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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 134 > Articles > Inside The Lives Of Jimmi And Woogy

Inside The Lives Of Jimmi And Woogy

by blubblub317

MYSTERY ISLAND - Ever since I had my one of a kind interview with Albert The Kacheek, I had been longing for another one. But the problem was, I didn’t know whom to interview. But fortunately, not too long ago, two young adorable Hasees were introduced to Neopia from a little game called “Hasee Bounce”. I felt such fun and boldness from these two adorable petpets that I decided to embark on a journey to interview them. So I packed my bags, took the ferry and shortly arrived to my destination, Mystery Island. But to my surprise, finding these two rascals wasn’t as easy as I expected. It took many days to gather much information and discover the habitat of Jimmi and Woogy. But I finally I did it and now here I am, [lowers voice to a whisper] in the Mysterious Jungle which is located in the western shores of Mystery Island. I’m dying to meet Jimmi and Woogy and I bet you are too, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Let’s go meet them!

Blub starts pacing through the enchanted jungle, examining the different wild flowers in awe. The sun’s rays are beaming down on his face and the sounds of different creatures are ringing through his ears. How wonderful it must be to live in such an amazing habitation! Blub walks for a few more minutes until he arrives at a small wooden fence. He slowly pushes it forward and enters Jimmi and Woogy’s garden.

Me: Hello? Is anyone here?

No one replies. Only the sounds of different creatures can be heard throughout the jungle.


No reply, once again. How peculiar. Blub had planned the interview to be exactly at 4:00 p.m. He glances at his watch. It’s 3:59 p.m. He looks up, sighs and sits down on a tree stump.

Me: [mutters to himself] I guess I’ll just wait.

Blub stares at the different flowers and plants that are neatly planted around the garden. Thirty seconds barely pass when suddenly; two small figures zoom in front of Blub. Blub yells out in alarm.

Me: [shouts] Who are you?!

Jimmi: I’m Jimmi, silly! Don’t you remember? We planned an interview at exactly 4:00 p.m.

Woogy: And I’m Woogy! Jimmi’s brother!

Blub lets out a sigh of relief and calms himself down. He then looks up at the two Hasees.

Me: I guess when a Hasee tells you that they’ll meet you at exactly 4:00 p.m., they really mean it!

Woogy: Yes, that’s true. That’s one thing you should know about Hasees. They always keep their word!

Me: [nods] I guess you’re right. So, shall we begin the interview?

Jimmi: Sure! Follow me!

Jimmi and Woogy lead Blub across their garden to the front door of their miniscule home. Woogy grabs the doorknob and twists it. The door slowly opens, presenting the inside of Jimmi and Woogy’s home. Blub leisurely steps inside and looks up. He gapes when he sees the interior. It’s absolutely amazing! Blub is in the living room, standing on the polished oak wood floor. The wallpaper is gorgeous beige and the glass windows are letting the rays of the sun travel through the living room. A milky-white marble fireplace is located at the other side of the room. Three dark red couches are located around the fireplace. Adding to that is a bunch of art on the wall, vases that are placed on stands and bright and vivacious plants.

Me: This place is absolutely amazing!

Jimmi: Thank you! It took us a long time to find the perfect design for our living room but we did it and if I may say so myself, it does look great.

Me: [nods in agreement] So, where would you like me to interview you two?

Woogy: We’d prefer if the interview was in the living room. Our kitchen is a mess and our bedrooms are off-limits.

Blub nods and sits down on one of the red couches. It’s extremely snug. He pulls out a notebook and a pen and glances at the notebook to see what the first question is.

Me: My first question is, how did you two discover the Doughnutfruit?

Woogy: I can answer that one. Well, our first memories were nibbling Queen Fyora’s castle because as you should know, Hasees love chewing and eating! We don’t really know how we ended up at her castle but we do remember that she had one of her fairies get rid of us. The faerie put us on a cloud so she could transport us to a dark, secret forest. But there were about two-dozen Hasees on the cloud and you can already predict what happened to that cloud when our weight was all on it!

Me: It collapsed?

Woogy: Exactly! So, the cloud broke and before we knew it, we were flying down Faerieland! But then suddenly, we landed in this ocean. Luckily, we were able to float. But we had to wait for hours till we finally came upon land. And when land could finally be seen, boy, were we hungry! When we got onto the land, we could smell something that smelled absolutely wonderful! We followed the smell till we came upon a delicious looking fruit. The only problem was, it was too high to reach! And that’s when Jimmi and I both came up with the idea to create a wooden seesaw so we could each grab some of the fruit. We grabbed a wooden plank and a rock and positioned the plank so the middle could lie right on top of the tip of the rock. Then we started bending our knees up and down, till we could jump in the air and grasp the fruit. We collected massive piles of the delicious fruit. We had a feast that night and it was wonderful. Then the next day we started collecting more and more fruit because it was just so delicious. But unfortunately, the fruit was starting to run out. Fyora found out about this and asked one her faeries to take us away from the jungle. The faerie grabbed as many Hasees as she could find and brought the Hasees to a petpet store. We were the only two she didn’t find.

Me: Wow! That’s incredible.

Jimmi: Thank you.

Me: Now, would it be possible if you could show me the location where you collect the Doughnutfruit?

Jimmi: We’d love to! Follow me.

So thus ending the first part of the interview, Blub stands up from the couch and follows Jimmi and Woogy once again. Jimmi leads him to the back door of their home. Blub steps outside with the Hasees and starts following them through a rock-strewn trail. They finally arrive at a small wooden seesaw, which is the perfect size for two Hasees to jump on. Blub looks up and spots tons of Doughnut fruit attached to the branches of tropical looking trees. They range in many different sizes and colours.

Jimmi: We’ll demonstrate to you how we catch the fruit. It’s actually harder then people think it is!

Blub watches as the two Hasees position themselves on the two sides of the plank. Then they start bending their chubby knees up and down, up and down. Pretty soon, they’re going up and down, quite high. Woogy suddenly jumps in the air and lands on his side of the plank. Jimmi flies up and snatches a piece of Doughnut fruit from the tree.

Jimmi: CATCH!

Jimmi throws the Dougnutfruit to Blub. Blub is startled when it flies into his hand. Suddenly Woogy flies in the air and snatches another piece of Doughnut fruit from the tree. He now throws it to Blub. Blub catches it this time easily. Blub is now prepared for Jimmi to throw the Doughnut at him. This process goes on for about ten more minutes. Jimmi and Woogy are finally satisfied with the amount of Doughnut fruit they have collected. They jump off the wooden plank and walk towards Blub. Blub has a ton of Doughnutfruit piled in his arms.

Me: A little help, please?

Jimmi and Woogy grab some of the fruit from Blub’s arms. They all start walking back home, satisfied with their hard work. They finally arrive home and step into the house. They dump their pile of Doughnutfruit on the kitchen table and sit down on the three chairs.

Me: [sighs] Whew! That was hard work!

Woogy: I know! See, people keep saying that it’s bad of us to take all the fruit away from them! But we work as hard as anyone else, to collect the fruit. That’s what I want the people, pets and petpets to understand.

Me: [nods in agreement] Now, would it be all right if I could try some of the fruit? I mean, you two always say it’s so delicious so I’m just wondering how it tastes.

Jimmi: Of course! It’s actually suppertime so you can eat as many as you’d like.

Blub grabs a rainbow Doughnutfruit and sinks his teeth into it. Juice oozes into his mouth. The fruit tastes absolutely wonderful! It’s sweet and has a special flavour mixed into it.

Me: This is delicious!

Jimmi: See, we told you!

Jimmi and Woogy grab some Doughnutfruit and start munching on it as well. One hour passes by and the three are now happy and bloated.

Me: That was sure a supper I’ll never forget!

Woogy starts yawning very loudly.

Jimmi: I think it’s time for bedtime!

Jimmi turns to Blub.

Jimmi: Thank you so much for spending the day with us. We really enjoyed it!

Me: Oh, the pleasure is mine!

Jimmi leads Blub to the front door. He opens it and Blub steps outside. Blub thanks Jimmi once again and wishes him the best of luck. Finally, Blub heads back home…

Well, there you have it! Inside The Fabulous Life Of: Jimmi And Woogy. I hope you enjoyed my interview with these two amazing Hasees, because I know I certainly did. Now, it’s time for me to head back so I can get some shuteye. See you next time [yawn]

Authors Note: Thanks for taking the time to read my article! I appreciate it very much! If you have any positive comments, constructive comments or any other thoughts about my article, please neo-mail them to me. And thanks goes to bonkers_anakin who mentioned some spelling mistakes in my article and to everyone who gave positive comments about it!

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