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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 125 > Continuing Series > Gelert's Pride: Part Five

Gelert's Pride: Part Five

by softcouch

With paws in the pockets of her leather jacket, Mystic slowly walked along the sidewalks of the Neopian City. Her mind raced at all the things that were being blown into her face at the same time. She thought mostly about SunShine and the fact that her birthday would be coming up on a matter of days. Should I get her something or shouldn't I? she pondered. And if I do get her something, what should I get?

     She constantly was trying to think of anything that Sunshine might've said that'd given her a hint as to what to get her. She strolled along into the park where a vendor was selling mallard feed. She bought a packet and sat down onto the park bench and began to feed the duck-like petpets. After all the feed was gone, she slumped back and watched as the mallards swam around without a care in the world.

     Mystic's cloud Gelert ears rose suddenly to the sound of happy laughter. She turned her furry head and saw that the laughing had come from two Faerie pets. With a look of disappointment, she turned around to face the mallards again. Just then, her mind clicked like a lock. "FAERIES!" she screamed, suddenly rising from the bench. Her loud screaming of the word Faeries had given everyone in the park, including the mallards, a great big shock. She ran out of the park at top speed while yelling, "A FAERIE PAINT BRUSH! SUNSHINE WANTS A FAERIE PAINT BRUSH!!" The roaring of Mystic's voice made everyone stare even harder at her.

     She raced through the streets without having a backwards glance at all the people she nearly had run over. "Where do you think you're going in such a hurry?" one Wocky yelled at Mystic.

     "I'm going to the Hidden Tower!" Mystic shouted back. She suddenly halted her light speed running and began to think a little more.

     "Wait, I have to tell Ashley about all of this first!" she spoke aloud her thoughts as she turned around and ran towards her neighborhood. This time people got out of her way.

     "ASHLEY!" Mystic burst in to her home with a loud noise that made her owner, who was sitting on the sofa, jump high into the air.

     "Mystic? Are you alright?" Ashley said between her gasps for air. "Yeah, I'm fine; I just have this great idea!!!!!" Mystic sat down next to her owner on the prickly straw sofa.

     "You know how Sunshine's birthday is coming up?"

     Ashley nodded her head.

     "Well, I just thought that we could get her a Faerie paint brush! She DEARLY wants to be Faerie!!"

     Ashley stroked her chin in deep thought. "Well… I don't know Mystic, I mean, we are poor now…" She gave a wink to her pet. "But…. I think I can gather enough Neopoints to get one for her."

     Mystic winked back at Ashley. "Shall we go to the bank, then?"

     "Okay, let's go!"

     Mystic hugged her owner tightly before they headed off into the city.

     After Mystic and Ashley had picked up all the Neopoints they needed, they headed towards the Faerie City. In the city stood tall skyscrapers and winged pets flew throughout the crystal clean air. Ashley and Mystic hurried along the cloud, amazed at how they did not sink through the magical clouds. Ashley checked her map and pinpointed the invisible building known only as the Hidden Tower. Mystic's owner pushed the invisible button, sending them straight up to the door of the Hidden Tower.

     Mystic tugged and tugged at her owner's arm, pleading for her to hurry up. Ashley gave in and they both jogged slightly to the main hall, where the expensive items were set in glass cases.

     The Faerie Queen greeted the two as they entered the richly decorated hall. "Greetings! How may I help you today?"

     "We're looking for a Faerie paint brush. Do you have one in stock?" Ashley inquired. "Hmm… Let me see…" The Queen checked at some locked boxes in the corner if there were any of the paint brushes left over. After a few minutes, she returned to the cloud Gelert and her owner. "This is your lucky day! We only have one left! Would you like to purchase it?" The Faerie Queen held out the paint brush, which was glowing and humming quietly.

     Mystic nodded her head as she carefully took the paint brush from the Queen and held it in her paws, admiring it's beauty and picturing the smile and joy she would bring to her friend.

     "Excellent! That will be 200,000 NP!" Ashley reached into her pocket, pulled out 200,000 NP, and handed it to the Queen. "Thank you very much," Fyora said politely. They both thanked Fyora and went home where did they did a lot of planning.

     Two days pasted and Mystic anticipated excitedly about Sunshine's birthday. Everyday she would put an 'X' on the previous day, counting over and over when the yellow Gelert's birthday would be. She was just about to go out and help again at the Soup Kitchen (for she had gotten used to going there on a regular basis), when there came a knock on her door.

     She opened up the old wooden door, its rusty hinges squeaking loudly. Mystic was surprised to see Sunshine standing in the doorway, and like always, a huge grin plastered from one long ear to the other.

     "May I help you Sunshine?" Sunshine nodded her head.

     "Yup! I want to invite you to my birthday party! It's not going to be anything special, just a few friends coming over and all having a Plain Faerie Cake or two and then play traditional games like pin the tail on the Uni. You don't have to come... I know it won't be like any of your fancy mansion parties… You can RSVP anytime before the 14th, okay?"

     Mystic smiled sweetly, "Okay then. I had some busy plans on Sunday, but I think I can cancel them." She gave a wink to Sunshine. "You can count me in!"

     "Gee, thanks a lot Mystic! You won't regret coming to my birthday party! Oh, and you don't have to bring a gift either, it's okay. I know you don't have the money right now to spend on presents." And with a friendly wave, Sunshine hurried across the road to tell her owner and siblings the good news.

     "ASHLEY! Did you hear that!?!"

     "Hear what?" Ashley inquired, still drying a glass with a towel. "Sunshine invited me to her birthday party!!" Mystic announced enthusiastically. "That leaves just three more days 'til we can make the finishing touches on our Grand Master Plan!" Mystic happily sang out.

Sunshine's Birthday Party…

Mystic woke up that semi-chilly, but bright, morning, all happy and shaking with excitement. She took a quick shower, dried her fur until all the water was out, brushed her fur three times over and over again, and put some baby blue ribbons to wear on ears. She grabbed the paint brush from the living room table, which had been wrapped up in a yellow box with a red ribbon tied around it, and headed out the door and down the lane into Neopia Central. She was going to a building in the city with something very important she was going to give someone.

     After she had done her quick little errand, she rushed back towards her neighborhood where Sunshine's party had begun. Mystic gave off a 'Ratt-a-tatt' sound as she knocked on the old wooden door. Melody answered to the door, and told Mystic that the party was in the backyard. She took the present from Mystic and laid it on the floor next to two other gifts. Mystic scooted along into the backyard, still imagining what her friend's face would look like when she opened up the box.

     "There you are Mystic!" Sunshine happily greeted her cloud Gelert friend. She bounded up to Mystic and handed her a yellow and purple party hat to wear. "I'm so glad you could come!" Sunshine greeted happily once more. "I do believe you've met Achi and Choco, right?" The Christmas Acara and the brown Cybunny waved; Mystic waved back. "Not that I'm bragging or anything but look at what Melody, Zambie, and Aqua bought for my birthday!" She held up a white Kougra plushie, beaming with pride as she held it up. "I know you could've gotten it at the Advent Calendar last year, but, Melody was grounded that day and couldn't get on. Don't you think it's adorable?" Mystic nodded, happy that her friend was happy with the new toy.

     After cake and punch, the seven girls (that's including Sunshine's sisters) played pin the tail on the Uni, which was so much fun because when Mystic was up there trying to find the correct spot, she accidentally poked Zambie with the pin. There was even a piñata that everyone could have a shot at hitting. Achi was the one to break open the candy-filled box. Gold chocolate coins spilled everywhere on the grass, thus creating a dog-pile for the candy. Finally, it was time. "Oh kids! It's time to open presents now!" Melody called out.

     Everyone rushed into the living room and sat on the floor, except for Sunshine who sat on the straw sofa that everyone was crowding around.

     "Open mine first!" exclaimed Choco, who held up her gift which was enclosed in a blue bag and filled to the brim with yellow tissue paper. Sunshine carefully picked out the tissue paper so she could save it for later use. She gasped and held up a rainbow bracelet, a green bead bracelet, and a blue daisy bracelet all tied together with red ribbon.

     "Thank you so much! These are so beautiful!" cried out Sunshine, giving her Cybunny friend a big hug.

     "Open mine next!" Achi suggested and lifted her present up to Sunshine. Sunshine shook the blue wrapped box slightly, listening to the sounds of the contents inside.

     She lifted the lid from the box and cried out in awe, "WOW! Look at all these beautiful cosmetics!" Inside there was some rainwater shampoo, a floral comb, a towel, some conditioner, and a blue daisy mirror. "Achi! You always know what I love! Thank you so much!" She gave her Acara friend a hug as well. "Now it's time to open Mystic's present!" Sunshine happily sang out, as she grabbed the box. Mystic shook even harder with excitement as her friend began to untie the ribbon. Sunshine opened the lid and her eyes widened with awe and her jaw dropped. She gingerly lifted up the Faerie paint brush for all to see as everyone in the room gave a loud and long gasp.

     Sunshine slowly turned her head to Mystic. "But-But-But…" Mystic waved a paw up to signal for silence. She began to explain what had happened. Ashley had won the lottery, thus making them richer. She had decided to buy Sunshine the paint brush because Sunshine was so good to Mystic during her time of help in the new class of life. Tears swelled up in Sunshine's eyes as she wrapped her arms around Mystic and did not let go for a couple more seconds. "Mystic… how can I ever repay you?"

     Mystic shook her head, "No Sunshine, you do not need to pay me back. It is your birthday present from me and I want you to use it. Happy Birthday." She smiled but just remembered something. "Oh yes, I've got one more present for you." Mystic snapped her fingers and in bounded a huge male red Eyrie.

     "Hello family! Did you miss me?" Melody, Zambie, Aqua, and Sunshine twirled their head to face the pet. Their eyes widened. "PARIS!!!!!!" they all shouted, running towards their oldest pet and brother and hugging him tightly.

     "It's a miracle!!" shouted Melody. "Actually, Mystic came over this morning to the hospital. She had brought me a tasty pie. I was cured!" Paris hugged his family even harder while Mystic, Achi and Choco smiled and stared at the five of them. Sunshine came over to Mystic.

     "Oh Mystic! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! These are the best birthday presents I've ever received!"

     After more cupcakes and some juice, it was time for everyone to go home. The guests got a small goodie bag that included a chocolate tree, a Wock Til You Drop mug, and a blue Aisha plushie. The three guests thanked Sunshine and her owner Melody for such a nice and splendid party. Then they were on their way home; well.. all except Mystic.

     "Miss Melody? May you and your pets come over to my house please? Ashley and I have something we want to talk to you about." Melody and her pets gave each other the same blank and confused look but agreed with Mystic that they would go. They all walked across the road and into Mystic's house. They were surprised to see a Skeith in a big suit with a huge briefcase sitting on the straw sofa next to Ashley. Ashley heard them all come in, and asked them take a seat.

     "Ashley? Who is this? What is all this for?" Melody inquired, still looking over the stranger in the suit. "When I won the lottery not only did Mystic and I buy a Faerie paint brush and a tasty pie, but we also wanted to get a new house."

     Sunshine gasped. "You're moving! Oh, no!" Ashley shook her head.

     "No, but, you see, we're not moving back to Merridell. We're just moving to a nicer home. This Skeith is here because he is in charge of whatever happens to this house. We're going to demolish it and build a one-story brick home. It'll be very plain but that's what we agreed on. No more huge mansions."

     "Oh, so you're just going to demolish this house and build a new one in this same spot?" Sunshine asked hoping for the answer of yes.

     "Yup! And why we called you all here is so that your family can get a brick home, too!"

     "Are you serious?!" Melody asked excitedly. "We wouldn't have to move, we just do the same thing you and Mystic are doing?!" The Skeith got up and handed them a piece of paper stating that they now own a brick house, too.

     "That is correct. Miss Ashley and I already sorted out the nitty-gritty details. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line." The Skeith handed Melody a fancy pen as everyone leaned over her shoulder and saw her write 'Melody' in a very neat and orderly cursive. "Thank you madams. Now I'll be on my way to the building crew to give this to them. Ta, TA!" The Skeith tipped his hat and walked down the road, swinging his briefcase back and forth.

     "Ashley, you and Mystic have done so much for us. How can we repay you?" Zambie asked quietly, for she was shy at moments like these.

     "No, no, no. You don't have to repay us back." Mystic gestured once again.

     Sunshine put her arm around Mystic. "You know Mystic, when I first met you, you were a stubborn, self-centered, money-mad snob." Mystic stared at the floor, remembering what she had been like when she first moved across the street from Sunshine. "But, when I look at you right now, I see now a happy, kind, thoughtful, loving Gelert You've really changed a lot," Sunshine continued.

     "Yes, I know. I'm just glad I had you to help me through that transition. Thanks a lot!"

     "Hey, that's what friends do!"


Epilogue: Sunshine and Mystic became the very best of friends and so did their owners. Mystic had learned some valuable lessons during this whole period. She helps out at the Soup Kitchen everyday now, thus making the lines grow shorter to the kitchen. Ashley and Mystic decided to adopt three pets, all girls and all obviously younger than Mystic. Melody's pets and Ashley's pets loved their new home, which was warm and cozy in the winter, but cool during the summer. It was the perfect place to live. Ashley had taught Melody how to play the stocks and not before long had the two girls earned piles of Neopoints. Mystic played on the Gormball team and was good, too. Sunshine enjoyed her new Faerie wings and everyday, in her head, she would thank Mystic for the present.

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