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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 126 > Short Stories > The Medicinal Soap Dilemma

The Medicinal Soap Dilemma

by l3estest

“How can they play in that filthy mud, Jennifer?” __Melodyz__ the vain, snobby, Faerie Ixi asked her white Ona, who was sitting on the Beach Chair alongside her, snoring in deep slumber. Melodyz looked out on the gorgeous Neogarden which is filled with fresh, crisp grass, save for one bald spot in the center. This was filled with murky, brown, gooey mud. The sun shone around the shade made by the Checkered Umbrella, making this day even more unbearable for Melodyz.

     “C’mon, Melodyz!” x3Sunnyx3 shouted as he dug his hand into the yucky mud. He pushed their brother, Cutiebabypup the rainbow Gelert into the mess, causing him to rebound back and tackle the electric Kacheek. The two rolled around the mud for a little while, until they were so covered in mud it was impossible to tell who was who.

     “There is NO way you’re ever going to get me in that childish, foul, dirt!” Melodyz shouted at them, in her ladylike voice.

     “Melodyz! This isn’t dirt! It’s mud, you silly ixi!” Pup screamed in laughter. He was acting as if he had discovered gold.

     x3Sunshinex3 the baby Kau sat at the edge of the mud pond and slapped her book on the grass. “Pup! She was describing it as an intelligent way!”

     “Melodyz, intelligent?!? HA! Never heard a better joke in my life!” Sunny sang, laughing at the way Melodyz glared at him. Melodyz’s insides bubbled with fury. She stood up and without a warning, and dashed across the yard and into the ‘childish, foul, dirt’.

     Sunny and Pup burst into laughter as Melodyz stood up, her fur and wings covered in mud. I can’t believe this! Melodyz thought to herself, blushing madly. She ran into the house, embarrassed. Sunshine crawled in behind her with a kindhearted look in her baby eyes.

     “Honey, what’s wrong?” Les (l3estest) immediately asked with a concerned look in her weary eyes. Her dark brown hair bounced back and forth on her shoulders and her brown eyes twinkled. “What happened?”

     Melodyz burst into tears. “I fell in mud!”

     That was all she had to say to get Les’s attention fully. Les listened to every detail of the tragic tale of falling in the mud, which sounds a thousand times worse when you let an egocentric Neopet tell it. Les listened carefully, or until her eyelids started drooping. Melodyz was putting so much elaboration in her story! Why can’t she do this in Mrs. Owen’s class?

     “Okay, STOP! So basically, you were mad at Sunny for calling you stupid so you chased after him, missed, and fell head first in mud?” Les summarized.

     Melodyz’s face lit up in less then a second. “Yes, that is what those evil brothers of mine did to me... so, when’re you getting rid of them?”

     Les smiled warmly. “Honey, I’m not getting rid of them any time soon. But I WILL tell them to apologize. Would that be better?”

     “No, it won’t be better! PLEASE can you abandon them?”

     “No... SUNNY! PUP! GET IN HERE!!!!” Les howled, making Melodyz and Sunshine take a little jump. Two dirty Neopets walked inside, making a squalid mud puddle on the wooden floor.

     “What is it, Les?” Sunny blasted with his loud immature voice. He stood there by the crystal clear sliding door, mud dripping from every inch of his skin.

     Pup nudged him on the sides, than pointed at Melodyz. “Look at Melodyz! I wonder why she’s covered in mud?” Pup was known as the dim-witted one of the house. He isn’t naturally like that, but he has a memory of a Rock.

     “You two, please apologize to Melodyz! She’s feeling pretty bad about what just happened...” Les told the two Neopets.

     Pup and Sunny looked at each other for a moment. “Sorry.”

     “I forgive you... but PLEASE don’t do that again! Do you know how long it’s going to take me to wash this dirt off? MONTHS, I tell you!” Melodyz suddenly blurted, even a little surprised herself. She took a last glance at the boys and then dashed off to the bathroom, eager to wash the mud off.

     Melodyz stepped inside the large bathroom, looking at the rubber duck wallpaper that seemed to cover the whole room, save for one tiny speck in the corner, in which Sunny’s petpetpet, Chubby Bug the Larnikin, had chewed off. She stepped onto a chair, and then glanced at the shelf where the soap was supposed to stay. No soap? Melodyz wondered, scanning her bright brown eyes though the yellowish shelf that had once been white. Mud dripped down from her once shiny purple coat. Oh no...

     “Les! There’s no soap in he--” Melodyz suddenly spotted a Medicinal soap at the other side of the shelf. She stretched her muddy arm as far as she could and grabbed the soap right before she toppled down onto the tiled floor. “Ouch!”

     The soap she was holding glimmered in her palms, making her stare a little. Oh well, it should be fine! I mean, it can’t be any worse than looking like this! After all, it is soap! She wanted to test it out first, in case there IS something wrong with it. Melodyz turned on the cold water knob on the sink slowly, dabbed the brand new soap in the water, then rubbed it all over her hooves. A strange smell rose up into the air around her. Melodyz took a deep sniff.

     Melodyz felt a sudden wind in her face. There were no windows whatsoever in the bathroom, so where was the wind coming from? She didn’t have time to think, because right that moment, her hooves felt colder than it’s ever been before. Her fur fell off, piece by piece. Melodyz stared down on her belly as each piece of the light purple fell off. Before she knew what was going on completely, she was completely bald. Bald as Sunny. Yes, totally bald. Melodyz gazed at the mirror in front of her as tears swelled up in her small eyes.

Knock, knock

     Two petite knocks sounded at the bathroom door.

     “W-who is it?” Melodyz stammered, staring at her once shiny hooves. She was scared of ever leaving the bathroom. She never wanted to go to school again! NEVER!

     “Um, it’s me, your owner! Are you okay?” Les asked, now pounding on the door, almost knocking it over. “Unlock the door this instant, missy!”

     Melodyz fought over unlocking the door for Les. Les would freak if she saw me like this! She thought. Her eyes wondered off to the direction of a pink towel. Ah ha! That’s what I’ll use to cover myself up! She grabbed the pink towel right off the shelf, making several other bottles fall onto the ground making an earsplitting banging sound. Perfumes, conditioners, mouth washes, everything toppled onto the ground. Melodyz gasped, clapping her hooves over her mouth. She could tell that Les was peaking through the door crack.

     “MELODYZ! OPEN THE DOOR THIS INSTANT!” Les demanded loudly. Melodyz could tell that if she didn’t open the door, Les would demolish the door in approximately five seconds.

     “Okay, okay!” Melodyz groaned as she edged closer to the bathroom door. She unlocked it then turned the knob. A frustrated girl who appeared to be from the Far East appeared into view. Les held an elongate pole about to dilapidate the wooden door. “Les! I’m right here!”

     “Take that revolting towel off your head already! Sunny said that he smelled something weird from the bathroom. Are you all right?” Les patted her red shirt with her bruised hand.

     “Mom! I think I just lost my three hairs!” Sunny’s hyperactive voice boomed from his bedroom.

     “Oh dear! Those hairs make you look so handsome, too!” Les cried, half smiling to herself.

     “Sunny’s getting o-old! Sunny’s getting ooold!” Pup caroled around the house, springing around the hallway, where everyone could hear him.

     “Mom, I have a confession to make...” Melodyz withdrew the towel from her head. “I mysteriously got bald after I tried to use the Medicinal Soap...”

     That was a pretty bad move, especially because Pup was in the hallway when she conceded. Pup screamed in dismay and astonishment. He stood there, holding his Petpet, Amanda the rainbow Snowbunny in his paws. He stared at Melodyz for more then a minute, mouth opened and showing all his lustrous white teeth. Les reacted pretty much the same way, except it looked like her eye was filling up with tears of grief. The two just stood there and stared at poor Melodyz, who stood by the doorway of the bathroom, feeling drearier then she had for years.

     “Honey, after you used the soap you became like this? Yeah, I’m okay... after all, it’s the personality that counts, right?” Les said as Melodyz gave her a huge are-you-all-right look. Les’ eyes were not responding to what she said though, and after a few minutes of even more depressing moments, Les exploded into tears. “My once beautiful Faerie Ixi has gone furless! What is the Neopia becoming!?!?”

     “Um, Les? I’m pretty sure there’s a way to change me back to normal...” Melodyz patted Les on her brown hair, the way Les patted her when she was dispirited.

     “MOM! MY THREE HAIRS! MOO-OM! I WANNA GET MY THREE HAIRS BACK!” Sunny screamed as he approached the hallway. Sunny made a loud noise walking down the purple painted hallway as he kicked everything in sight. “I CAN’T BELIEVE I LOST MY BEAUTIFUL THREE HAI--- What’s wrong?”

     Sunny was obviously only looking at Les when he said that because he gave a blaring shriek when he looked at Melodyz. He blinked his bantam eyes a few times, rubbed them a few times, and then opened his eyes as wide as he could get them to open, which is the size of a meatball.

     “I-is t-that our M-m-mel?” Sunny shuddered, eyeing Melodyz with huge, shocked eyes.

     “I told you, DON’T CALL ME THAT!” Melodyz roared.

     “Okay... m-maybe it is...” Sunny said, no longer staring at Melodyz. He stared at Les now, watching Les sob. Even Sunny, the Neopet that hated Melodyz the most in the Neopia, looked like he was about to wail.

     Pup stood there in the exact position he had been minutes ago. His Gelert eyes darted from Melodyz to the ceiling, clearly brainstorming what Melodyz looked like before the Medicinal Soap incident.

     “Guys, we need to go to find a cure this instant!” Les tore her eyes away from Melodyz. She waved her hand in front of Pup a few times. “Okay, he’s gone...”

     “I know! Let’s go to the NeoHospital! Maybe the doctors would be able to fix me!” Melodyz suggested, and her bald ears perked up. At least there’s hope... she thought.

     “YEAH! I want to get MY hairs back, too!” Sunny screamed in excitement.

     The four opened the front door and stepped out. The sun rays shone in their eyes as they stepped out of 353800 Neopia Avenue, Neopia Central. Roses and daisies that Les planted in their front yard turned back and smiled at them as they stomped by them. Even though it was a perfect sunny day, microscopic winds still ruffled the trees above them, making them whistle.

     They arrived at downtown Neopia Central not long after that. Neopets of all kinds tried to peek into Melodyz’s cloak/hood. None, however, noticed Sunny’s three hairs missing, which to Sunny was quite astounding. Les was leading the group with Melodyz at the end of the line, trying hard not to trip over her twenty foot cloak.

     Les approached the NeoHospital and stormed inside. “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!?! TRYING TO TURN MY BABY INTO SOME KIND OF MUTANT MOEHOG? HUH?!?!”

     The puny orange Aisha at the front desk just sort of glanced at Les. “What seems to be the problem, ma’am?”

     With great struggle, Les tore the black cloak off Melodyz back. “THIS!” She pointed accusingly at the pitiful Aisha.

     “The doctor will be right with you...” she muttered, half covering her eyes, half trying to smile. “Now, would you excuse me...” She dashed out of the front desk.

     “Mom! Look! Is that a mutant Blumaroo?” a Baby Blumaroo pointed. Melodyz winced as she pulled her trusty cloak back on. The hospital itself doesn’t really look too bad except for the antique peelings of the wallpaper in one corner. The hospital looked downright blue to Melodyz, exactly the way she was feeling.

     “Um, will this be Melodyz here?” a green Gelert asked, wearing a doctor suit and a stethoscope around his long neck.


     The doctor smiled warmly. “Call me Dr. Gelert... I heard about your situation, but I’m afraid there’s nothing much I can do to help... if you need help with things like that, head for Kauvara’s!”

     Les nodded. “Uh huh...” She scribbled down onto a piece of notebook paper information that she needed. Soon, she waved good bye to the Dr. Gelert. “Guys, it’s time to head to Kauvara’s Magic Shop!”

* * *

Les, Melodyz, and Sunny strolled into an unusual store minutes later. They entered what looked like “Blue land”. The Magic Shop has laces and quilts hanging from each wall, mainly blue with orange stars. On rare occasions you would find a bright yellow pillow or a chair. The orange stars looked as if they were touchable because of the amazing glow in the dark affects. On the other side of the dim room, there’s a counter that looked like it would’ve blended in with the rest of the room if there wasn’t a bright yellow carpet beneath it. On the other side of the astonishing counter stood a Kau, one that Melodyz had only seen in books. The Kau blended in with the rest of the store, for her body was mostly covered in blue with bright orange stars in every spot. She also wore a large black hat that also contained the orange stars. Kauvara sat on a rocking chair behind the counter, holding some kind of spell mixer and adding asparagus to it.

     “Is she making an Adam morphing potion of some kind?” Sunny whispered to Les, who chuckled.

     Kauvara’s eyes darted away from the potion maker. “Yes? How may I help you?”

     Melodyz stepped up and then with great courage, took off her cloak. “Can you help me?”

     “Oh my! What have you done to yourself? And you too! What happened to your three hairs? Oh no... Did you smell something odd today? Did you use medicine without being sick? Oh... this is the third time this week! They really should put something like that in the description, you know, a huge bold-print label...” Kauvara groaned, opening a drawer, which released an odd smell. Melodyz took a deep sniff. It kind of smells like... wood...

     “Um, I didn’t use medicine on myself but I DID smell something bizarre... from the bathroom... WHILE MELODYZ WAS IN IT!” Sunny suddenly burst out, and even Kauvara was a little taken back.

     “I used the Medicinal Soap on myself... OH NO! Then I took a deep sniff! Then... I forgot what happened afterwards, except I do remember that it smelled like rotten eggs...” Melodyz observed.

     Kauvara frowned. “Looks like I only have one more restoring potion left... you’ll have to pick which one of you gets to use it!” She lifted out a bottle potion that looked like it had a wooden cover but inside was sky blue liquid that resembles water...

     “I think you should get it, Melodyz,” Sunny smiled at his sister. “After all, you need it plenty more than I do.”

     “Wow... really?” Melodyz asked with tearful eyes. “You really think so?”

     “I don’t think so, I know!” Sunny said. “Now hurry up and put on that potion before another Neopet enters!”

     To their surprise, Melodyz wasn’t the first one to tear up, Les was. “Wow... you two are finally getting along! I can’t believe this! Is this even realistic? Or is it another fantasy...?” she sniffed. “Hurry up and drink that potion!”

     Melodyz took a deep gulp of air. She removed the cork and with one single gulp, swallowed the potion. To her surprise, it didn’t taste any different than water either. Yellow swirls surrounded her, she closed her eyes, but then silence filled her ears once again. She opened her eyes slowly. Three Neopians stared at her, wide eyed.

     “YOU’RE ALIVE!” Sunny screamed, hopping up and down.

     Melodyz saw Les take a deep breath. “You look... normal! You look normal again!” Les did something like a victory dance, which scared Melodyz a little.

     After what seemed like hours of Les appreciating Kauvara, Sunny and Melodyz finally dragged Les out the Magic Shop. But she didn’t head the direction of home.

     “Les! What are you doing??? We’re supposed to be going home!” Sunny cried, pulling Les to the right direction.

     “No, I have something else to do first!” Les told them.

     “What’s that?” Melodyz questioned, scratching her head. She was eager to go home and tell Jennifer all about her adventure.

     “Stock up on soap.”

The End

Author’s Note: I want to thank 6_moonlight_6 and Kristi_um for proofreading my story and making sure that it’s just perfect and mystical_unicorns200 for reviewing it! Comments and suggestions are loved and cherished ^_^

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