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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 126 > Short Stories > Hannah's After Adventure

Hannah's After Adventure

by iwantchomby

Hannah stumbled out from the grimy pirate caves, flustered from days, maybe even weeks of running, swimming, jumping, and climbing. Before she could even be glad to see sunlight, she tripped over her own two feet, falling into a shallow trench. At least the water isn't dirty, she thought. Hannah crawled over to a bank of sand, realizing the shore of Krawk Isle was only an hour's swim, but risking the chance of drowning wasn't something she'd do. After all, she'd gone through days, weeks, of searching through the caves. She'd gained a large amount of Dubloons and her prized possession -- the emerald. Resting her head on the warm sand, she closed her eyes. Feeling the sun bask on her weary body, she smiled and clutched the emerald to her chest. Not long after the smell of saltwater drifted into her nostrils, she fell into a light but refreshing sleep.

* * *

Hannah awoke to the sound of seagulls cawing nonchalantly. Rising up to her feet, she discovered she was covered in damp, sandy cloth, the cloth that used to be her clothes, that is. Now, they were ripped and shrinking from being in contact with so much water. She rubbed the sand off of her body. She looked down at what she had used as a bed the night before, and saw that waves the color of her eyes had almost fully engulfed it. A splash of cold water touched her feet, and she pulled away. Kneeling down, though, she splashed some on her face. The cold woke her up and made some of the caked dirt muddy. She rubbed her forehead, and dove in. Pushing against the persistent waves, she became tired a lot faster than she thought she would. The water became more and more cold as she swam towards the shore, trying to concentrate on arriving there and only on that. But that required more energy than she could supply. So, she just let her mind wander as she continued swimming.

     Being extremely tired, Hannah stopped swimming and treaded in the water, looking around for some kind of stop. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she swam in circles. But being worn out, and with her common sense almost completely gone, she stopped treading. Almost instantly realizing her mistake, she began to kick her legs. It was too late, and she just sank deeper, and deeper, and deeper...

     "Aye, girly, wake up!" a rough voice boomed into Hannah's ears, and her world was remarkably dizzy as her eyes fluttered open. A pirate Krawk hunched over her was the first thing she saw, and becoming defensive, she pulled out her gleaming Scamander Blade, a gift from her good friend Cap'n Threelegs. Her other hand stayed in a pocket hidden on her skirt, where her emerald wrapped in silk was safe, and sound.

     "Aye, girly, put that ugly thing away!" the pirate said, putting his hand and his hook in front of him as Hannah rose to her feet. "Augugugugug! Why, if it weren't fer ol' Jaspyr over here yous be one dead bum!" Hannah gave him a suspicious look before putting the Scamander Blade away.

     "Who's Jaspyr?" she questioned, curious. The pirate looked over his shoulder, his usual scowl turned into a feisty grin. A Darigan Eyrie came out from the poop deck, with old-fashioned binoculars strung around his neck. He was amazingly small for a supposed large bird, but he still scared Hannah silly.

     Looking at her surroundings, she found she was on an abandoned ship, washed up on a piece of land that was about twice the size as the bank of sand she was on, oh, who knows when, only it had a palm tree and a grassy terrain. Hannah walked over to the deck, and looked out over the ocean. Not too far away was a faint shape, adjacent to the ship, that Hannah could barely make out...

     "Look! Look! It's Cap'n's Academy! Oh, how I miss my weekly lesson!" she cried out. A golden hook appeared on her shoulder, but Hannah merely glanced at it.

     "Aye, girly, let's not be so loud, eh?" the Krawk said, putting a finger to his chapped lips. Hannah nodded, and the Krawk handed her a drink. "Argh, I be Cap'n Fishbank, but ya sees me boat's been washed ashore..." he sighed, looking at the worn boards of the deck. "Me was the only one to survive the crash, never wanna leave now. Oh no. Not with me good buddy Jaspyr here! He goes an' gets all me food!"

     "Ah, that's... interesting," Hannah smiled, nodding. Taking the drink, she looked down at it, and looked back at Cap'n Fishbank with a look in her eyes that said, "What is this?"

     "Aye, that'd be me special drink! Made from only the best coconut milk and chocolate found on this whole Neopia!"

     Hannah raised her eyebrows. Was this edible? Shrugging her shoulders, she realized she didn't care that much anyway. Chocolate was her weakness. Sipping the hot drink, she let it sit in her mouth a bit. "Mmm!" she exclaimed, "This is delicious!"

     "Yes, it is," Jaspyr said, appearing on the deck. He gave Hannah a suspicious look, as she took a big gulp of it.

     "What?" she asked. Taking another great gulp, she smiled. Jaspyr asked her why she was drowning in the ocean, something she knew he'd been waiting to ask.

     "Uhh..." She glanced at the faint shape of the Academy, and Cap'n Fishbank, who looked curious as well. "To make a long story short, I was swimming to Krawk Island. But, I've been swimming from Mystery Island, and I took a wrong turn and it seems I had taken the wrong way." She let out a small giggle, then took another sip of her drink. "The long way. I got very tired, and I guess I just couldn't go any longer." Hannah couldn't trust these pirates any more than she did already, at least not until she knew them longer, and more in detail.

     "Aye! Poor girly! No need to worry, we have plenty of extra bunks!" Fishbank said, putting his hook hand on her shoulder.

     "Actually, Cap'n, I was planning on visiting Cap'n Threelegs, and my mother," Hannah said uneasily. She felt bad for not staying long. But Cap'n Fishbank just put on his fiery grin, and punched her shoulder gently.

     "Aye, well, you come visit me an' Jaspyr, eh?" Hannah nodded, and finished her drink. Fishbank took the mug from Hannah, and Jaspyr clasped Hannah's blouse with his claws. Taking deep breaths to keep herself from thrashing out of his grasp, (she felt highly uncomfortable) she waited patiently for him to drop her at the shores.

     "Hey, wanna have some fun?" Jaspyr asked, looking down at Hannah. They were reaching the shore, so Hannah just shrugged. "Okay, now, I'll see ya later!"

     Hannah was in the middle of saying, "What?", but before she could finish she was out of Jaspyr's grasp and into the waters of Krawk Island!

     "Argh! Jaspyr!" Looking up at the sky, he spotted the bird already back in the poop deck. He waved a wing at her, and pointed to his neck. Looking down at her own, she saw she was wearing the golden binoculars Jaspyr had been wearing minutes ago! Hannah couldn't help but smile, and wave.


"Cap'n! Cap'n Threelegs, it's me! It's me!" Hannah ran inside, twirling around.

     "Arr, would that be me Hannah? Me favorite student?" She heard the familiar voice coming from the Cap'n's office. Hannah had been taking lessons from him since she was a baby Usul. He was a father like figure to her, considering her own father was captured by pirates, along with his emerald. Now that she had it back, she had to show her mother. But first, the Cap'n.

     After embracing each other, and having a short chat about how much she'd grown, she reached in her pocket for the silk enclosed emerald. Pulling it out, she unwrapped it. It shined, and Hannah felt a boost of pride. The Cap'n cradled it in his hands, grinning at Hannah.

     "Aye, and good silk, too!" the Cap'n laughed.

     Hannah smiled. "From mother. Only the best."


"Hannah, my darling!" Her mother ran over to give her a hug. "Look how you've grown, dear! Oh, how lovely! Oh, but you're lovely fur is polluted with germs!" she cried. Hannah rolled her eyes, for her mother was the fashion queen of Krawk Island, and Hannah just didn't care if she was dirty.

     "Hannah, dear, I've got a mince pie in the oven, along with some fresh imported marrow as a side dish! Oh, and I also have a little present." She walked up the stairs of the small cabin. Hannah looked puzzled. Then, she heard her favorite sound, something she remembered waking up early to hear. Weewoo. Weewoo. Her mother came down with a copper cage, and inside... a white Weewoo! Hannah squealed with joy.

     "Mom! This is the best! Oh, thank you!" She hugged her mother. "I've also got a present for you..."

     "Your father's emerald!" She clasped it in her hands, tears of joy running down her cheeks. Hannah let her Weewoo out, and it rested on her shoulder, singing weewoo, weewoo.

The End

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