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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 126 > Short Stories > Too Hot: Transcribed

Too Hot: Transcribed

by c0v2jn

"May I help you? If you'd like to use the store's bathroom you sure can!" Malea said as she parted her lips in a smile. "Here, let me show you the way. I own this general store and I STILL get lost. Imagine that." Malea's sleek fiery wings accentuated her sparkling green eyes. "Anyway, if you need anything, I'll be at the counter! Take care!" She then skipped lightly to her counter, looked at her next customer, and smiled.

     Every day was like the music of The Neopian Philharmonic -- smooth and satisfying with the occasional sharp or flat. Everybody in MoeVille relied on her constant smiling face everyday at the counter. Groceries came and go, cures made people well and luxuries pampered. But there was one thing that she missed dearly living in a village of Moehogs near an exclusive shore. She missed -- friends. The tight-knit Moehogs went around doing their daily work and passed by her store daily, but they considered her an outsider -- merely a tourist. Several weeks passed and no one made any welcoming gesture to befriend her -- until one sunny Friday afternoon. She was standing at her counter, calculating sales, when she flipped her notebook and in the process tearing open a pink glued envelope. Her hands quivered as she squinted excitedly at the tiny, pale writing printed neatly on orange paper.

Hey, Malea! I've just wanted to tell you that you've been invited to the MoeVille Annual Get-together! It's next Saturday at 6:00 PM! See you there!
-- Retio Smurr, Council President

     Malea almost dropped the letter in shock. This was her chance to show them what she could do! She would not wait for them to approach her. It wasn't yet her show -- but she felt destined to steal it.

     All week the customers noticed a change of pace in their shopping. When old but quirky Miss Hupps merely glanced at an attractive umbrella she was immediately engaged in a conversation with Malea about the wet, rainy days ahead. She chuckled as she paid for her new umbrella, joking all the way out. Malea's till was overloaded with Neopoints and Moehogs came back for more. Her General Store was booming, Moehogs loved her, and it was only three days to the big Get-together. Suddenly, she noticed a note taped on her glass screen window. She quickly grabbed it and scanned it top to bottom. The ink apparently dripped and smeared as large splotches of black dominated the page. She brushed her fingers along the paper and noticed her fingers became black with ink. This was definitely a new note -- but how could she have not noticed who put it up? She folded it up and placed it in her purse as she walked out of the store flipping the "closed" sign.

     The next day, everyone was talking about the Get-together only one day away and last-minute procrastinators squeezed the shop dry of suits, dresses and perfume. When it came time for her shop to close however, she didn't go out, but she slowly walked upstairs to her storage attic. The lights were dim and she choked on the dust and staggered forward. Her flashlight stopped upon a heavy, wooden chest that greyed from the many years it stayed there. Her hesitant hands slipped a large key into a dull gold padlock and turned. Inside was a dress -- a flawless white dress laced with expensive crystals from the tips of Terror Mountain. It was a gift from her mother, a sentimental gift. She clutched her dress and smiled, remembering fond memories of time. Hours passed into the night in that attic as she replayed happy memories in her mind again and again. The dust became snowflakes and the planks became snow as he held tight her mom's white dress and slowly drifted away into a dream.

     She awoke abruptly the next day and ran towards the attic door that had slid shut during her sleep. Malea panicked and started banging the small window in hopes a passerby would hear her. "HELP! HELP! Someone! HELP! PLEASE!" Her eyes darted around, scanning the attic for a saw or a sharp knife. Her eyes stopped when she saw a fallen coat stand. "That'll do." She muttered to herself. With each bang came new tears of despair. The door wouldn't budge and she had not even made the tiniest dent. Her eyes darted around yet again for another tool but she found nothing. Eyes focused and bending slightly she aimed for the small, paneled glass window. Glass flew and crashed, creating sharp, ringing minute explosions in midair. Malea screamed out of the window and banged it with all her might. Nobody came to her help all afternoon until Feda Thacks, the town maintenance representative busted her attic door. "Are you okay? Anyway, what on Neopia are you doing up here? No time to waste! People are going to starve down there without you!" Feda marched Malea downstairs and pointed angrily to the crowd outside her shop. "You know we depend on you and I want you to get that right and good! You've got a lot to explaining to do, but go and open the shop!" A dizzy Malea spun through each of the transactions, trying to smile through her apparent distress. Oh well, she thought, the Get-together's tomorrow, and felt a sudden surge of contentment.

     She awoke with a jolt yet again and scampered to get her mom's white diamond dress in the attic. She found a matching milky orb necklace and earrings. Malea quickly brushed on her makeup as she slipped on her pale white heels. She glanced at herself in the mirror. I will make an impression on MoeVille. I'll show them my potential, she thought to herself. The hours until six in the evening were pure torture for Malea, who had longed to go to the community get-together all week. At half-past five she could wait no longer and stepped out of her shop gracefully and practiced her conversations to the bush in front of her. She took a rose off one of its leaves and held it by the end while she walked speedily towards the Village Hall. The sunset was just starting and she smiled -- knocking on the door.

     No one answered. She opened it and peered inside. It was empty. Nothing whatsoever was in it other than some old cardboard boxes and pieces of paper. She almost fainted with shock and looked around, searching for an explanation for the disarray. There was none. Thoughts blazed in her mind. Her eyes narrowed as each occurrence of the days past erupted in flames. Fists clenched and body heaving she dragged herself heavily out the door and glared sharply towards the village. "Those… those… AURGH!!!" Malea screamed. "I was trying my best to be nice! I tried to be friendly! I committed all my time and effort on this silly little community! I managed a shop they can't live without and -- HOW DO THEY REPAY ME!!!" Malea erupted in anger once more. "THEY THINK THIS IS FUNNY, THAT'S WHAT! They WILL pay. They WILL suffer. Spoiled homely brats on their fluffy sofas… AURGHHH!!!" She grabbed her rose tightly and screamed in pain as the thorns pierced her skin. As if on cue, the predicted rainfalls started to pour and splatter heavily on the Hall's roof. Thunder almost immediately echoed through the skies and flashes of lightning camouflaged her against the bleary light-streaked evening sky. The raindrops around her heated up at least a hundred degrees in her fury. The sky was darkening, soon only to be illuminated by the constant electric flashes of light.

     She stumbled and tripped over rocks and sharp pebbles groping for support but ripping her mom's once-white diamond dress on a branch. She kept falling on the rocky surface and her necklace came loose, the orbs rolling in every direction. She grabbed for them -- but they were gone. Malea hated them. She hated them all. The rain came even harder down on her -- as if it was teasing and taunting. She flung her shoes to the sky and shouted at it as she tripped yet again, ripping the rain-soaked dress. Malea's hair came undone and her makeup dripped down her face. The thunder roared and she couldn't even hear her own screams, intertwined with the night, the thunder, and the rain.

     As she reached her door in tears she looked back at the village Moehogs, who were awake in their warm, fluorescent rooms that looked like ghosts on the black terrain. Her tears became lava and anger surged through her once again. Revenge, the thought, they WILL pay.

     Malea awoke the next morning, still damp from the storm the night before. Outside, the gravel's hue became darker by moisture and light drizzles pattered against her window. She looked outside, towards her shop and at the eager customers lining outside her shop window. Malea grinned slyly and marched out to greet each of them. She let them all into the shop and then slammed the door shut behind them, locking and padlocking it. "That's for ignoring me when I needed help in the attic!" She smirked and marched off towards the rest of the village -- the customers pounding the door behind her.

     She came to the grand house of Fada, the manager of MoeVille Maintenance. She repaid the favor and smashed open all of Fada's doors and windows. "Come on out! Work work work, lazy! Don't appreciate what I do around here? Try pulling some of your many pounds of weight around MoeVille. Hah!" Fada screamed and Malea snarled at her. Malea kept on going until she found a small vial on the floor and one of her Milky Orb beads stuck between two sharp stones. The vial read, "Kauvara's Easy Kitchen Liquid". Malea scooped up her bead and poured some of the mysterious blue liquid onto it -- it exploded into flames and she dropped it in fright, then smiled and looked evilly back towards the village.

     Malea felt like she was a whole new and eviler Scorchio but could not remember how she made the drastic change. She felt different and the world around her seemed -- surreal. Everything kept spinning around her and in her confusion she dropped the still open vial onto the winding road. A blazing inferno at least four times her height suddenly erupted in front of her very eyes and traveled along the road. Solid rocks, unable to withstand the heat any longer exploded into tiny grains. Bright, flaming licks whacked the trees again and again, sending baby trees into oblivion. Malea felt helpless -- she was helpless. She could do nothing. Her anger and hateful memories evaporated as if it all was dried up by the fire, which ripped through the city like WereLupes out hunting. A stabbing realization hit her -- it was all her fault. She could see the flames no more. She imagined herself a week ago, standing happily at her counter. She remembered the long chat with Miss Hupps and the snazzy umbrella. The bad happenings paled in comparison to everything especially the orange blur in front of her. She again felt helpless -- absolutely helpless. She wanted to help them, she really did. Then Malea felt a mysterious cold hand around her throat -- and was never seen again.

     Several years later the smeared note Malea received on her window was found. It was the Get-together date and time change, which was moved to the day before and was held all day, the day Malea was trapped in her attic and received no help. The rain eventually wiped out the fire and every occupant was rescued safely but nobody has ever seen or heard of the legendary Malea after that fateful Saturday.

The End

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