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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 125 > Articles > Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends

by ginger23456

A FOREST - Bird watching is a famous hobby among many Neopians. Birds are gracious creatures and the sheer beauty of them amazes many people. May it be their wings, the way the air lifts them through the sky as they fly or maybe just the fact that they're so different to other Neopets; birds will always amaze anybody's mind.

If you would like to try bird watching for yourself here is a quick guide to the birds of Neopia:


Where to find them - You will often find Pterii perched atop the trees of Tyrannia. However, you can also find them in the Haunted Woods and Neopia Central provided you look in the right places. At the top of trees would be the place to look.

Call - Pterii are noisy birds so any bird watcher will clearly know when there are Pterii nearby. They make a loud squawking sound which can sometimes sound like laughter when in groups.

Food - A Pteri's diet usually consists of berries but the greedy Neopets will eat anything they are given to them as long as it is edible.

Activity- Pterii are quite mischievous. They will often throw rocks and twigs at anybody who walks beneath them. They are very playful and will often play together in the tops of trees. Sometimes Pterii will hide themselves in the tree tops and be silent when a passer by comes too near. This is to prevent themselves from being caught when the person tries to find who threw that sharp twig at them.

Bird watching method - Because Pterii are mischievous and unpredictable it is best to stand as far away as you can from them. Make sure that they are clearly visible though because otherwise it wouldn't be worth calling it bird watching would it? If possible, try and hide yourself beneath shrubbery to make sure that the Pterii don't see you. If you want to get really close to Pterii then it would be a good idea to bring some berries with you. Place them onto the ground and within time the Pterii will swoop down and grab the berries in their beaks. It is a spectacular sight for bird watchers.


Where to find them - Because Lennies devote almost all of their life studying and reading, the best place to find them would be in the Lenny Library. Sometimes though they hide themselves among the books that they are reading so that can get some peace and quiet.

Call - Lennies do not have a special birdcall. They talk normally. After all, Lennies are, perhaps the most intelligent of Neopets.

Food- Like most birds, Lennies like to eat berries and fruit. However, Lennies are unique to each other and many like different things. One Lenny could like chocolate whilst another one may like meat products.

Activity - As mentioned before, Lennies like to read. They also like to learn about new things hence the books that they read. Not only will you find them reading books, you will also find them experimenting with magic and solving puzzles.

Bird watching method - The first place to go in order to spot a Lenny is the Lenny Library or a bookstore. Because Lennies like peace and quiet and for no one to disturb them it is suggested that you keep yourself well hidden. Maybe hiding yourself in a mound of books would help. If you would like the sane idea however, it is wise to look at the Lenny from a distance. Maybe hidden around the corner of a bookshelf. Not only will this benefit you more but it will also benefit the Lenny. If you get too close to it, it may lose its concentration reading and studying.


Where to find them - Eyries are quite large birds so you should have no trouble finding them providing you look in the right places. They like tropical climates so the best place to look would be Mystery Island. The jungles and more remote places of the Island would be the best place to look for wild ones but if you want to find tame Eyries then any location, even outside Mystery Island would be good places to look, especially if they are busy areas.

Call - Eyries, being large birds, have quite a powerful and loud sounding squawk. You will be able to recognise an Eyrie straight away from its call.

Food - Eyries have quite a large appetite and will eat almost anything. However, they do prefer meat products than anything else.

Activity - Eyries are quite friendly and willing to help other people. They can be used as Eyrie Taxis and are often avid Battledome players. Because of their strong beaks and sharp talons they can put up quite a fight when in danger and can defend themselves quite easily. They may be more defensive in the wild because of their ability to look after themselves.

Bird watching method - To see wild Eyries you must stand well away and make sure that you are not seen. This is quite easy to do in the jungle because of the thick undergrowth and trees. Because of the Eyries ability to fight to defend itself, getting too close or even being seen by a wild Eyrie can be dangerous. If possible, take some meat along with you. Put this on the ground and watch the wild Eyrie feed. Sometimes they even appear in groups. If you would prefer to see tame Eyries then it is best to go to a very busy area such as Neopia Central. Here you can watch the Eyrie Taxis taking people to different locations or you could watch an Eyrie fight it out in the Battledome.

So there you go. All the information you could ever want about bird watching in Neopia. The birds of Neopia are very different and I think that is what makes this hobby so special and exciting. Many Neopians are already doing this so why don't you give it a go, too? It could turn out to be one of your favourite hobbies. As the saying goes, you never know until you try.

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