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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 127 > Short Stories > The Winter Blues

The Winter Blues

by chia_lover01

Outside the wind was howling and the snow never stopped falling. It was the beginning of February and all Snow the Bruce wanted to do was play outside. Unfortunately, Snow's owner didn't like her Bruce outside in the freezing cold weather, and made sure that her Bruce was nice and warm inside their warm and cozy Neohome. As Snow looked outside her bedroom window she saw many Neopians with their owners throwing snowballs, making snow angels, and building snowmen. She pictured herself out there playing with all of them; her dream was interrupted by her owner’s voice. "Snow what are you doing up there? Can you come down here? I have a surprise for you."

     Snow let out a deep sigh and replied, "What is it? Just leave me alone!"

     "Snow, don't give me that attitude. Please come down here, I want to show you something."

     "Fine, I’m coming!" Snow said beyond irritated with her owner. She slowly walked down stairs, to see her owner sitting on the floor with a board game. "Are you kidding me?" Snow said in disbelief.

     "Isn't it great! I thought it would be a great way to do something together. Plus it’s so cold outside their is not much else we can do," Snow's owner said with the biggest smile. She thought her Bruce seemed distant lately and wanted to do something fun with her.

     "Well, I hate board games, they're really boring," Snow said with out hesitation.

     Snow's owner’s smile quickly turned into a frown. "You used to love board games! Come, just sit down and play for a little bit, and if you don't get into it then we'll stop."

     Snow rolled her eyes and sat down across from her owner with the board game between them. After 15 minutes of playing Snow couldn't take it any more. She had to tell he owner how she felt. "Um... can I talk to you about something?"

     "Sure sweetie, what is it?"

     "It upsets me that you won’t let me play in the snow like all the other Neopets. I want to be like all the other Neopets and play with my owner in the snow. Please? I've got a great idea, why don't we stop playing this silly board game and go play in the snow!"

     Snow's owner looked at her Bruce with a stern expression, "NO Snow, you know you’re not allowed outside when it’s this cold out. I don't care what other Neopians do, you’re not going out there. I happen to like this board game thank you very much, now please sit down and let’s finish it."

     Snow suddenly had a shot of anger rush through her body, she kicked the board game and the pieces went flying everywhere. "I hate you and wish you weren't my owner!!" Snow stormed up to her room and slammed her door shut. Snow's owner just sat there with board game pieces all over the place and a face of shock plastered on her face. She sighed and slowly began to clean up the board game. She had never seen her Bruce so upset with her before. She had no idea this was so important to her. She soon decided that it would be best to let her Bruce play out in the snow tomorrow, in fact she would go outside with her as well. It was silly of her to worry so much about the cold weather, she would just go out and buy some warm clothing for the event.

     "Snow?! I'm going out for a little while, do you want to come?" After a few minutes with no reply Snow's owner gave up. "Well that’s fine, you don't have to answer... I can see you’re very mad at me. I'll be back in an hour or so."

     After her owner had gone Snow opened her bedroom door and walked out with a large duffle bag full of clothing and special items. While Snow was in her room earlier she made up her mind to run away, she found this the perfect timing. She ran down the steps and out the front door. Once she stepped outside a chill ran down her back, it was freezing cold outside. Snow took one last look at her Neohome and turned and ran. She had to be fast or her owner would catch her on the way back. After running for a couple blocks, Snow came to a forest-like area. "This seems like a great place to hide out," Snow said to herself.

     Snow ran deep into the forest and found a little clearing for her to make camp. She set down her belongings and looked around her. It was starting to get dark, and Snow started to feel chilly. She heard a loud rumbling sound and she jumped suddenly... only to find it was her stomach. She was extremely hungry and was already missing her owners cooking. Snow sat in the cold, wet snow, not sure of what to do. She had never felt so alone in her life and felt in her gut that running away was obviously a bad idea. She shivered uncontrollably and started to cry. She didn't even know how to get back home. All she could do was sit there and hope someone would eventually find her.

     Back home, Snow's owner had just gotten back from her shopping trip. As she set down the shopping bags with a smile on her face she called for her little Bruce. She couldn't wait to see Snow's face when she showed her all the new snow gear she had bought them for tomorrow. "Snow come down here, I have the best surprise for you!"

     No answer was heard, "Come on Snow, you can’t still be mad at me, please come down here!"

     Still no answer. Finally Snow's owner gave up with shouting and decided to go up to her room and talk with her. When she reached Snow's door she gently knocked and walked in. But there was no one there. The room was in shambles, clothing and other belongings were scattered all over the room. Snow's owner began to panic and shouted for her Bruce all over the Neohome. But Snow was no where to be found. She quickly ran out of the house and down the block. Tears started to run down her face and she realized her Bruce had run away. "I shouldn't have left her home, how could this happen! My poor baby all alone out here in the cold! I have to find her!" Snows owner said to herself as she franticly searched the neighborhood.

     She looked down and to her surprise she saw little foot prints in the snow that looked very much like a Bruces. Snow's owners started to follow the prints, in hopes that they were her Bruces. The foot prints lead her to a large forest and this made her shake with fright, to think her Bruce could be in that cold, damp, dangerous forest. She hesitated, but soon started to follow the footprints again. The footprints seemed to be leading her to a small clearing coming up in the forest. She continued on, and to her delight she found her Bruce sitting in the snow! "SNOW!"

     Snow jumped up and squealed with delight, they both embraced. "I'm sorry I ran away. I'm so cold and hungry. How did you find me?"

     "I followed your footprints, thank goodness I found you. You could have... well never mind that, let's get you home." Snow's owner carried her all the way home in her jacket. When they reached their Neohome Snow's owner placed her in front of the fire and feed her some hot soup. After Snow felt back to her normal self Snow's owner sat next to her. "Snow, I thought about what you said and decided that you were right. I was being over protective, and I have decided to let you play outside in the snow.."

     "Really!!?" Snow couldn't hold it in.

     "Yes, BUT... since you ran away there has to be consequences for your actions. I’m sorry to do this, but you’re grounded for a week... which I think is a very kind punishment since running away is a very serious thing. You seemed to have learned your lesson. Next time you’re mad at me, don’t run away, it doesn’t solve anything does it?”

     Snow hesitated and then replied in a soft voice, “No, it doesn’t ..”

     Snow’s owner looked at her Bruce proudly, “Okay then, let’s go up stairs and clean that room of yours.”

     Snow looked up at her owner and gave an innocent look, “Oh yeah, hehehe, I forgot about that..”

     Snow’s owner chuckled and smiled at her Bruce, “Well I sure didn’t!”

     A week passed and Snow was even more anxious to go out and play. If she had been grounded for even one more day, she might have died from excitement. As soon as Snow woke up the next morning, she hurriedly pulled on her new warm outfit her owner had bought and rushed down the stairs. After eating her breakfast as fast as she could, Snow rushed for the door. “Hey, wait for me!” her owner said as she got on her jacket.

     Snow waited impatiently for her owner to finish and they both went outside together. To their amazement they found a new patch of snow had just fallen the night before. “It’s so beautiful!” Snow shouted as she ran to a big pile of fresh white powder. Both Snow and her owner spent almost the whole day outside. They made snow angels, igloos, and best of all they built the biggest snowmen they had ever seen. It was the best day of both Snow and her owner’s lives, and they would never forget it.

The End

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