" and it's other counterparts mean because it's used everywhere, but if you start getting into the doths and other words, it will be less likely that the reader will understand what you're saying.

Those are the two main ones I've seen that are different than the usual talking. Think of some other ways that you might be able to authenticate your site. Normal talking is perfectly fine also, but I suggest adding some of your pet's personality into the writing. That makes it more fun to read.

Awards-Everybody loves winning awards for their sites so why not make an award? I find they're fun to make, and you can also express your site a little more in them so that when people check out other people's sites and see your award on them, they'll think "wow, I want to win that cool award!". Also, why not try winning other site's awards while you're at it. Awards are a great way to show that your site is really spectacular. Just be sure that you're site is finished for the most part and there are NO TYPOS ANYWHERE. Most people with awards are VERY picky on that and might give you a silver, or even a bronze, just because you had a lot of misspelling (this rule doesn't necessarily apply to the baby talkers unless they can't understand what you're saying).

Music can be a nice way to bring out your pet page. It can also be a bad way to bring it down. Having music on your site fine by me. I personally love having music to go along with something I'm reading, but there are others who think differently. If you're one of those people that want to get lots of awards for their site, I'd suggest not putting music on because there are a varied amount of requirements on music. Some people will say music is fine, but the play bar must be hidden (or the other way around). So unless you want to change it back and forth between awards it's just easier to avoid certain awards or not put music on at all (unless you find a song midi that completely goes with your site). For the rest of you, I'd suggest picking a song that usually doesn't have the people singing on it because sometimes that could be distracting to the reader. However, There are some sites I've found that have the singers on them and it makes their site better for it. Just find a song that matches the mood of the site and the personality of your pet. It's a nice way to spruce up your pet page.

Links are a tremendous way to get your site out there and well known. Most people who have awards well ask for you to link them to your page as a requirement. This helps them to get more people to come to their site if they see the links on your page. Making links can be a fun thing though. There's the new "quilt" linking thing, where you make your picture 50x50 pixels. Then you can add a whole bunch of those "quilt" links together and boom! you have a nice quilt for your pet page ^_^.

This about wraps up the main things that should be on a pet page. There are so many choices on how to create the perfect page for your pet. Try mixing a few things together to see how they go together, and you can always start over if you want a change. Have fun site building!

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