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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 5 > Continuing Series > Snow Way Out: Part Three

Snow Way Out: Part Three

by Duplica13

About 20 minutes later, Dani and I touched down on top of Terror Mountain. "Hello? Jess? Anybody? Hey! Anyone out there?" I called, turning in all directions. A wind had come up, and it twisted my words, throwing them back in my face. Snow began to fall, getting caught in the wind and blown in my eyes and face.

"Well, well. If it isnít the little movie star and her little friend." I spun toward the voice. It was one I recognised. recognised, but hadnít heard in months, except for my nightmares. Kool_Kyle_Kid the skunk Kacheek. "Ha! You really believed it was Jess? Like heíd come up here. You are so gullible." I caught Kyle's feelings: fear, anger and nervousness.

"You! How dare you try to get us again!" Dani called, her fur bristling. Growling, she sprung toward Kyle. He continued laughing, as Dani passed right through him.

"Dani! Itís a hologram! Heís not really there!" I had to yell to be heard over the wind. Suddenly, out of the snow came a glass box. It exploded out of the snow below our feet and covered us. Above my head and to the sides, there was about five feet of room. Dani instantly charged at the glass, trying to break it. When she hit the glass, she bounced back, falling on her back. She sprang up to try again. Beside her, a small nozzle popped out of the snow. Suddenly, a bluish gas came drifting out of it. "Dani! Itís sleeping gas! Donít breathe it in!" But it was too late. Dani slumped to the ground. I held my breath for as long as I could, but eventually, I too breathed in the gas. As I fell to the ground, I could still hear Kyle laughing. I could still sense his emotions coming, I realised, from somewhere below us. Then, darkness.


Slowly, I woke up. Blinking my eyes, I tried to move my head to get a better look at where we were, and found I couldnít move. Struggling against the force that was holding me proved useless. The only thing that happened was I got tired. Trying to relax, I began to list the things I could move. I could breathe, so my lungs and chest could move. My eyes moved, and I could blink.

Moving only my eyes, I looked to my left, then my right. I found Dani, being held like me. The weird part was, there were no chains. Just then, Daniís eyes flew open. I could see her struggling to get free. I decided to try something. I knew she and I were close, since I could read her thoughts, at least some of them, so I decided to try and send her a thought. Although the Nimmo master had said nothing about transmitting thoughts, I decided to try. After all, I couldnít talk, and her fear was making me feel sick.

"Dani!" I thought, aiming the thought toward her. "Dani! Can you hear me?" Daniís eyes flew open and amazement replaced her fear.

"Duplica? You can, uh, think to me?"

"Well, I never knew before now. Listen, donít worry. I got us into this; Iíll get us out. I promise." Dani nodded, or at least she tried.

"Ha! You might have stopped me once, but now Iím the one in charge!" Kyleís voice came from off to the left, where I couldnít see. He walked into my line of vision a few moments later. In his hands was a strange object, almost like a TV remote. He pressed a button, and my head relaxed.

"Where are we?" I demanded. "And youíd better let us go! And also, can you give some of the stuff this place is built with? It blocks my phone signal."

"Hmm, as usual, youíre trying to be funny in the face of adversity. Well, in case you havenít noticed, no oneís laughing," he sneered at me

"I am," I said. I took this time to identify his feelings. There was satisfaction at catching us, and underlying that was a feeling of fear. Not at us, at...

"Good work, Kyle." Out of the shadows, came Dr. Sloth. Daniís fur stood up, and I knew if she could move, the rest of it would have stood up, too. My skin was crawling.

"Dani, come on. Weíve got to get out of this. Somehow," I thought to Dani, rather than let Dr. Sloth in on what I was thinking.

"Now. You, the pet. I have no need for you. You can go back to your owner. You will be unharmed. For now." Dr. Sloth was looking at Dani. I could feel her fear, but she didnít show it. That was something I admired about Dani. It was something she had learned from Ry, not letting people know when she was scared.

"Duplica, what should I do?" Dani thought to me.

"You should go. Tell Ry what happened. Get her to contact someone. Besides, Iím responsible for you for now. I donít want you hurt. Ryíll get mad," I thought back.

Dani spoke. "I will not go. Iím staying right here with Duplica." She turned to me apologetically. I groaned silently.

"Dani, what are you doing?" I thought furiously.

"Ryíd kill me if I left ya here with him." She mentally pointed her head at Dr. Sloth. "íSides, I havenít had an adventure in a while. Thisíll be fun!" In my head, I groaned again. Only Dani would think getting captured by Dr. Sloth was "fun".

"Hmm. Youíre brave. Stupid, but brave." Dr. Sloth commented. He gestured to Kyle. Kyle pressed another button on the remote and Dani and I dropped to the ground.

"What do you want with her?" asked Dani angrily.

"Oh, nothing much. Just her powers."

I was starting to get a major inferiority complex, so I decided to speak up. "So, you want my psychic powers. Why not just enslave a Nimmo?"

"Oh, but you see, itís not that simple. I need the psychic powers, yes, but I need the type that you have. I need to see the future. Then, I can conquer it!" he said, clenching a fist.

I nearly laughed. "My powers canít see the future. Do you really think Iíd be here if I could?"

"Hmm, sheís right. Still, telekinesis and mind-reading could come in handy." Suddenly, I could feel his emotions. This new thought nearly knocked me over. He was SCARED. Of what? Of a girl and a pet? But he had a huge army of Grundos at his command. Then, I realised. He couldnít just TAKE my powers. I had to give them willingly. How could I have forgotten? It had been only a few months ago. I could still hear the Nimmo masterís voice...


"But what if someone takes my powers? Then whatíll I do?" I was worried.

"Relax, my child. No one can take you powers." As usual, the Nimmo master was calm.

"How come?"

"Because no one, person or pet, Faerie or ghost, can take your powers without your consent." Seeing my puzzled look, he went on. "You see, not even the Faerie Queen herself can take a pets powers. It is their psyche, an unchangeable thing. Like it or not, it is now part of your psyche, and no one except you can change that."


Still, there was the fact that I could feel his emotions. That part was more puzzling. I could only feel the emotions of pets, that had been the first lesson Iíd learned. Only pets, not owners or Faeries or anything else. That could only mean...

"Now. I can see you wonít give them to me. I can also tell that you donít care what happens to you, as long as your friends are safe." Dr. Sloth had been speaking the whole time, I realised with a start. I forced myself to listen. "So, obviously, if I force you to watch your friends get hurt, youíll give in. Simple." Turning to Kyle, he spoke. "You. Take the pet to bzz bzz bzz." The last words were a whisper, and I couldnít hear them. Dani could, though, so I asked her.

"Dani, what? Whereís he taking you?"

"Itís, itís..." she stuttered. Her fear was making me feel sick again.

"Dani, get a grip! Stop freaking out and tell me!"

"Right. Heís going to take me to," she shuddered, and her fear came over me again in a wave, "to the Snowager." Once again, her fear enveloped me.

To be continued...

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