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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 125 > Continuing Series > Neoschool of Nightmares: Part Two

Neoschool of Nightmares: Part Two

by lunagirl52

The little Whoot was scurrying along the small hole in the barren field as Torkkin, Shadowcat, and Vrandir all waited above. Ridge smelt something funny and grasped it between his claws and scrabbled upwards to his owner with his prize. "Ridge you found… a clod of dirt," cried Torkkin with a mix of dismay and exasperation.

     "Not so fast," said Vrandir motioning for Torkkin to wipe the clod of dirt with his paws. "See!" he exclaimed when Torkkin's efforts revealed half of the amulet that had been caked in dirt.

     "YES!" all three Neopets cried out in unison. "Good work Ridge, when we get out of here I'm going to give you such a big treat," smiled Torkkin at his petpet as he hugged the squirming Whoot: Ridge liked praise, but didn't enjoy having the life squeezed out of him.

     The pets merely gawked at the amulet half they had discovered, it was beautiful but frightening at the same time, and it had an eerie presence to it. Strange how something so small could destroy so many, thought Torkkin to himself.

     Shaking himself back into reality, the Ghost Lupe said, "The next half is somewhere inside the building's cellar."

     "No problem then," exclaimed Shadowcat as she began to trot towards the building again. "Let's just pop inside that cellar, grab the other half, and be out of here."

     Vrandir's eye's widened and he ran after the red Eyrie as Torkkin and Ridge tried to catch up. "Not a good idea, there are strange creatures living down there!"

     Shadowcat skidded to a halt and spun around wide eyed. "What do you mean creatures!?" cried Shadowcat frantically. "And why are there creatures here? I thought that at the most there would be more ghosts and maybe some skeletons, not monsters!"

     Vrandir merely shook his head. "Most of us were killed and became ghosts, but some were transformed into deadly monsters and lost their minds, my best friend was among them; a young Acara by the name of Yuki-kun. He told me not to follow him when he went into the cellar with the rest of the pets before he lost his mind as well. Now follow me if you will, I can keep the creatures occupied at least before they realize they can't harm me," said Vrandir sadly as he walked back into the school with Torkkin, Shadowcat, and Ridge following him. He stopped in front of the cellar door, which had been chained. "You'll need to break these," he said.

     "Okay then, one lock to pick should be no problem," said Torkkin as he extended one talon into the rusted lock and heard the click of it opening. "See, no problem." The two Eyries pushed open the old door as Vrandir merely walked through it. They carefully descended the old stairs while trying to keep from alerting any of the creatures that may be lurking within the shadows. They were grateful that Vrandir, being a ghost, cast some faint light around him. Suddenly, one of the rotting stairs gave way underneath Shadowcat's feet and she let of a cry of alarm before she could stop herself. Torkkin quickly helped her up and gasped as multiple pairs of glowing, blood red eyes opened and turned on them.

     "Uh-oh," stated Torkkin rather appropriately in this situation, "RUN FOR IT!!" At this, the creatures lunged forth from the shadows, a terrifying sight. Not a single one was without huge talons, ten-inch long fangs contained within maws that dripped with saliva hungrily, and tongues that licked the sides of teeth as if begging for fresh meat. Their eyes gleamed with madness and hunger, and the creatures growled and let out deep-throated chuckles at the sight of such delicious prey. One particular hulking monster, seemingly the leader; reached out an enormous clawed hand that clenched and unclenched in anticipation of grasping the throats of it's prey and tearing off their heads.

     "Eat me if you can, you beast!" snarled Vrandir as he leapt in front of the monsters hoping to draw their attention away from the others long enough for them to locate the amulet half and escape. His tactic worked, all of the monsters let out roars of fury and dashed for him, lashing out with their clawed hands and snapping their jaws in fury. Vrandir just hoped he could fool the monsters into thinking that they could actually catch him for long enough to be of use to Torkkin and Shadowcat.

     "Let's hurry and find that amulet Torkkin," hissed Shadowcat.

     "Right," whispered Torkkin as he launched himself into the air above the creatures, swerving about in midair to avoid touching any of them, as he scanned the room for the amulet.

     As Torkkin flew overhead the creatures below, so did Shadowcat along with Ridge, when Torkkin noticed a faint glinting of something metallic and of small size; the other half of the amulet! He made a dive bomb for it when one of the monstrous creatures stepped into the way and he collided head on with it. As Torkkin reeled from the blow the creature chuckled in a way that sent shivers rolling through the Eyrie's spine, it wrapped a massive clawed hand around him and squeezed, causing him to let out a cry of pain. Vrandir spun his head around to look at Torkkin; he was caught, and by what was once his friend, Yuki-kun!

     The Ghost Lupe ran straight through the creatures he was trying to distract and they let out cries of outrage as they realized their intended prey was not indeed prey. Vrandir landed in front of his former friend and Torkkin, "Yuki-kun! Let him go!" he cried.

     The creature stared at him blankly and licked its lips hungrily.

     Torkkin squirmed frantically in the creatures grasp and gasped for breath. Vrandir called out to the creature, "Yuki-kun, let the Eyrie go! Please, he's trying to help break this curse, Yuki-kun!"

     Torkkin suddenly had an idea. He forced the amulet into the creatures face hoping that it would use some sort of magic to stop the creature. Suddenly, the amulet let of a flash of light. The monster furrowed its brows as faint memories came to the surface of its mind; brief flashes of a life long gone. "Vran… dir…" the creature grated hoarsely.

     The Ghost Lupe's eyes widened, "Yuki-kun, do you remember?" Suddenly, the rest of the creatures charged at Torkkin and Vrandir; teeth gnashing hungrily and with madness gleaming in their eyes. The creature that was once Yuki-kun tossed Torkkin to the side and nodded to Vrandir.

     "That accursed amulet has given me my memories for some time, but I can already feel myself slipping back into what I was. Hurry and get the other half, I'll hold these others off for as long as I can!" growled Yuki-kun.

     Shadowcat and Ridge, who had been frantically digging at the area where they had seen the metallic glinting, were dismayed when they found that it was just an old piece of metal pipe, not the amulet. Ridge looked up and his eyes promptly widened as he began to hoot frantically and flapped his wings, motioning for the red Eyrie to look. Shadowcat turned around just in time to see two creatures; one from each side, charging at them. Shadowcat and Ridge leapt into the air and landed on the old rafters above, just as the two creatures crashed into one another. Shadowcat whipped her head from side to side as she searched for a trace of the amulet, "There!" she squawked to Torkkin who was directly below her, scurrying between the creatures.

     "Where!?" Torkkin cried. "I don't see anything!"

     "In the corner!" screamed Shadowcat as she pointed to the corner closest to them.

     Torkkin spun around on his heels and leapt over oncoming monsters, beating his wings for extra ground coverage. He landed directly in front of the spot where he saw the other half of the amulet half buried in the cellar filth. He ducked as he heard the wind behind him whistle as a clawed hand swiped through the air where his head had just been. Yuki-kun came out of nowhere, nodded to Torkkin and Vrandir, and tossed the creature away from Torkkin.

     "Hurry up and get the last piece. Yuki-kun can't hold them off for long," Vrandir urged Torkkin.

     "I know," Torkkin growled as he dug hurriedly to free the rest of the amulet half from its entrapping dirt.

     "You've almost got it!" cheered Vrandir.

     The rest of the amulet was free, Torkkin would have leapt for joy, but now was not the time, and more important was the matter of leaving the cellar alive. He looked up to Shadowcat and his petpet, Ridge. Good, they were both safe in the rafters.

     "I've got the other half. Now lets get out of here!" shouted Torkkin to the others.

     Shadowcat grabbed the little Whoot by the scruff of his neck in her beak and leapt out of the rafters and darted to the stairs. Torkkin ran towards the stairs but was stopped by Yuki-kun.

     "What's the matter?" Torkkin asked Yuki-kun, but as soon as he had said this Yuki-kun swept his claws at him. "You're not Yuki-kun anymore!" Torkkin cried as he ran around the creature, barely avoiding being caught.

     Vrandir charged through the creatures, jumping through one and coming out of another one, further infuriating the beasts. He phased onto the stair tops by the door and waited until Torkkin and the others reached him. They got to him in a short amount of time.

     "Now lets get out of here! Torkkin, help me with this door!" screeched Shadowcat and Torkkin wasn't about to protest, he wanted out just as bad.

     So the two Eyries and the little Whoot all shoved at the door until it slowly yielded to their efforts. They slammed the door closed just as they had gotten out as the creatures reached the top of the stairs. Quickly Torkkin found an old piping piece and jammed it into the door preventing the creatures from escaping.

     "You have the amulet's other half right?" asked Vrandir.

     "Yah, I have it," said Torkkin as he showed the others the amulet while grinning. He brushed the grime off of the amulet half. "Now hand me the other half, okay Shadowcat?"

     "Sure," she said as she handed over her half of the amulet to Torkkin. She looked at Vrandir from the corner of her eye; he looked relieved.

     "Well, what do we do to fix this amulet?" Torkkin asked Vrandir looking at him expectantly.

     "Umm, well I'm not really sure, I can try to find a binding spell to put the pieces together," the Ghost Lupe sighed.

     Vrandir led them to the old spell library; it was extremely dusty and smelled of mold. Torkkin set the two amulet pieces on an old table and joined the others in searching for the binding spell Vrandir needed. Ridge was left sitting next to the amulet pieces on the table, he looked at them and picked one half up in each of his paws. The little Whoot sat back down and watched his master searching around for something that didn't interest the little creature. He stared at the amulet halves in his paws and began to play with them and noticed they used to be one thing; a better toy in Ridge's mind. So the little petpet put the two halves together, they fit perfectly. Suddenly, the amulet began to glow and it caught Vrandir and the two Eyries attention.

     "Ridge what did you do?!" yelled Torkkin.

     Suddenly, an ember colored streak appeared along the amulet cracks and faded, the amulet was whole again.

     "The curse is gone!" cried Vrandir joyously. "Everyone can go free now that the amulet is whole!"

     Torkkin hugged Ridge tightly; twice in one day his little Whoot had done something right. Shadowcat, Ridge, and Torkkin all ran after Vrandir who ran to the cellar and ran through the doors. The others had to open the doors first, a drawback to not being a ghost; they found Vrandir dancing happily with a number of Neopets that had been monsters just minutes before. Torkkin watched on as Shadowcat and Ridge celebrated with Vrandir and Yuki-kun at the lifting of the curse. To Torkkin it meant that this was the end of their adventure, a return to a monotonous life. He lowered his head and sighed sadly. And what of Vrandir? he thought. Will he disappear now that the curse is gone? The Ghost Lupe noticed Torkkin in his sad state and phased over to him."What is the matter my friend?" he asked.

     "Now that the curse is gone what will happen to you? Will you fade away and leave us alone?" Torkkin asked his newfound friend mournfully.

     Vrandir looked at Torkkin and cocked his head to the side as he thought. "I suppose I can pass to the other side now that this curse is gone. But I've found that the company of living pets is quite fun," Vrandir said as he winked at Torkkin. "In fact, I think I'd much like to stick around for a bit longer. Would you mind if I stayed friends with you?"

     Torkkin spun his gaze towards Vrandir, did this mean he was asking to stay with him? "Sure we can remain friends, you can even live with me and my owner Lunagirl52, she's quite interesting if not a little unbalanced at times."

     Vrandir nodded to Torkkin and grinned, then he leapt back to his old friends with Torkkin and bid them farewell as he left with Torkkin, Ridge, and Shadowcat. His old friends would fade away now that they didn't have the immortality that they had as monsters under the curse. The group of friends arrived at Lunagirl52's house and ran inside to find a worried owner.

     "Where were you Torkkin? I was worried," sighed Lunagirl52 before she noticed Ridge. "I see he went with you. But why weren't you at school? And how come you didn't get home until now when it's dark?"

     "It's a long story, I'll explain it all later, but I want you to meet my friend Vrandir. I want him to live with us for now," said Torkkin. Lunagirl52 saw the Ghost Lupe.

     "A ghost? You have met an interesting friend I see, oh well, not to different from the rest of the weirdos in this family. He can stay," she said grinning.

-The End-

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