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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 134 > Continuing Series > Lab Ray: Part Five

Lab Ray: Part Five

by chipster33

All of the pets stared helplessly at the Lab Ray. They were doomed. There was no possible way they could get out of this. The doors were sealed and guarded, not to mention all of the mutant pets that were making sure none of the pets got out of line. Sloth was smirking evilly at the top of his balcony. He had done it this time. He had come up with the perfect plan. Not even the faeries could stop him.

     The ray was glowing furiously. As far as Pricsesa could tell they had about five minutes, possibly less.

     Memories of her owner flooded back to her head. How she had gotten her the coveted pink Faellie for her birthday, how her owner gladly went to fetch it when it ran away screaming it's head off. The numerous codestones her owner purchased for her so that she could go to the island training school. All the bottled faeries she had purchased...

     She suddenly felt a pang of guilt. She had always been such a brat to Trella. She deserved to be scolded every now and then. She kind of wished, believe it or not, that she could be scolded by Trella like she should have been all of those times.

     Pricsesa could almost hear her voice in her head -- no, on her head. What was going on?

     "The Walkie-talkie!" Pricsesa cried. She had forgotten all about it in the excitement of going to the Lab Ray.

     She whipped it off of her head to hear Trella on the other end.


     "Trella!" Pricsesa cried into her end. "Oh Trella, it's so good to hear from you! I went to the Ray without permission and now Sloth's closed the doors and is going to use the Lab Ray to turn all of us into mutants to do his bidding! I might never see you again! Oh Trella, I'm so sorry I was mean to you all of those times! I promise I'll be nicer from now on if I get out of here..."

     "Pricsesa!" Trella called into her end. "This is no time for you to go soft on me! You are NOT going to be hit by the Lab Ray! None of the pets are! You just need to work with me!"

     Pricsesa couldn't help but smile. Trella had a plan. That was good news. "What do I have to do?"

     "Okay, you can't get out, but you can stop the ray from firing! You need to damage it as much as you can! I'm sure Sloth can fix it, but it will buy you some time to try to get the doors open. Now hurry!" Trella cried.

     Pricsesa put the Walkie-talkie away, and then started running towards the Lab Ray. Most of the mutant pets were so surprised that a pet was actually running towards the Ray, that they only sat and stared. Others however, tried to oppose her.

     "Halt! I say halt!" cried a Kiko as he headed towards her. "Don't make me knock you out!"

     "Sorry bub, but I have business to take care of!" Pricsesa cried as she trampled over the Kiko and continued her way towards the Ray.

     After that, most left of the other Neopets left her alone.

     Finally, she reached the Lab Ray and jumped on it. She began to kick and stomp at it, destroying the fine machinery.

     Sloth quickly realized what she was doing, and was shocked to see that she was doing it with such success.

     "G-guards!" Sloth roared with surprise. "Seize her!'

     The mutants quickly did as they were told. They hurried away from the crowds and tried desperately to stop Pricsesa before she destroyed the Lab Ray. They were to late however; the damage had been done. The nozzle of the Ray exploded just as Pricsesa jumped off.

     Sloth was furious. This was not going according to plan. That Uni was going to pay.

     "Minions!" the evil doctor cried. "GET THAT UNI! Then lock her in the dungeons! She's going to be punished for that!"

     Pricsesa, however, had a mind of her own. She beat down every pet that came near her. It was fairly easy with her advanced training. She wouldn't have been surprised if she could have taken down every pet in the place, but then something that she did not expect happened.

     She had just disposed of a mutant Aisha when the Mutant Lupe with the blue eyes came at her. She was about to kick him with her hind legs when he started to twitch strangely. Suddenly, she recognized him as the Lupe he had been outside. His coat gleamed white and his eyes were pure, even if a little conceded looking.

     "Sloth- betrayed us- help! Turn- nozzle!" the Lupe gasped. He seemed very strange and soon flickered back to his mutant self.

     Pricsesa was so surprised at this message she did not sense the Mutant Techo coming up behind her. She was quickly overtaken by him and knocked out.


When Pricsesa finally awoke she felt very cold and was laying on something hard.

     This surely can't be my Neohome... she thought to herself, remembering her nice warm room.

     Pricsesa moved her hoof slightly and slowly opened her eyes. The memories came flashing back to her as she saw the cold steel dungeon with the high- tech looking red beams of light as bars; she realized that she was imprisoned. The Lab Ray coupons, the trap, her fight to get delay the Ray from being fired. She would have never done that without Trella... Trella!

     Pricsesa whipped off her hat and searched it. Her Walkie-talkie was not there.

     "Looking for this?" asked a deep, greasy voice.

     The awful green Sloth was standing right in front of her, with her Usuki Walkie-talkie in hand.

     "My Walkie-talkie! Give that back you fashion disaster!!!" Pricsesa cried as she ran towards the bars, but didn't touch them because she had seen how they worked in movies.

     Sloth only smiled, revealing his awful yellow teeth. "I don't think so," he muttered slyly. "No telling what you could do with it. Oh yes, some girl has been trying to contact you. As soon as I tried to give my threatening speech she started yelling things at me that surely wouldn't be allowed on the neoboards."


     "Oh, that's her name. I couldn't catch it in between all of the foul language," Sloth spat.

     Suddenly, the Walkie-talkie clicked on and a voice that seemed hoarse from yelling emitted from it.

     "Sloth? Sloth, I know you're there! You better not touch a hair on my Pricsesa's head or I swear I'll-"

     "TRELLA!" Pricsesa cried with tears in her eyes. Her owner's voice sounded so good, and it made her think of her cozy Neohome with it's fluffy carpeted floors. How she longed to be there instead of in the cold cell.

     "Pricsesa? Thank Neopia you're all right! How are the other Neopets?" Trella asked in a relieved tone.

     "They're fine, unfortunately," Sloth mumbled bitterly, just loud enough to where the Walkie-talkie could pick up his voice. "Thanks to your stupid Uni!"

     "HEY! My IQ is none of your business!" Pricsesa snapped.

     "Anyway, Sloth," Trella interrupted. "I want you to give Pricsesa the Walkie-talkie and go into the next room."

     "What? Excuse me miss, but I believe you are in no position to tell me to do that-"


     "Fine... Here," Sloth cried as he gave the Uni the bright pink Walkie-talkie through a crack in the bars. "And I'll leave- But I'll be back in ten minutes! Bwahaha!"

     Pricsesa waited until the green doctor exited the room by pushing a large red button besides another silver door before she began to talk to Trella again.

     "He has issues," Trella said from the other end.

     "Tell me about it..." Pricsesa said as she shook her head sadly. "Out of all the evil things in Neopia to be held captive by... Anyway, thanks for helping me earlier. I was freaking out. My life seriously passed before my eyes!"

     "How was it?"

     "Uh, okay I guess. It did make me realize how mean I am to you though, and I'm sorry," Pricsesa replied guiltily.

     On the other end Trella smiled. Underneath all of the superficial and greedy ideas the Uni actually had a heart after all. "Now are you going to stop acting like that from now on??"

     "I doubt it. I just feel sorta bad about it. Don't think I'm going to change anytime soon!" the Uni replied.

     Trella shook her head. Well, it was Pricsesa after all, and a little progress was still progress.

     "By the way Trella, how'd you get your Walkie-talkie to work? You hate electronic stuff. You couldn't even work out how to start up my Robo Acara. I did it before you, and even I know that's sad."

     "Well, uh," Trella muttered, embarrassed that such a young Neopet had helped her. "When my baby was in danger, something just came over me. All of a sudden I knew what to do."

     "I know, you're so brilliant," said a new voice that came from Trella's Walkie-talkie "Which wire did you cut again? The red one, the blue one, or the one Dugnorf told you to cut?"


Back at Trella's Neohome, the girl was receiving the shock of her life. Without any warning, her pet's best friend's little brother had sneaked into her Neohome and was listening in on her conversation. He however, looked like it was an everyday thing and seemed rather amused. "Uh, how about the blue one? I've always liked the color blue...?" Trella muttered uncertainly.

To be continued...

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