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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 5 > Short Stories > King Coltzan III: An Autobiography (Chapter CLXXXII)

King Coltzan III: An Autobiography (Chapter CLXXXII)

by bla_bla_bla_3000

Written by King Coltzan III
Translated to English by bla_bla_bla_3000

Translator's Note: Original version was in Sakhmetian. Also, every 10th Chapter represents 1 year. So, this story took place when King Coltzan III was only 18. At this point in time, his father, King Coltzan II the Lupe, was still the King.

Chapter CLXXXII: The Journey Home

The expedition was not going very well at all. Khanquas, a very close friend of my father's, passed due to the unbearable freezing temperature. That left my father and I. We were in a horrid state. We retrieved the treasure that we desired, but bringing it home was more difficult than we had expected.

My father was even more tired than I was. I looked up at his previously noble face, which now just looked exhausted and frustrated. He was doing most of the work for he carried approximately 60% of the treasure and he sacrificed many of his basic needs. He was trying to keep me comfortable, but I couldn't bear to see my father in this state. I started to give him 70% of the food each night, because that was about how much of the work he did. We came upon a cave when I started giving him some food.

"Father," I began, "please eat something. You work harder than me, therefore deserve the food more."

"I will not. You are my son, and I don't want you to leave me at such a young age. I am 68 years old, so my time will come soon anyway."

"Please father, just eat. You're the one who is doing the work. If you eat some of the food, at least we both will make it through the mission."

"All right. You are very intelligent, son. You will make a just king."

I felt assured now that we would make it through the expedition. My father was somewhat refreshed, and I too wasn't in that bad shape. We set out three days later, however, these next few weeks were the most difficult that we had faced yet.

We went on through the snowy Ice Caves. There was a hailstorm that never seemed to end. We searched for some type of firewood even though we knew that Garon had swept the Ice Caves clean. A week passed when finally, we saw a Chia!! I was about to attack it, when...

"Coltzan, NO!!!!!!" my father screamed.

"Why not?"

"It is a trap. No Chia has entered the Ice Caves for 10 years. This one looks fresh."

"But who would want to trap us?"

"Our rivals, the Khamtefians. King Hesnos and Prince Heksas have wanted to overthrow Sakhmet for years. They know about our expedition, and must have seized the chance to destroy us. Be careful, son, or you might be destroyed."

I had nothing to say. But I was very alert, and very ready. We started to run through. There were at least 500 traps, but I will only describe the main ones. First off, we saw a group of Mutant Grundos. This always made me wonder, "Did King Hesnos and Prince Heksas have anything to do with The Sakhmet Invasion?" Anyway, the Grundos had large staves, with diamonds on the ends. Lasers shot out from the staves at us from all directions!!!!

"Quick, father, let's get ready to fight them!"

"Yes, let's go!!!"

We destroyed one Grundo at a time, yet tired out very quickly. Soon, a fleet of Grundo Commanders appeared!!! We never gave up... slashing up one Grundo, while the other attacked a Grundo Commander. But in the end, we were victorious.

"That was close!!!"

My father sighed in relief.

We continued on the journey home, even though our bodies were nearly destroyed. We soon came upon fungus balls that were headed in our direction!!!

"Oh no!!!!"

"Come, son, we won't give up just yet!!!"

We scurried across the ice to attack the fungus balls.

"We can claw through them!!!" I exclaimed.

I dug my paws into a fungus ball but it didn't tear!! It ran me over!!!!

"AAHHHH!!!!! Our claws won't sink in!!!!!"

"Then we'll have to defeat them strategically!!!! Come, son, they are vulnerable to water!!!!!"

We slashed up the ice and started to shove the fungus balls into the water. Underwater, they puff up and implode.

We were very tired, and went at a slow pace. What made it worse for us was that right before we came to the end of Terror Mountain, the Snowager shot up through the ice and fired an Icy Blast at my father!!!!! I was able to dodge it. He fired another one at me. Quickly, I used the Icy Blast as a passageway to his head. I was about to attack his head, when his tail came from behind me and squeezed me!!! I couldn't howl!!! My eyes closed and I started to feel a breeze over my face... that soon would become a powerful Icy Blast!!!! I nearly was vanquished, until my father surprise attacked the Snowager!!!! The ice worm collapsed, and we finished him off by slashing and biting his body.

We came to the edge of Terror Mountain. In my father's plan, there was supposed to be a boat in this area. However, it seemed that Hesnos and Heksas had stolen our boat before we could arrive. We decided to ride on an iceberg, though we knew that it would soon melt. With our paws, we paddled across the sea. Unfortunately for us, the iceberg melted on a small, stranded island northeast of the Haunted Woods. We made smoke signals and finally, three weeks later, a suspicious looking mummy from the Haunted Woods arrived. He was in a canoe, with a certain Dr. Petrov.

"YES, BACK GO YOU TO SAKH... ERR... KHAMTEF!!" said the Mummy.

"You idiot!!!!" Petrov said as he punched the Mummy on the head.

I ran at Petrov while my father attacked the Mummy. Petrov tried to throw me overboard. When we were at the edge of the boat, however, I was too quick for him. I slashed his face and then threw him off. Father defeated the Mummy at the same time. We started to paddle away, when all of a sudden, Petrov came back and punched a hole through the boat!!!! He then fell back down and drowned. But it looked as though we would share his fate!!! We paddled hard to get to land before we sank. Luckily for us, the boat sank right when we were able to leap onto the land. We barely made it onto the landmass that the Haunted Woods and Sakhmet were on. We were still far away, as there were many thousands of miles left.

We ran, at top speed, to return home. Sadly, we failed to notice the trap laid on the ground beneath us. In such a sudden, we both collapsed into a hole filled with Mutant Moehogs and Chias!!! It was a long battle, but it was still very easy. It wasn't that bad, actually. After we destroyed them, there was Moehog meat left for us. It was too bad that there were only Mutant Chias... if they weren't it would be a perfect meal. We scrambled out of the hole with some left over Moehog meat and started to run again.

We ran very fast. By the end of the day, we were already at the edge of the Haunted Woods!!! But the Haunted Woods was the most horrible trap of all...

We were not well received when entering the Haunted Woods. First, a Mole, a Werewolf, and a Scarecrow attacked us!!! Father ripped up the Scarecrow with his sharp claws. My job was more difficult. I had to take care of the Werewolf and the Mole!!! The Mole quickly charged at me. Using my quick thinking, I threw the Werewolf in front of the Mole's horns!!! The Werewolf was destroyed, and the Mole jumped back. He readied himself for another attack but I was too quick for him. I leaped at him and used my claws on his tough skin. After a while, he was destroyed.

Later on, we went to the Witch's Tower. She too was part of the Khamtefian Army!!! She cast a spell, and the Bug Brothers came out of her cauldron!!! There defence was very low, but there speed was extraordinary!!!! They were difficult to capture, but after they were caught, we destroyed them easily. Next, Edna the Witch drank a Power Obtaining Potion that made her twice as powerful than her regular self!!!! She used her staff and knocked out my father in one hit!! I dodged her attack and got the hag back by leaping onto her and cutting her up.

We moved on next to the Esophagor, where it seemed that the Brain Tree was also waiting!!! It seemed that Edna's Potion had been all around the Woods, and the Esophagor and Brain Tree were also two times stronger than usual!!! I went for the Brain Tree while Father attacked the Esophagor!!! I quickly slashed of the Brain Tree's branches. However, it used strange brain waves to attack me!!!! I quickly dodged the waves and attacked his brain. In an instant, he screamed, when his brain fell apart and the whole tree collapsed. Father had destroyed the Esophagor just as easy as I had destroyed the Brain Tree. Now, it was time to make one last stop... The Apothecary.

As soon as we entered his shop, he attacked us. Using Power Obtaining Mushrooms and Edna's Potion, he seemed almost invincible!!! He threw Mushroom Bombs at us. I dodged them all but father was hit many times. This made me very angry... my rage gave me a boost of power and I destroyed the Apothecary after a few slashes!!!!! I gave my father healing mushrooms before we traveled on to Sakhmet...

On the way to Sakhmet, I thought that I had noticed a dark figure following us... but it must have been my imagination.

Nobody recognized us when we entered Sakhmet because of all of the battles. They thought that we were travelers and that our bag with the treasure was a bag filled with items for the flea market. Not even our Guards recognized us. They threw us out to the outskirts of Sakhmet.

Strangely enough, I saw the dark figure again. This time it didn't disappear. I looked at it carefully. Father couldn't see it. It came towards us and jumped. At last, I knew what it was...

"FATHER!!!!!! WATCH OUT!!!!!!! IT'S THE MONOCEROUS!!!!!!!!!"

But it was too late. The Monocerous jabbed his horn in Father's stomach. Father was... Father was... gone.

I howled and felt like crying but tears wouldn't come out. I collapsed for a second but then remembered the Monocerous. I picked up my Father's body and ran away. The Monocerous chased me with mad Scorchios flying above him.

"If I can just make it back to the palace..."

Everyone around us fled in terror. I tried to make it back to the palace, but the Monocerous was too quick. Behind him, I saw a dust cloud.

"I think I can make a quick attack on the Monocerous, and then jump into the dust cloud where I'll leave Father's body until the Monocerous has been slain. The Scorchios won't catch me if I'm fast enough."

I leaped at the Monocerous and tore of some of his back. Scorchios started to dive down at me but I was too quick. I landed in the dust cloud and left Father there. The Scorchios hit the Monocerous instead of me.

I did not know what to do next. The Monocerous wasn't destroyed... and I heard him charge at me in the dust cloud. I felt the palace walls but just needed a way to get inside. I then remembered what my father had once told me during a training session.

"Child," he began.

"Yes, Father?"

"If the enemy is not visible, do not try to see him. Close your eyes, and listen to his movements. Feel the speed he goes at. Smell and taste the air to see if he is near. Most of all, use your mind to deeply concentrate. Do all of these at the same time, and... you shall be victorious. Remember, your timing is everything."

I never knew what he actually meant, but I tried it anyway. Using deep concentration, I saw flashes in my mind at first. A few seconds later, I actually saw the Monocerous!!!! I leaped at just the right time and tackled his body to the ground after slashing his face. The Scorchios proved to be no threat to my sharp claws. I finished the Monocerous off by digging my paws inside of his hide and literally slicing him up inside!!!!!!! I had slain the Monocerous!!!!!!!! I was recognized as a hero for rescuing Sakhmet and retrieving the Lost Treasure of the Ice Caves to Sakhmet. I was given the throne for I was now the King of Sakhmet. Once I had become King, I ordered that my father be given the most expensive funeral possible. Soon after my fatherís funeral, I married an Aisha. To this day, I still govern over Sakhmet.

The End

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