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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 136 > Short Stories > Rays of Sunshine

Rays of Sunshine

by l3estest

Cutiebabypup sat in his blue chair, his rainbow Gelert paws on the desk. His head was facing the direction of the window, his mind completely occupied on what was going on outside.

     Gusty winds howled outside, making the transparent Neoschool window wobble unsteadily. Leaves scattered everywhere in Neopia Central, the wind blowing them in every way imaginable. The sky was as dark as night even though the time was 3:00 NST.

     "Class, it's time to dismiss. See you all tomorrow! Have a nice day!" Pup's teacher, Miss Spelling, said as she waved good bye to each of the students who exited through the classroom door. Miss Spelling approached Pup, whose brown eyes were still fixed on the window, and his attention still focused on the outside world. Miss Spelling tapped Pup gently on the rainbow Gelert's shoulders.

     Pup gave a sudden gasp as he whirled his little head around. "W-what? W-who are you?"

     Miss Spelling gave him a smile. "I'm your teacher, Miss Spelling."

     Pup grinned back, suddenly remembering. "Oh yeah, I knew that." Pup had always dealt with his unwitting, forgetful mind. Pup is not stupid, though he may act like it, but it's his memory that usually gives him a hard time.

     "Of course you did. Now, it's time to go home. You need to collect your things quickly, looks like a storm is coming in. I don't think your owner would like for you to take too long..."

     "Her name is Les!" Pup corrected as he threw his Tatty Pencil in his Green Backpack. He gathered up all his items and then waved to Miss Spelling. "See ya!"

     Pup walked through the deserted hallway of his Neoschool. The custodian Korbat mopped the floor, which was already clean except for the dried up leaves that somehow got inside. He tried to do an ice dancing move that he saw the Bruces do the time his family went to Happy Valley, but ended up getting a stern look from the custodian. As he reached the exit of his spotless school, he spied his best friend, krystal_blu, by the door.

     "HEY!" Pup screamed, greeting his blue Uni friend with their secret handshake. "Why aren't you home?" Krystal sighed. "You were supposed to go home with me after school today, REMEMBER?!" she asked, adjusting her Faerie Backpack.

     "Um... not really, but okay! COOL!" Pup said. Krystal started heading toward the front of the Neoschool. Pup waddled behind. Pup gazed around the sidewalk. It seemed like hundreds of parents and owners invaded the narrow sidewalk, picking up their kids before the storm erupts.

     "Amanda's not here yet, by the way. Wanna go under the roof? I'm afraid that rain is going to pour down any minute now... Gosh, Amanda's running really late today!" Krystal commented, referring to her owner, acrobatkid1992.

     "Pup! Over here!" a familiar voice shouted. Pup whipped around only to find his electric Kacheek brother, x3Sunnyx3, tossing a football strait for his face. He ducked down as the football splashed into a mud hole. "Oh, geez, Pup! You could've caught that! Now look what happened? It's in the stupid mud!" Sunny ran by Pup and picked up his precious football. "Pup, see ya! Les' here!" Sunny gave his brother a pet in the back then dashed off.

     "EW! Sunny! Get that impure, nasty, disgusting, thing away from my face! Do you want the whole Medicinal Soap trauma to repeat itself?" Pup heard his sister __Melodyz__ shriek. Melodyz despised dirty things. Maybe it's because of the fact that she grooms herself every five seconds?

     Krystal gave a whist laugh. Pup, Sunny, and Krystal are known for driving Melodyz nuts.

     At the next moment, a ear-splitting thunder was heard, making Pup and Krystal jump back in surprise. Not much later, rain started streaming from the sky.

     "May I have your attention! Students that are still here on our property need to come inside, pronto! It seemed just a second ago, the sky started raining Angelpi and Puppyblews..." a macho voice broadcasted in the speakers. Pup instantly recognized the voice, as he had heard it quite a few times for dozing off in Ms. Owen’s class. It was their principle, Mr. Adam. "Students that do not obey these behests will be whacked on the behind with asparagus."

     "Krystal! Let's go! You don't wanna be whacked in the butt, do ya??" Pup picked up his backpack then dashed across the rain. "HURRY! KRYSTAL! COME ON!"

     Krystal stood under the tin roof, pondering about whether or not she should go. "B-but, Amanda will be waiting outside!!! We need to stay out so she can pick us up!"

     "No, come inside! Amanda's NOT going to walk all this way! NO WAY!"

     It was raining so hard then that the two best friends could barely see each other's soggy outlines. Krystal had to squint to see her rainbow Gelert friend. "Yeah, but if she did..." she sighed. "You're right..." Krystal grabbed her thick leather coat then poised it over her head. She took an achromatic, calm breath and then dashed across the muddy grass. The two walked inside side by side.

* * *

Back at Pup's home...

"I just received a message from Amanda, she said she couldn't pick up Pup and Krystal in this weather... I knew I should've offered to bring those two over to MY house... I knew it... NO! What if they decided to walk home by themselves since Amanda's not picking them up?!?! What if they're stuck in the middle of who knows where, frightened and freezing their little behinds off?!?!" Les (l3estest) had tears in her eyes that looked like they were going to burst out any second. "What if they're in danger?"

     "Aw, it gonna be okay, Les! They're probably in the Neoschool, safe and unharmed. Most likely, yes, of course." x3Sunshinex3 comforted, petting Les' back with her baby Kau hoof.

     "Who'd thought those little brats would cause us so many problems? So much worries... not Sunny, of course..." Melodyz pointed out. Sunny was basically destroying the house piece by piece, as he was jumping on the couch, then hanging on the curtains, ripping the curtains, falling on the ground, kicking the wall with his karate moves, ect. The only thing that could’ve caused more destruction was possibly a hurricane and an earthquake at the same time.

     Tears started rolling down Les' cheeks, making puddles on the freshly swept wooden floor below them. "What if they're not? What if all you said was wrong? What if that's not what really happened?"

     Even Sunny stopped his scheme of demolishing the house and ran over to Les. Six helping hands stretched out and petted Les on the back.

     The window rattled as the three Neopets and their owner sat in the corner of the living room, melancholy and distraught, one thought on each of theirs minds; are Pup and Krystal really okay?

* * *

"WHOA! What's that long line for?!" Pup asked, pointing to a line about, oh, five.

     Krystal gave him a confused look. "You mean short, right?"

     Pup nodded and then tapped one of the kids on the shoulder. "Excuse me, what's that line for?" he questioned the muscular yellow Wocky.

     "That's for Neomailing your owner... I'm in line, you better not cut or else!" he warned, pushing the innocent Pup slightly.

     "Um, okay..."

     "NO! Do NOT threaten my best friend here! We will not cut you because we're not THAT desperate to get to our mommy!" Krystal said with a huff, leaving the Wocky awed. She dragged Pup to the end of the line. "Such losers…"

     Pup smiled. I'm lucky to have a great friend who stands up for me... he thought to himself.

* * *

Half hour later...

"FINALLY!" Krystal said. The person in front of them left with tears on their baby Aisha face. "She took about twenty minutes writing that message..."

     A blue Wocky handed Pup a sheet of paper and a pencil. Pup took it eagerly and then started scribbling on the sheet of paper.

Dear Les,

We cant go hom cuz theres a big storm outside our scool!!!!! but we're in the scool so you dont ned to be woryed. i hop everyone is ok. i will be hom soon hopefuly... krystal says hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! say hi to Amanda the rainbow snobuny for mee! say i lov her to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love, pup.

     "Does this look okay?" Pup asked Krystal as she leaned over for a glance. Pup looked at Krystal as her blue eyes scanned through the letter.

     "A few spelling mistakes here and there, but otherwise it looks great! Now, my turn!" Pup stepped aside as Krystal's hooves started scribbling away.

Dear Amanda,

Why were you late?!?! I thought you said you were going to pick us up early. YOU PROMISED! Poop, now we're stuck inside the stupid school building... we're safe at least... don't be concerned. OH! And Pup says hi!

Love, Krystal_Blu

     Krystal added the last part to return the favor to Pup. She grinned at him as she handed the hand written letter to a blue Wocky at the front desk.

     "HURRY UP, UNI!" a tenacious voice called from the end of the line. "IT'S NOT TIME TO ACT LIKE YOUR GRANDMA!"

     Krystal didn't move.

     Pup tugged on Krystal's blue fur. "C'mon! We're going to get in trouble!"

     "COME ON, OLD GRANDMA! Do you need our assistance? We can help you cross the street!" the voice teased.

     It's my turn to help Krystal... Pup thought. "WHY DON'T YOU MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS?!?" He nudged Krystal on the ribs. "Act like you're crying..." he whispered.

     "No! I don't cry this easily!" Krystal replied quietly. Pup gave her a pleading look. "Fine."

     Krystal first started to pretend to wipe tears from her eyes then started wailing. "I LOVE MY GRANDMA! DON'T INSULT HER!" She shouted dramatically, now crying uncontrollably.

     "Look what you did! You made my friend cry! Come out of there wherever you are!" Pup called into the crowd. Several Neopets laughed, but most stared at Krystal with anxiety in their eyes. "How could you do this?"

     A tiny baby Lupe stepped out from the long line. Pup looked around for the guy who pestered Krystal. "Yo, it's me. I'm the teaser," The baby Lupe said, his misleading face righteous and young.

     Pup rubbed his eyes with his paws. "Y-you're him? That tough voice? REALLY?" Pup was astonished. He blinked a few times and then pinched himself.


     "Well, you may be young, but you're very mean! I can't believe you made my best friend cry like that! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!" Pup used his best imitation of Les' voice when she was mad. His eyes darted to the windows that were lined up in the office. The rain wasn't pouring anymore... it was only sprinkling. Pup could've sworn he saw a bit of sunshine to that, too.

     "Well, I'm not." He grinned evilly, his eyes twinkling. The baby Lupe walked up to the yellow Wocky, then tapped him in the back. "This is my brother, Dune."

     Pup gave a soft gulp. "Oh no..." he whispered to Krystal, who stopped faking her emotional break down.

     "Pup, let's get out of here. The plan is to dash out of the Neoschool on three. One... two..." Krystal started, hoof holding her Faerie backpack. Pup had his Green backpack on his back. He faced the direction of the front door. "THREE!"

     The two youthful Neopians dashed out of the office and out the front door. Pup had never run so fast, and his legs ached as he ran and ran.

     "Stop! Let's hide behind that tree," Krystal suggested warily. She pointed at a large oak tree that was on the other side of the street. The best friends ignored the rain as they stepped underneath the oak tree.

* * *

Back at home...

"Guys, I just received a new message from Pup! He's safe at school." Les sighed with relief.

     "See, Les? You never should've worried! Told ya he would be at school!" Sunshine smiled at her owner, who was now relaxed on the dining room chair. "Pup's not THAT stupid..."

     Melodyz coughed. "You'd be surprised..."

     Sunny gave a chuckle. "So, Les, when're you going to pick lil’ Pup up?"

     Les looked out the window. Her wore out face reflected in the glass. "Looks like the rain is a lot less fierce now... I better go now..."

     "No, we'll go pick Pup up, after all, you're really tired..." Sunshine grabbed her pink rain coat and her matching umbrella. "Are you guys coming?" she asked the others.

     "I don't want to... but I guess I will..." Melodyz said, setting her sparkly green brush on the coffee table.

     "I'll stay home and keep Les company," Sunny said with a wave.

     "You guys are great," Les said.

* * *

Krystal and Pup shivered under the tree. Water droplets dripped down from the tree and onto their unprotected body. Soft wind blew in their faces while making whooshing sounds. Occasionally they would spy a lightning bolt far away, crashing into some kind of flat landscape, maybe even knocking a few trees down. They were fortunate that the trees the lightning knocked down wasn't the one they stood under, freighted and freezing.

     "D-do you th-think that th-there g-g-gone?" Pup trembled, knees wobbling unsteadily. "C-Can we g-go now?"

     "I g-guess so... wait! Is that? No, it can't be!" Krystal pointed enthusiastically at the two shapes that approached their school.

     "IT IS! IT'S SUNNY AND SUNSHINE!" Pup screamed, jumping up and down on the dirt, splashing some on Krystal's face.

     Krystal gasped. "This is even more amazing... they're not Sunny and Sunshine! They're Sunshine and MELODYZ!"

     Pup almost felt like fainting at that exact moment. It might be because of the temperature of his body, which was at the minimum. But most likely not, it was the fact that Melodyz would actually come all this way rescuing them. I guess Melodyz IS family... Pup thought, and the thought gave him a warm feeling inside his cold body, which might explain why he stopped quivering.

     "SUNSHINE! MELODYZ! OVER HERE! OVER HERE!" The two bounced up and down excitedly; making sure 100% that Pup's sisters would see them. "LOOK OVE---"

     "LOOK, MELODYZ! THEY'RE OVER THERE!" Sunshine and Melodyz ran over to the blue Uni and rainbow Gelert. "Les was worried sick!"

     "Tell us something we don't know!" Pup remarked, his long legs still springing up and down. "Can we PLEASE go home??? Two bullies chased us so we were forced to stay outside."

     "Yeah, let's get out of this filthy place," Melodyz said. "Krystal, you come with us..."

* * *

Knock, knock

     Two petite knocks sounded at the door of 353800 Neopian Avenue, Neopia Central. The rain had stopped completely, although the sun had not decided to come out yet.

     "Hello? Les? Sunny? Open the door, please!" Sunshine shy voice yelled. "We have Pup and Krystal here..." With that said, the door was hurled open by Les.

     "OH MY GOSH! YOU'RE SAVED! You don't know how worried I was! FINALLY!" Les cried, hugging Pup. "Guys, let's make this a group hug!"

     The other four Neopets joined, most willingly, some not. They held on to each other tightly.

     The family and Krystal didn't realize this, but as they squeezed each other firmly, the sun had rose beyond the horizon.

The End.

Author's Note: Thanks to all the fans that had supported me and sent me comments and suggestions to what makes my story better or simply just introducing themselves. Thank you, Jen (6_moonlight_6) for reviewing my story before I send it in (Even though I, Jen, missed my first deadline and almost the second one. I am sooooo sorry, Les!!) and Amanda (acrobatkid1992) for allowing me to use her Uni, Krystal. Thank you, Feli for working so hard and being so nice to everybody. Compliments, suggestions, comments are all very much welcomed and cherished.

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