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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 127 > Short Stories > The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

by rachelchia5

Perfect... absolutely perfect. Jamie, a beautiful shadow Lupe pressed her nose and paws against the decorated glass display window of a shop called Angel. Sitting nestled on a velvet blanket in a small basket was her sister, Jessie, ideal birthday present -- a Ballerina Usuki.

     I have to get it. Jessie will love it! Jamie decided. She scampered into the store. The bell tinkled when she pushed it opened and stepped inside. The shop was bright and cheerily decorated with red and white paper hearts hung on the ceiling. Shelves stocked with items were everywhere and a large sign hung over a shelf wrote, "Welcome!" in cursive font.

     The shop was small but everything was neat and presentable.

     "Hello, welcome! How may I help you?" A purple Shoyru stepped out from behind a shelf. She walked over, smiling. "I'm Polly."

     "Um, hi Polly," Jamie smiled back. "I'm Jamie, and I'd really like that Ballerina Usuki in the window for my sister's birthday present next week," she pointed.

     Polly followed her gaze and brightened. "Oh!" she grinned. She walked over to the display window and returned with the Ballerina Usuki in a gleaming display case. "You mean this? If you buy it, it comes with the case, absolutely free!" Polly said cheerily.

     Jamie took the case and examined it. It was perfect. "How much?" she asked giving Polly back the case and crossing her paws.

     "I'm afraid it's costly, 7300 NP," Polly said. "But it's worth it! I mean, it's a collectibles item. Your sister will love it, Jamie."

     Jamie stared wistfully at the Usuki, and then shook her head. "I'll think about it," she said starting for the door. "Can you reserve it for me?" she asked hopefully.

     Polly nodded. "Sure, but only for a week."

     "That's fine, thanks!" Jamie waved then hurried home.

* * *

Half an hour later, Jamie sat on her bed, a small amount of NP in front of her. She counted it then sighed. 3000 NP That wasn't even half of the amount she needed to buy the Ballerina Usuki for Jessie.

     "Jamie?" Jessie, a Faerie Kougra knocked on the door of Jamie's bedroom. "Can I come in?"

     Jamie sat up and shoved her NP under her pillow. "Sure."

     Jessie came in and sat on the bed beside Jamie. She pulled the backpack she was carrying off her shoulder, unzipped it then reached it and yanked out a box wrapped in shiny blue wrapping paper. She smiled as she handed it to Jamie.

     "For me?" Jamie asked, surprised. Jessie nodded. "But it's not my birthday yet!"

     Jessie grinned. "I know. But remember that Math exam you studied so hard for last week? Well, I know Math is your worse subject, and you aced the test -- with flying colors! I just had to buy you a present. I'm so proud of you, Jamie."

     Jamie smiled, touched, and accepted the present. She opened her mouth to thank her sister but Jessie held up a paw. "Your welcome," she said still grinning. "I've got to go now, spelling tomorrow," she said, gathered up her things and went out.

     A minute later, her head appeared again. "Oh yea," she said smiling. "I hope you like it!" Then she disappeared. Jamie could hear her room the close quietly next door.

     Excitedly, Jamie tore apart the wrapper and pulled the lid of the box. Inside, on pink tissue paper was a beautiful sliver friendship necklace. Only, it had SISTERS FOREVER engraved on it, and there was only half a heart. Where it ended was a jagged sort of line.

     "It's beautiful!" Jamie gasped. She lifted it out of the box and clasped the necklace around her neck. Then she hopped off her bed and hurried next door. She knocked softly but when no one opened, Jamie opened it a tiny crack.

     She could see Jessie sitting at her desk, frowning as she tried to study her spelling. She was really a hardworking girl.

     "I have to get that Usuki for Jessie," Jamie decided, fingering the necklace. "No matter what."


For the next few days, Jamie went to play games everyday; playing every game she could lay her hands on. She wasn't a very good player though, but after all her hard work, she managed to raise a cool sum of 10,000 NP

     "Thanks!" Jamie said, trilled as the Usul behind the Games counter held out a fat bag of NP She grabbed it and raced out of the Games counter and all the way to the store, Angel.

     It took a good ten minutes to reach but Jamie was glad when she did. Breathless, she ran up the front store steps and pushed opened the door.

     "Well hello!" Polly, the Shoyru looked up from a book she was reading at the counter. "You're back!"

     Jamie paused to catch her breath. "Yea," she nodded. "So, can I have the Ballerina Usuki please?" She held up the bag of NP "I can pay for it now."

     Polly nodded and went to the window. But she reappeared a minute later with a worried look, empty-handed. Jamie's heart started to beat faster. "Where's the Usuki?" she asked worriedly.

     Polly bit her lip. "Let me check the back room." She said and flew again. But she came back later looking apologetic. "I'm sorry Jamie," she apologized. "But I think we're out of stock."

     "What?" Jamie screeched. "But you reserved it for me, for a week, and it's just the fifth day."

     Polly nodded, she looked really sorry but Jamie couldn't help but feeling utterly hurt and disappointed. "I can't believe it!" Jamie sank to her knees clutching the NP bag tightly.

     "What's going on here?" a surprised voice said. Jamie and Polly looked up. A tall, slender woman with curly hair stood in front of them. "What's going on Polly?" she repeated.

     Polly pulled Jamie to her feet. "This is my owner, Ginger," she introduced, then she turned to her owner. "Mum," she started. "Do you know where's the Ballerina Usuki in the display window? It was here five days ago, this Lupe here reserved it for a week but now it's gone! And I knew there was three more in the back room, too."

     Ginger looked thoughtful, then she snapped her fingers. "I know!" She said. "There were two Gelerts who came in yesterday and were intrigued by those Ballerina Usukis and wanted every single one in stock, I had no idea you reserved them hon." Ginger said glancing at Jamie.

     Jamie's heart sank. "But I spent these few days earning as much NP as I could for the Usuki," she said in a tiny voice, "and now there's no more. My sister told me she saw one last month and wanted it so much, but instead of buying it for herself, she bought me this," Jamie held up the necklace, "for doing well in my Math exam."

     Ginger stared at the necklace. "Oh my gosh!" she grinned. "Is your sister a Faerie Kougra by any chance?" Jamie stared at her, surprised.

     "Yes, how did you know?" Jamie asked. Ginger's grin got even wider.

     "Follow me girls," she instructed. Polly and Jamie exchanged looks then follow Ginger to a tiny corner of the shop. Ginger opened a glass cabinet and removed a velvet box from it. "Look at this," she said and opened the box. Inside was a necklace, identical to Jamie's!

     "Oh wow," Jamie said. "That's the exact same necklace Jessie bought for me!" Ginger nodded.

     "She was here a few days ago and bought this. She wanted to buy both, said she could give one to her sister and wear one herself, but it cost 6000 NP each and she only bought one," Ginger explained.

     "I can't believe it..." Jamie shook her head in disbelief. "Did she see the Ballerina Usuki?"

     "Yes, she did sweetie," Ginger replied. "I could tell she liked it by the look on her face."

     "Tell you what," Polly piped up, "since there are no more Ballerina Usukis, how about you buy her the other half of the necklace you're wearing?"

     "Great idea!" Jamie brightened. She opened her NP bag, took out 6000 NP and handed it to Ginger, who slipped the velvet box into a glittery plastic bag and handed it to her with a big smile.

     "I think she'll really like it," Polly commented. Jamie smiled. "I think so too." She checked her pink plastic watch. "I can't believe it! I'm late! It's almost dinnertime!" she exclaimed. "I have to go, thanks for your help." She shot them a grateful look then hurried to the door.

     She was almost out of the ajar door when Ginger called out, "Wait!" Jamie stopped walking. Ginger was hurrying towards her holding yet another bag.

     "This is for you and your sister," Ginger said in a rush. "I'm sure you'll like it, I bought it on a whim but Polly didn't like it, so it's yours."

     "Thanks!" Jamie didn't wait to find out what it was, but slipped the smaller bag into hers and rushed down the street, waving to Polly and Ginger until they were out of sight.


"I'm home!" Jamie rushed into her Neohome and into the kitchen. Jessie and her owner, Sandy were about to start dinner.

     "You're late Jamie," Sandy said sternly.

     "I'm sorry mum, I went to buy... Jessie's birthday present!" She grinned and gave the bag to Jessie. Jessie's face lit up.

     "Really? Thanks Jamie!" Her wings flapped in excitement. "Can I open it now?"

     "Definitely," Jamie nodded. Everyone watched as Jessie pulled out the velvet box and opened it.

     "Oh, wow!" Jessie held up the sparkling, familiar necklace and beamed at Jamie. "Thanks! You know I saw-- "

     "You don't have to explain, I know the whole story," Jamie said grinning. Jessie and Sandy looked curiously at her but she shrugged.

     "It's a long story."

     "Jamie! You bought me two presents?" Jessie exclaimed in surprise, pulling out the smaller bag.

     "Oh no," Jamie took the bag from Jessie. "The shopkeeper's owner, Ginger gave it to me," she opened the bag and peeked inside, then let out a shrill shriek as she pulled out the item.

     "A rare Alpine Adventurer Usuki!" Jessie yelped. "That's like, really expensive! Ginger is really generous."

     "You can have it," Jamie said generously. Jessie shook her head.

     "No way! I want us to share it!" Jessie grinned. "We'll put it in the living room's class cardboard after dinner."

     "Great! How about a picture how my two precious darlings?" Sandy sniffled, wiping away a tear. She picked up a camera and aimed it the two sisters.

     "Wait!" Jessie said. She picked up her necklace and put it on, then linked her arm through Jamie's. "Now I'm ready," she grinned.

     "Say cheese!"

     Click. The picture of a smiling Lupe and Kougra was captured in the camera, just like this special day that was going to be remembered forever.

The End

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